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  1. TheElvenMage


    Uthred raises an eyebrow after hearing Balrog’s opinion... Partially since he was seen banditting innocent folks on the road, and because his statement rushes to the defense of bandits that quite literally do nothing else than prey on people to enslave... Truly, this dwarf had some issues in the mind. Probably fell off some stairs one day onto his head...
  2. TheElvenMage

    Removing The Shrouds of Gold

    Uthred Gromach frowns deeply at the news, before nodding solemnly. “It is for the best. Weak, disloyal vassals are worse than no vassals at all.”
  3. TheElvenMage

    Baruch-Reiter Contract

    BARUCH CONTRACT Issued and Confirmed by Scribe Alfie, est. c. 1706 This contract was constructed and signed during the first years of our stay upon the continent of Arcas. It details the agreement between the Black Reiter Company and House Baruch. On what the company must perform to receive their agreed upon payment: The company pledges a total of 300 men to guard and defend the Baruch family and their holdings against any who might seek to harm it. These shall garrison themselves with the Baruch Family The company shall escort members of the Baruch family when heading out of the city, upon request. The company shall rally in defense of the holdings of House Baruch in case of a raid. In return for these services, House Baruch shall do the following: Provide the agreed upon pay in a timely and consistent fashion. Provide space for the garrisoned Reiters to stay and store their belongings. In the case of an outbreak of a war, the contract will have to be renegotiated. Signed, His Lordship, Jan Petyr of the House of Baruch, Count of Ayr. Sir, Ewan Darius Vallberg, Reiter Sir, Peter Rubens, Reiter
  4. TheElvenMage

    The Arcas Landing Festival 1706

    Name: Uthred Gromach Mcname: FlemishSUpremacy
  5. TheElvenMage

    Flemish' 3D Renders

    Hello friends! This post is a bit different from my usual ramblings about what I think is wrong about the server, as today, I come offering my services. In return for minas, I shall make 3D mineman renders of your characters doing whatever you want them to do. The price of these renders would scale as they grow more complex, however, as I want to keep them somewhat accessible, I’d like to keep them cheap. The base price is at a 100 minas. This means a single player character in a pose of your choosing. With each object you want added, the price goes up. For everyone one of these added ontop of your first NPC, the price scales accordingly. Player character, mob: 75 minas. Minecraft object (such as an Iron sword): 10 minas Custom object readily available (aka i already have one of these, or i can find a free model online): 50 minas. Custom object that is selfmade: 100-500 minas, depending on the complexity. Generic background(meaning from a randomly generated worldfile I have readily available somewhere): 200 minas Custom made mineman background (meaning a simple room I build myself, or things you want added to a generic background, such as a road, or a totem or such.): 500 minas. Some examples, and their prices, so you have an idea: 150 minas: base price + Readily available custom sword. (These type of backgroundless renders will always have a transparent background, unless you want them to float in midair) 525 minas. Baseprice + generic background + 3 extra player characters. Around 1k: baseprice + Loads of custom and generic objects + selfmade background, particle effects and all that. ANIMATIONS Although I’m not that good at this, I’m willing to do these at a severely increased price. The formula for this would go as following: 500 minas + the ammount you’d pay for a unmoving picture* the ammounts of seconds the animation lasts. An example: In order to order one of these renders. Please pm me on the forums, ingame, or leave your discord below on the post!
  6. TheElvenMage

    [Haelun'or]'s Nation Application

    Elathion nods mali’aherally and signs a document he didn’t read!
  7. TheElvenMage

    The Mercenarial Free Company of the Black Reiters

    A black haired man imagines his comerades fighting the monstrocities of the land.
  8. TheElvenMage

    Conversion Overflow Thread

    Main Username (Put the one who requested the conversions): FlemishSupremacy Helper #1’s Username: OOCTargetting Is this an alt or another player? alt Helper #2’s Username: WalenBuiten Is this an alt or another player? alt Helper #3’s Username: VlaemscheGrond Is this an alt or another player? alt Helper #4’s Username: MyKingCallum Is this an alt or another player? alt Helper #5’s Username: OpressedOrc Is this an alt or another player? alt
  9. TheElvenMage


    Name (RP/Mcname): Uthred Gromach | FlemishSupremacy Residence: Watchtower of Carolustadt Race: Human Age: 3 time old
  10. TheElvenMage

    The Gentleman's War of 1700

    “Didn’t you commit a range of crimes, including attempting to kill fellow Adrians?” Asked an Imperial.
  11. TheElvenMage

    [Complete]Old Man's Giveaway/Trade

    Form to mail to Nunya’s Business Stall – Name ((and Username)): Celia ((And FlemishSupremacy)) Giveaway Item #1: HoarFrost Battle scepter Giveaway Item #2: Storm’s calln Hammer of the Thunderlord Giveaway Item #3: Aetherwulf’s Bastard-Sword
  12. IGN: FlemishSupremacy Your name: Celia Your place of residence:Caras Eldar Chosen Mani for Statue: The Snake Prince
  13. TheElvenMage

    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    Basilisk scales plz Thunderbird Stonecraft FlemishSupremacy
  14. TheElvenMage

    Frostbeard Removal Act of 1698

    Olijia smirked, walking through the halls of the hidden city, inspecting her newfound goods with greedy eyes... The same greedy eyes which had travelled over all that was left in the capital of Kaz’Ulrah. Sitting on her pile of loot, she’d state. “Get destroyed, you liberal anarcho-sanoist, faithless, kinslaying dwarves.” She would try on her new shades Celia, the one true Queen of Mynebor smiled the Sun’s smile. “Narthok of Mynebor indeed, my dear subject.”
  15. Pleased to see bloodsmithing apps go up. A sign orc rp is returning.


    keep up the good work @TheNanMan2000

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      haha I do what I can, and I will do

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