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  1. My primary question is how exactly does a culimancer fix the effects of a broken Geas? It's a lovely touch, and as a Culimancer myself, I do like the thought of fixing such mental agony with a pinch of love and some sugar, just curious as to what the process is. Disney magic is best magic. I share Lhindir's concerns in large part, as well. Relying on good faith for a magic such as this seems... Risky, if I am to put it lightly. Definitely a gamble, especially in today's LoTC. Having experienced a mental magic being cast on myself before (I believe it was sensory illusion, wherein I was made to see a giant rat in my tavern) I do think that it can provide a wonderful RP experience, as it has for me in the past on the receiving end of it, I am unsure as to whether or not it should have such extreme power, or even any legitimate combat capability. Catalepsy in CRP is certainly unique as a spell, and I adore the thought of debuffs and such instead of directly combative abilities, it does seem a touch powerful for such a spell, but that might just be me. With only 3 emotes to cast it, and seemingly no way to avoid it, the ability seems like it needs some minor tweaking. An ability that, at first glance, is unavoidable with a 20 block range and able to target 3 people at t5 and debuff for 3 emotes does seem a tad heavy. I think it could be fixed by giving it some measure of counterplay, even if it was just a contested flat 20 roll between the players, as it is for ranged attacks atm. It also gives mages the ability to kite if used in conjunction with other magics, giving them a bit more practical durability, which I'm unsure how I feel about, given current conflict rules and a large lack of mobility spells. Perhaps that could be tweaked to halved movement speed, to future proof that aspect of the spell overall? So that way, even if we go back to 10 blocks per emote, the spell won't need changed to accommodate that in the future. None of the other combative spells set off any red flags for me, and I can see them providing a rather unique experience. A master mage with a few magics altering someone's perception of the chosen battleground gives me some lovely vibes, and I think such a situation would be a fight to remember for all involved. Overall, I think this is a wonderfully written piece. I love the idea of mentalists as debuff mages in CRP, and as these masters of the mind in less combative roleplay scenarios. While there are some concerns that need to be addressed with it, as Lhindir has brought up, I think it's got the potential to be a really solid addition to the current rp climate as a whole, provided, of course, it's kept in the right hands... Which seems to be what this magic relies on entirely. I'm curious to see how this pans out in the end, though I'm sure most, if not all, presented concerns will be addressed in its loremag and such. Provided that both caster and victim cooperate OOCly to create a fun experience, I can see more than a few stories coming about as a result of this magic, folktale style. Imma give this a +1, but Lhindir made some really good points that need to be given heavy consideration. Good work, Zarsies! (p.s, this was written at 2:40 AM while I was sleepy. Apologies for any rambling, repeated words/sentences, etc. I might fix it in the morning to make it more legible.)
  2. Looks like some good **** to me, Sybbs! Some neat aesthetic stuff to make things fancy is always good to see.
  3. Halflings are too damn wholesome. I just want to hug the wee-folk. 

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    2. altiar1011


      4 hours ago, NotEvilAtAll said:

      bit of drama from time to time in this ol' community, especially nowadays since we're a lot larger than before, but we try our hardest.


      ran a pretty cool event yesterday in the tavern that folks liked. hopefully we can have more stuff like that soon


      and we got the only other burrow build any% speedrunner working on a christmas tree in the festival grounds, so that'll be nice.


      Yall are too fuckin pure for this world. ❤️

    3. Sevastiel


      I have met one (1) halfling that wasnt an absolute joy to rp with, and they were REALLY trying hard. Halflings were Solo's first family and he will love them forever.

    4. TakeMeT0TheFae


      We just out here vibing B)

  4. (OOC: The font low-key hurts my eyeballs, though I love how fancy you tried to make it. The idea of fancy little halflings that run about just trying to be helpful is enchanting, and the aesthetic you're going for is lovely, imo. I'm tossing this a +1, though I'd recommend you change the font to Times New Roman or something else easier on the eyes! Overall, a nice post, chief. Apologies for any formatting issues, I'm on mobile.)
  5. altiar1011

    Resource Gear Costs

    Ruki out here doing the hard maths. +1
  6. If you're going to act like a condescending prat, I can very well do the same. Such will be the tone for the rest of this message. Other avenues of income exist. 1 week of voting gives you somewhere in the ballpark of 126 mina. That's already 1/5th of your bank filled in a week, if you can do basic math. This isn't counting other sources of income, such as sales from Vortex and such. Within a month, your bank is just over 4 mina of the limit, and you'll get hit with the 3% tax. But disregarding that, allow my illustrious and expansive index of knowledge to be bestowed upon you once again. Most skinners, depending on quality, tend to charge somewhere in the usual range of 1k-3k mina, depending on quality. with some costing even more. So let's divide that by five, for shits and giggles. A singular high quality skin sale that would have previously run you 3k mina now runs 600... Which, in a single sale, goes over the taxation limit. A 1k skin is 200, so you make 3 sales before you're over the limit. And you get hit with that juicy 3% tax. So let's say, in a week, that our prospective skinner does a high quality sale, two low quality sales, and voting income. This is not counting any other sources of income; just the skinning and the voting. The first week of taxes snipes 30 mina or so from their bank. About two days of voting income that they could have otherwise kept. And as they sell more, that taxes gets worse. If we stick with that figure and multiply it by four for a month's worth of sales+voting income, with their new balance totaling 4504 mina, they get taxed 135 mina. Over a week's worth of income. Sure, if they keep on selling skins and such, that won't be an issue... But that means they need to keep selling skins and putting in hours of work just to keep what they've earned from being drained to the 500 limit by the tax Monk. The mina for the work that they have put in is drained, which is the crux of the issue. They are effectively punished for plying their trade for in game currency. The value of mina may change, but that doesn't stop skinners from potentially just... not taking mina for their work any more, if they know it will be taxed, and that the values of such taxation are liable to change in the future depending on the economy team's whimsy. 3% can very easily become 5% or 7%, depending on the economy, and the 4504 figure now is being taxed 315 mina under the potential 7% tax... 3 weeks of voting income. Mina skinners are a valuable part of the community's system, as they allow people who may not be able to afford to pay IRL cash for skins, like the younger members of our community, to acquire quality skins to continue roleplaying their current, or even a new character with. Now, I wouldn't expect you to understand that, being so new and all, but I digress. As I said before, prior to you deleting your status wherein Disco gave you some incredibly sound advice; take his words for gospel. It'll help you in the long run, because he spoke some damned fine wisdom. Edit: And before you bring up the argument of "value changed, hurr durr," the artist decides the value of their work. Not you. If they want to keep charging 1k mina for skins, they can damn well do so, because they're the ones with the skill and talent making these skins.
  7. The point is that they cannot charge a reasonable fee without it being taxed under the new banking system. They don't do this for free, usually, they do it so they can get paid. A skin can usually cost somewhere around $5-$20 USD if you're commissioning for actual cash. Mina sales gave skinners a way to sell their work without needing to do RMT, but under the new eco, that is disincentivized heavily.
  8. As a tig ol bittied Mali'Ame GF, I approve this guide.
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