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  1. Mc Name: IlumTarus Rp Name: Edgar Allan Tarus Profession(If any): None to speak off. Race: Adunian. Why do you wish to join: I wish to remove the Orenian cancer from this plane. Skype: IlumTarus
  2. It is. I heard Dr_Dovahkiin smells like the docks.
  3. Dear Dwarves, I got you a lot Krugsmas present. Go check behind your trenches. Enjoy your gourmet coffee~ Tarus.

    1. Edgar Tarus
    2. Nummy


      aww How kind. Presents. :D

  4. Dear Dwarves, I got you a lot Krugsmas present. Go check behind your trenches. Enjoy your gourmet coffee~ Tarus.

  5. Dear diary,

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    2. monkeypoacher


      He punched my horse in the mouth.


    3. Edgar Tarus

      Edgar Tarus

      *Looks down at his diary.*


    4. Kickstarted and Running

      Kickstarted and Running

      I am also now into James, the only man I will love.

  6. While I think that is a great villain, some villains get in your face, slap your milk out of your hand, give you a wedgie, then torch your home. It's just about how you go about doing all of that.
  7. For reference: Yes. I am Bubblegum Princess on Steam.

    1. Haribo


      THE bubblegum princess?

    2. Bircalin
  8. Server just go down?

  9. OOC: MCname: IlumTarus Skype Name: IlumTarus (Ryan Greene (Thalin/Tarus)) Villian Application Link: (Will find the links, but they are 1abc 2abc 3 & 5) Timezone: US Est. IC Race: Human / Northerner. Name: Thalin Letholdus. Age: 42 Gender: Male A brief description of yourself: Bald, scared, formerly a serial killer who stalked Arethor, Kingston, Elysium, and Abresi. Later assisted the Flays as part of the family in both war and personal quests for gold and glory. Finally was corrupted into the Black Scourge's first wave- and
  10. What IP is everyone connecting on? I can't get on crap.

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    2. thepizzaplac


      Mine just says communication error...And if I try it just says end of stream. I've tried restarting the client multiple times.

    3. Demotheus


      it's down now. restarted again.

    4. Acornlad


      I can't get on anything either.

  11. Edgar tips his head lightly, "I wholeheartedly agree. We are best to deal with them as little as possible, to share with them very little, and keep them on the end of a ten foot pole, not in fear, or hate, but in a thought of prosperity and care."
  12. Edgar furrows his brow and lifts his staff back up. He rings his hands around the metallic curve, the frog inside pops up and looks at Edgar absently, a low "rib-bit" is heard. "I'm rather concerned about the idea of the Delvers hoarding magical artifacts. I feel like putting so many unstable objects into one location could have devastating or unforeseen consequences. Additionally, I feel as though any one government representing itself as a magical order is a bit off, hmm?" "I would talk to my cousin about the Delvers more, Richard Tarus, as he was one of the founders. I feel as thou
  13. Edgar taps his way into the hall, the Maven badge in his robe pressed against his chest. His staff sways with his movement as he comes to the meeting at hand and pulls out a seat. He lowers himself into it, "It appears I had received my notice late- I'll catch myself up." He leans his staff on the table and folds up his hands, listening to the matters at hand so he might participate further.
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