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  1. “ You ******* degenerate of an Harlot, you did nothing and you will never be capable to do something, it is useless for you to boast yourself and believe to be on a plane above of the others. If you'll try to make a false move, you will end up under a grave." A Young-looking elf exclaimed to Vexalia, looking very angry.
  2. Goblinberg

    The Swamp

    Raviolino the fat Gobbo goes in stealth mode.
  3. “Good one.” The midget raised her right thumb towards the brute
  4. “maybe he hasn't been the greatest Wizard, but surely he was a great and good person” An halfling wisely answers to the former dark stalker
  5. bruh...

    1. bromadan


      Big oof 

  6. Maya agrees with Pale Pot, they're both improper
  7. “yeehaw!” An halfling exclaimed to the sheriff
  8. Kelia formed a slight frown over her visage, remained silent, watching the announcement with a blank stare.
  9. I loved you,,, but now I love you even more
  10. A man laughed out loud to see how much stupid Solaire was. "a very fool move, silversteed"
  11. Kana shut upppp, u are the first toxic s m h
  12. and here is how Oren and Renatus become friends
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