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  1. “You? You are f*cking alone.” says rude man
  2. “Kill off the broken limb that is Suffonia” Comments smart man
  3. “Pffft!” Pouts the young Waldemar.” At least the church survived.”
  4. “Who allowed freedom of the press?” Asks Waldemar.
  5. Lord Waldemar Sarkozic kneels before the altar of the Basilica of the Final Revelation in the Imperial City of Helena. The young Sarkozic is joined by the Duchess of Adria, as well as the Queen of Hanseti-Ruska and her daughter, Antonia Frederika, Princess Royal. The assembled clasp their hands together in pray for the recently deceased Queen of Kaedrin. Lord Waldemar would kneel in silence as the others share fond memories of a woman who was not just the Queen-Consort of Kaedrin, but their companion. He would feel some guilt, however. The Queen was killed at the event he had organized, and the young Lord felt responsible for not ensuring her safety. Waldemar did not have the time to know the young Queen of Kaedrin, but he would pray for her soul nonetheless. ”Our loving Father, we pray that our lost soul has finally found its way to Your lands. We pray that we may see them again, when it is our time to pass to Your eternal realm. In nomine Patris, amen.”
  6. THE GRAND IMPERIAL HUNT Imperial Hunt of 1736 The Imperial Court of Emperor John I at the Imperial Hunt at Franzenburg. By Penelope Theodosia de Morvelyn, Oil TO THE NOBILITY OF THE REALM, The nobility of the realm have been called by the Lady Protector Maria of Haense to participate in the Grand Imperial Hunt of 1736, while the Mezarin Palace of Helena continues in its construction. It is the ultimate goal of the Lord and Lady Protector that this event will be our first step in returning to the days of the gleaming Imperial Courts of the Johannian Emperors of the Fifth Empire. The Lord and Lady Protector courteously invites the peers of the realm to build companionship under the banner of the empire. Only through this companionship can we as the peers of the Holy Orenian Empire begin to return to the glory of our past. The Imperial Hunt will be held at the Camp of the Saint Michael of Cordobe, and followed by a dinner hosted by the Lord and Lady Protector. Lady Protector Maria of Haense in hunting attire, 1730 By Diane Anion-Marna, Oil Those Invited to the Grand Imperial Hunt of 1734 are as listed: The Members of the House of Sarkozy The Members of the Council of State The King and Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska The King and Queen-Consort of Kaedrin The King and Queen-Consort of Curonia The Archduke and Archduchess of Suffonia The Prince of Pruvia and His House The Prince of Alstion and His House The Duchess of Augustin and Her House The Count of Harlingen and His House The Baron of Vitzburg and His House IN NOMINE DEI HER IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, the Princess Maria Angelica of the House of Sarkozy-Barbanov, Lady Protector of the Holy Orenian Empire, Princess of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. HIS LORDSHIP, the Lord Waldemar of the House of Sarkozy. ((EVENT ON OCTOBER 4TH, 7PM EST - PM Ivory for details))
  7. “Yummy yummy!” Exclaims Waldemar Sarkozic, rubbing his stomach.
  8. “My sweet Milena is all grown up.” Comments Fyodor from the Seven Skies.
  9. “No! Pleeeeease! No more Baruchs!!!” Screams everyone in Haense.
  10. “What the f***.” Shouts Fyodor Tuvyic from the Seven Skies.
  11. Fyodor Tuvyic has an actual heart attack.
  12. Fyodor Carrion would hear the news of his sisters passing from her husband Marius. The death of the sibling for which he was closest broke him entirely. The young Carrion would spend hours upon hours in deep prayer in hopes that the soul of his beloved sister would ascend to the Seven Skies.
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