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  1. Goblinberg


    An elderly creature lay somewhere around the tainted lands of arcas, where the inferis have been stomped onto it, merely observing an engraving of a rose resting on her biceps. A simple image, yet that excavated a wave of ancient memories, of events that she had experienced with a specific person. However, words came out of her dry lips with a raspy voice: "S-She has the answers. She has the eyes of the toad ... But is she still alive ...?". The towering being wondered unto herself with a bemused expression on the left side of her is face while her hideous features of the further side were m
  2. A grim creature became aware of Nuala's death or disappearance. A gasp ran away from her lips. "Who was that horrible demon who did this?!" She exclaimed, taken back from such a event
  3. OST It was a looming-vicious day, and as always the grim creature, named Ava was on its own, this time near a port with numerous ships. Her emotionless expression was filled with a light ease, and the most attentive would have noticed, that with her right hand she held between her steel, cold fingers a head which many will recognize; It was the infamous Nuala Uradir. Her headless body was resting without life onto a table. Slowly Ava herself arise her chin towards the ceiling where she was hiding, where the violent act has been done; many thoughts danced within her mind ... The demons' ap
  4. "I don't like Haelun'or. But I do prefer them than shades. And banishing the dragon kin is a shame. They're our protectors and elders..." a figure mumbled out as she scanned the missive.
  5. A grim creature heard of the news, or rather she sees the vision, and somehow seemed shocked at it. However, she continued to walk on her way ”Toads...? I don’t like this.”
  6. Some grim creature scanned over the missive, keeping in mind to visit this fortress, called Farrador. All she said would have been: “Will the people be blind and deaf. Or answer, this time?”
  7. MC Name (IGN): Djcrips Personas (Character) Name: Lawrence-smov Discord: Mine#7120 Timezone: gmt italian Persona’s Race: Half-elf? Persona’s Age: ??? Any particular skills: Skilled with weapons, music and smithing Affiliations and Allegiances: No one.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ov6lzqWjmk ╭─────────╮ Aline was sitting on a rock within the embrace of a taller hill, glancing at the horizon and the news of the death of the silver walls leaped into her ears, her hands adorned with steel gauntlets tightened onto the helmet to remove it and then tie it tightly on her belt with a ancient rope; her wicked, scarred countenance crossed an excited smile, especially unto hear whoever was part of it, of an Impure being... an acquaintance, nothing more than anything else. Her thoughts were enveloped by kind, soft whisp
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