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  1. remember to rep your community team members. their work in the field has slaughtered their rep ratios

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    2. Ivoryyy_


      lumiin you’re a saint


      8 months as at/ct really does it for the ratio 😕

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Staff should be able to rep their own posts imo.

    4. SpodoKaiba
  2. i like ur pfp. . 

    1. Lumii


      thanks blago! 🙂 i like yours too. 

  3. link good music below please

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    2. Ougi
    3. ThatGuy_777










      I’m neither picky nor a man of consistency when it comes to music.

    4. Rickson
  4. hey guys how are you all today

    1. ThatGuy_777


      Good good! Just a bit slow. Hope it’s going well for you too Lumii.

    2. Unwillingly


      Super tired. I saw a spider in my room so I slept on the couch, which was very uncomfortable x.x How about you, Lumiin? 😄

    3. Jondead


      I am doing fantastic so far Lumii ❤️ I hope you are having a wonderful day as well man!

  5. Lumii


    uniroincally had fun whenever ur group attacked/kidnapped chars of mine. sad to see you go 😞
  6. we should probably change this so it shows our discord invite link rather than an unused teamspeak https://prntscr.com/mdtr03 

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    2. Steal_Driver


      Please, this would be beneficial. I’ve been trying to figure out what the address is, so far to no avail.

    3. Lumii


      @Steal_Driver Here you go! https://discord.gg/ra6E8k
      It should also show up in game when you press tab. 🙂

    4. Steal_Driver
  7. Lumii


  8. Lumii

    AMA cuz I think like 3 people remember me

    what’s your favourite part about this community? What do you genuinely enjoy about it, and what keeps you coming back?
  9. so which orc was rosa parks

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    2. MangoArt
    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Pugsy was secretly an orc on the inside.

    4. ThatGuy_777


      I could say, but I don't want Pixie to break my kneecaps.

  10. Lumii

    The Real Problem with the Community

    actions speak louder than words, my friend. we can sit through countless rant threads on the forums but the conversation will inevitably die down once the next cool thread comes up.
  11. Lumii

    What are your thoughts on LOTCs current state?

    how to fix the community (as a community member): step 1. stop holding grudges from months/years ago. step 2. separate yourself from your character. Realize that RP is not OOC and vice-versa.
  12. Lumii


  13. Lumii

    New Player Guide Ideas

    Who to contact when you have a certain issue, and how to contact them. Sometimes we’ll have newer players come to the moderation team for every question. While we mostly don’t mind this, they can get a much more in-depth & full answer by reaching out to other teams (like the lore team or application team!)