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  1. Letter to The Lords

    Gror Ireheart recieves the letter, he pens a response confirming his attendance to hear out the dwarves of Az'Adar
  2. The Pact of Iron and Ash Drafted on the 17th of the Grand Harvest, 1646 The Alliance between the Kingdom of Norland and the Dwarves of Karak’Tazarak is to be classified as an alliance. The numerous clauses of this pact are as follows; 1. That the definition for the ‘alliance’ expressed above shall be as such: “A military alliance between all parties signing below (should the signatures given be that of the respective nations’ leaders, or representatives given his/her personal approval) which guarantees defensive and offensive aid by all parties should the other party/parties come under threat. Should a rebellion commence in any of the signant’s respective lands, the original signatories of this document, and not the rebel party, shall earn the support of their counterpart. This military alliance will afford no less than the full, armed support of alliance nations in times of trouble. 2. That the mutual enemy of any nations signing here below shall be the aggressive nation in a conflict involving any of the parties agreed herein. In a situation where the truly aggressive party in a conflict is not easily determined, the nation which had shown the first act of aggression shall be deemed the aggressor and will warrant a united declaration of war from both the Dwarves of Karak’Tazarak and the Kingdom of Norland. 3. Free travel and commerce between all parties in this alliance will be guaranteed at all times, with open borders to the citizens of all nations on the part of their ally. 4. That diplomatic embassies will be established by both parties of the agreement in their ally’s respective homelands. 5. That any and all alliances made by either parties of this agreement with other nations will be made public information, should their ally nation request it. 6. That the security and judiciary forces of both parties to this agreement will communicate freely and without boundaries, disclosing information on any potential threats to the integrity of their ally nation. 7. This agreement will also not affect any allies of both parties during a time of war. 8. Upon the change of leadership of either the Dwarves of Karak’Tazarak or the Kingdom of Norland, this treaty must be re-negotiated. 9. The Kingdom of Norland, as a vassal state of Renatus, will hold the Dwarves of Karak’Tazarak to the agreement between Gror Ireheart and Leitseig. The agreement entails a debt of 5,000 mina is owed to the Kingdom of Renatus for the death of Rosa Romstun. Signed, King Jory Eiriksson Rurik, Chief of the Eirikssons, Defender of the Faith, Earl of Ruriksgrad, King of Norland Gror Ireheart, Lord of Karak’Tazarak and Elder of Clan Ireheart
  3. The Last Will and Testament of Avalon Silversteed

    Ser Jorvik Ruric sits within his bathroom, reading the new issue of Norland Swimsuit Weekly. After finishing his business, he looks around, realizing that he had forgotten his bathroom tissue! "Damn!" he exclaimed to himself. Jorvik looked around in despair for a brief moment before his eyes fell upon a notice pinned to the wall. With an outstretched arm, he grasped that document and used it to clean himself before pinning it back onto the wall. "I see no difference." he said, comparing the document before and after.
  4. A Call to Clan Frostbeard

    Calling of a Frostbeard Clan Moot 9th of the Deep Cold, 1645 Rhovin Frostbeard made his way into Kal'Tarak, pulling back the bear pelt that adorned his stout frame. He let his blade fall to his side, the point meeting with the cold stone floor as he shifted his weight onto it, using it as support for his body. The Frostbeard looked around for a moment, confused as to why the Clan Father of his beloved Clan knew nothing about his return. Rhovin proceeded to take up his sword once more, returning it to its sheath as he made his way deeper into the city. A few moments of wandering passed before his self-induced tour was interrupted by a voice. Rhovin turned to match a face with the voice and to his surprise, he was met by Throri Frostbeard. "Throri? Where is everyone?" he asked with confusion apparent on his visage, "I expected to return to my Clan and find them prospering, what happened?" he continued. "Verthaik has been slain and Hamnil has been elected as the new High King. Many other Frostbeards departed out of grief, we lack a Clan Father." responded Throri, a deep sadness appearing across his face. The two made their way to the Frostbeard Clan Hall, finding it empty. Rhovin shook his head, "We must correct this, issue a summons to the Clan, we are to have a moot in the coming stone days to decide what we shall do." he said, placing a hand on Throri's shoulder. "Our clan is too proud to succumb to such a thing as the lack of a Clan Father." The two continued through the city, making their way to any Frostbeard they could find, urging them to attend. The Frostbeards would not sit idly by without someone to steer them in the right direction. [!] A letter is dispatched to all known Frostbeards. OOC: Date: Saturday, 1/13/18 Time: 3 EST (If this time doesn't work for someone, PM me) Location: Frostbeard Hall in Kal'Tarak Essentially we are just discussing who should take over the position of Clan Father for the betterment of the clan.
  5. Another Corpse for the Tree

    "Avalon is in Canonist heaven, had to convert in an attempt to save himself." says Ser Jorvik Ruric as he ponders what would have happened if Avalon didn't convert.
  6. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    Vote:MC Name: MCPancakesRP Name: Duren(Place an X beside the candidate name)Hamnil Frostbeard:Torvin “The Dragon” Blackaxe: XXXX
  7. A New Chapter Begins

    The Ghost of Gror Ireheart hums a jolly tune ((+1 for great song choice, very nice throwback
  8. The Banner of Black and White Born anew

    Ser Jorvik Ruric prepares the Ashguard troops.
  9. We Do Not Bend

    (( I would request this section is removed as you have no substantial RP evidence to warrant removing Anisgar's shelved character from your bloodline. Claiming that he is illegitimate is simple hearsay as he was previously recognized as a Silversteed and did nothing in RP to cause Avalon to revoke his legitimacy. This is blatant metagaming and denying such is without merit. For all you know, Anisgar's Silversteed is still loyal to the house. It is clear that you removed these two in RP because of their OOC standpoints on the issue. You have taken many RP conflicts into OOC as of late and it is becoming a nuisance to many of our players. If you are going to take this aggression into OOC then that is your problem. However, I would urge you to avoid taking that OOC aggression or knowledge obtained through TeamSpeak/Discord into an RP situation.

    Gror Ireheart's Health rolls over in his grave.
  11. The Unity of Ash and Bronze

    Ser Jorvik Ruric shrugs because he was doing this before it was cool.
  12. The Battered Ash Tree

    Ser Jorvik Ruric offers his arm as a replacement cane. He continues to fend off the strikes of the cane with his free hand!
  13. The Battered Ash Tree

    Ser Jorvik Ruric backflips away, holding up his "I VOTED JORY 1641" Electoral Pin