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  1. Mc Name: IlumTarus Rp Name: Edgar Allan Tarus Profession(If any): None to speak off. Race: Adunian. Why do you wish to join: I wish to remove the Orenian cancer from this plane. Skype: IlumTarus
  2. It is. I heard Dr_Dovahkiin smells like the docks.
  3. Dear Dwarves, I got you a lot Krugsmas present. Go check behind your trenches. Enjoy your gourmet coffee~ Tarus.

    1. Edgar Tarus
    2. Nummy


      aww How kind. Presents. :D

  4. Dear Dwarves, I got you a lot Krugsmas present. Go check behind your trenches. Enjoy your gourmet coffee~ Tarus.

  5. Dear diary,

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    2. YPJgamer1999


      He punched my horse in the mouth.


    3. Edgar Tarus

      Edgar Tarus

      *Looks down at his diary.*


    4. Kickstarted and Running

      Kickstarted and Running

      I am also now into James, the only man I will love.

  6. For reference: Yes. I am Bubblegum Princess on Steam.

    1. Haribo


      THE bubblegum princess?

    2. Bircalin
  7. Server just go down?

  8. OOC: MCname: IlumTarus Skype Name: IlumTarus (Ryan Greene (Thalin/Tarus)) Villian Application Link: (Will find the links, but they are 1abc 2abc 3 & 5) Timezone: US Est. IC Race: Human / Northerner. Name: Thalin Letholdus. Age: 42 Gender: Male A brief description of yourself: Bald, scared, formerly a serial killer who stalked Arethor, Kingston, Elysium, and Abresi. Later assisted the Flays as part of the family in both war and personal quests for gold and glory. Finally was corrupted into the Black Scourge's first wave- and when the connection was cut- the only one I know to have survived. I still bare the gifts. Only just started reading and writing. Magic posession? Yes or [No] - Working on it.
  9. I had tons of fun at Elysium and even in the temporary Dreamworld during Anthos.
  10. Yeah I've done that, but you should be able to take a road there. A road that isn't incredibly long.
  11. Shouldn't have to. Roads are meant for walking. I keep referring to Aegis but it's the model for travel because it was a tight little road where a lot of roleplay went on at. I barely soul stoned. When I did I was going somewhere in a serious hurry. Or I was carrying something valuable. It was enjoyable to walk along the road though and see what you saw. I remember watching bandits run to and fro. Undead could linger about and start trouble. Everything was North and South and a stone's throw away. It was nice. You didn't need a server broadcast to tell about an event. You could pretty much just go over to the next town and spread stuff by word of mouth. I mean we still used those because, well, super convenience. A march from Oren to Malinor was bearable. Additionally, people built whatever they wanted on the road sides. The main road isn't just super long in Anthos- it's uninteresting. There's super neat-o world painted stuff but come on... I like the thrill of finding a rare, physical, beautiful anomaly out in the wilderness. What's the scenery worth if everything is some hand made, untouchable master piece though? I'd rather see everything the players made. The road is as much a showcase as it is a way of transportation. These big worlds and teleports only detract from what we have in my opinion. We can make a pretty world. We can have a neat, functioning road, and we can do it as players too.
  12. Pretty much the same to me. Asulon is a slight improvement. Walk from Cloud Temple down the road to the Old Dwarven Capitol though. That was cray. It's still very tedious getting to Abresi.
  13. Size has always been the thing to me that I hated most. Aegis was tight knit. That's why I liked it...
  14. What IP is everyone connecting on? I can't get on crap.

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    2. thepizzaplac


      Mine just says communication error...And if I try it just says end of stream. I've tried restarting the client multiple times.

    3. Demotheus


      it's down now. restarted again.

    4. Acornlad


      I can't get on anything either.

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