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  1. Maya somewhere in arcas will murmur a prayer, respecting the death of the poor Elvira. "I hope Kor awaits you with a gentle embrace in front of his gates-...to show you a new calmer path for you, Elvira."
  2. “Uh-uho... Beckett... i’m not so surprised.” Maya grumbled
  3. "Says the one who almost got killed by a halfling" Maya Remarked to the depressed skinny Aheral
  4. "Go away. You're the next " the rather small woman grumbled at the skinny impure
  5. “Good one... SISTER!” Maya called out, lifting up a hand to offer a high five.
  6. Unblock me on discord, you tentacled n word guy.
  7. "Hey, the other day your dear empire has had kidnapped in front of the gates a innocent human who was just visiting Haleunor and they've even stole her food and haense has raided our silver state a lot of times, trying to harm the poor citizen of the place! Y'all aren't innocent either." Maya grumbled
  8. Honestly why do you people care if we use guns?.. 

    You absolute buffoon, smooth brain.  Because they're not lore accepted and they break the techlock. I know Oren in someway wants to win; because y'all are too much mentally slow to do it normally without breaking rules, but at least try to make the situation less  worse for you or don't say random shits to look smart. You enormous jackass clown. @Dyl

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Goblinberg


      @seannie ‘Immortal elven mage’ zzzz. y'all are so repetitive, but all right. i guess, just go around and break rules and use cannons. if you really like it.  and if you can't make the lore accepted, it's your fault. find a way to make things balanced,  but in the end; i really don’t care.

    3. TheAlphaMoist


      @seannie sorry to break it to you chap, but elven mage rpers arent the ones shooting you down. It’s two admins who don’t even play on the server. You’re just being immature and hostile to a playerbase that literally has nothing to do with the gun decision. 

    4. Goblinberg


      He’s saying about ‘Elven mages’. because they raided Haleun’or with cannons and muskets(or even normally and always failing),  Lmao. i guess he’s just salty.

  9. -------= Apprenticeship or Work within the White Stag Tavern =------- OOC: Discord ID: [Fooldude#7120] Minecraft IGN: __djcrips_________ RP Information Name: Maya Noirette Race: cool small Human Preferred Position: EVERYTHING Previous Experience: i don’t remember [1-2 Sentences]
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