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  1. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches When a historical genocidal maniac picks out a Jewish worker that is useful to him and eventually catches enough feels to change his ideology and keep Jew workers safe from subhuman purging actually happened but an unwillingly cursed woman who seduces men to get them alone accidentally catching feels is to much of a stretch. When this is one of the most basic tropes in literature and film but it occurring in fantasy role play is to much of a stretch.
  2. I have minecraft text to speech on and it keeps talking about s ex
  3. Ugandan Knuckles Art Store

    Ugandan Knuckles Color: 『hierophant green』 Queen of Choice: da queen do u know da wae: DA WAE OF DA DEBUL
  4. [TA] [Kani] A Man Cucked By Fate

  5. [TA] [Kani] A Man Cucked By Fate

    Claiming this. Make sure to contact me.
  6. [TA] [Kani] A Man Cucked By Fate
  7. P sure I brought it up as a concept in the past.
  8. New Character Ideas

  9. A Stroll Through The Dominion

    >Didn't mute discord.
  10. Bring /spooky back

    Would need to let everyone have a free horse command or its letting people pay for an advantage.
  11. [Dark Arts][MA] WightPower

    Milk drinkers...
  12. The Potion Index

  13. [MArt] Shade Gem: Aknu'gul

    It's a shade gem.