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  1. LEAF APES LOCATION - Near the central area of the Jungle Island THREAT LEVEL - Difficult REWARD - 100 minas per head, 150 minas per entire ape. PROGRESSION SYSTEM (IF APPLICABLE) - Time An oversized population of these interesting tool wielding apes overwhelm the tree tips of the southern island. Hunters beware these small branch dwelling animals as they use stone tools and pose a danger equal to any intelligent man. Exercise caution lest one wants there brain wrinkles spread across the trees. ((Contact myself on the forums or on discord at Dunstan#3515 to organise a time to try your hand at this))
  2. Real democracy is creating a new charter to steal activity from the next guy
  3. Please return this. Having to lose health so someone can get your attention is not a good thing.
  4. Reminder: Turn off custom fonts when making signs.

  5. Elven politic has devolved from cringy thesaurus vomit to regular plane jane cringe.

    1. J33xt101


      Plain* but I do agree. 

    2. Aythyinae



  6. Did it before. No one learned anything.
  7. 0503190722.jpg

    Rest in RIP water heater. Gave many comfi shower, is ded now.

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      pest in reace

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      Rust in peace.

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      At least until you get a new one, you’ll be wide awake in the mornings. 

  8. Minecraft IGN: bestscarface76  Discord Username: Dunstan#3515 Link to example(s) of past work:
  9. Hey m8 this mean you got a free persona to play my daughter
  10. Amalric is unsure as to why someone would post there private thoughts in a public forum and be surprised they get a response. “Why would someone speak to themselves, write there words, and post them in public?” He asks before adding. “Then even go as far as to be surprised to receive a response!”
  11. Amalric walks into the comment section like
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