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  1. Uthred signs with a big smile!
  2. Uthred, knowing that the Renatians ran this fool off the roads more than once in the past months, wonders how this is news at all.
  3. Going to miss you so much, xalid
  4. I somewhat understand the decision to make BR’s private, but atleast let everyone that’s involved see what’s going on, because with screenshots, it’s extremely easy to frame something to be in your favour.

    1. Rave_Cave_marb


      This. Surely it’s possible to make sure the people involed in the BR get the ability to see it? It does not need to become a rep farm for the entire server to laugh at but giving multiple parties a chance to provide their input while directly speaking to eachother rather than forwarding their evidence to a GM should be possible.

    2. Thornz



    3. Ambduscias


      as a great man once said...



  5. Rules don’t even say you can’t bandit near or at a nation’s soulstone pillar. And if you can’t, I’d like to report a few players to you. 

    1. KeatonUnbeaten


      ye, u can bandit near an ss pillar

      you just cant camp it

      which is what you were doing


    2. TheElvenMage


      Keaton, you were camping the Helena SS pillar 2 days ago. Besides, wolfdwg’s video shows that they weren’t camping it, they had only been there for 10 seconds when you showed up.

  6. In your new rule change, what is defined as the main road? Anything beyond the first intersection or the actual circular road that leads all around the map? 

    first intersection meaning these two: https://gyazo.com/a440b054bc46007c819958553eb1e9ce

  7. Gonna make a redbull drink IRPly that gives you /fly...

  8. i think we should put some restrictions on signing charters when you don’t actually intend to live or rp there.

    1. SquakHawk
    2. AGiantPie


      Probably, it’s just very difficult to enforce that.

    3. Omar Grimmer'Lak
  9. Ser Uthred Gromach, the Renatian that had managed to disarm Khaine, solemnly watched the Elf’s funeral pyre burn. “He stood and fought... A shame that he stood on the opposite side. His death will be the first of many that repay Ser Frederick’s.”
  10. I was in a dark place...

  11. **** trebuchets, allow TNT cannons.

    1. Heero


      ah. finally, a man culture i can get behind

    2. Auriel_


      you play a dangerous gambit
      but one i support

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      imagine one of these being used on a city lol

  12. Friendslist sucks give me buddylist back.

    1. _Jandy_


      hard agree

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