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  1. Totalitarian

    ~-~ The Irongut Clan ~-~

    [ MC Name: ] What is your name? Karlon Where do you live? Holm What are your primary skills? Smithing Short biography (5+ sentences): Born in the city of Kal'Omith. He worked as a smith there, crafting and selling weaponry. While he enjoyed his job as a smith, he hoped to one day learn magic. He left Kal'Omith in hopes of achieving this. With no luck, he returned to his kin to learn and achieve his goals. How are you related to the Irongut Clan? (See family tree, don't create your own father or mother unless you PM the Clan Father): Dimlin Irongut (Beamon4) Do you swear loyalty to the Irongut Clan?: I do. OOC Do you agree to follow all the rules of the Irongut Clan? I do. Discord ID? I'll pm you.
  2. Totalitarian

    [ET Contest] Predict the Wall Event

    Global Warming.
  3. Totalitarian

    Feedback - Totem of the Undying

    I got a totem after voting for 30 days
  4. Totalitarian

    [Denied]Donald Trump Will Be Impeached?

    I got excited by the title. +1 because I'm already here
  5. Totalitarian

    bluelyLIT Wiki Team Application #1

  6. Totalitarian

    [Accepted] [Trial]Corpean's GM Application

    +1 That resume tho!!!
  7. Totalitarian

    Santegian Justicial System!

    Sister Auguste cringes at this letter.
  8. Totalitarian

    [Denied]put me in coach

    -1 Hasn't been on the server long enough :(
  9. Totalitarian

    Royal Army of Hanseti-Ruska

    NAME: Mikhail Vsevolodovich NOBILITY (Y/N): No if not, GENTRY (Y/N): No AGE: 27 DATE OF BIRTH (if known): 1621 PLACE OF BIRTH (if known): Alban RACE: Human ETHNICITY (Highlander, Heartlander, etc. N/A if not applicable or unknown.): Highlander MILITARY/COMBAT EXPERIENCE: None PAST LABOR EXPERIENCE: None OOC MC name: Totalitarianism_ Skype: None but willing to get it Do you have Teamspeak? If not are you willing to get it?: Yes