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  1. Insulted. </3. Even though I was going to suggest a westerlander!
  2. Minecraft Username: TheElvenMage Character Name: Nicolas Rubens Character's Gender: Male Character's Race: Human Type of Skin made: (Skin types and prices will be listed below) Outfit.
  3. Mhm
  4. Except that's OP, as in a fight, you constantly take damage, and the orcish buff was removed due to every buff directly related to damage was removed.
  5. Second set claimed! Get the last one now!
  6. First set of hearts claimed! 2 more to go!
  7. Whew, another set of posters is hung all around the isles of axios, this time on slightly pink paper. "Surprise your significant other, spouse or love-interest for Valentine with these fabulous sets of items!" A drawing of the items would be included. "There will be sold 3 sets of 2, all 3 going for 200 minas each!" "Offers go to the first people buying!" ((OOC: To buy, either reply here, message me on skype, or on ingame.))
  8. "900 minas by Gray of Sutica!"
  9. Nicolas would shrug. ((I'm watching this https://gyazo.com/b86b327e7e3e971d212da43ff77d719b) "Bids are per 20 minas!" "Also, private bid of 600!"
  10. Another poster is spread around, yet again offering a fabulous item as prize for he or she who bids the most money! A drawing off the staff would be included. "One of a kind, beautifull staff! Perfect for gifts or basically showing off how much of a pimp you are." "Auction starting at 400 minas, and increases in bids of 20 minas!" "The auction concludes when I feel like. Post your bids upon the poster or send a bird to Death's end."
  11. Happy birthday, Kowa!!!!
  12. Mah heart
  13. Volunteer format MC Name:TheElvenMage Nation(s)/Faction you belong to IC: Westerlands, Sutica, Undead, Snow elves, High elves-ish Time Zone: GMT+1 Skype (if applicable):theelvenmage Discord (if applicable):TheElvenMage #5057 Forum Account Link:https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/80820-theelvenmage/ Preferred Method of Contact: Skype, i guess How will you go about assisting new players?: Answering their questions, and showing them about, showing them the right people to get started in the community they want to get started in, giving hugs, show them their way around the commands, etc.
  14. An offer would be pinned on auction houses through out the world, accompanied by drawings of 2 greatswords. "Two greatswords for sale, expertly smithed in the Westerlands! They're considered sisterswords. Auction starts at 150 minas per greatsword, increasements are atleast 20 minas. Both can be bought, but is not required." ((OOC: For Offers, leave one here or message me personally.)
  15. P O W E R F U L