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  1. Shadow of War Discussion Thread

    Not today, Brian.
  2. Should Religious Roleplay Get Land Next Map?

    The issue is that the Holy Orders, for the most part, cannot get along for more than a few months. Trinity Keep housed all three with the first Holy League, then the Ascended pulled out and months later the Clerics did as well. Paladins took over an island meant to be Holy Devirad, Adherent Clerics moved into the Savannah, and the Ascended into Urguan. Tried an alliance again, then the Gazardiel event happened. I believe playerbases and roleplay should be concentrated as much as possible but this is difficult when people you're supposed to be working with are trying to kill you. People tend to assume that the Holy Orders are all 'kinda samey' but the politics are very different.
  3. Can we please have longer descriptions for items.

    1. The Wyvernbane
    2. jondead12


      yes that is really needed sometimes

  4. A New Era

    "A warranted and beneficial change to the government of Urguan, though admittedly unexpected. We are watching history in the making."
  5. Race Trailers?

    This was attempted years ago and the staff went so far as to record voice lines and everything for the trailers, but it fell through. I'm assuming it was just too much work. If someone wanted to attempt it again and actually accomplished it though it would be wonderful.
  6. Fid's Quiet Application to the MT

    One of the most dedicated and steadfast individuals on this server, as well as one of the best lorewriters in my opinion. I believe their fresh perspective on the team would be invaluable.
  7. [Spriggan] [CA] Cielosoro's Adopted Spriggan

    Format your title as follows: [Type of Creature] [CA] MC or RP name MC Name: Cielosoro (This is my alt) Character's Name: Yew Character's Age: 45 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A Transformed form: Yew Tree Creator's MC Name: Leowarrior14 Creator's RP Name: Artimec, Damai, Leo, Renn, Aria, Jeremiah, and Za'kabar Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Spriggans are guardians of nature created during a ritual that entwines druidic blood and a tree, forming a growth that takes on a humanesque shape. The resulting creature may then be awoken by a druid to serve as a guardian of nature within the general area around it's tree, fighting tooth and nail to preserve the natural integrity of it's home. Druids can commune with the spriggan and offer suggestions on how it is to act, with higher tier druids being able of commanding the spriggan to obey their will. Spriggans, obviously, cannot attack anything natural. Spriggans cannot speak verbally but are able to communicate with actions and triva lines, an ancient and very archaic language unknown to most. In their objective to protect their home they are capable of various combat feats including the extension of limbs, (slow) regeneration of their body, and releasing spores. They're naturally resistant to normal flames due to their form being alive however magical and dragon fire will cause extreme damage if not outright killing the spriggan. Each spriggan has a core inside them which serves as their heart, and should it be harmed, the spriggan may perish and have their essence return to their tree to regenerate. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No. I am actually taking over this character with the former player's consent.
  8. The Removal of the Antagonist

    > Gazardiel is eaten by giant crab > Enter, Crabzardiel. Crustacean of New Beginnings.
  9. The Removal of the Antagonist

    Even in the aftermath the Ascended are the largest and most active holy Order on the server at this point in time and we will be dealing with the IC repercussions as they come. This isn't some snowflakey demand because our feelings were hurt. The actions taken by staff over the course of the eventline have set dangerous precedents. Namely that player characters can be hijacked and turned into plot devices without their consent, that playerbases can be harmed and discarded for the sake of progressing plot, and that players who purposely avoid certain events (which almost always create activity and player interest) will be rewarded for not participating. Were the Paladins correct in their actions to avoid the eventline? Absolutely. But at the same time we hear from their own members that there are issues of activity. The Paladins have a very close-knit and active group of regulars but if they had been given a holy relic and a divine quest to partake in, would it have inspired more activity from their other members? Absolutely. I hope that didn't come off as rude at all to any Paladins reading this as it wasn't my intention and they're more than welcome to correct me if I'm wrong. This isn't about who was right and who was wrong, it's about helping the playerbase grow and inspiring roleplay that is conductive without being overly damaging to the group as a whole. If current circumstances had happened to a fledgling group of say, Halfings, they would cease to exist after the climax of the event. My main point is that the staff teams need to acknowledge that they have an incredible power in their hands to create or destroy roleplay and playerbases and if they're not supremely careful with it they can hurt their image and the server. Such was seen with this eventline and they need to learn from a mistake so that they can grow from it. I hold no ill will to the staff for their actions or the other RP groups we're having difficulties with IC, this is a matter of seeing to the greater good and helping the server as a whole.
  10. The Removal of the Antagonist

    Getting rid of the antagonist either by a simple removal or patching together an ending is a step in the right direction and I'm glad the staff stepped in to do the right thing. A lot of people are blaming arockstar for the way the events were handled but pinning sole blame on one person when it was a collaboration of staff members is not only unhealthy, it's shameful. Arockstar did an excellent job of humanizing the Gazardiel fragments and genuinely kept me and my group invested until the reformation event. I do need to make it clear what exactly has happened though. The Ascended did not request nor ever ask to be used so heavily in this eventline. My character personally was used as a sort of event mcguffin to such an extent that I, without knowing, was a crucial stepping stone in the event progress and this was done without my consent. By staff deciding to use the Ascended to such an extent in this eventline they've caused much of the playerbase to become hostile and project their negative opinions regarding the event directly unto us. Because the staff involved with this eventline failed to look ahead and predict the consequences of their actions they have tarnished the image of a group I have worked tirelessly to improve and rendered an entire real year of roleplay alliance building mute in a /single/ day. Some people will call this dynamic roleplay, some people will say we should have known better and kept away from the event. I saw a unique opportunity for our group to grow and give our members something enjoyable and productive to partake in, and our reward for it was total catastrophic failure. Because of the staff's shortsighted actions the Holy League, a once large and powerful network of deity-based orders no longer exists and the balance of power on the server has shifted dramatically. Ascended are barred from most cities and some of our characters have lost homes and affiliations because of it. Worse still, players have quit the server or permakilled following these circumstances. With the eventline now being closed, the Ascended playerbase has lost any possible chance to redeem themselves and the repercussions of participating in this eventline will be felt for years to comes. On behalf of the Ascended playerbase who have been shafted and wronged by the eventline and the staff involved I would like to request an official apology be made by the staff to our players.
  11. 501warhead and Kowaman - The Black Heart

    Adding on to this point the Ascended as a whole are blatantly disgusted with how the event was handled. I personally hate having staff be it admin, dev, or ET meddling in normal roleplay matters because they're allowed to break lore and send everything you know and worked toward for a curve-ball in a split second. This event-line has screwed over nearly everyone who has came within five feet of it and the only people benefiting are the ones who have actively avoided participation. All antagonist events have this problem to a degree, but this one really takes the cake.
  12. Fancy Costume Festival - SANTEGIA CAPITAL!

    Heial pats her head, "The last time I went to a costume party I was murdered and my soul bound to a pearl, but you go right ahead!"
  13. Feedback Gathering: Transfiguration

    See, I agree with you there. The difference is the Ascended listened to all the feedback and balanced their wards to be less restrictive of roleplay, which only makes the current situation that much more frustrating. Regarding rogue holies, to my knowledge, one of the actual tenants needs to be broken to be detected by their patron. Usually this involves murdering random normal guys. It used to be a much more strict system but in recent times it's actually very rare and difficult for a patron to contact an order about such.
  14. Feedback Gathering: Transfiguration

    The single greatest issue I have with transfiguration is it's seemingly meta control over voidal, deity, and dark magics and it greatly limits roleplay that can be done. Holy orders can't give out holy weapons because if a transfigurationist spook somehow gets a hold of one he can 'study' it and then effectively ward the magic, despite having never learned this magic nor understanding it's fundamentals. Worse still is that the paper trail needed to make sure this is done correctly is nearly impossible to acquire and I, without a doubt, am sure a lot of wards against holy magic right now are illegitimate. On a similar note the system by which holy magic is warded against is.. Well, strange and doesn't make much sense. From what I understand voidal magic is used to counteract deity magic and the understanding of deity magic comes directly from two sources: > Disconnected holy mages > Mental Mage probing of a holy mage Warding against a certain magic would logically, in my opinion, require ready access to the magic warded against. Furthermore if a holy order recognizes one of their own is colluding with the enemy and disconnects them, this individual can ward against that holy magic until the cow comes home with no repercussions. There is no way for a holy order to be proactive and stop this, they're simply screwed. Regarding a mental mage probing the mind of a holy mage to gain an intricate understanding of the magic.. Just, what? Really? The Ascended can't go eat at Huddle House without some spook rummaging through the dumpster behind the restaurant to find a dirty napkin so they can ward against Soulfire. They're still not acquiring a working understanding of the magic, something that takes months to attain, and they should not be able to outright void most usage of the magic because they looked at a few memories. My personal solution to consider is this: Allow Holy Alteration, the holy equivalent of transfiguration, to create wards against their own magic. This makes sense and incentivizes spooks to either work secretly with a rogue holy mage or to capture holy mages and force them to make one. Make voidal transfiguration only work with voidal magic.