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  1. MCPancakes

    [Denied][I] heathenshammer's Game Moderator Application

    man is big gay, but not as big as this plus one +1
  2. MCPancakes

    Legion of Urguan -Reformation-

    Gror Ireheart packs his things after hearing news of Belgor's return.
  3. MCPancakes

    New Elected Leadership of Kal'Bogrin

    "Narvak oz Bogrin! Borin, yeh'll lead oor kin t' greatness!" shouted Thorak as he hammered away at a plank!
  4. MCPancakes

    Reformation of the Kingdom of Bogrin

    Thorak Grandaxe receives the news while reading in the library. His book is left on the table, halfway read through as the young dwarf headed for his new home!
  5. Minecraft Name (s): MCPancakes Blacklist Reason: Poor OOC behavior and treatment of players during RP How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: I feel as though it has opened my eyes to being less aggressive toward people and less toxic overall. Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe? Yes, naturally Why should you be un-blacklisted?' I believe my behavior has improved tremendously from the patterns I showed pre-blacklist.
  6. "Ah! Well written Emperuh!" said Gror!
  7. MCPancakes

    DNN #9

    Gror Ireheart pays his respects to his old friend Charles "The Bald"
  8. Username MCPancakes Discord MCPancakes#5413 Timezone PST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Dwarves, Orcs and Humans Staff History N/A Ban History A few bans here and there for reasons I am not proud of. Letting my jokes get the better of me and hurt other players mostly. Something I have worked really hard to correct and avoid since my most recent punishment. Blacklist History: Villainy Blacklist. Not for any poor RP but rather for my OOC attitude during the RP. I have reached out to the players and formally apologized and we have expressed our forgiveness to each other. Why do you want to join the Event Team? I helped Malgonious out with one of his recent events and found that I really enjoyed getting to create an experience for the community. I did my best to make it challenging yet enjoyable and it turned out to be something I truly found enjoyment in myself. I also received quite a few compliments on my performance in the event which is what motivated me to apply. Thanks to RideTheSky for the motivation haha Why should we accept you onto the Team? I had let myself become to separated from the what the server was really about. I intend to continue the change that has been apparent in my attitude and RP quality since my most recent punishment and I believe this is a step in the right direction. It's something that I tried out as a helper to an ET and found out that I really enjoyed! I have done acting and storytelling of sorts in my real life for nearly 6 years and I would love to be able to outlet some of the creativity on here. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I would like to demonstrate a wide range of events. Perhaps delving into some of the less well-known creatures within the confines of LOTC lore. What makes a good event? I would have to say that, at least in my opinion as a player who has experienced events, the most important part of a good event is knowing your audience. Perhaps your audience would find enjoyment in a simple event about a spider infestation or maybe they are hanging around in the Dominion and would prefer something more along the lines of the magic side of the server. The purpose of an event is to tell a story and make it fun and interactive while doing that. Knowing your audience is the first step to being able to conform it to what they might identify as enjoyable. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event:
  9. MCPancakes

    The Legion of Ord

    "Ave first division!" said Gror in a prayer to the cage in the sky!
  10. MCPancakes

    The Legion of Ord

    MC Name: MCPancakes RP Name: Gror Ireheart Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): PST Discord: you got it What are your reasons for joining the legion?: Veteran returning to active duty
  11. MCPancakes

    The Birth of a Kingdom

    "Shot da fock up ye damn girl. Git back en da kitchen!"
  12. MCPancakes

    Renaming Ashwood

    Ser Jorvik Eiriksson Ruric nods at the Frostbeard's comment before inhaling and exhaling repeatedly as he went on with life!
  13. MCPancakes

    The Birth of a Kingdom

    Gror Ireheart trains the troops, whistling an old Urguani tune as the dwedmar marched!
  14. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames MCPancakes Ban Reason Poor behavior and toxicity. Community guidelines violation Players Involved @gandalfo @Skale and myself By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was banned for banter that was taken too seriously in a far from one-sided confrontation. (just how I see it, I felt as if I received a hint of toxic attitude directed toward myself as well) Why should you be pardoned? As I said before, I am a player that likes to joke and kid with others. Sometimes it can be taken too far and this seems to have been one of those cases. I apologize to anyone I may have personally offended with my words and will refrain from joking like that with anyone outside of my friend group. I should be more considerate of who I am talking with at certain times and make better judgments on what I should or should not say, even if I fully intend it in a bantering manner. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? Take into consideration the fragility and sensitivity of some people that I speak to and how their feelings could be damaged by my words. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Simply put, they keep people in check when they get too careless. For example, myself. I wouldn't be here if the community guidelines didn't remind me to be considerate of others feelings. They prevent the abuse of players by other players which is something myself and @L0rdLawyer have both been striving to prevent for years prior to this and I am pretty ashamed that I let myself succumb to treating other players harshly without remorse. I will henceforth strive to treat all players with respect and kindness as the Community Guidelines suggest.