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  1. Goblinberg


    Agreed, Anyways it's a good writing!
  2. Goblinberg

    [Bounty] Tainted Spriggan | Difficult

    A tall figure in armor scratched his helmet with his right hand and began to shake his head, Glaring at the article in question. ”I think I'll have to call the whole group again and Yew will have to come too..” The tall figure spoke in a worried tone, beginning to prepare the letters to be sent to the entire group.
  3. Goblinberg

    The Eternal College

    [[OOC]] IGN:Gioia24 Discord [Optional]: owo#7120 [[IC]] Name:Maya Hiro D’eril Noirette Vitreous Warde or Aische Race: Halfling Age: Not so Old School(s) and Certifications applying to: The School of Magic( Master’s Certification of Magical Ability in the Arcane), The Institute of Progress( Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in the Bestiary) The Academy of Ethics and Culture (Doctor’s Certification of Ability in Thought, Master’s Certification of Ability in Music Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in History Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in Psychology) For now. Magics known prior: Domestic Magic Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?: Depends, But is surely a Yes Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: Ja
  4. Goblinberg

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Gioia24 One person gave this shield to my character How you got it: One person gave this shield to my character(From Nafari/Ravena)
  5. All very nice, I like it! 1+
  6. Goblinberg


    Common Registration (Duel Only)- RP Name: Maya Hiro D’eril Noirette Vitreous Warde or Aische MC Name: Gioia24 Age: Young Race: Halfling
  7. Goblinberg

    [✗] [Creature Lore] Razorskarner

    Spooky pooky Zar’ei but good, that’s a big 1+
  8. Goblinberg

    PosidonX7's Event Team Actor application

    I'm not saying he didn't do bullshit, Yeah ... Posidon more than once did Powergaming and also with me, he did even other things too. I just say not to criticize him too much for his past things, but more for the value of his app (even if it sucks for you). I had seen that you were responding to my comment, so I thought that your comment was also referred to me, sorry!
  9. Goblinberg

    PosidonX7's Event Team Actor application

    I've never done an event in all of my life. for the reputation I can highly clean up my ass with it(I would have a lot to say about who speaks badly about me), not all the communities speak badly of me and I don't care what people have say and even if I'm wrong, not for this I do not have to fix if I see errors that people do, but ... following your logic, I can not do it because i've a bad reputation?( As I said, I'm Neutral, I do not care about how this app or other stuff could end up.
  10. Sometimes he may seem rude, but he's person who can be serious and responsible. 1+
  11. Goblinberg

    PosidonX7's Event Team Actor application

    We are accusing Posidonx7 for errors in the Lore and things rply, also counting the toxicity, It reflects your own characteristics, ya know? Notice from your response and reaction, I think I'm absolutely right, people are criticizing Posidonx7 for these things, not for the content of his app or what he could do in the future with this role.
  12. Goblinberg

    PosidonX7's Event Team Actor application

    If I can say mine, you are the last person who should criticize PosidonX7, an 8-year-old child, who manages to resist a fist of a steel hands on its cheek or even resist a thunderbolt and only have the ' fur not so much burned, you should not talk (I didn't add that, you wanted to dodge a bolt of a crossbow, which was pointed on your head). In addition to this, I will remain netrual in this vote and if Posidonx7 was wrong to make his RP as a zar'ei, it's not just all his fault, since there's no real specific guide to how to play an inferi (like most of the lore on this server). (Yes, once even when I was new, I wanted to dodge a crossbow shot, I'm just anticipating the people who will come to say it). Just to try to give to Posidon a trial, maybe he’ll manage to overcome it.
  13. Goblinberg


    I hope you’ll get better soon and I will see to download runescape!