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  1. I don’t know you, but I like this idea.
  2. Fyodor Tuvyic reclines in his rocking chair on the porch of his residence in the Seven Skies, “I f*cking knew it!” The old, wrinkled spirit shouted to exactly no one.
  3. Staff distraction from bad plugin controversy? Who knows..
  4. A conservative (and low-IQ) dwarf refuses to abide by the rules of the quarantine.
  5. A conservative man screams, "The first man - Horen - was killed by Krug. There should be no mercy for Krug's kin. And, since when do women care about inheritance? Since the days of the first men, women have maintained a household role. We are meant to follow the example of Horen and Julia; and Julia was not 'Queen of the World', it was Horen - the man."
  6. A Haeseni conspiracy to disgrace Mr. Grool - Shameful.
  7. “I remember that old fart.” Fyodor Carrion-Tuvyic comments, pushing the spirit of the dead marshal off the edge of the Seven Skies.
  8. “Holy Union allows for sex. And the ONLY purpose of an intimate relationships, in the eyes of God, is to produce offspring. Unless you and your nun butt-buddy can produce a child, there is no possibility of a holy union between two of the same gender.” Comments the priest Waldemar who lives in the LOTC world and not the IRL world.
  9. “F*ck you.” Comments gay-hating priest Waldemar from hell (the Oblivion). “It appears this man received his degree from the University of ((current elf city)), and therefore wishes to spread their homsex views to Gods children. The union between Horen and Julia is the model of a true union. Imagine Horen and Henrik going at it... none would believe him a prophet of God.”
  10. “Since when can two people of the same sex have feelings for eachother? That is a thing only the elven race seems to do. Well... democracy does appear to bring out the worst in humans. First, the wigs, now the union of two women. Sounds like these feelings of lust for someone of ones own sex is just a desperate cry for attention.” Comments gay-hating priest Waldemar from far away in wonderland.
  11. “A peasant concerning thanking for themself in matters of theology?!” Gasps the Bishop of Kovacs.
  12. “Rights of women... pfft! Shove one of those raccoon-skin wigs in that darkie mouth of yours” Shouts the Bishop Isidore of Reza from sky-god prison.
  13. Full Name of Man: Stefan Aleksandr Vyronov Date of Birth of Man: 1739 Name of Woman: Adaline Wick Date of Birth of Woman: ~1738 Location of Ceremony: Chapel outside of Valwyk, Haense Date of Ceremony (Year): 1768 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony: Isidore, Bishop of Kovacs
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