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  1. TheElvenMage

    Frostbeard Removal Act of 1698

    Olijia smirked, walking through the halls of the hidden city, inspecting her newfound goods with greedy eyes... The same greedy eyes which had travelled over all that was left in the capital of Kaz’Ulrah. Sitting on her pile of loot, she’d state. “Get destroyed, you liberal anarcho-sanoist, faithless, kinslaying dwarves.” She would try on her new shades Celia, the one true Queen of Mynebor smiled the Sun’s smile. “Narthok of Mynebor indeed, my dear subject.”
  2. Pleased to see bloodsmithing apps go up. A sign orc rp is returning.


    keep up the good work @TheNanMan2000

    1. TheNanMan2000


      haha I do what I can, and I will do

    2. Flamelynx


      it’s all me idiot


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      It never went away.

  3. TheElvenMage

    [Rewrite] Necromancy, Fourth Generation.

    Please remove the draining plantlife, to be honest. It just leads to people completely ignoring the lifeforce requirements and just saying they had grass for breakfast so they’re all pumped up, despite not having drained anyone in ages. And I know damn well that a good portion of those necromancers and undead claiming they drain plants for their lifeforce supply don’t regularly rp draining plants. If you want to survive on plantlife, go ahead and RP a cow.
  4. TheElvenMage

    Tournament of Markev

    Sign up (RP&MC) Name: Uthred Gromach FlemishSupremacy Age: ? Title: Baron of Herborn Holdings: Herborn Heritage: Daelish Events: Jousting
  5. TheElvenMage

    Redemption for Incompetence

    i think he’s referring to the toxic attitude you’re displaying right now 🤔
  6. TheElvenMage

    The death of Ivar Ruric

    1st of the Sun’s Smile, 1697. To the citizens of the Empire; Let it be known that the Criminal Ivar of the House Ruric has been apprehended during a hostage situation in the Cantina, in Carolustadt. He and a fellow bandit had taken a girl hostage after a scuffle, with the fellow bandit holding a knife to the woman’s throat. The bandit was taken out by a succesful knife throw to his head, and later executed by means of Crossbow. Sergeant Uthred Gromach managed to knock out Ivar Ruric with the help of Ser Philip Marshall and an armed citizen. After being transferred to the Carolustadt Prison, he willingly confessed his guilt to the crimes of murder, to which he was taken to the square, and beheaded. His headless body will remain on display, by the Carolustadt gates. Let this be a warning to those who seek to oppose the Empire and it’s rightful ruler, Emperor Augustus I. -Signed, Sergeant Uthred Gromach, in name of the Imperial Legion [!] Below, a drawing of the decapitated body being hung near the gates, with a rope around his torso instead of his neck.
  7. TheElvenMage


    Noble & Gentry Registration: (RP&MC) Name: FlemishSupremacy | Uthred Gromach Age: 30s? Title: Heir to the barony of Herborn Holdings: Herborn Heritage: Gromach? Events:Joust
  8. TheElvenMage

    Racial Buffs

    If you need a mechanical buff to keep your race active, there’s either something wrong with your race, or your community. Humans are active because they consistently remained active, and offer roleplay. Orcs didn’t go inactive because they lost their damage boost. They remained active long after it was removed, and you’re not going to tell me that the only thing keeping the orcs together was being able to eat expired food and that charge thing? The incentive to play a race should come from it’s interesting lore and friendly community, not from giving you an advantage in mineman clicking. Not to mention, they used to have a pvp buff in the form of a damage boost if they’re in bigger numbers.
  9. TheElvenMage

    The last acts of the Lord of Mynebor

    Celia, using the crown of mynebor, crowns herself supreme commander of mynebor, and smiles brightly.
  10. TheElvenMage

    On running and rulechanges

    As many of you know, recently, the rule regarding running from rp was changed, in that you have to revive a person after downing them for running, and that you can only pop them if they run again. I feel like the rule is quite stupid, to tell you the truth, and here’s why: A GM told me that the reason for this rule change was pvp goons doing lacklustre emotes at people running by, and then popping them for not stopping, or stopping too late. This, honestly, can be fixed quite easily by the GM team putting their foot down and handing out villainy blacklists for such behavior. I don’t think this will be fixed by making a ridiculous, and ill specified rule to combat this supposed issue. The rule is badly clarified: Nowhere does it state what happens after the player is downed. RP continues, yes, but it doesn’t state how it continues. Does the downing player chose HOW rp continues? I.E. can we emote knocking the person out? The rule also doesn’t say if players who have been knocked out can just run again, despite RPly being unable to. If this rule is to take away power from pvp goons to do bad villainy roleplay, then you’re sorely mistaken. This just leads to giving these supposed pvp goons and bandits the ability to cause trouble in a city, and then run back to their own places, where their allies can help them and prevent their death. In my belief, this should fall under raidbaiting, but GMs have stated they think otherwise. Not to mention, if you manage to make it anywhere close to a base you can enter, it’s very easy to midrp pop a quick running emote while your opponent is typing and make it inside, thus saving your skin. If I may advise something, scrap this rule, and tighten rules on chasing from rp. This just leads to people being able to guide people to different locations where they can be more easily ambushed, not to mention, makes encounters twice as long as they have to be. If you want to run, risk being killed, as you would be rply if you ran. This rule is unneccesary, and if anything, allows people to avoid rp, instead of making sure no bad rp happens.
  11. TheElvenMage


    Parliament had finished its latest session, and after a conversation with Fabius Bracchus, Alfred headed to his home to collect a set of rings, meant for one Ostrobor Carrion. He took his horse to Belvitz, tieing it to a nearby post as he dismounted and entered the settlement, his thoughts temporarily drifting to the death of his cousin, Albert, in this very town... How he despised Belvitz, with it’s high elven population... How he thought it didn’t represent the values of his so fair empire. He knocked on the door to the house the Carrion had told him to meet, and was met with a smile, being invited in and told to sit... A few lines were exchanged, primarily about the price of the rings, with Alfred showing his masterfully crafted jewelry to the presumed buyer. Suddenly, the Carrion dove to the ground, and a closet door opened, and out came 4 armed men, bearing crossbows. They took aim, and fired their bolts, most digging into Alfred’s thick, dragonbone armor, but one slamming into his skull, instantly killing him as he let out a suprised shout. His last thoughts drifted to his wife, who he’d soon rejoin, but also to his children, who had in quick succession, lost both their parents. Upon his desk, there’d be several documents, which might be released within the coming days, by the family of the dead knight.
  12. TheElvenMage

    Capturing leaders

    I’ve started to greatly enjoy making these, to be honest. Today’s topic would be a request for the return of capturing leaders of the opposing faction, upon winning a warclaim. As it stands right now, warclaims offer no way for a change of leadership in the losing faction, and honestly, I feel that that’s a bad thing. Change of leadership leads to a lot of rp, be it conflict about who succeeds the leader, to funeral processions and new crowning ceremonies. I remember how during the Lorraine-Romstun war, mitch’s d’amaury was flayed by House Romstun, which brought about a whole lot of rp in the aftermath. So, my proposal is, just bring back the old system that where if a leader attends a warclaim, and he’s killed, the opposing side can roll to capture him. Also prevent leaders from coming on alts to prevent themselves from being captured. Also, to respond to Oldtortoise, back in the day, if you got killed while in post-warclaim captivity, you were force PKed.
  13. TheElvenMage


    Priorist Party Congress Throughout the Empire, many crows would be sent to the members of the Priorist party. Upon breaking the priorist seal, one would read a handwritten letter detailing a party and meeting within the Priorst HQ in Carolustadt. Let it be known that within 2 saint months, all members and assistants of the Priorist party are called to the party’s headquarters in the Imperial Capital, Carolustadt. The program of this party congress will exist as below: -Election of a new party chairman -Presentation of new ideas -Public questions from outsiders. -Enjoying Carrion Black™ supplied by House Carrion -Affirmation of new Priorist members -Donald Dabber appreciation hour With our previous chairman, Ser Hans Rovin resigning to focus more on his family a new chairman will have to be elected. As such, only current priorist may vote upon a new chairman. Any current member can put themselves forward as a candidate. After that, party members may propose new bills and motions to be put forward in Parliament, with other party members being able to debate these ideas. Non party members will be able to ask questions and raise their concerns to the Priorist Party leadership, as well as seek membership. Afterwards, we will appreciate Donald Dabber, over a glass of Carrion Black™ Signed, The Priorist Leadership OOC: This meeting will occur on 8pm EST, wednesday 21/11/2018, in the Carolustadt.
  14. TheElvenMage

    Announcement of Birth

    Announcement of Birth With the death of Alana Theodosia Rubens, the Baroness of Leeuwenhof due to a grueling and painful childbirth brought by sickliness, Leeuwenhof is left one heir: Peter Nicholas II Rubens, and his twin sister, Elisa Louise Rubens. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Signed, Alfred Rubens, Baron of Leeuwenhof