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  1. Elfkilleridiots.thumb.png.59d1dc99d845fb64940ea5d28d11e8fa.png

    1. Ougi


      ngl we all got a good laugh, especially this one 



    2. Harrison


      i feel you'd get more out of this if you didnt use leo's character for the elf

    3. TheElvenMage


      it was actually tau's character, but all the welves are all carbon copies


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    1. Pond


      *brother of Morlak'lak takes Rexdom as Morlak was slain

  3. TheElvenMage


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  6. TheElvenMage


    Nicolas would mentally remind Crevin of Johannesburg.
  7. TheElvenMage


    My issues with this are 1. That people might pre-load several pistols before going into combat, and then just shoot several emotes in a row. If the pistols are removed, or made so you can only carry one, fine. 2. The "only a few people know how to make this" kinda errs me. It's kind of seems like a way to prevent everyone from being able to participate in enjoying this lore. 3. Also a bit worried about what shotguns, and even more so, multiple pre-loaded shotgun pistols will do. I'd rather not have players able to wipe out entire parties by having 4 dragonpistols strapped to their belt, and being able to just blast it into the crowd, no problem. In short, YES to the normal rifle, if it wouldn't be locked to a select few. NO to the pistols and the blunderbusses.
  8. TheElvenMage

    [I] N0tt's Game Moderator Application

    I'm sorry, but there's no way I can support this application. Often, you've shown yourself willing to skim the edges of the rules, just to get ahead. (See: running from rp when it's rply not feasible, not logging back in after a restart when combat is going wrong, etc). I think you don't have what it takes to be GM. -1
  9. TheElvenMage

    Raise Minimum Raid Count

    Just git gud and solo raid settlements. That way, you don't have to share all the pixels you loot!
  10. TheElvenMage

    Response to the Renatian missive

    Nicolas Rubens strokes his chin, wondering why he's calling the Horen's tyrants... After all, it was Arden which transgressed upon Renatus by aiding the Courlandic rebels that holed up in some of the Kingdom's strongholds, not the other way around. "It's a shame that they all show such foolishness. Renatian blood will be shed? Ridiculous. This so called 'duchy' probably couldn't even hold back 10 renatian fighters, let alone all the rest."
  11. TheElvenMage

    Make it more challenging to apply again.

    You see, sky, you denouncing players who want more quality applications as elitist and "refusing to help" sounds a lot like the leftwingers who denounce all people who are against Islamic immigration as racists in the way that both completely ignore the issues that both islamic immigrants and low tier applications bring, and negate valid points due to "muh racism" or "muh elitism" We're not asking for "very challenging" applications that only the best can join. We're asking for when a player's definition of poweringaming is: "takeing force over another plaer", that they be sat down, and held back a bit. Next, you say that a small biography doesn't equal a crap biography. This is completely true. You can often say a lot about a character in a few sentences. HOWEVER, that doesn't change the fact that, while short, the biographies shown in the applications are also crap. You decreased the ammount of lore references from 3 to 1. Why? It's little effort to go and read some more about our lore so you can add in an extra town, or historical event. As for "Bloody fluff"... Bloody fluff is what shapes characters to what they are. If you avoid adding any "Fluff" to the characters, the applications will be filled with soldier, hunter, rogue archetypes. I'm also appalled by the "tryhards"-comment. Is it elitist to put effort into your roleplay, or your character's background? Sure, it's nice if the applications stay straight to the point, but I've noticed a lot of applications which are just a short collection of fluff. As for unwillingness to help, you're clearly wrong. As soon as the applications are accepted, these players are often thrust out onto the big world of LOTC. They come in contact with conflict, break rules, and are occasionally unwilling to listen to veteran players trying to point out the broken rules. Then who's required to clean up the mess? GMs. GMs have to be summoned to point out the rules, and to repeat offenders, even dish out bans. Players like myself sit in help chat, willing to answer any questions a new player might have. I sit in WS, ready to answer questions that the souls might have to get their app accepted, and I see a lot of enthusiastic, intelligent souls who are very much willing to put effort into their application. Now, before I go ahead and say that the AT doesn't help at all, I would like to point out a bright spot in it all. The new player village (or Bellamoor) is a good initiative to teach new players the ropes of roleplay. Massive shoutout to @MyLittleUnicorn and @MadYeAd. Disheartening to see a project like that lose official support from the AT, though THAT is something the AT should be tied to too. Helping out new players as soon as they grace the server with their newly accepted apps. However, here I feel that the AT falls dreadfully short, often believing their work is done as soon as they have accepted the (in the community's eyes, often lacklustre) applications. You leave them as newborns on our doorstep, and we're supposed to take care of them As for "I love it when people slam down teams without showing anything," We could link you individual applications here, but then we'd have you screaming about how it is horrible that we're putting members of the community on public display, as was the case when I last put forth an issue about this, using a specific application to point out all the flaws. I was called elitist back then, and you'll probably repeat it now. You're implying that roleplayers should not be held to a certain standard, which is definitly not true. If anyone has to work on their attitude, it might be you, though, sky. Calling people elitist simply because they care about the server. Stating that if "It's not to make sure we get the best of the best, else to be damn honest, half of you would not be here by God." Surely, it isn't you coming across as elitist right now. We don't want the best of the best. We just want the applications to return to being a form of quality check. Right now, if you've got the faintest idea of what the english language is like (Or if you just throw your biography into google translate. It's getting better and better at forming sentences.) you can get accepted.