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Master Sage Delaselva

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  1. Heial's ear twitches, "My Master Sage senses are tingling."
  2. What is supposed to happen: Thirty people are screeching and spamming chats trying to roleplay fight. PvP is called to quickly clear up the situation so people can move on. What actually happens: Minimum amount of people needed to initiate PvP camp fast travels, pull out their god-tier grinded diamond armor and weapons, then kick the **** out of random RPers in small groups because they're bored.
  3. Heial holds a magnifying glass over a copy of the document whilst lounging in his office. "It has never been the intention of the Ascended to purge and mutilate every last dark being and then condemn them to eternal torture in the 'stream, and it's very notable in this document that this fact isn't common knowledge. Should the people of Devirad be true to their principles and promote peace, and we don't find them in the mortal cities eating homeless people, then I see no issue with their sovereignty.
  4. "She died as she lived, as a shield against the blackness that would consume the souls of the Sons. We will meet again on the white cobble roads of Sacellum, dear sister." Heial says to no one in particular, moments after the courier bearing the sad news had departed.
  5. Very happy with all the work being done right now by the LT/MT. Looking forward to less magic oversaturation and fewer, but higher quality magics.
  6. "Damn we should really start selling these things."
  7. I have no idea who you are. My approval is not given.
  8. Heial takes a dossier from the drawer of his desk and, with a large red X, plays giant tic-tac-toe with one of his agents.
  9. Heial takes a dossier from the drawer of his desk and, with a large red stamp, prints the word 'DECEASED' upon it.
  10. Victoria has passed her exams and I will be teaching her once again. This will be my fifth and final student for quite some time.
  11. I don't think anyone currently has any plans to release more holy magic, it's mostly just tweaks and occasional additions. The Ascended themselves are roughly 32 players strong (not counting mortal agents), the Clerics have a large playerbase as well it's just that they're divided into three sects with ideological differences. The Paladins I can't speak for. Overall I think the holy category is handling fairly well and all the loreholders are in constant contact with each other.
  12. This is my thought exactly. There is something like 20 different varieties of dark magic/creature lore currently accepted and more is proposed basically every month. It's kind of getting out of control.
  13. Heial reads the dwarven newspaper as he sips his coffee and cooks breakfast, "Good stuff."
  14. I don't know what you're smoking but I'll take some.
  15. That right there is all I needed to hear. If both sides are going to make the Holy Vs. Dark dynamic work then we need to admit that both sides have made mistakes and we need to bring a willingness to compromise to the table. We need to see each other not as stepping stones to get to our next mineman achievement, but as other people trying to tell their own stories. I and the rest of the Ascended are willing to give it a shot if the opposition is as well. Let's make this work.