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  1. Dunstan

    [PK] A Twisted End

    Hey m8 this mean you got a free persona to play my daughter
  2. Dunstan

    The Archbishops Response

    Amalric is unsure as to why someone would post there private thoughts in a public forum and be surprised they get a response. “Why would someone speak to themselves, write there words, and post them in public?” He asks before adding. “Then even go as far as to be surprised to receive a response!”
  3. That is very much a weaker attack than standing at range and burning a crowd of poorly dressed druids alive. You see, theres this thing called risk factor. When you enter melee range you are subjected to the risk of getting stabbed. This is something that can not happen while standing ten meters away from behind a chest high wall, and contrary to popular belief. Some mages do have the brain wrinkles to use cover, and chest high walls do exist. Along with the ability to crouch.
  4. I imagine you probably don’t when there is an entire section devoted to clarifying that inferis cannot be uwu demons that can run on all fours the at the speed of cheetahs.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you trust his word on it or not, the fact of the matter remains that because this very argument is being had there are clarifications to be had. This is my interpretation of what should be done to be a healthy step forward for making Naztherak magic more concise, and there is absolutely no reason why inferis would not be effected by malflame. Having Inferis immune to malflame just nullifies the complete entire reason as to why Malflame exists in this magic in the first place: to subdue demons. Malflame is objectively a bad combat magic compared to something like Electric Evocation. Its one purpose is to offer some offense and to help shackle demons, ergo, it has to effect demons, ergo, it burns them. Hey bro your being a bit dense here. You see, inferi are effected by malflame but inferi are not effected by there own malflame. Bob the demon can hurt Frank the demon but Bob the demon can not hurt Bob the demon.
  5. Zar’akal are inferi.
  6. Dunstan

    The Archbishops Response

    Amalric walks into the comment section like
  7. Dunstan


  8. Dunstan


    This on purpose?
  9. Dunstan

    [✗] [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

  10. Dunstan

    On the Topic of E-Girls and Lavender

    Can confirm I shag cinnamon buns.
  11. Dunstan

    [Poll] Thesis On Race & Culture

    Appealing to the public doesn't prevent devs from doing as they please.
  12. Dunstan


    As a community I think its time to make @Beordan take a seat right over there.