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  1. "Literally all of this is a lie." Heial states.
  2. Ascended have been acting as any other player group in the Bastion events. I realize it's been cool to blame the Ascended for everything but putting this on us is an extreme stretch. As the loreholder and leader of the Ascended I can promise you we've not been trying to force conflict. This really came out of the blue.
  3. Both the Ascended and the Clerics are working on rewrites for their respective Holy Alteration. Post-Rewrite the Ascended won't even make wards like what is listed in this thread. The three types from each respective group are too different to have a blanket clarification placed over them, doing so would be a hindrance and restrict their respective capabilities.
  4. Heial runs by, scoops up Victoria, and books it to the Adoption Office.
  5. Only potions which harm or refill health are affected. Strength potions and things of that sort are fine.
  6. Hello I'm the loreholder for the Ascended and I'd love to hear your ideas. Message me on the forum or add me on Skype, my ID is: Justin (Jallentime) Allen.
  8. I believe that was referring to magic strength. Ascended aren't any stronger than they were prior to ascending.
  9. I miss the days when overaged characters were dealt with ICly by accusing them of witchcraft and burning them at the stake.
  10. As the Ascended loreholder I can say that Bircalin is familiar with the magic and has my personal blessing to teach.
  11. As the Ascended Loreholder I'll confirm that Sug is familiar with the lore and qualified to teach.