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  1. Your events and emotes  are really great and enjoyable, you can manage many people with ease. and finally thank god that there is an ET that does something, keep it up with your events. ❤️

  2. “I know this beast very well, more than you can think. But he has committed different crimes in our city, we don't care if he’s an impure or such, we’ll capture him.” A guard would murmur, shaking her head slightly.
  3. Discord: Fooldude#7120 Skin: RED FUR DRESS. Bid: 1150 Skin: PLATE ARMOR bid: 1500
  4. "We would have caught him if he hadn't used the ability of double emoting and running away from rp." a Guard grumbled.
  5. [!] Posters with a fairly elegant calligraphy would be attached in every neighborhoods of Ves [!] A drawing without color is painted over the posters. Name: Haedir Ithilien/ Illiran. Reasons: Warlock(Dark mage), Resisted arrest from the guards. Location: Last seen in the city of Ves, has escaped inside the city. Probably even Llyria. Rewards: if dead 250 minas, if alive 450. Bring a proof of his death or himself to a member of The army of Kaedrin Warnings: He’s a dangerous high elf warlock with a psychopath mentality, he usually goes around adorned in a plate armor and armed with a longsword. Approach him with caution and not alone. [!] A seal of Kaedrin's Army is placed upon the posters.
  6. “**** YEAH.” A red-head halfling screams alongside the human!
  7. "Yes, kiss my ass" A random Hallfing halfling would say
  8. “Karyssmov has a ******* brain and he isn’t a cultist, nor kills people for stupid reasons."an halfling exclaimed “Some demons are actually nice.”
  9. “HOOGA BOOGA, DARK MAGICSSSSSSSSSS, EVIL!” An halfling would exclaim to the demon
  10. “Even a bad one! let’s see how it ends.” A halfling shakes her head, offering a bundle of popcorn to the mercenary
  11. “Bullshit!” Lawrence exclaimed confusedly.
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