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  1. Someone, put this man down before he starts an ooc motivated war!!!111!!1!!11!! grr
  2. Thain chuckles as Vittore gets hung.
  3. Thain sat upon her ship, wondering, what drove these men to do what they do. It'd certainly not be patriotism, as none of them were Sutican, or lived anywhere near Sutica. She concluded they simply wanted power in a nation they deemed 'weak'. She looked upon Mylas, who had recieved successful healing from the cleric she cared so much about, after the raiders fled. Their attempt had failed, and we now know of their very real presence. A battle that would rock Sutica's otherwise calm lands would surely start soon!
  4. Mother of the entire playerbase here. I think i get to post. https://gyazo.com/6ddb81ec35aa1ee0725f45bf9a48ab7d
  5. As minister of defense of Sutica, i approve this idea.
  6. "400. For both together."
  7. "125!" A high elf states.
  8. "Huh?"
  9. Thain sat in her office upon her ship when she read the 'proposition'. "Well... How about... No."
  10. Found it.
  11. Same
  12. Thain would shake her head in disaproval. "My son sides with those committing nothing less than banditry."
  13. Fascist Sutica is a thing. Just look at our skype chat symbol.
  14. I'm oddly aroused.
  15. Thank ******* god (And swgrclan)