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  1. “A peasant concerning thanking for themself in matters of theology?!” Gasps the Bishop of Kovacs.
  2. “Rights of women... pfft! Shove one of those raccoon-skin wigs in that darkie mouth of yours” Shouts the Bishop Isidore of Reza from sky-god prison.
  3. Full Name of Man: Stefan Aleksandr Vyronov Date of Birth of Man: 1739 Name of Woman: Adaline Wick Date of Birth of Woman: ~1738 Location of Ceremony: Chapel outside of Valwyk, Haense Date of Ceremony (Year): 1768 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony: Isidore, Bishop of Kovacs
  4. The virgin-priest Isidore of Reza reads the missive from the Basilica outside New Reza. “Imagine if these women spent their time in dedication to the poor, or to their husbands? I wonder how long it takes them to prepare their hair, paint their faces like clowns and pick out a dress and attend galas. Perhaps, if they did not, dinner would be on time every night.” The priest would conclude reading, immediately climbing to the tallest tower of the basilica to throw himself off.
  5. “Sounds perfect to wipe my arse with” Jokes Father Isidore.
  6. “Literally everyone and their mother is a noble now!” Exclaims Father Isidore.
  7. “What a hideous and futuristic portrait.” Comments anti-Victorian priest Isidore.
  8. Irl the Pope banned guns for civilians so i don’t see why the Emperor/King or whoever couldn’t do the same. Give at least shitty guns but stop with the trains and wigs.
  9. “Phew... good that even Senator May does not accept these despicable views. Otherwise, we might have to bring together a mob of Priorists to ‘assassinate’ another politician.” Says the racist priest, Isidore of Reza.
  10. Isidore of Reza does not read the entirety of the letter. Instead, he takes a look at the title and throws a b*tch fit.
  11. THESIS ON THE CANONSIST LIFESTYLE BY ACOLYTE WALDEMAR SARKOZIC 17 Godfrey’s Triumph, 1763 --- Introduction In the modern era many have forgotten what it means to be a true Canonist. More specifically, what the average Canonist must do in an average day. The chief authority on the lifestyle of the Canonist individual is the Scroll of Virtue, the first of the Holy Scrolls, received by Horen at the throne of Godan in Godanistya: the Seventh Sky, or the Holy Realm of Godan. The day-to-day life of a Canonist involves daily prayer, attending to daily labor, following the teachings of the Scroll of Virtue, and charity for the poor and ill. “I am the Lord God without peer, and My Word is the holy word, and My path is the virtuous path, and all the blessings of the Virtue shall fall before the righteous who tread it.” - Canticle of Faith IX Morning Prayer The morning prayer is how the faithful humble themselves before Godan. A morning prayer is a wonderful way to focus time and attention on seeking Godan's plan for a virtuous day. Whether you need encouragement, peace, strength, or rest, Godan will meet you in a real and present way when you come before Him with a humble heart. Praying to a particular saint is a way of requesting that they offer up a prayer to Godan. One must never underestimate the divine power of daily prayer. “So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not judge your own virtue, be it great or small, for all fall short of Me.” - Canticle of Humility VIII Diligence The day of the average Canonist involves labor. Godan created ways of easing labor, so that we can create new labors and new fruits. Labor is important in getting closer to Godan, because Godan has blessed us with the miracle of creation, and by creation shall we draw closer to the throne of Godan. Through our labors shall we discover strength of heart, whether we work in the fields or in the halls of government. “For I have blessed you with My miracle of creation, and you shall draw nearer to My throne by your labors. And you shall discover strength of heart as you work the forge and the plow.” - Canticle of Diligence VI - VII Life of Virtue The Scroll of Virtue is the guide by which Canonists seek to live a life of virtue. As the first scroll given by Godan it is arguably one of the most, if not the most, important. The scroll teaches that living a life of faith requires charity, temperance, diligence, patience, fidelity, and humility. Unlike the other scrolls, the Scroll of Virtue applies to heathens and Canonists alike. “And I am the Lord GOD without peer, and My power is the only power, and My eternity is the only eternity, and all the aeons of the Virtue shall sustain the righteous.” - Canticle of Humility IX Charity As Godan teaches us a good Canonist desires not the wealth of this world, but seeks the abundance of wealth that only faith in Godan can provide. The holy abundance of wealth provided by faith in Godan is greater than any prize in this realm, which is why a good Canonist must provide for those not given the gift of worldly wealth. Giving alms to the poor and healing the sick are just a few ways to do this. “I am the Lord GOD without peer, and My abundance is the holy abundance, and My wealth is the virtuous wealth, and all the blessings of the Virtue shall fall before the righteous who share it.” - Canticle of Charity XI Conclusion In this era of confusion some of our fellow men have forgotten what it means to be a faithful Canonist. The most important elements in the day of a Canonist involves humbling themself before Godan during morning prayer, maintaining diligent in their work to reap the fruits of Godan’s creation, to live a life of virtue by following the Scroll of Virtue, and finally by giving alms to the poor and healing the sick in order to accept that the greatest wealth is that of faith to Godan. By following the laws set out in the Scroll of Virtue, and by obeying the Church of that Canon that guards these laws, one can live a life of faith to Godan.
  12. “One can only hope the young Koeng lives up to his namesake.” States Waldemar Sarkozic.
  13. “The true Koeng’s of Haense” Remarks Acolyte Waldemar.
  14. “I was just sitting around and they called the police on me” Says brown man
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