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  1. “Maehr’zae Hiylun’ehya!” says Omar Grimmer’Lak.
  2. Never. Roleplaying is too hard for me. I’m a grammar nazi and I dislike speaking Blah, so I usually just say “Ug,” “Ukee,” or *shrugs*. I also say “Nub” if people ask me to do some nonsense IRP lol
  3. pizza hut pizza → cheese pan pizza
  4. OOC connections Yeah. I like my landscar :) Ask a lore team member if you can become part of lore. 😇 EZ +1 content count
  5. “Lubok’Lak iz bub’hozh!” says Omar Grimmer’Lak, acknowledging his buddy’s accomplishment.
  6. “Mi wull bi there.” says Omar Grimmer’Lak. He forgot to change out of his jester outfit before attending Bjor’s funeral, and he will probably forget to change before the wedding.
  7. [!] A drawing of a goblin in a jester outfit appears before you. It has the words “Buying wife 20 minas” written on top of it. A note is attached to it. It reads: Hi. I am Omar Grimmer’Lak. I want to buy a wife for twenty minas. She must be able to produce offspring. If you have any daughters, female friends, or mothers who might be interested, send me a bird!
  8. “Hozh.” says Omar Grimmer’Lak, admiring the quality of the propaganda.
  9. Omar Grimmer’Lak says “Elrion zhuuld bi Okarir’tir. He iz fearlezz agh a hozh leadur.”
  10. On the 19th of The Grand Harvest, 1715, Omar Grimmer’Lak states “Mi hayve decided tu give mi land tu Taliah Zintel. Zhi haz bub’hozh planz fur it.”
  11. @FlamboyantTyrant does reincarnation exist in lore? if it does, then can we make this a reality? lolHl9AJ6S.png

    1. FlamboyantTyrant


      Anything for you

    2. Potts244
  12. I never noticed the recipes at the bottom of the main post of the hookah plugin thread... It looks like Black Cactus & Baby Brain are the only drugs in that thread that currently aren’t in the plugin. It’s unlikely that the tech person who adds the recipes back into the plugin will have the drug effects exactly how they were before, but this shouldn’t be a big concern as long as the drugs do something. Good bug report 👍
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