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  1. Lumii

    Safety Team

    Who will protect us now...?
  2. Thank you so much for all you’ve been doing and have done for the server, Korvic. I don’t think words can express just how thankful the community is for the work you are doing.
  3. big thanks to muffins for going out of her way to make the lobby fun while we are waiting for the server to return 🙂 ♡ 

  4. The Wiki Team is a great idea! I also think we should separate the moderation team into two different ‘teams’. One could focus on the forums, and one could focus on in game!

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    2. argonian


      or just dont have an fm team


      wow problem solved 

    3. rukio



    4. argonian


      why do we need an fm team 

  5. Hey, Narthok! What do you think is a viable build on Braum in the current meta, and do you think he’s worth picking over other champions that are popular at the moment? Additionally, what’s your favourite song and or album?
  6. Thank you to all of the wonderful ET who helped put on an amazing event for the playerbase today. You guys aren’t appreciated enough 🥰

  7. happy Hanukkah and merry christmas my fellow roleplayers. remember to take a step back and breath once in a while 🙂 

  8. Mom said its MY turn loading chunks.

    1. Jaelon


      I’ve become fully immersed in the one visible half of Rubern I can see.

  9. 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄

  10. Have we been told why we updated to 1.14 at all, apart from keeping the server appearing ‘maintained’? The staff have a horrible issue of making decisions but leaving the general playerbase in the dark. We just want to know what’s going on, and the rationale behind the decision. Maybe then we could sympathize with the developers. I don’t really think anyone was complaining about 1.13? In fact, we had just gotten an updated version of More Player Models, which plenty of people were looking forward to.
  11. Telanir is the LOTC protagonist 

  12. i cant even load into the server at all. 


  13. Thanks for the update, Telanir! I’ve got lots of feedback on this but can you please reach out to me at my email address? I’d love to speak to you about it there. Alternatively, I can also post it here, but it will take a few business days. EDIT: I received a warning point for this.
  14. The real endgame is the friends you make along the way.
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