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  1. Do you slay gaijin in your free time?
  2. Beast is the strongest Shinobi.
  3. Refer to massive image dump of wilderness. Refer to original post.
  4. Mechanical mobs don't respond to emotes. Also ******* CITY SLICKER REEEE
  5. Their are people who do want to RP in the wilderness because that is very much an RP opportunity.
  6. You need a hug?
  7. This was a fairly well written lore and technically possible but it was denied on the basis of being a hand grenade, being apart of a type of weapon we already see as unbalanced and are currently trying to remove it, and the admins might get mad at us if we let it past. When I vote on a loremag my own personal opinion means nothing. It doesn't matter if I like it or not, I am bound to make an unbiased vote. Thats what I have to do. Their is a point of similarity to something that is already possible that will make it catch no votes whether or not we personally like the lore. It is how it is, akin to a cop enforcing the law. Cops enforce the law, why does a cop enforce the law? Because a cop is supposed to enforce the law.
  8. Well written, accurate, and technically possible lores do get denied regularly.
  9. Yes James, we do this because we do this. Its almost like I have access to the results of all of the lore mags and I've been telling you the reality of the situation. But nah, keep ignoring me.
  10. The thing is I have no clue if what i'm redacting counts as a leak.
  11. I do want guns but their is also the factor of [Gets banned for leaks]
  12. Its not an argument when its whats actually gonna happen.
  13. I want to say it right here its probably best to do something with magic tacked onto it so we can force the generic charge emoting. If something happens that allows for pre-loading and New York reloads its gonna be nothing but crap.