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    Sleep Now, Sons of Urguan: Your Honor Has Left You

    Balek trudges through the rubble of Kal’Tarak, as the legions of man chant through the blood-soaked streets. The fight had been swift and merciless; victory assured through sheer numbers and keen tactics on part of the Empire, yet the battle that took place in this cold night – it did not feel like his own. He had set out alongside some of his likeminded dwedmar friends, to right the grudge written o so long ago – to avenge and bring honour to those wrongfully slain senators of the old kingdom - and now that the debt had been paid in blood, the aging dwarf felt naught but emptiness in his heart. Surely, this course of action was the will of the Gods? To heed ancient tradition; the rules ordained by Urguan himself? “Perhaps not?”, murmured Balek as he knelt next to a dead beardling, hopelessly clutching the pike stuck in his gut with his dead yet still warm hands; the spark of life having left him only recently. The pale, immovable faces of the fallen around him, of once-considered kin, they would not stop staring at him. Why could he not relish this victory? The dwarf takes a slow, deep breath, before wrinkling his nose as he turns away from the fallen. He had returned to settle old scores, and now he would disappear into the night once again. Standing up, he begins to make his way out of the city. “Only the Gods shall judge me now.”
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    Dungrimm's Legion

    (OOC) MC Name: Hobolympic How active are you?: Been inactive for the past few months, but with finals nearly done, I reckon I’ll be online almost every day. Discord: Hobolympic#9158 Timezone: GMT +1 (RP) RP Name: Dugan Gender: Male
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    War traitors

    Balek wonders how the dead defenders had somehow recognized him through his visored helmet. “Sounds loike witchcraft tu meh!”
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    Grudges Settled

    “Good to see the Bastard Kingdom finally stricken from this world, and the old grudge settled. It is as Urguan ordained; a grudge written in blood, shall inevitably be paid in blood. The victims of the heinous senate massacre smile down upon us this day from the halls of Khaz’a’Dentrumm, as will the Gods for us few whom remained true to our traditions. Our gratitude, to the venerable Empire of Man, for seeing justice fulfilled, and allowing us this cherished moment. Now, the healing of old and broken relations can finally commence. No longer are we barred from uniting as one people, as the sun casts its rays upon fluttering gray and orange banners once more. Narvak oz Urguan”
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    Add Hobolympic#9158, for Holm borders
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    Soul Pillars

    Hey took 7 months, but better late than never I guess lol *Modreqs fo holm*
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    Local Dwarf admits to having slaughtered Dunshire halflings!

    "Disgustin'. Dis dwarf is eh dwarf no more, but eh kinslayin' fiend. Alas, such be tha toimes; when one can hear ov 'alfing-eatin' beardlings, and dwarven slavers" Balek says upon hearing of this.
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    The Holmite Worker's Guild

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    Hiring Architect(s) for build project - 10,000 minas+ contract

    Balek is nudged by Dwain. He promptly sends a reply: "I'll take it. -Balek Irongut" ((Discord: Hobolympic#9158))
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    [✗] Snow Dwarves Lore

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    A Dire Warning

    Balek nods contently at the mention of Mama Irongut Belka. "Belka Bless".
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    Considering they just killed Rune Cannons off, I doubt we'll see the return of any guns or cannons anytime soon.
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    [✗]Capturing High Rock (TriscuitBrisket)

    High rock has been under Holm for a while now, gifted to us by its previous tenants. Current tenant is Alfy Irongut (littleyoshi). It's not abandoned and is being used as both farmland and now the new Holm stables. As for the alleged killing, doubt Alfy has been doing that, but if you have proof by all means share it. My discord is Hobolympic#9158, add me and we can probably work something out.
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    -={The Book of Grudges}=-

    -={=+=}=- The Wronged: Clan Irongut, The Consulary Republic of Holm The Assailant: Achilius Horen, Santegia The Wrong: The unjust massacre of the Holmiote diplomatic retinue, including both Consuls and two tribunes. Terms of Settlement: The death of Achilius Horen, a formal apology, and an oath of non-violence sworn. -={=+=}=-
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    "Any elger with ridiculous pink hair deserves eh fate loike this." Balek mutters as he happens upon one of the posters.
  16. Minecraft Name: Hobolympic Discord: Hobolympic#9158 Being a World Dev is more than just building so what can you bring to the team that unique? Other having built in Minecraft since Beta, and experienced every single map on this server since its conception, I'm generally very open to new ideas, while also never afraid to speak my mind if I think there's room for improvement or necessary change. That includes also welcoming criticism and acting accordingly. Also, if it's a build I'm confident with and really like, I tend to become a mindless worker-zombie, sitting on my ass for hours and hours at a time pumping out those blocks relentlessly. I also enjoy taking inspiration from other games (Wow, witcher etc) When designing on a scale of a whole world what do you think the most important design decisions are? Locations, as well as the scale of the world. By this I'm talking mainly about biomes and natural regions, though they have to make sense in terms of geological locations. An example would be if you're having a desert, it makes very little sense to plop down a tundra right next to it (unless there's somehow significant lore behind it). Any structures in said regions should also adhere to its surroundings, and available resources. Another point is that worlds should be interactive, not just eye candy. A region might look pretty and all, but players should still be able to pitch up a tent or settle down for example, within reason. This has generally been a issue I've had with the server more times than I can count, when considering Antagonist regions (Like the North 3.0), and other "untouchable" areas. They can of course be driven away if the staff deems it necessary, but this should happen through roleplay, and not some OOC reason "oh no you can't do that sorry go away". In short, a dynamic, changing environment is always better than a static region. When designing small-scale areas, like a village, or a cave singular elements what is your aim in the design? (I.E. function overlook, Player Centric, Looks over everything else etc) First and foremost, whether the build is supposed to stand out, or blend in with the rest of the region. If the area is there to simply add to the atmosphere (a small grove, ravine etc), then as a rule of thumb I'll usually try to mix it in with the environment so it doesn't become too dominant. If however the idea is to create an incentive for players to explore more, the build should look more dominant than its surroundings, though not too dominant to take away from the rest of the surrounding area. Things are not white and black however, so there's always a delicate balance to it. As for villages and RP hubs, honestly the question still perplexes me to this day, I've no definite answer to it. I've seen shitty block towns garner more RP than awesome-looking capital cities, so a theory I have is that ultimately it depends on the playerbase and whether they're willing to spend their time RPing trivial **** like what I ate for breakfast this morning. Though I do like to think a nice-looking build helps that process along, and incentivizes it. A large part of a WD’s job is creating new ideas for environments, give a brief synopsis of an environmental build/design idea. Volcanic region: Subtle cracks around the region with rising smoke, maybe a few geyser or tiny magma pools littered about. No point in overdoing this element, no one likes a huge lava party. A different type of vegetation than your normal trees and bushes, due to the mineral-rich soil and unstable environment. Ash, perhaps some giant mushrooms (think morrowind), though generally rather barren. Petrified trees, ruins, or crystals to add something that stands out. A few caverns here and there, leading to a subterranean system filled with magma chambers, spewing out noxious gasses. Also a few caves in stark contrast to the barren ashlands up above. Lush, with glowing mushrooms and rich mineral springs. If you could, what would you change about Atlas and why? First of all, there's a few barren mountain regions that I think could use a face-lift. Nothing major, but maybe some snowy caps here and there, interesting rocks and spindly pine trees. I would also like to add some more lakes here and there with appropriate vegetation, as I think those are lacking. Caverns are always cool, so I'd probably do some of those as well. The coastline is also something I'd maybe want to have a crack at, especially with 1.13 coming up, which adds corals, seaweed etc. Lastly, the firelands. Imo it's a mess. How much time are you on average able to contribute towards being a WD? Right now I have a lot of time on my hands, though I've a few exams coming up in May. After those I'm free to dispose a lot of time into this. For now though, an hour or two on weekdays, unless there's something specific that needs doing, in which case I can probably spit in a few more hours. The world dev team is a diverse group of ideas and opinions meaning disagreements happen show do you handle disagreements or criticism when it comes to your designs? I think I already addressed some of this earlier in the application. I'm usually very open to criticism, so long as it remains constructive. More perspectives is always something one should take into account, so we can learn from one another and improve. Please include any examples of your design work below! Honestly, I've been scrounging for screenshots as many have been lost over the course of past years, but I'll see if I can't build examples asap to show a little bit more of what's going on. Holm: This is a city designed (almost entirely) by myself. It's in game right now, and is pretty much the main project I'm working on these days. What sets it apart from previous builds I've done is that I've tried to keep the natural gorge-feel, to blend it in with the mountain. It's a city that is in game right now (714, 850), so go have a look please! (The grass is actually supposed to be green, but there's winter time on the server right now, so it looks more icky than it should). Mushroom Cave in Axios: This region was used as an event site several times by Urguan. Other notable works I've no screenshots of: Dreadfort in Anthos Some parts of The North in Anthos (3.0) Second version of Abresi, capital of Oren back in 3.0 Kazradin Foothills outside dwarf capital in Athera (4.0), also the redesigned capital (Kal'Karaad) Hiebenhall 4.0 Kal'Akash in Vailor, voxeled the region too. Halls of Urguan alongside Omith First dwarf capital in Axios Other comments (Not required) Nada
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    PizzeriaDjango (Formerly Ziko)'s Lore Team Application

    Wrote the entirety of Holmiote culture and lore, page by page. There's no lack of quality in any of Ziko's works, and not letting him on the team would be a grave mistake. +2
  18. Ehem no this guy doesn't even need an app. Accept him already +1
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    [✗] Dwarven Constructs

    I'm fine with this, though not as playable race/creature. Make this the background lore for Iron Golem mobs or something instead. I remember we mass-produced those back in the Fringe, to deal with pigmen invasions.
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    [Complete]FINISHED: A Dwarven Vinyl Collection

    "150 minas per vinyl. Payin' 1500 fer tha lot", says Balek Irongut
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    The Academy of Khronheim

    ALL ACCEPTED! Please visit as soon as possible to have your respective teachers assigned.
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    [Your View] Freebuild

    Don't try to scapegoat freebuild for not pulling in players to your respective nation. There are many examples of active regioned settlements on earlier maps with freebuild, that could easily sustain activity. Having 13 nations on the outer edges of the map however... yeah, not sure how this can be considered a good idea.
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    The Creature Index

    Cave Goblins Habitat: Mountainous regions and caverns Description: Often mistaken for Goblins descending from Krug, Cave Goblins are a different breed entirely. Their skin color is usually gray or pale, some with a tint of blue. Cunning and hostile to outsiders, they usually inhabit grottos and places that are hard to reach for those of larger stature. The Cave Goblins form tribes, guarding their territories fiercely from potential threats, as well as from other tribes. They build primitive huts of twig, and bones from large creatures long since gone, usually settling in old ruins and crevices. As such they have been a considerable nuisance for the Dwarves of Urguan, stealing resources and ambushing those who would stray too far away from the safety of their mountain holds. Being that wood is a rare commodity in the cavernous depths, most goblins make use of bones to craft tools and weapons. Bone tipped arrows, bone knives and bows are common instruments used by the Cave Goblins. The Cave Goblin diet usually consists of mushrooms found in grottos. Given that most of these fungi contain many toxins, it is theorized that this diet is the cause of the Cave Goblins' feral nature. They also hunt whatever game they can find, such as spiders or mammals. Cannibalism, as well as the consumption of human or dwarven flesh, is not unknown to most tribes. Given the Cave Goblins' small and slim stature, they are relatively weak in melee combat. What they lack in strength however, they make up for in numbers and cunning guerilla warfare. Relying heavily on their archers and hidden flanking tactics, they can prove a considerable threat to even the most experienced of soldiers. Some tribes have also been known to tame or befriend other cavernous creatures, such as trolls and giant spiders, bolstering their threat significantly. Author: Hobolympic LM Approval Required: No, only used in events
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    [Denied]Hiebe's App

    What else can I say than this: there is no one more worthy of the position. Hiebe is hardworking, and knows how to get **** done. He's chill, smart, and decisive, as well as a team player at heart. Oldest member of the community, so I'd say it's about time. #MakeLotCGreatAgain