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  1. Ascended outnumber both holy groups and have different goals, wouldnt want there to be a power struggle and dont want a spook than bombing us
  2. I still need to learn puddlemancy!
  3. ((OOC)) MCName: Zachs_ Click here to join our Discord ((RP)) Name: Dael Reason to Join: Knowledge Please list your Magi Standard (Journeyman, Evoker, Etc): Journeyman Have you read and understood the Codex: Sure
  4. I have it on pc reee
  5. You seem like a chill person, your sig is nice and pretty, also your profile pic is neat.
  6. Does this nexus come with the toxicity and saltiness of my 0/7/0 ashe adc and my bard who hasnt been in lane but is at 50 chimes by 10 mins?
  7. Wow, the second Adunian shes teaching, noice
  8. Dael'ran doesnt get it because hes sort of thicc in the skull
  9. Gul-san sniffs the plants but has no money! Dael'ran looks over the herbs and thinks of a conversation he has to have (Cool idea, i like it :P))
  10. All right here we go Those are three pets currently tamed. Trying to unprotect pets doesnt work for me. Attempts to call all three pets I only get two So if i cant free them then that means i can try by using a training stick right? All right what, i have them in my pets menu, but i can call them, but not claim them or free them using a training stick? I have the three pets in my pets menu with me right now and cannot claim or unclaim either three for some reason, help please4
  11. >can be squelched by enough dark magic >Most dark mages dont even properly emote how the fire burns, party fault of Ascended as well I agree, people always saying that things are left to be mystical for a reason and then people PG it Ascended re-write went throught recently so yay
  12. I like the idea but it promotes ooc to get things done in RP, like a lot of people getting magics now aday, ooc can have an influence, not only that but it could be used for meta
  13. Hes got top teir memes @ three in the morning, jk hes a good guy +1