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  1. In the dark of the night; owls sang in unison with the silence of the moonlight coming from the abyssal sky an event is approaching. A mysterious festival filled of events, hideous fancy dishes; and even free alcohol , ready to be tasted by the victims who dare to wander within the event! And whoever enters it is hoped that they're ready to show off their skills, if they are appreciated by the judges; great rewards will be offered, such as: Jewels, swords, minas and more. The costume Contest: Hopefully, the adventurers have prepared themselves to mingle within the creatures of the night, in frightening and dreadful scary costumes! Talent Contest Obviously an adventurer always has an ace up their sleeve, a special skill! a contest of talents will be present, so that they can show off their abilities( Ie dancing, showing off your magical power, singing and so on!) Horror Stories contest: A much calmer challenge, which serves to tell the stories of terror; the same stories which make your pure soul tremble out of fear. who'd tell the most macabre story will overcome the others! Drinking contest: Who would be ready, attemping to drink some unusual drinks, which could make the bigger knight pass out. whoever resists getting drunk wins! And for the more brutal, brave strong adventurers an alternative challenge; who will be ready to extract a greatsword which adorns the Uradir's symbol from the rock! obviously every alternative has a price. I (Maya Noirette) and Anethra Uradir decided to form this unique, spooky themed event; the idea comes from both. our job is to create entertaiment within the walls, where Lessers and pure High elves will be welcome at this odd festival, ball? whatever it is! please do come and remember to come in costume... and with a smile.(OOC:Event will occur this Saturday at 4:30 pm est).
  2. “Hmm...” A halfling hummed casually as she peered over the missive
  3. “Ah... Daichia...” A particular Ker mourned at the news of Daichia.
  4. “Don’t worry, Maya the ******* halfling will take care about it.” Maya the ******* halfling said
  5. chad
  6. do you ever just.. 🤡

    1. Goblinberg



  7. Maya offered a pleased smile as her left eye scrutinized every word of the letter, did not trust Salvare at all. but it gave her a chance to act. "Even as an enemy, you are useful. I thank you Vas Vincrute." The halfling muttered to herself, descending the sutican’s stairs, to wander off the place A seer formed a thoughtful frown, but said nothing besides tearing the missive with his hands
  8. well... yikes?

  9. “Cursed.” A woman mumbled out
  10. "Well ..." The halfling was speechless for a deep minute as she tried to concenpate the news without being shocked by the bad news. she clasped her hands in front of her and then headed towards sutica. "Maybe I should ..." she mumbled simply, continuing on her way
  11. Goblinberg

    Frozen and Fading

    Lady crips The now, old trusted ally, and former Eileen's enemy. the one who stole from the spectres and almost destroyed their place, leaders for her; she heard the news of a certain queen who had been killed, she remained motionless by hearing this, sitting on a chair with her legs crossed while her pale, dull expression looked at the horizon. "I found my way, mother. thank you." She said as one hand rose to squeeze her left arm; where an engraving of a rose was drawn over her brown-ish skin. her voice was distant, someone couldn't easily perceive what the wee lady was feeling. though after that she remained silent, surrounded by thoughts and awaiting for THE upcoming story.
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