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  1. bug in new tab: doesn’t show the skin you are wearing with /skin 

  2. if u have extra money you want to throw away i could always dm you my paypal
  3. Give Aether VIP the ability to unlock feedback posts 

    1. Tofuus


      Feedback noted

  4. just in case anyone is trying to reach the admins: https://faxauthority.com/how-to-send-a-fax/

    1. Fireheart


      Don’t worry --- fireheart@lordofthecraft.net also works as an email! Faxing wastes paper 😞

    2. Lumii


      thank you! 🙂 

    3. Harrison
  5. can anyone fill me in on why we’re mad at the staff this time i’ve been too busy to pay any attention

    1. rukio


      look @ disc

    2. Harrison


      warclaim is being redone lmao

  6. hey harry im ur 100th follower what do i win

    1. Harrison


      whatever you want if you get zipzapman to read my ban appeal

  7. nice to see you back knox! any new songs/music you’ve been listening to since you’ve left? also is it time for natalia bell to be unshelved? 😄
  8. free harrison

    1. Viltaren


      Dont tell me what to do.

    2. Heero


      harrison should know better he’s the formerly self-proposed pvp gm and used to ban tons of people for exactly what he did 2019 is weird

    3. Ambduscias


      keep that dirty little wasteman off this server 

  9. you can’t call someone low IQ and then proceed to write a post in black text on a black background dude
  10. Mora Vel’seda scowled upon hearing of the news, crumpling up the missive. “A shame. I was going to visit soon.”
  11. Lumii


    Sitting across from her Haelun, Mora Vel'seda leaves her signature.
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