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  1. I dont know him but trust me +1
  2. Welcome! if you need any help message me on the fourms or in games my mc name is Zachs_ my skype is zzaacchhss contact me any time
  3. Along with this you did PG our rp a few days ago.... Well deserved, asked staff and they said that i would have done what i spoke with you in PM's about Enjoy your break?, read the lore?, i do not know...
  4. [Insert meme of the go ahead here]
  5. If your going to do something then do it well i'd guess even the small things matter to people.
  6. Jallen has a large array of ascended and some great ideas he could bring to the table along with this he knows how to rp very well for what he does, he can see problems very well, along with this he pays attention to possibly even the smallest things such as chimeras ascended, a detail that many would over look, he knows the lore very well. A huge +1
  7. Similar things are happening to me as well
  8. Eh think we can manage *he says gathering his crew, sending a letter* Dear person, Meh men and me are from blackwood and ahr ready, send us teh stuff and whell be on out way.
  9. that would be hot
  10. *huffs a sigh looking over the poster "Yehv done it brother" he says going to find him one more
  11. administrator

    Clicking on this button on the top will lead you to where one can create an application After that you may join the server and begin role playing, Of course the server is down atm If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or any of the staff is willing to help im sure Skype:zzaacchhss Discord zach#5794
  12. two-fifty fer the quilted bandits
  13. Sorry no longer needed!
  14. I need a skin for a child that wears green clothes that are that of a farmer and who has a oversized green jacket from his father, would reach to about his knees, 15 years old the jacket is a green color with a gold fancy stuff on it, Im willing to pay as well in mina !
  15. provide terrible rp