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  1. MCPancakes

    Player Report McPancakes

    I will keep my response to this short as it is late and I just got home from being out all night. My justification for this was your emote, which included moving forward 7 blocks and attacking me in one emote. My response emote therefore was to unsheath my sword and back up, which I decided to put into two emotes for sake of not having to put a - on the end of my first part. If you saw the screenshots, they are right after one another implying they were meant as one action simply put into words via two emotes. Sorry for the confusion, and I would like to apologize to the Dominion players about yesterday, I did talk with the GM about behavior and sorted it out. I explained that while it is no excuse for it, my work day of pushing carts in 110 degree weather affected my mood and I had literally just gotten home not 10 minutes before logging on. So I do hope you can understand in the slightest why the purposeful provocation by some of your players as well as the miscomunication between people caused me to be less than kind with my words. Best regards.
  2. MCPancakes

    Player Report McPancakes

    It is no secret I have had a history of using colorful language towards people. Not always intended to be taken seriously but sometimes it is. The fact that I initially started on the server where jokes such as calling someone mentally challenged or anything similar weren't taken as anything but a joke may have some influence over that. A pattern I should correct, yes, but due to it being how I learned to play the server back then, it is quite difficult to recognize that the more fragile players of today cannot sustain such banter. I will say that sometimes I can get a bit overzealous, my friends and I often call each other offensive names as a term of endearment and we all know we take no actual offense and sometimes I forget that I cannot do that with EVERY player. I would like to address the Dominion situation first. That situation was completely taken out of context and used in this report in an attempt to tack on something else to make the claims seem far more substantial than they actually are. That situation was handled by another GM who we all spoke to while the situation unfolded and he made a verdict already. I would have to ask why you modshopping to add something to a report is considered any less vile than my banterous offensive terms? It was also found out during the GMs investigation that it was not entirely one-sided. In fact, he informed me that a player had been purposely trying to get me angry and invoke a more serious response to his verbal assaults! Regardless, I have let this situation go and suggest that you do the same as the GM handling it at the time already made his verdict and it was dealt with. As for today's incidents in Sutica. A **** show. Can't really describe it better than that. I was accused of powergaming which I find particularly amusing now that you've posted the logs of our RP. I am baffled that you can look at them and conclude that I am the one powergaming when Killmatronix clearly emoted, "moving forward without a setback and placing his sword against my neck" without allowing me a chance to stop him. The setback in that situation would be that I clearly emoted parrying his attack, to which he would have to recover from regardless of how quick he could have done it, I also would've had ample time to roll away from his sword stabbing at my neck. I didn't simply parry the attack with no setback either, I gave myself a significant disadvantage in exchange for the successful parry. The conclusion that I was powergaming stems from something beyond my knowledge as I can see no clear way you could possibly deduct that information given the "evidence". Now to speak on my "toxicity" if you may. I also find this rather amusing for two reasons. Or two players I should say. The first of the two being the player with the RP name "Slots" in the screenshots. Throughout the screenshots and entire situation, Slots used language and terms that could be considered far worse than me saying "**** off" or "tard". Granted they were kicked from the server and told to stop however I find it odd that you for some reason took that as a joke and didn't post a BR on them as well? Or was it just my jokes that offended you or that you decided you would act on? Perhaps a hint of targeting a player that engaged in RP you were not fond of? The second player would be the poster of this BR actually. I will say I half expected you to crop out your own comments but I admire the fact you left them in. I apologize if I misunderstood this comment but I feel as though "Get fucked, kid" is also a form of misbehavior equal to that which you accuse me of. You are not a victim as you and your BR attempt to make yourself out to be. As for my rule abuse... that is a radical assumption. My goal was to antagonize the town, hence my shouting about a 1 man raid. Therefore my intent for going after lots of people was that I intended to cause trouble throughout the entire town. The *dies and the d20 were done on advice from Disco and Gandalf who said its best if I just concede defeat in the RP fight and accept being stabbed in the neck and leave. Now let's all kiss my ring and make up shall we? That is all I have to say, have a swell night everyone!
  3. MCPancakes

    Player Report McPancakes

    your assumption would be false
  4. MCPancakes

    Player Report McPancakes

    well written post if I don't say so myself
  5. MCPancakes

    A Tournament for the Ages!

    Name: Azhug'GorkilAge: a good oneAre you a patron or gladiator?: GladiatorWho is your patron/gladiator partner?: Darek Hammerifst and Rex Falum'LurIf you are a patron how much money are you betting on your gladiator?: 8,000 has been placed by Darek and 10,000 by Rex Falum'Lur.
  6. MCPancakes

    A Challenger Approaches

    "Damn fockin' roight." Gror said in response
  7. MCPancakes

    A Challenger Approaches

    [!] The following letter would be distributed throughout any settlement known to harbor Dwarves. "Dreek Ireheart II, High King of Kaz'Ulrah has renounced his claim over the mantle of Clan Father as per the tradition of our Clan. A clansmen cannot be King of a nation and Father to his Clan simultaneously. I, Gror Ireheart, lay claim to the title of Clan Father of Clan Ireheart in the absence of a duel taking place. However, I am no coward nor betrayer of our traditions. I allow a period of 3 stone days where any blooded Ireheart may step forward and challenge me for Clan Father. You will find me in Holm when and if the time is right. Dungrimm guide you, kinsdwed."
  8. MCPancakes

    The Manstein Surrender

    Manstein Surrender 17th of Sun’s Smile, 1670 I, Wilhelm von Manstein surrender my keep to House Langston of Belcrest. Courland’s banners fall from over Curon and with them my war comes to an end. Friederich has disappeared and presumed dead, and with it I become the Lord of Nurnberg. The twilight of my House has come to an end. I surrender my Keep to the House Langston, and the lands surrounding it to the Lord of House Langston. May he use it for the glory of Renatus-Marna and her sovereign, Aurelius of the House Horen. ---========--- The men of Belcrest would march through the gates of Castle Nurnberg. “M’lord, the keep seems abandoned.” Says Captain Rainer. “Take the banners and burn them, let it die with the house.” Thomas would say gripping a torch burning down whatever banners removed. Signed, Wilhelm von Manstein, Field Marshal of Courland and Lord of Nurnburg
  9. MCPancakes

    Reiver Surrender

    Daquan Daemyr cackles as he departs with his belongings, questioning whether Renatians actually believe that Reivers are defined by a building.
  10. "Did you even win?" questioned Daquan
  11. MCPancakes

    The Ghanyan Usurpation of 1667

    Daquan chuckles, packing up his things in Reiver tower and heading off to meet his old friends as they land on the beaches with their turtle.
  12. MCPancakes

    Trust Lost

    Ivan the Prince Guard of Mariusz rejoices "Eimar the Fat has fallen!"
  13. MCPancakes

    The Tournament of the Sun's Smile

    OOC: Use the following format to enter the tournament: MC Name: MCPancakes RP Name: Joren var Ruthern Nation: Kingdom of Haense Age: 15
  14. MCPancakes

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    BASIC INFORMATION  OOC MC Username: McPancakes Discord Username: got it Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: yes How active are you?: on and off depending on schedule IC Name: Jorvik Surname: Eiriksson Title: Knight of Nevaria Liege Lord: Alston Caunter Gender: Male Date of Birth: a long time ago Race: Human Subrace: Highlander Culture: Renatian PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION  Height: 6'3 Weight: 210 Eye Color: Blue Skin Color: White Hair Color: Brown Markings: n/a  PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: Ashwood/Nevaria Occupation: Baron's Personal Guard  CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, Ser Jorvik, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws. 
  15. MCPancakes

    Battle of the Long Ladders (Warclaim Video)

    You're telling me.... 3x3 trebs....breached our walls and ended a nation?