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  1. Vaults!

    How long will vaults be open?
  2. Alternative Death System

    ((Can you revive me please?)) "nah my character refuses."
  3. Small Map, One City (Map Idea)

    I mean... That'd mean that you'd have to OOCly force the current rulers to bend to one king for whatever reason, and we all know that wouldn't work. Plus, this city would become a warzone within days, seeing how different races and different nations often can't stand eachother. If we were to limit this, we'd have to make a system like massivecraft's NPC guards where it's against the rules to raid or bandit inside the main city, basically.
  4. South Sea Turmoil (6.0 Transition Information: PvP/RP)

    What if you want to be able to both participate in the pvp on one occasion, and rp peacefully on the other? Could you mark your boat twice?
  5. Lingering Lands, Mystic Maps

  6. Event Team November Update

    and you all thought Squirt would be a bad ET lead, smh
  7. Fix Defender Default

    warraids default to pvp anyways, seeing how you can take 12 people, so idk why normal raids should be upped so that they can default to pvp. I'm all for increased numbers in warraids, but in lawless raids, it shouldn't go up. It's no fun having a group of people walk into your city, toss their diamond gear up and then call pvp for your stuff. If anything, banditry and lawless raiding should be there to provide rp, warraids should be there to further your war. The latter can of course be done through pvp.
  8. seeing the repeated problems with the warserver, perhaps we should just do the future warclaims on the main server

    Trading lag for lack of horses and massively delayed warclaims isn't worth it.

    1. drfate786


      They forgot to turn PVP on, it's not the war servers. They performed perfectly actually, no lag at all.

    2. TheElvenMage


      Yeah, but i'm mainly talking about the death of horses

  9. reee fix server pls

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Dewlox™


      Doubt that many would bother with that for DDOS'ing. Such things are way too much of a hassle.

    3. Jondead


      True but IF a cop finds out they will go to jail OR prison.

    4. Dewlox™


      Server's back on.

  10. telanir said no delays but it's already been 8 minutes!

    1. Jondead


      Yep tisk tisk


  11. [GM] Counterraid

    Counterraids are removed. Please re-add. I want to enact revenge on my enemies. (Not a meme, just don't have much more to say.)
  12. The Kōkuaʻia

    @MisguidedRoyal beat you to this.
  13. Help plz.

    To fix some misconceptions(to not use the world lies) here, Urguan is not under Oren's reign. They do, however, have a defensive alliance. As for tutorial island: If you head out from where you spawned at cloud temple, there's a cart at the bottom of the first steps downwards. That leads to tutorial island.