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  1. Mordring had to have staff intervention to not get wiped off the face of the earth. Atheran Undead PVP defaulted everything and were killing droves of people with stupidly OP PVP magic. Also if they're brought back they will have effectively been re-used as an antagonist three times. Take off the rose-colored glasses. Setherien had a large amount of the playerbase boycotting the Antag toward the end because it was so bad. ET would tp to hubs and spawn dozens of wither skeletons to murder people. Agents of Setherien would roam the countryside and destroy builds of new players and inadvertently drive them off the server. I was a member of this antag group and got out the second I could. Everytime we have a server antagonist the exact same people save few exceptions run the group. We see the exact same problems over and over and over and a new antagonist will be exactly the same. I vote adamantly against any large server antagonist. The only way it could possibly work is if the ET divides into groups and player bases get their own mini antags.
  2. Option A requires so much effort and paperwork I doubt it'll actually get done. Option B is a band-aid fix. Option C and D are, in my opinion, the best way to go. A lot of us are tired of Axios and ready to move on anyway.
  3. Why can't I heal your souls.
  4. Hugo Weaving plays Heial https://media.theweekendedition.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2012/01/hugo-weaving.jpg Credits: Van Halen - Dreams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhtednkzJl4
  5. Heial wipes a tear from his eye.
  6. [!] Posters have been erected around Axios.
  7. Gross oversimplification of the holy vs dark complex and completely unneeded.
  8. Heial rubs chin, "Well.. They say all good stories deserve embellishment."
  9. As someone who was a void mage looooong before becoming an Ascended this is not true whatsoever. I'll also note that holy orders can actually maintain a functional guild for more than two months.
  10. Oh hey you beat me to the punch. Yeah this is waaaaaay too similar to Ascended Soul Mending, which I'll post a brief snippet of below:
  11. Dael has passed his introductory lessons and I will be taking him on as a Demi-Ascended. With this app accepted I will have 4/5 slots filled.
  12. Victoria has passed her introductory lessons and I will be taking her on as a Demi-Ascended. With this app accepted I will have 3/5 slots filled.