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  1. And so the rains weep o'er their halls, those lords of... Evreux. 

    1. Taketheshot


      Except it would be the other way around, as the Castamere lords rebelled against the Lannisters.

    2. TheElvenMage


      It was a reference to the warclaim name. "The Rains of Castromere" which was a clever joke... But looks pretty stupid now that they've lost.

  2. ENLISTING OOC: Minecraft Name: FlemishSupremacy Skype: Y'all have it Do you have Teamspeak: yes IC: Name: Nicolas Rubens Age:Too old for this **** Profession: Lord Treasurer Prior service: Some time in Lorraine. Fighting against flays.
  3. Valkenier would apply to be a lifeguard. After all, he himself can't drown and he would always risk his life as he doesn't have one, and therefore has nothing to lose!
  4. Nicolas, upon hearing of this, would shake his head, quickly going to pen a letter to the Reeves family.
  5. Nicolas scratched his head, doubting the truth of this message, seeing as the undead pulled out of the Westerlands without any Orenian assault forcing them to.
  6. We should give you a warning point!!!
  7. I think a combination of 2 and 3 would be ideal.
  8. Valkenier scratches his head, clearly remembering having applied for mayorship. The lack of his name as option makes him all :c... Atleast, he would've been :c if not for rotten facial muscles.
  9. "I'll claim that starting bit for Chip." Nicolas would note. "700 minas."
  10. Lotharingia, tyvm!!!
  11. Hello everyone! So, it has come to my attention that, while fun, the warzones don't really give any good rewards. Xarkly is setting a step in the right direction with giving free trebuchets, but to me, this doesn't really make sense RPly... So as my first point, I'd like to propose a new system. Now, we have 2 types of battles. First, I'd like to talk about warzones prior to skirmishes Here we have the warzone I propose... With the two camps, and whatever's in the middle to hold the lootchest. Now, those 4 circles are what I propose we fight about in the warzone skirmishes, prior to a warclaim skirmish (not a siege). They are positions in which your side could set up ballistas to use as field artilery during the skirmish. So instead of holding capture points which hold no real meaning later on, the objective would now be 1. Setting up your own field artilery for use during the warclaim 2. Ensuring that the other side can't set up theirs. In my opinion, this makes by far more sense rply, and could make skirmish warclaims more interesting. Then, we have siege warclaims. Warzones here, in my opinion, could have custom objectives, to make defending or attacking easier, depending on who does better in the warzone. Par example, during the dwarves siege on the Krag, one of the objectives could be moving a broader bridge over the gaps at the rope bridge, to ease up the assault. The Norlanders on the other hand could set up extra defenses, or destroy siege engines built by the dwarves prematurely. Now, onto the next part of my post We all know and love(d) the deployable tents, and while they're gone, I think the same system could be used to increase the fun of Warclaims. I propose the following deployables 1. Barricades 2. Barbed wire fence 3. Deployable Archer cover Lack of imagination prevented me from thinking of more, but you get the idea. They'd be put up in the same way tents are put up. Thanks for reading to this hastily written and poorly thought out set of ideas. Feedback, ideas and commentary is greatly appreciated!
  12. Nicolas would look over the poster with a faint smile. "Yeah... 120 minas."
  13. "1550 for that sword!" Nicolas'd shout.
  14. "Three hundred and 40!"