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  1. TheElvenMage

    Announcement of Birth

    Announcement of Birth With the death of Alana Theodosia Rubens, the Baroness of Leeuwenhof due to a grueling and painful childbirth brought by sickliness, Leeuwenhof is left one heir: Peter Nicholas II Rubens, and his twin sister, Elisa Louise Rubens. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Signed, Alfred Rubens, Baron of Leeuwenhof
  2. TheElvenMage

    The Chancellor's Report: A Time to Heal, 1688

    Alfred would shake his head. “Seems like CCP’s not very good at staying in Parliament. Two elected Prefects just quitting for virtually no reason. It was to be expected of a man as old as this one, though.”
  3. TheElvenMage


  4. TheElvenMage

    The Tale of a Black Crow

    Alfred sheds a tear for his former master, shaking his head. “You’ll be missed, Ser.”
  5. TheElvenMage

    War Rework Voting

    As buff said, perhaps some wars should end in pillage claims, like it used to be, where an opposing faction could only pillage a nation’s capital, and that would end the war.
  6. TheElvenMage

    Nordengrad Primary School

    Alfred would consider going to teach LAW there. GOD knows the Norlanders could use it.
  7. TheElvenMage


    Alfred Rubens would put his signature beneath it.
  8. TheElvenMage


    Full Name: Alfred Rubens Year of Birth: 1660 City of Primary Residency: Carolustadt ((MC Name: FlemishSupremacy
  9. TheElvenMage

    The Margraviate of Styria

    Alfred nods, looking over the battlements of Vilacz with a smile upon his face. "Ave Styria."
  10. TheElvenMage

    Maybe free character art???

    Hello, not sure if this is still going, but if you want, my character, Alfred Rubens is totally open to be drawn. He has black hair and dark blue eyes, and is clad in plate-armor shaped bone armor, with a flemish lion sigil on his tabard
  11. TheElvenMage

    Rollbacks and More Rollbacks

    ET approved items: 1 set of dragonbones, 2 wyvern fangs, spider silk, chimera claws, troll hide, giant hide, cockatrice scale armor, wyvernbone armor, wyvern blood, an aged sword, an ET approved cutlass LT, striga ashes, bear cloak A cutlass capable of shooting wind, some LT approved lamp that burns for ever with yeu flame GM approved Some jewelry items Other: Shields with my banner on them, stacks of arrows and armor, around a stack of iron, 24 gold, 5 diamonds, a lot of logs. My entire decoration Do I have screenshots of these? No, I don't, I'm afraid, as I don't screenshot all my items.
  12. TheElvenMage

    [Denied][I] Blagofruit's Game Moderator Application

    Blago... What can I say. Last time you became a GM, you were as you said, indeed quite strict, which suprised me a lot. Less than other gms did you give leeway, and I was a bit put off by how distant you were when answering my modreqs. That said, it does not take away you were a good gm, and that, if you're a bit less of a Mr. Robot this time along, I'd gladly support your application. +1
  13. TheElvenMage

    Alchemist seeking refuge

    A letter would be returned. "To Adrian Richter. My name is Alfred Rubens, Lord of Leeuwenhof. This is a sizeable keep, in which I could house you, and provide you space where you could construct a laboratory for yourself. If you are interested in taking up this offer, please, send me a bird. -Alfred Rubens."
  14. TheElvenMage

    A New Age

    Uthred shook his head, before a smile appears upon his face. "Ye'll go tae ah better place, Uncle, ah wish ye well!"
  15. TheElvenMage

    [Pending]Serge4nt_Forge99's Wiki Team Application

    Having had a lot of interaction with sergeant during my time roleplaying in Sutica, I can tell you that he is dedicated, friendly, and listens well to what he's told to do. He's not a slacker, having often outpreformed his peers while under my command. Big +1 for this guy. He'd be good to have on your team.