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  1. “Thats pretty crazy man!” Responded Honerable Ser Brendan of Courland. “You know what you’re supposed to do if a stone ape attacks you? My friend was telling me your supposed to stick a finger up its ass!”
  2. The forums are about posting blatant propaganda then trying to denounce the propaganda by educating everyone to know the blatant meta info.

  3. ATTENTION CITIZEN PLEASE REPORT TO YOUR DESIGNATED ACTIVITY SQUARE The map is lacking and the supposed biomes are so insignificant they might as well not exist. Most importantly the charter system makes it so the map might as well not exist. Just put each city in separate world instances and have a big room of buttons that teleport players too them. This is clearly the ideal solution to defeat the great big bad evil of player independence.
  5. Because I want to die.
  6. Separation of RP and OOC is the third skill someone needs to learn in there role playing career. Right after not powergaming and not metagaming.
  7. Ay! Strayans cant be trump supporters stop appropriatin my culture reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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