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  1. "Rest In Peace, mi Lord Marshal." Comments Sergey Kovachev from the Seven Skies.
  2. "A woman as Palatine...? Now, that is quite the development." Comments the progressive priest, Father Ferdinand, Bishop of Ponce, as the missive reaches him from his residence in the Estate of Sedan.
  3. Father Ferdinand smiles the Sun's Smile as the missive makes its way to him in the Lands of Sedan. "Finally!" The Bishop said.
  4. Father Ferdinand submit the following response: "The House of Alimar!"
  5. An old Haenseman would read this study from the Seven Skies, remembering the days of Markev. A smile would come to his face as he remembers the downfall of Brog Dhoon, where the High Seneschal 'accidentally' dismantled the entirety of the Military District of Markev--Those were the days, indeed. @Seuss
  6. "Inshallah!" Shouts Father Ferdinand of Ponce from the window of his apartment. In celebration, the priest makes his way down to The Novellen tavern to buy himself a drink!
  7. THESIS ON THE DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS BY ACOLYTE JOSEPH DE JOANNES 7 Sigismund’s End, 1806 --- Introduction The absolute right of Kings has existed since the days when Exalted Horen was granted stewardship over the World, as King of Man. In modern times, the absolutist regime of the Pertinaxi emperors has left a sour taste in the mouths of those in the Canonist Realms. However, I say that as long as God truly guides the hand of the monarch, unlike the Pertinaxi, his rule should be without question. “‘See, Horen, your wife has borne y
  8. “Good to see you here on this day, brother. We shall begin quite simply. What is your name?” Joseph de Joannes “How old are you?” Approaching my sixteenth name-day “This question is obvious, but it is for the sake of these records. What race of the descendants are you of?” Human- Heartlander, more specifically “You are able to read and write, am I right?” Aye “And with that, I hope you are familiar with the Holy Scrolls and Catechism of our Church?” Aye “You are of course baptized?” Aye “Good,
  9. Sergey Kovachev welcomes Koeng Josef to Hell.
  10. A two year old Ludovar child rubs his fatty baby-hands together in a maniacal fashion, as he plots to pre-order an eligible bachelorette for future use.
  11. Heinrik van Rozenburk sheds a tear for the glorious King of Hanseti and Ruska." I pray to Godan for the Koeng's recover."
  12. Should’ve named the post, “Buck’s Super Awesome Monthly Mega-Appreciation.” https://m.imgur.com/a/z8CZwLl
  13. Following his execution by firing squad, Sergey Kovachev is sent to the Oblivion, where he is forced to suffer his worst nightmare: Sitting through a college lecture jointly taught by an educated woman and an elfski mage.
  14. 7th of Tov and Yermey, 356 E.S. The waters between Aeldin and Almaris. “I am here for you, my dear.” Sergey Kovachev said to his wife, Valeriya of Vasiland, as she looked down to her stomach. She was heavily pregnant. Aboard a ship, nonetheless. While many would describe her as a tough woman, ever she was frightened of the prospect of giving birth on this underequit vessel. They had been sailing for several days as they returned from visiting distant relatives in the lands of Aeldin. These were troubled waters, and they knew as much. The waters between the
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