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  1. MC Name (IGN): Djcrips Personas (Character) Name: Lawrence-smov Discord: Mine#7120 Timezone: gmt italian Persona’s Race: Half-elf? Persona’s Age: ??? Any particular skills: Skilled with weapons, music and smithing Affiliations and Allegiances: No one.
  2. This is where i cry
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ov6lzqWjmk ╭─────────╮ Aline was sitting on a rock within the embrace of a taller hill, glancing at the horizon and the news of the death of the silver walls leaped into her ears, her hands adorned with steel gauntlets tightened onto the helmet to remove it and then tie it tightly on her belt with a ancient rope; her wicked, scarred countenance crossed an excited smile, especially unto hear whoever was part of it, of an Impure being... an acquaintance, nothing more than anything else. Her thoughts were enveloped by kind, soft whispers who urged her to say phrases as not very truculent than her joy of such knowledge: "Indeed, you and I are not so different, i was right. We are both catalysts of chaos, yet who manage to create something from it, start things from scratch , from the ashes that we created; with the flames we have lit up. We can change everything... " She chimed into a noisy laughter which continued to echoed all over the place where she was present for a afew seconds, it was as if she was talking to someone but nobody was present. One hand waved causally, then moved to the side of the letter that her gray-colored eyes were scanning carefully. "Kina, Evelon, Anethra...- I have to make sure they are alright, safe, The other good-... p-people..." A worried tone ran away from her dried lips, but afterwards it returned grim as usual: "And Nuala, i bet her head ain't been beheaded yet." She rose from the rock where she was sitting, her hands began to tear slowly the letter with a weak fingers-motion and a uneasy breath wandered within her skull. She shook her head once. "The wicked isn't slayed yet. The shades are still wandering about, and some high elf is definitely still alive. It is not ended, yet ... not yet. My duty will continue...but." A pause was proclaimed, a pensive status grew along the back of the towering figure. She was thinking about something, a thick thought struck herself, and then... The restless figure shook both her hands away and the letter pieces floated down, getting lost in the middle of the hill environment. "And my-...mine, Adeline. I need to find her ...- She's my only alliance, family and friend. No one else. Where she is-My promise... i won’t-... I must! I-I’m... "She cried out in a rather aggressive tone, In the misery that she could no longer see one of the many people she loved, as if she were her own member of the family. She could not afford another loss. And she knew it. A lot of muster comments were becoming undoing in the midst of her mind, a lot of dismal thoughts stepped up. After that, she began to rearrange her helmet, pulling off the rope with a brutal force-act, her steps made her move away from the place; her restless purpose, the goal that she had set in her head to accomplish was not yet completed. Perhaps impossible...But her reckless way of acting, all she had gone through. The misadventures and the people who had given her a push to continue; Were not forgotten. Included in the family of frost witches, and of her old court. Pale pot, Raja- were names which’ve given her the force to not turn around. And as for now, She went on on her path, onward. with a further objective in her doing. ╰─────────╯
  4. A taller figure smiled beneath the helmet, she’d prepare herself for the coming event!
  5. Goblinberg

    pIxEl rAt

    Make maya
  6. A taller, long-hooded figure stood adorned in a common plate armor, the news recently came in her ear. Her hands clenched into fists as she held her gaze in front of Gehenna's manor, her breathing was heavy and her arms trembling. "My sister ... even you ... I couldn't do anything." She murmured weakly, clearly troubled by her stammering voice. "You and I walked a dark pact. Yet we got out of it, even if not together ... I had to be next to you, I failed, i failed you. And I failed our father." She had a hatred for this considered father, even if there was a minimum of respect. "How many more will have to leave. How much you will still take from me?" She continued to comment in that grim fashion and after a few seconds she turned in a jerk of her legs, to forget about such forgotten life. Leaving the mannor behind and whom was within it.
  7. “Of course. Suticans attack the weakest... I hate bullies...” A old human looking person would murmur out as she’d hear about the incoming odd, friendly war...?
  8. Aline rubs her hands, ready to activate her Italian spirit
  9. Goblinberg


    If you want to join another server and a group of mine(which magic is a thing). Hit me up on discord.
  10. An ancient figure landed on the grassy ground below her to assume a meditation stance, in her ear the news of the famous rudy dark elf echoed like a soft lullaby. Usually she would mourn the dead out of respect. But this time she was smiling with a wicked grin onto her lips, clearly joyful of his disappearance. One less problem, one problem solved. ”Finally the monstrous, foolish people are dying. The afterlife has taken a lot from me, it's time for someone else to fall into the scratches of it.” She grumbled loudly, And she'd return to meditate in her usual situation. With the thought of her daughter always within her mind.
  11. The concept is actually pretty lit
  12. God, why is people so obsessed to wipe MAs and TAs. I actually never had any big problems with Arcanist-dudes, idk... it’s unneeded.
  13. Maya would just read the missive and she blinked a few times, Now wanting to encounter this fellow improper.
  14. “Calling, My adeline a frost witch! Pfff.. XION!- Bold statament!” Maya's forehead began to give off a drop of sweat, having a slight suspicion. Afterwards, releasing a relaxed breath. “Adeline is not a wicked beast. Perhaps in the past, but past is past. Today, she’s ADELINE, a sweet and good woman. Wherever you are, Adeline. Do take care, i’ll await for you.” Maya mumbled out as she scanned the missive with her eye once again.
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