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  1. Cordial

    The First Blackfog Bazaar

    "Ah glorified Spring Fair.. Count meh en!" comments Dwalin Irongut, before continuing his book.
  2. Full Name: Dwalin Irongut Social Status: ((Resident/Citizen/Noble)) Noble Residency Location: Have a house in Holm, not sure what district ((Discord)): Cordial__#9965
  3. Cordial

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    Haha, I've stated my points, and find no use in babbling with a forum lurk. Take care.
  4. Cordial

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    What's funny is how I have no idea where you got that screen grab of that Ascended Lore, because it wasn't from the most recent guide or rewrite. Regardless, It takes months of RP teaching to get to a level high enough to even heal complex wounds, which at that level, you could be able to regenerate after an appropiate amount of time had passed.
  5. Cordial

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    An Ascended doesn't regenerate large scale wounds within a few OOC minutes. That's not how I RP the magic, and that's not how it should be RP'ed. Instead of saying that that's how the magic is roleplayed on a general scale, perhaps give specific names? Since this post has already went from Holy Magic Healing as a whole to just nitpicking Ascended magic, you shouldn't mind giving screenshots or any actual proof. Ascended can take on fatal wounds, like decapitated arms, but doing that is a pk, as it is the Ascended that now has the fatal wound. They wouldn't regenerate themselves from bleeding out.
  6. Cordial

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    I don't know what the argument topics have turned to, so I'll respond to the original post: Holy healing, as laid out by lore, has consequences. The point at which it doesn't is a result of people roleplaying the magic improperly; It is not the fault of what's written in lore. This, of course, could be prevented if it was all regulated properly by the LT. All that gets discussed is to change this, and to change that. But then what? The same people will continue to RP poorly, finding grey areas to use, or just straight up powergaming. The LT can screech for changes, but I can guarantee that a rewrite can go through, get passed, and then we'll be right back here, because only a handful of magic users improperly RP their magic. Weed out the bad players before hindering the ones who can do good for the representation of their magic. I would like to add that a nerfing of Holy Magic Healing wouldn't increase the number or need of mundane healers and doctors. People decide to play those kinds of characters. And you can't predict that just hindering holy healing will increase the number of players interested and invested in mundane healing. At that point, it just sounds like you threw that point in, just for the sake of having a 'positive and productive outcome' as opposed to sounding like the LT want to nerf because they hear complaints.
  7. Cordial

    AT Update Log- March

    jandy pulling in a most shameful of months ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Cordial

    [Accepted] [Trial]Alex’s GM Application

    Was a good GM before, and is still a good guy today +1
  9. Cordial

    Server Downtime

    Time for a schism
  10. Cordial

    [Accepted] Alex's AT Application

    Yes, put him back. He was a great AT +1
  11. Cordial

    The Academy of Khronheim

    MC name: CordialOblivion Character Name: Dwalin Irongut Discord (Optional): Cordial#9965 Race: Ascended Cave Dwarf Age: 460-ish What subjects do you know?: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Dark Creature Physiology, History of Urguan, Ascended Magic/History Are you able to teach?: Yes Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Aye
  12. IGN(s): (List all of your accounts that are white-listed on LotC.) CordialOblivion Age: (14+ is a requirement.) 16 Timezone: (Example: GMT.) EST Discord: (Your current Discord username, example: Test#1234.) Cordial#9965 What map did you join during?: (Example: Axios) Athera Do you have access to a microphone?: (Yes / no.) Yes Average daily playing time?: (How much time on average do you spend on the server?) On the weekdays, around 2-4 hours spent RP'ing. The weekends vary, but I'm on a lot more then. I'm always available via Discord, with about 6-8 hours of my day browsing LoTC based media such as Discord and the forums. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: (Discuss what position(s) you have held before. If the answer is none, put N/A.) I was an AT member two times, totaling to almost a year on the AT. Both times I left due to unexpected circumstances in real life. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: (Discuss briefly why you want to join the GM Team.) The GM Team always interested me, because, from those who worked with me on the AT know, I am passionate about helping people. More specifically, improving people's experiences here on LoTC. My initial run on the AT really helped me appreciate what I can do if I put my mind to it, and showed me that there's much more to LoTC then what most old players would say. I am not much of an old player, but I've been around for the big changes, the little changes, and the ones that just made zero sense. Through it all, I've seen that the best comes out of a GM team which is staffed by dedicated members. I perfectly intend to be one of those dedicated staff members, who puts forth his 100% into the betterment of the server. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: (Link any previously denied GM applications.) Nope! Anything else you want to tell us?: (This is optional.) Nope! Thanks for reading!
  13. Cordial

    Saint Krug is coming to town! - Krugsmas 2017

    i want a new life for krugmas
  14. Cordial

    [Accepted] [Shortlisted]Chorale_'s AT Application 7.0

    You stole my joke ;( Otherwise, I give a 'meh' rating