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  1. Gror "The Undead" Ireheart

    [!] A letter is penned in response. "I will submit myself to trial by holy fire of the Ascended. I am not undead so I fear nothing." -Gror Ireheart
  2. Never A Defeat

    “For Mountain Dwarves you spend a lot of time underground.” Marshal Gror Ireheart to the craven Silverveins, 11th of Amber Cold, 1654 As the sun set upon the northern lands, the oath breaker Silverveins gathered upon their walls. Their sneers and jeers penetrated the virgin land they had so brutally disfigured with their simplistic structures. As the host of Kaz’Ulrah soldiers arrived, Clan Lord Hamnil Frostbeard, High Ambassador Garrond Frostbeard and Marshal Gror Ireheart warned the Silverveins that their actions would not go without punishment. To break the oath Edel Silvervein made to High King Verthaik II Frostbeard was one of the greatest sins a dwarf could commit, but Gror’s reasoning was met with only insults, as the ‘victim’ Silverveins began to sharpen their arrows, and took aim at their kin from Kaz’Ulrah; the Kingdom that had allowed their clan to take shape. “When they laid in bed with the elves, they betrayed all Dwedmar. Their oath breaking comes as no surprise to me.” Hamnil said to Gror as he raised his shield, a crooked Silvervein arrow bouncing off it. As Gror raised his hand, the soldiers behind him swiftly raised their shields, prepared for the arrow volley that came from the dark depths of the Silvervein fort. As the volley continued, the sharpshooters from behind the shield wall began returning fire, knocking down anyone they shot at. As the defenders numbers began to dwindle, Gror urged his force foreward, only to be met by the familiar sound of a shut gate and the scuttling of feet as the ‘brave’ defenders fell back into their ratholes. Turning around, Gror’s ears were deafened by the roar of his fellow clansmen, the famed Ireheart archer Farddak. “FLANK.” As the surprised Kaz’Ulrah warriors turned, the wildling humans slammed into them. Caught off guard and surprised, they fought bravely but could not hold the onslaught off. The battle raged up and down the mountainside, as Kaz’Ulrah’s sons battled against the Silvervein’s allies. After hours of vicious battle, the remaining warriors retreated to their nearby camp, handing over a shallow victory to the Northern humans. As they arrived, they were met by the garrison who quickly took them in and tended to their wounds. While the soldiers rested, Gror, Garrond and Hamnil gathered in a nearby tent and began to send out birds, calling for allies of their own to begin tightening the noose around the mountain they had just fought under. Next time there would be no escape for the oath breakers.
  3. No keeps - Dewper

  4. Marna's walls aient so tall

    as party leader i must confirm we were a party of 15 not 20
  5. gf lava bucket you fought well 

  6. Second Battle of Stallion's Hill - Victory upon Egar Cliffs

    Ser Noodlearm of SmallTower heads home, met by 8 of the top Renatian raiders, the singular SmallTower attempts to ward off an attack though obviously fails. RIP Ser Noodlearm of SmallTower Knight from 1652-1652
  7. [✓] appeal numero dos

    You asked me to get more people on, I said I would be the only one available as nobody was with me at the time. They unfortunately logged in during the fight. Now I am removing myself from this situation as I was not really a witness to this since I was popped by then.
  8. [✓] appeal numero dos

    I am not gonna say anything more than this because I didn't physically see you kill him... I did say at the start of our fight that I was the only one there and since I was the only one present then I would naturally be the only one in the PvP. What if some other guy had walked by and he just used the same status I had but wasn't involved?
  9. Even Outnumbered, Renatus-Marna Prevails

    "Thanks." says Daquan, reading the declaration within his room.
  10. Reiver Gang [Fixed]

    lol 5:38 - 5:41
  11. [Denied]A Banned player goes for GM?

  12. The Massacre of the Fallen Sage

    Duren grumbles, looking to the sky as it began to rain. The dwarf reached back, pulling his hood over his head as he wandered far from the Order and the Dominion.
  13. Wolf's a Shaman

    wolfkite is my favorite orc +1
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTMWXPbteTo Music Credits: Zilldude [!] A gentle breeze drifted through the trees as Duren sat at peace in the midst of a forest. He carefully dipped his quill into the ink that sat fixated in the grass beside him and brought it to the parchment set before him. After pondering for a moment, he began his writings... The Second Publication to the Council of Sages On Matters of Political Authority and Tenets Drafted on 7th of The Deep Cold, 1650 "This letters intent should be easily perceptible by anyone with the simplest of comprehension abilities, though as I reconsider who I am writing to, I find it necessary to repeat as your ineptitude to reading is as rampant among the remnants of the Order as is your ability to acknowledge your inevitable defeat. This letter is on the matter of political authority in amalgamation with the Order among other tenets. The actions of which you claim the right to disconnect Belestram Sylvaeri are undeniably ones that Heial and his dogs hold resentment for. If the Order cannot take a slap to the face, then they possess no right to address themselves as an Order of the Arch-Aengul. Of all the transgressions you accuse him of, the most frequent to come of discussion is Belestram's position as High Prince of the Dominion. I say this with the utmost surety, the Order is littered with evidence of hypocrisy. You belittle such a great Ascended with false accusations when you yourself commit crimes against your own tenets. Victoria Vientos Victoria Vientos is among the ranks of your Order that have forsook your ways, for love with a mortal of all things. She, being one of Belestram's largest accusers, is in no way cleansed of her sins in the eyes of many. Her willingness to depart from the Order for the love of a Norlandic King was disgraceful at best, let alone her crime of following through with disconnection in pursuit of mortal luxuries. She abandoned the Order and her flame in search of something she evidently found greater importance in. In accepting the crown and title of Queen of Norland, she had completely forsook service to the Order and instead elected a path of mortal pleasures. A wolf in sheep's clothing would put this matter to rest with excess of simplicity, for she is worse than that. She is a vile beast that must be dealt with as the undead themselves, cleansed from the Order and potentially the world itself. She had returned only to the Order after having convince her husband to abandon his own responsibilities and duties to chase after his serpent-tongued wife. Surely this is evidence as to her apparent disregard for loyalties and obligations. Though even now, she undoubtedly considers herself a claimant to the Thorned Crown. Haila This wench is nothing more than that, a wench. A Sage, she calls herself, though her actions prove otherwise. Sage is hardly a word of accurate description for any of you. Wisdom is nowhere near the word I would use when describing your characteristics. Your council speaks of how advantageous political authority is in violation of your tenets, though what of a vile attempt to seize control of a political figure through claims that you outrank them? For these are the undeniable actions of one Haila. She had meandered into the Dominion and began to throw about her rank as Sage as a way to command Belestram and the other Ascended present at the time. Surely this is worse in your eyes, than political authority being held by an Ascended. Haila's actions were nothing more than corruption of a mortal government for personal gain. Corruption leads to evil and darkness, which we as Ascended are sworn to fight against. After her lover deemed it necessary to assault one of the Dominion citizens, Haila received a lazy slap to the face, hardly enough to harm an immortal being. Though after this insignificant encounter, Haila took this to the Order and claimed it to be a larger issue than it truthfully was. She neglected to mention her antagonistic ways, prompting the Dominion inhabitants to 'try me' and to 'see what happens'. These are far from Sagely actions, I dare say they are the acts of a heretical Ascended. Master Sage Delaselva Master Sage Delaselva, if anyone can really call him such anymore. Of all the aforementioned discrepancies between your so-called tenets and your Order's actions, you are the worst among them. For you are the reason this has all occurred. Your allowance of these disgraceful acts is what brought about the Order's downfall. You sat by and watched as your Ascended committed these heinous crimes against the very tenets you claim to cling so dearly to. You blessed Victoria's abandonment of the Order when you gave her away in marriage to Artyom Ruric. You took Haila's word for everything rather than your old friend. Your faults as I stated in my previous letter, derive from the very pits of Iblees' domain. Crawl back into your hole snake, go back to your slithering in the shadows and no longer taint this world with your presence. If you truly want the Ascended to return to a state of unity and peace, you will make amends for your mistakes." Signed, Duren, Ascended of Rapport and Sentinel of The Temple
  15. The Sage of Tomfoolery

    Duren sits within a tavern, sipping a glass of water as his mortal friends drink ale. He looks to the left at a bag of many ghoul heads and trophies, the vast reward after a day of.... doing.... nothing.