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  1. OOC/RP Application MC Name: Belgianz RP Name: Celia Skype Account ((PM me if you wish for it to be private)): You have it, Ioannis Timezone: GMT+1/UTC+1 Profession: Lazy, but willing, if really need be Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it?: I do PK Clause Agreement ((Yes or No)): Yes
  2. Pick Kincaid, please, he's a good lad

  3. A great guy, who is capable of dealing with the courlandic screamer community, so why wouldn't he be capable of dealing with the rest? +1
  4. "Sounds like an undead sympathizer!" Nicolas would grumble!
  5. Nicolas Rubens shakes his head, having always known that Max was sky-god mindcontrolled through monkbread. ((+1 Good post))
  6. Valkenier would stop, seeing that his arrow had struck true. He lowered his short-bow, having completed his orders. As he returned to Aleksandria to report his success, he wondered who he was just send to kill, but concluded it mattered not.
  7. I approve.
  8. :( Why so much downtime

  9. Form: Username- TheElvenMage Description-I want a merchant-like skin with a cloak. Ref- https://gyazo.com/77e951be69e7bd298274bb3bf2cd9f14 This head being used Like that, but without the hat What will you pay with? (Mina, items, etc)- 500 minas and hugs.
  10. Nicolas looked upon his King with a proud smile. "Glad to have you back, Your Majesty!"
  11. Valkenier notices a whole lot of people fighting. Further, he/she/it is of opinion that people should chill the **** out. Liches and wraiths fight here, ghouls fight there. Who gives a ****? On the other hand, did you see those halflings? Those showing up is an outrage!
  12. [!] A bunch of posters hang around the isles of axios! "A beautiful ring made, fit for kings, now available to you!" "These 2 pieces fit in perfect harmony to form one fabulous ring!" A picture would be included. "Bidding starts at 300 minas and increases with minimum 20 minas!" "Leave bids upon the poster or contact Nicolas Rubens via birding." OOC: Y'all know the drill. Bids either on this post, or privately messaged.
  13. "Learn to read, Max." He said, pointing at the second term.