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  1. Imagine accepting a lore piece that lacks guidelines and is therefore easily abusable in the first place. Same story with the Zar’ei and Zar’kiel nonsense.
  2. "Or what?” Celia chuckled, going back to reading ‘Dabbing for Advanced dabbers’.
  3. Cassian looks forward to this event, planning on participating in the joust and melee competitions!
  4. Llyrian and Coalition forces freezing up right before their clash, 9th of Grand Harvest, 1730. It was a cold winter day upon which the forces of Llyria and their enemies would meet. The defenders waited and waited, for what seemed like forever for their enemies. They were eager, and filled with Llyrian Patriotism, ready to defend their city against the aggressing dwarves, snow and high elves. Truly, some of the best warriors of the world had assembled in valiant defense of Llyria. After a while of waiting, the Llyrian defenders, tired of sitting in their fortifications, the defenders charged out, as given a sign by a skygod that enraged them into a rightious fury, and made them throw themselves in the direction of their opponents. Coincidentially, the attackers had bravely charged at the same moment, perhaps driven by the same skygod sign the angry defenders had recieved... Cassian, a young man eager to prove himself on the field of battle charged out with the defenders, into the cold. His boots sounded across the dirt, as a cold wind chilled him to the bone... "Sure is cold here." He muttered to himself, as his breath formed clouds infront of him. "Just a bit further... Enemies must be right there!" Cassian convinced himself, but as the enemy came into sight, he just couldn't continue. It was as if his joints had frozen solid, prevented him from going any further. Surely, this would be his end, as he could not put up a fight against the charging Urguanis, but... Nothing came. As he looked around, it was evident that not only himself and his allies had been unable to move due to the blistering cold, but the opposing force charging out of the tunnel also found it too cold to continue... With no other option, both sides slowly retreated back into their bases, to warm up, and hopefully, resume their bloody conflict when the weather was better. Sat by a Llyrian fire, Cassian wondered what had caused this icey mess, and concluded the following: It might be the Aengul Billy Bob that prevented this struggle, with his warrules that made no sense and were ran by nobody prior to their implementation, and which weren't put to the test at all. (( @Telanirplz respond to my discord messages, we need to talk ))
  5. Uthred, a man from the House of Gromach, who had risen up as a minor, younger member of the family, to the patriarch. Sadly for the state of his house, Uthred cared little for maintaining an estate and people. Instead, he focussed upon serving his Empire. Through the military, to which he grew to the rank of Captain, and helped shape the Imperial Legion into the effective fighting force that maintained it’s impressive record of wars won up until the War of Two Emperors. As a steward, in which he acted as the Arch Seneschal’s right hand, ensuring that the affairs of housing and property ran smoothly. Then, as a Grand Knight, rather briefly, trying to push through reforms for greater autonomy to the individual orders, and to push them to competitively reach for greatness. It was not to last, soon, he was replaced by another, he had never heard of. The Grand Knight decided to move elsewhere, fighting random skirmishes left and right. A life of fighting left, right and center had seemingly caught up to the aging knight when he was surrounded on the road outside of the duchy of Adria, when he was surrounded by the men of Kaedrin, shackled and dragged to a throneroom. There, he was accused of theft and trespassing, treason, representing a corrupt regime. He demanded a trial by combat, but he was laughed at, and without a chance for last rites, the men around him severed his head. A man who spent his life on his feet fighting, died on his knees, not allowed to defend himself. Uthred Gromach died the 11th of Sun’s Smile, 1729. He left behind 3 sons and 2 daughters. He had ascended the ranks of knighthood on a pile of the bodies of the Empire’s enemies, before promptly being cast aside by the Empire that no longer appreciated it’s veteran’s service to what used to be the Empire of Man. Humanity was now strange to him, a foreign force with different values and a different attitude. A shadow of its former self in the highdays of the Empire of Man. Divided, bickering amongst themselves, hating one another, and bending to the likes of halfmen and bandits. Uthred, presumably, was rather off dead than alive to see this farce.
  6. Bring back the FM team. GMs are barely capable of answering modreqs so get additional folks to patrol the forums.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. rukio


      Agreed, purge the new GMs too. Everyone who joined in the last 3 days tbh

    3. Kaelan


      I put forward sectioning permissions in moderation and bringing on people from staff into forum moderation as an additional duty. Would eventually open it up to public applications when policy and such was ironed out because it had been neglected... Still using the old FM stuff, branding and all...


      Telanir, Tarre, and Flam all voted no (found out before the admin votes were finished) to it despite the entire moderation team at the time being in agreement in being in favour of it. 


      Makes me cry 


    4. Harold


      Disagree with the toxicapple

  7. Uthred signs with a big smile!
  8. Uthred, knowing that the Renatians ran this fool off the roads more than once in the past months, wonders how this is news at all.
  9. Going to miss you so much, xalid
  10. I somewhat understand the decision to make BR’s private, but atleast let everyone that’s involved see what’s going on, because with screenshots, it’s extremely easy to frame something to be in your favour.

    1. Rave_Cave_marb


      This. Surely it’s possible to make sure the people involed in the BR get the ability to see it? It does not need to become a rep farm for the entire server to laugh at but giving multiple parties a chance to provide their input while directly speaking to eachother rather than forwarding their evidence to a GM should be possible.

    2. Thornz



    3. Ambduscias


      as a great man once said...



  11. Rules don’t even say you can’t bandit near or at a nation’s soulstone pillar. And if you can’t, I’d like to report a few players to you. 

    1. KeatonUnbeaten


      ye, u can bandit near an ss pillar

      you just cant camp it

      which is what you were doing


    2. TheElvenMage


      Keaton, you were camping the Helena SS pillar 2 days ago. Besides, wolfdwg’s video shows that they weren’t camping it, they had only been there for 10 seconds when you showed up.

  12. In your new rule change, what is defined as the main road? Anything beyond the first intersection or the actual circular road that leads all around the map? 

    first intersection meaning these two: https://gyazo.com/a440b054bc46007c819958553eb1e9ce

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