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  1. GaiaLoTC

    Torky's FM App

    Incredible work ethic toward whatever she puts her mind to. Driven to excel and won't let the team down. We've had our differences, but nonetheless, she'd be great for the role. +1
  2. Minecraft Name GaiaLoTC Discord Gaia#5196 Timezone Mountain Standard Describe your knowledge on the descendant races I have a pretty baseline knowledge on all of the descendant races, sufficient to be able to look at it in an application. However, I have in depth knowledge of the culture and racial features of elves and elvenkind. Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe to be relevant When looking at applications, it's important that the applicant not only knows what they are, but when they are. A small degree of modern history is needed to understand the current situation in the realm of Atlas. This is also why its so important to keep the wiki up to date, and why I applaud Flamboyant for his lore librarian initiative, and it's why I applied for it. I digress. Another important aspect is the flaws of the character. They should not be found just in the "flaws" section, but rather, throughout the app itself. And above all, it should be clear that the rules have been read. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team I have sunk hour after hour after day after day into this server, roleplaying with the people in it. I enjoy having a say as to who should enter, or what kind of roleplayer should enter. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications Helping them find their way in the RP world. At first glance, the realm of Atlas is a very daunting place. So many roads and paths and cities, how does one start? Well, with the aid of an application team member. In roleplay, I function as this role without intending it. I help new players join the wood elven culture, and it works out pretty well. Such a system works well on a "global" scale. Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made We need to crack down harder on ensuring that new players have read the rules. In the past month, two new players in the Dominion have been banned or similar, and both have used the phrase "I didn't know it was against the rules." This is completely unacceptable. In addition, I'd personally prefer a more detailed character process, or perhaps a dialogue scenario to get them used to the commands in game. In fact, a list of in game commands should be available somewhere in the rules page, or elsewhere, as new players often have difficulties with commands. Provide any additional information that you believe is needed This would not be my first tenure as an application team member. I left prior because of time and stress, due to theater. I am no longer taking any theater classes. Tell a joke https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/395229280046415873/428444080985604098/Aspectist.jpg
  3. please just have tea with me

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    GaiaLoTC's Wiki Team Application

    Username: GaiaLoTC Forum Name: GaiaLoTC Discord Name and Tag: Gaia #5196 How do you wish to work for the wiki? Updating Lore, Writing, Keeping up to Date on Elven History Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before? I have, I'm currently working on updating the elven page, and the Dominion Which lore are you most familiar with? Elvish Lore, Druidic Lore Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved Nation Pages, specifically the Dominion and Wood Elven pages. Oftentimes, the page is not up to date with current information in the Dominion. As an active member of the city's government, and a longstanding member, I could keep up on the current events of the city, and post accordingly. The Council is out of date, the history is out of date. The page could use updated artwork. Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning I can't find a lot of "model" pages. A lot are out of date, or are formatted poorly. In addition, the "notable figures" section is very lacking, and could use many updates. However, I do like the layout of the starting page. It contains all of the important links necessary to get where you want to, as well as a nice map of the world. Please showcase your abilities with either A short writing on a subject of your choosing, or An example of an 'other' (Already completed wiki pages are a plus!) A few links to some of my story based posts, and my cultural creation posts:
  5. What is your minecraft username? GaiaLoTC What is your discord? Gaia#5196 How long have you played on LotC? 5 Years, 5 months How many hours per day/week are you available? 12+ hours every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 6 hours every Tuesday, Thursday. Full Weekend Availability Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before? I've worked a short bit at maintaining the Elven Dominion Page, and the elves page, though my tenure has been rather short. Do you have a solid grasp on the existing lore of our server? Do you believe you'd be able to summarize these pieces in a concise manner? I've done nothing but Druidic Lore for 5 years, so I'd consider that my specialty. However, I do believe that I have a solid grasp on our lore, and I can summarize it as well. Do you have any creative writing experience? I have a great deal of creative writing experience. I write story driven posts from time to time, as well as create new cultural lore for the Wood Elves. In my off time, I enjoy writing for D&D campaigns, and characters.
  6. GaiaLoTC

    The Ironwood Armada

    [Art credit to the wonderful Nummy] In an age long past, the Armadas of Emerald and Bronze came together for the first time aboard the Adriante. The vessel of hope. And from it, the lands of Malin’s kin flourished. In an age long past, the Armadas of Emerald and Bronze stood separately. But darkness has fallen on the shores of Caras Eldar, and the drums of war thunder once again. In an age long past, Malin’s folk may not have been able to withstand the tides of war. But this is not an age long past. And the Dominion stands defiant against the coming storm. Rise up, Mali! Take to the seas! With Queen Calithil’s orders read, the dock boomed overnight as thousands of workers flocked to the shipyards, eager to build up their legacies in the naval theater as skilled shipbuilders. In the distance, two figures watch from a balcony. One in a coat of emerald, and another with a coat of crimson. With their hearts full of pride, Lady Admiral Awaiti Aureon and Vice-Admiral Evar'tir Ithelanen watch the builders work tirelessly to construct the greatest armada the Dominion had ever seen. The Ironwood Armada
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    Get fit, get hydrated.

    Hail Hydrate
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    Storm's End

    Storm's End In an instant, light vanished from the druidess’ vision. The entire battle, the embers of both walls and men alike, all disappeared from her sight. The shouted orders of mankind, and the screams of the wounded all muffled and dissipated with her vision. In the chaos of death around her, she too fell. Yet she did not fall to death, for she did not awake to green forests and pleasant songs. There was only darkness. Her spirit yet grappled for her life, even with one arm, and she was still very much alive, even if she was too weak to awaken. Her spirit would fight for as long as it could, even in sleep. Her body needed to rest, and so it did in the clinic. Awaiti had fallen to deep sleep, a rest of ages. What would she dream of, I wonder?
  9. GaiaLoTC

    Tome of Strife

    Copies of the Tome are sent to the Libraries of the Naelurir, of the Mother Grove, and to the druii of the Maelstrom for all that wish to read them. They are marked with the Circle of the Emerald Way. The Tome of Strife Writings of Sister Hurricane “To will change upon the self is to change the world. Only through will can all balance be attained.” - The Axiom of Will, Teachings of Sister Hurricane I. The Absence of Understanding The Lord and Lady have blessed you with eyes to see and ears to hear, and a whole world to experience. Yet we remain blind and deaf to most of it. I remain blind, despite teachings that were meant to open my eyes and help me see the world for what it was. We consider it a great tragedy when one falls to darkness, when they stray away from the teachings of the order, and when they fall into hands that turn them to violence and disparity. Many of our students are failing, falling to darkness in their belief continuously. Those that remain follow blindly to their teachers, like sheep, unable to think past the surface of druidism. Most haven't thought yet to dive in. We are missing something within our teachings. Missing a piece that keeps the ambitious prodigies away from darkness, and a piece that allows others to break their chains and to be free from the slavery of secular thought. The teachings of our order, I find, ignore the dark of the world. They preach only the light, and are blind for it. I have sought the contrast myself, the dark to compliment the light, not to oppose it. I will not tell what I have learned here, only that the current teachings do not hold all of the answers you need. By learning what they have not taught me, I have seen what makes us weak. If you are to truly understand, then you too must seek this contrast, not adherence to this single ideal. To believe in an ideal is to be willing to betray it, to look where it may forbid you to go. It is a lesson of strength. If you do believe in an ideology, then find its opposite, so that you may reinforce it by correcting its flaws. Become what strengthens an ideology, not a slave to it by following it dogmatically. Without this contrast, we are but marionettes, tangled in the strings of weaknesses in our ideologies. II. The Value of Struggle and Self Reliance Pure benevolence weakens the self, and those to whom it is cast upon. Do not roam the world, dispensing pity and self sacrifice unto others. By giving others the chance to fight their own struggles, internally and externally, we give them the chance to cultivate their own will. Do not be a thief in the night, stealing strength from others where you would mask it with benevolence. If you truly wish to help another, recognize the value in letting them cultivate their strength and will through their struggles. When they triumph, their victory will be far greater than it would be if you would help them. Through your own struggles, cultivate this inner will, and you will find the path to balance. Create a strict reliance on yourself, rather than your connection to the balance, to the thing you protect. Too many druids of our age focus on honing their gifts to better serve the lord and lady above on this earth. I ask you, strip them of their gifts, and what do they become? Only empty shells, incapable of enacting their duty to the balance without the gifts of the aspects. And that is no true disciple of the balance. Without will, we are nothing. This brings us to a fundamental question: If a druid loses her powers, is she still a druid? The way you would answer would depend on your view. If you say no, you believe inherently that only those with the gifts can make a difference in this world, and you are wrong. The devout, druii without gifts, are simply those with greater will. With the proper will, everything can be changed, such is the nature of will itself. Druidism is something greater than simply gifts. Those that would choose death over a life without their gifts are those whose wills are weak, and were unworthy of them in the first place. III. The Nature of Life and Death The Mother above creates and cares for life throughout the world, and spreads it over the land. Helps it grow, nurtures it. Heals it. Guides it. The energy of life exists through all living things. Tt surrounds us, penetrates us. It binds the world together, and unifies it all. It is fluid, like the water that carries it. This is known. Death does not exist. This life created by the mother never leaves this world, it merely passes from vessel to vessel. The fallen elk feeds the grasses, and the prey feeds the predator. On and on the cycle moves, life being poured from vase to vase. It holds many different shapes and forms, but at its core, all forms are simply life. We are no exception to this. It is because of this that the role of the father is oft misunderstood, however. He is not death, nor is he the hunt. His name is strength, not for his ability to take life, or hold mastery over it. But for his power to move the energies of life from one vessel to the next. It is from his will that the balance exists. It is from his own will that life moves from vessel to vessel, never stagnating, never finding stillness. It is due to this change that life is truly precious, and each form just as valuable as the last. So where do we lay among all of these vessels? Where does our power come from? We cannot define ourselves by our ability to take life, to control it even or possess it. To do so is to have nothing, truly. Death does not exist, and if you define yourself by your ability to usher it, your strength is as fleeting as grains of sand in the wind. But if we define ourselves by our ability to will great change in the world, to move and change the vessels of life as Cernunnos does? That is true strength, lliran. This is what the focus of druii should be. Cultivating the will to usher change. IV. Facing Conflict I speak much against a neutral stance, and this much holds true. One should always act when they have the opportunity to, and when there is greater suffering in the world. But I have not always been clear on what it is to act on, or how one should carry themselves. In my life, I have been through many struggles of my own, and this is the view I have learned thus far, and it is the view I shall give unto the Emerald Way, that others may find a better way to approach their problems. Live your life, and act with great respect and wisdom, for you must be a beacon of change for the world, a fount of knowledge and veneration. Without strong principles to guide us through our own morality, what then can we enact our will from? A principled life, one with a strong basis for which we act is the only life worth living. But what is principle without the perspective to see the world around you as it is? Through rigorous meditation we gain clearer perspective, and can find the solution to any problem. When on your journey through life, take one step at a time, look up from your feet and observe the living world around you. Speak to all you may meet and soak in all the details you can, learn what comes to you. Life is to be savored, taken slowly. Rashness is the path toward greater suffering. Will. Principle. Perspective. These are the three great values that the Emerald Way promotes. Through these values, act with a tempered and clear mind, and seek always to see more than what you are shown. From these values, we find the strength to change anything in this world. Even destiny. V. The Place of Gifts and Tools I have said before, the druids rely on the gifts far too much. It overtakes their being, and in some cases, druids cannot function in day to day life without the use of their gifts. It becomes a crutch, one that would leave a druid crippled without it. Such deep rooted dependency is something to be avoided, something to be shut down and moved away from. And even in our divine mission, many rely entirely on this aspect-given gift to do our work. Without them, I don’t doubt that many would fail in their mission, that they would cease to protect the balance without their precious gifts. And I sense an even more sinister plot. That many druids are here only for the power that they may receive from the gifts. Devotion is a scarce thing to see these days, true devotion to the lord and lady above. Many druids fall, and when they lose their gifts, they simply move onto something else that may give them the power they seek to enact their wills. Give many of the druids of the order only silence, and you will truly see who follows the aspects. But you may see this as me having a negative view of the gifts, which cannot be further from the truth. I have only a negative view of druids that rely on such gifts, that depend on them, sometimes to the extent of needing them to live. Such reliance is weakness, and weakens the order as a whole. However, the gifts themselves are not to blame. We have many tools at our disposal to aid us in our mission of preserving the balance of life. Our mind, our physical strength, our charisma, our words, and yes, our gifts. The gifts are but one singular tool with many uses, just like the other tools. You do not need the gifts in order to protect the balance, just like you do not need the gifts in order to be a druid. To believe that one must have the gifts in order to carry out our divine mission is vanity, don’t you see it? I would rather a devout person without gifts that protects the balance to the best of their ability rather than a druid who uses their gifts for personal gain, or one that seeks personal power. The Order should enforce teachings of these inherent tools that we already possess, and their uses in protecting the balance, rather than preparing them to rely on their gifts. Teaching students that only their new power can preserve the balance is a dangerous and self destructive way of thinking, and is the reason behind many of the greatest failings of our order. There is a silent lust for power within our teachings, I think, and we are utterly blind to it. Always, the next step in learning is to master a new gift. At least, this is what I have seen in the world. There is a great flaw in this method.
  10. GaiaLoTC

    Tome of Two Balances

    Copies of the Tome are sent to the Libraries of the Naelurir, of the Mother Grove, and to the druii of the Maelstrom for all that wish to read them. They are marked with the Circle of the Emerald Way. The Tome of Two Balances Writings of Sister Hurricane “To will change upon the self is to change the world. Only through will can all balance be attained.” - Teachings of Sister Hurricane, the Axiom of Will I. Morality as Inner Balance On yesterday's eve, I witnessed a sight most common, though for some unknown reason, it struck me strange. An elk was torn into by a beast, and ripped into, to eat. A common occurrence, yes, this is known. Tis’ the way of nature, the beasts eat the common gazelle, and so on. The predator eats the prey, and the prey feeds on what it can. There is no evil in it, the predator must eat as much as the prey, and the prey must eat what it can. There is only survival in it. The predator feels naught for devouring its prey, nor does the prey when it grazes upon the grasses, despite life being taken from the world. Such is the unseen way of all natural life. Life passes on and on and through each moving piece of it. There is no evil or good in the natural balance, only what is and what survives. Such also is the way of druidism, our gifts are given without thought of good and evil, but with only this delicate balance of the cycle of life in mind. Druids are expected to be as neutral as nature in this sense, are we not? It is the duty of druids to correct the balance, wheresoever it may be corrupted, without heed for borders. It is our duty to correct it, we must. We have been charged by the aspects above to do our sacred duties, and the order has decided we must do it this way, completely neutrally. But this charge ignores a most fundamental principle of our life as descendants, of how we have grown and developed to live with morality, to have the sense of good and evil, and all in between. It is what makes us what we are, it is what gives us our humanity, and this makes us truly and beautifully unique. We are not a part of this balance the aspects have created for us, but we surely live with it. Though, to attempt to live without morality, to attempt to live neutrally and strive to think as the aspects do, without heed of what is good and evil, this is unnatural of our own being. It makes us only as simple as the beasts and prey that are in the balance we seek so desperately to protect. We cannot, and we should not deny what we are, how we think, but we must find a balance of our own, and look over the balance of nature with a sense of right and wrong. To live along with both the balance and the descendants, separately, yet together. In this, we are allowed to exercise our sense of right and wrong and do our duty to protect the balance with great strength. It is not the nature of men to keep out of everything. One would say it distracts us from our duty, to say, be a part of a nation. This is not the case, I don't think. I might even say it better allows us to perform our duties. While we cannot live as neutral, we are able to do our best to spread what is good, and what is just. It is of the utmost importance that druids maintain strong ties to the world they live in and protect, they cannot fly above it all. Neutrality is a disease that leaves men weak, and staggeringly alone, as many beasts are. Fellow priests of the balance, I say to you. Do not catch the disease of neutrality. Hone your sense of right and wrong, fight always for the path of good for you and your people. Do not become unnatural men, stripped of all sense of what is good or evil in the world. In morality, we find our strength together. Apathy is a fate worse than death, for even a rotting corpse feeds new life. II. Will Within Balance We are inherently separate from the thing we protect so dearly, as druii. The balance consists of life around us, the seen and hidden movements of nature ever moving in a circle around us. The birds and trees die out, but there is ever a forest standing, no? Songbirds fill the air, do they not? We are ever surrounded by life, yet death lurks and strikes here and there. No matter how oft or how heavy death’s strikes may be, life ever moves on. Many druii take our duty to protect the balance as a sign that the world is weak. It is the opposite indeed, for the balance of the world knows a will far greater than our own. Life will find a way, no matter how damaged it may be. We druii exist only as a means of preserving the balance’s state, and correcting it where we find imbalance. Yet as I say, we are inherently separate from the balance of the world. Instead, we hold a force of our own within, potentially even equal to this primordial balance of the world. The balance of the self. The Emerald way is, at its core, the way of two balances. One cannot neglect this balance of the self when protecting the balance of the world, for it is far more fragile, and far weaker. This balance, in a way, is even more important than that which the druii are sworn to protect. With this separation from the balance of the world, the circle of life is entirely indifferent to us, to our very being. We have little sway over it, though many druids seem to rely on it for their source of strength. They use their gifts frivolously, and have grown dangerously dependent on them. They fail to realize that to rely on their gifts to protect the balance is dangerous, and leaves men weak. No man or woman can hope to fully control this primordial force, and they are left with atrophied bodies, defenseless without their gifts. They fail to realize that true strength comes from within, and that in order to change the balance, and protect it, we must cultivate our own will to match the strength of the world’s will. While faith is important, true strength is drawn from our own volition; The power to use your will, which is equally important as obtaining power itself. Never live for the sake of another, or an ideology. Live for yourself, and no other. With that, we empower ourselves to carry out the will of the aspects, to protect the balance. III. The Nature of Will A man can change everything if he is willing to sacrifice for it. The greatest sacrifices require the strongest wills, And we must give much for the salvation of this world. In the beginning, we have nothing. Our privilege is the dirt. In such darkness, our will guides us to light Perspective pierces the veil of dark. Our birthright is our failings, and the pain we suffer. When darkness comes, we can rely on no other to face it for us. Only in our willpower can balance be attained. IV. Beings of the Present Self The balance does not, nor can it be made to be still for long. All things move until they pass on, and even then their energies move ever forward into other forms, other vessels that will move on and on. And from movement, movement is born, ever arching outward. You, druii, are no exception to this commotion. We constantly expend our energies in creating islands of quiet within our lives, trying to still the waves that march ever onward, yet it cannot last. Time encroaches, it consumes all things. Fling yourself to the waves of life, druii, engage in the here and now, and you will find that the key to living is your own will. The will to see life for its flaws, and the will to better it, to create your own waves. One cannot focus on the waves that have long since passed, the echoes of feelings you once felt. The past does hold merit in giving us its teachings, but from there, move on. It holds nothing for you. Let the past die, and use what you have learned to shape your present. With the lessons of the past, we can focus on dealing with what is here and now, with the waves that crash over us. Use what you have learned to enact your will, and shape the waves around you. And perhaps prevent a tidal wave from overwhelming you in the future by dispersing it before it happens. By changing your destiny. There is no lasting stillness. It is impossible. Accept this. Know it in your bones. Watch the world happening around you, and through your will, forge your own echoes, your own cadence in this world. Live in the moment, and your will can shape the future. V. The Balance of the Self My words earlier in these pages were far too simple, I’m afraid, for they leave out a great deal in seeking to express the point, but they failed to truly explain my deeper meaning. Earlier, I stated that the balance within consists of the will to act on the sense of good and evil. Though I do not refute that, I’m afraid that the truer meaning of the inner balance is lost on such words. Good and evil are a point of view, different to each person. I have found better words to explain such a dichotomy. Instead of viewing the inner balance as the senses of good and evil, replace such words with selfishness and selflessness. To act for the self, and to act for others. This opens the situations to all by providing a common meaning. You cannot have one without the other in life. Pure selfishness only harms others, and amassing your own power can lead you to enact your desires. Instead, one must use the powers gained from selfishness to act selflessly in life. To sacrifice for the good of others, and of the balance. But beware, lliran. Pure selflessness is just as destructive as pure selfishness. Benevolence for the sake of benevolence leaves you in a worse position than when you started, it weakens you and sacrifices your own strength to help. In addition, it robs others of their struggles, their own opportunities to learn and gain their own strength. Never sacrifice your own strength to rob another of their struggles. As I said before. Recognize the value in letting people fight their own battles, and they will be all the stronger for it. Selfishness for the sake of selflessness- this is how we can protect the balance. By enacting our own will through this, we have the strength to alter the balance and preserve it. This inner balance is not inherent to druids, or even the balance that they protect. It is inherent to the descendants, this ability to act in selfishness and selflessness. It is where inner strength is drawn, the will to enact change upon the world. Such a principle applies to all aspects of life, and so it is important that druids hone their will to act on this sense. A druid who has mastered their ability to act on this sense will go far. A soldier who has mastered it will find his enemies falling before him. A farmer who has mastered it will know only bountiful harvests. It applies to all paths through life. If we cannot find the strength to act on this and hold balance in our sense of selfishness and selflessness, how then can we hope to protect the primordial balance of the world? We cannot.
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    Hey, I remember you! Good to see you again!
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    The Irrinites

    The Irrinites = Revised on the 6th of Sun's Smile by the Archdruids Caribou, Owl, and Hurricane alongside the District Lord of Irrinor Carven Ithelanen in order to ensure the sanctity of the Aspectist faith while maintaining a proper position in the Forest District. Note that a vast majority of this revision contains the words of the original establishment in 1662 by Lady Awaiti Aureon. The Irrinites are a warrior sect of el’Naelurir Druidic Priesthood. Where conventional Naelurir priests maintain the Aspectist rite of the wood elven people through teaching, ritual, conversion and ceremony, Irrinites are warrior-monks that dedicate the primacy of their lives to honing the art of combat, and defending the faith and the mali’ame Seed tradition through martial prowess. Irrinites are still priests, and are expected to do their part to spread the faith of the forgotten folk, but hold among them a duty to uphold the religious law of their homeland, Irrinor, and be prepared to do combat with any creature or entity considered antithetical to the mali’ame way of life and enforce the law of the mali’ame people onto those who defy it. The core tenets of the Irrinite warriors are as follows; To uphold and spread the true Ame’ faith of Aspectism to the mali. To protect and strengthen the Ame’ people in all dealings. To ward off antithetical magics, entities and practices in the wood elven homeland. To guide the Ame’ people onto the path of Aspectism, and into the creeds of Aspectism. To preserve the wood elven culture through both the arrow and blade. The History In the closing act of the Axios Era, the Dominion of Malin found itself wrought in two between its loyalists and the Bronze Rebellion. When brother fought brother, the ties that held mali kind together for so long were shattered, and a sacred trust was broken. Amongst these such shattered bonds were those of the Naelurir. The Elven Priesthood was divided and weakened as priest had fought priest in the war, and sloth took hold of the remaining druids. In the opening days of Atlas, during the reign of High Princess Awaiti Aureon, the Naelurir were pushed to continue in their divine mission, to double down on their efforts to convert the surge of new mali returning to the Dominion, in the Elven jewel of Caras Eldar. The Naelurir were permitted an inquisition within Irrinor, to spur the mali to the true mali’ame religion of Aspectism. This gave some effect, bringing many back to the path. But there was still much work to be done. The realm had lost much of its way, and a large portion of the mali’ame were paradoxically divided by virtue of being united in a single city populated by their dark and high elven cousins. In addition, the Dominion was on the brink of war. There was little time for the protection of the old mali’ame rite from internal erosion while defending the city from external threats. But amongst the priesthood, Sister Hurricane had an idea; To bring together the might of the sword and the faith under one banner, in defense of the Aspectist way and the city. And so she gathered the first Irrinite Warriors, beginning a new chapter of faith and might for both the Naelurir, and the good mali’ame of Irrinor with the authority granted by the Evarir Act. The Doctrine of the Warrior Priest Piety Above all else, guardians of Elven Culture must be fierce defenders of their faith, and must be fully dedicated to the way of Aspectism. To be a bastion of faith and tradition to mali’ame kind and all that stand for, Irrinites, like all Naelurir, must be masters of Aspectist scripture and doctrine, to know the stories of the Mani, of the Green Spirit, Irrin and the Seeds, and be able to teach and preach with charisma. Through faith, clarity. Through clarity, might. Martial Prowess To fight as our ancestors did, as stalwart as a minotaur and agile as a faerie, to be a master of the bow, the spear, the sword and the tomahawk. To be able to defend your honour and the honour of the old rites of Irrin and the Green Spirit through trial by combat. One must be willing to lay down his life for the Aspects, but also know when not to throw it away, how to survive, and continue to serve another day. Life is the currency of the Aspects, preserve it well, and spend it wisely. Honor There's no greater honor than a service to the Aspects towards the Dominion and her kin. The Ichorian Way dictates that this honor is worthy above all else, and a failure to perform camaraderie and solidarity in these times would he dishonorable. The creeds teach that when the Dominion and the Aspects are challenged it's your duty to defend it. No greater honor than to walk with the Aspects. Loyalty To be a warrior is to carry the weight of every living mali’ame on your shoulders. Warriors of any creed must be fiercely loyal to their people and their faith. Only with an indomitable sense of duty can the ame’ be left unshakable. Thusly, those of the creeds must carry a fierce sense of duty and loyalty to their people and their faith. Blood makes kin, Loyalty makes family. Integrity In all things, warriors of all creeds must remain true to their own word above all things. A follower of the creeds knows the weight of their words, and when they speak, they shall speak the truth, or not speak at all. In all things they will strive to fulfill what they say they will do, or die trying. A lie from an Emerald Blade is as good as treason. Speaking and doing are one in the same. Humility Respect for all, living and dead. Friend and foe. Strong and weak. Followers of the creeds must carry themselves with dignity and respect, and treat all others with such. A warrior of the faith has no need to prove their own strength to others, nor should they be needlessly cruel. The true character of a warrior comes during the most difficult times, when their resolve is truly tested. Respect must be universal. It must apply to all others as much as yourself. Charity With might comes great power. Warriors of the faith must use this power with compassion, and charity to their fellow mali. They develop power that must, in all cases, be used for the common good of malin’s children. Warriors must use their gifts to help their fellow mali at every turn. The world will always need help. If an opportunity cannot be found, it must be sought. Sacrifice To sacrifice everything in the most trying of times is the most difficult task for us all. However the creeds show us that in the worst times, this sacrifice can prove everything. To give up everything for your morals, for your faith. There’s no greater display of character, to be able to do this is to distinguish yourself in Aspects light. Courage does not hide, it strikes swiftly and truly. Duty As the creeds have spoken, your duties are what distinguish you. There are many duties you have to uphold, they are expected to be done without hesitation to the extent of your abilities. Weakness and passiveness in these tasks can breed weakness in yourself. Find the strength to always be able to perform and never relent. My duty is greatest fear and my greatest struggle. Growth Growth is an important aspect, without growth we stagnate and wilter. To never seek greatness would be to be swept away in the tides of the future. It's your duty to always seek greatness, for in times of adversity it will be the hard work and dedication which separates yourself from those you stand against. It's imperative in Aspects defense and duties that you are always prepared. From my losses, I gain clarity. True Focus and Clarity To maintain a clear and focused conscience, both on the battlefield and off, is a true feat. The Irrinites are encouraged to clear their minds of all obstacles that might hinder them in their battle against the enemies of the Ame'. For the Irrinites, the world could be on fire, and they would still focus on their one goal, to protect their people, to protect their culture. Razor sharp focus is imperative. All is clear as crystal, I banish all distraction from my mind. Ranking The Keeper The highest commander of the Irrinite warrior priests, the Keeper of the sect assumes full control over the order, their actions and their doctrine. The Keeper must be an Archdruid of el’Naelurir. Keeper Hurricane Commando Veteran warriors who have attained the Priestly rank within el’Naelurir, masters of all disciplines of traditional combat and well versed in the Aspectist rite. Commando is a title reminiscent of the nomadic guerilla fighters of old and hold the ability to command the Irrinite sect as officers. Commando Hawk Commando Arbane Warrior These are the warriors of the wilds, the cloud of arrows that blackens the sky over the enemies of the faith, the storm of swords that march against threats to the faith and against the culture of our people. Warrior Leatherback Warrior Ember Warrior Birch Warrior Robin Warrior Crocodile Warrior Raenil Warrior Caribou Warrior Leopard Authority The Irrinites shall strictly follow Article 2 of the el’Naeri Evarir Act. This means that they are only allowed to enforce punishment when any of those conditions take place. If a virarim officer is present, or becomes present, the virarim officer will take authority over any Warrior. The Keeper, and Commando hold authority over virarim officers. The Lord Imperator and the Praetor of the Elves will always take charge in any of these cases. The Keeper of the Irrinites, any Archdruid of the Naelurir, and the District Lord of Irrinor hold the right to dismiss any Irrinite if deemed unworthy of their position, whether they be a Warrior or Commando. The District Head of Irrinor will only step into a situation if they or someone else deems it vital. The District Head of Irrinor is equal to that of the Keeper on Irrinite matters. Any changes to the Evarir act must be reported to the District Head of Irrinor and approved by the District Head of Irrinor. 14th of the Grand Harvest, c. 1668 =