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  1. Netherworld15

    The First Sutican Fight Night!

    Alfius would sigh, Theodora insisting he go. He wrote his own name down and began preparations.
  2. Netherworld15


    Alfius attended the cornation, though didn’t stay for the whole event as he had other business to attend to. As he walked out the door, he muttered, “You’ll do well kid, I’m sure.” Dresden laughed for a good five minutes, and after wiping a few tears, said, ”Oh boy, this oughta be good!”
  3. Netherworld15


    Alfius Elpyne would look tiredly over his stacks of papers and letters as he thought of the missive he had read earlier. He chuckled. ”I guess we’ll soon see how this turns out.” he said, before quickly falling asleep at his desk. Dresden Ault would briefly glance over the missive. ”Huh, no wonder Adria is so odd. Their minds are just as messed up as their Duke’s bloodline.” he chuckled to himself.
  4. Netherworld15

    [RECRUITING] Silverledge

    * means required to answer. OOC Information: *IGN: Netherworld15 Timezone: EST *Are you willing to be active? Yes *Are you willing to show up to warclaims? If I can attend, I will come Roleplay Information: *Full Name: Alfius Elpyne *Age: 27 *Race: Human *Are you willing to swear allegiance to Adria and swear fealty to its ruler? Yes Optional OOC Questions: Have you ever been with Adria before? Did you enjoy your last experience? Yes, I live in Adria. It is a beautiful place with a very deep culture. Do you have a plan on what you want to do? Or perhaps suggestions for improvement? I would serve as the Imperial Ministry’s Captain over Silverledge and apothecary What do you know of, or wish to know of, Adria? More than enough. I don’t really need to know anything else.
  5. Netherworld15

    The Eternal College

    [[OOC]] IGN: Netherworld15 Discord: pundimonium#9142 [[IC]] Name: Zekuru Dragoni Race: Dark Elf Age: 97 School: Institute of Progress – Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in the Bestiary, Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in General Craft Prior Magic: N/A Teaching Interest: possibly Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: Indeed
  6. Netherworld15

    Adrian Magic Licenses and Policies

    [!] Another notice would be posted throughout Adria, right next to the previous one. ”Citizens of Adria,” it began, ”Recently, a Ministry was founded under the Imperial protection of the Emperor Augustus himself. Its founding was a predecessor to the current one instated by me. They, however, had been working on it for some time, way before mine though it was only instated recently. Therefore, I have been instructed to relay to you these new laws, which are posted underneath this notice, these laws apply to Adria and every other domain under the Empire and will trump any previous laws regarding magic completely. I will still be in control of the Adrian Ministry Branch, however, under the guidance of the Ministry of Magical Affairs We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and miscommunication, however we will do our best to make sure this does not reoccur. Thank you.” - Alfius Elpyne, Court Mage of Adria ((New Law Links))
  7. Netherworld15

    Adrian Magic Licenses and Policies

    [!] Notices would be hung in every tavern and notice board in The Duchy of Adria. ”Citizens of Adria” it began, “On the 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 1697, magic was legalized within the Duchy of Adria. While some may argue against it, I assure you, it is for the better. Mages shouldn’t have to hide the fact that they prefer knowledge to the sword, it’s simply a part of them. Also, I understand that this will have multiple contradictions with the Canonist Church and I sure you, we may meet in person to discuss such if any wish. Now, this magic usage doesn’t exactly come free, because as foolish as some might think this ordeal to be, it’s actually quite well thought through. If one wishes to obtain a magic license they must follow the given directions, which are shown on this notice. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a letter or come find me in person, I am more than happy to talk. - Best Regards, Court Mage Alfius Elpyne Adrian Magic Licenses and Policies REGARDING MAGIC USAGE: The Adrian laws and regulation policies for magic within the Duchy are as follows, and are subject to change: ACT I: In order to perform magic within the Duchy, one must legally and officially obtain a magic license via the Adrian Magic Ministry. Obtaining a license through any other means is illegal within the Duchy and will result in a fine of 2000 minus and possible expulsion from the Duchy depending on the severity. An official license includes a seal of approval from the Ministry, forgery of this seal is an illegal offense against the Duchy and will also result in the punishment stated before. ACT II: For one to obtain a magic license they must undergo the tests and assessments determined by the ministry. Failure to comply or failure to pass will result in the revoking of a magic license application. The tests will usually consist of an interview and a demonstration of skill, unless the ministry deems otherwise. ACT III: Magic is NOT allowed to be used on another person within the Duchy, outside of self-defense, unless they have given proper consent. Disregarding this rule is considered a felony, regardless of what happened, and will result in expulsion from the Duchy or even death. ACT IV: Only certain magics are allowed for license application within the Duchy and are as follows: Evocation (Any) Arcanism Conjuration Telekenesis Transfiguration Any other magic type or branch outside of this list is unsuitable for a license and the practice of it is prohibited within the Duchy. This list may be subject to change. REGARDING LICENSES: The policies on Magic Licenses are below: ACT I: In order to obtain a magic license, one must make an official application handed out by the ministry. Afterwards, the applicant will be called to undergo a series of tests and interviews from the Ministry to determine whether or not they are fit for a license. A fee of 500 mina will be required for a permit and potential license. i. If they pass, a magic applicant will be given a magic permit. This will permit them to cast spells no greater than that of a T3 Mage. A magic permit user cannot perform magic outside of an emergency situation, which must have at least two unbiased witnesses present. Failure to regard these rules will result in the holder having their permit stripped from them and they may not reapply for at least two saint’s weeks. ACT II: After holding onto the permit for three saint’s weeks, the mage may apply for a magic license if the ministry finds their record compliant with the given rules and has no violations. However, simply because a license for their magic, doesn’t mean they can use any magic they want, only the one(s) they applied for. If one already had a license for one magic and wished to be able to use another as well, they must take it to the ministry for approval, though you will not have to undergo the permit phase again unless seen fit. i. A magic license will allow the holder to perform T5 Magics as long as they follow the list and any other previous rules regarding magic in general. They may perform magic outside of self defense, though using it to threaten others regardless of hurting them or not, is illegal and will result in the invalidation of your license. REGARDING MAGICAL ITEMS AND FAMILIARS: ACT I: Magical items are permitted within the Duchy as long as it has official approval from the Duchy. If a magically imbued item is used within the Duchy without approval, the ministry retains every right to confiscate the item in question indefinitely. i. In order to obtain a magic item license, one must simply have the ministry inspect the given item and approve it. ACT II: A familiar must undergo the same testing and approval as a magical item would, as well as a detailed description of the core used. ACT III: Only certain types of magical items are allowed within the Duchy and must follow the given criteria, which is subject to change: i. A magical item must follow this list: a. A magical item/familiar cannot do harm in any way or inflict any effect to a person within the Duchy b. A magical item/familiar may only be imbued with Arcane magic. Failure to obey these rules will result in the item/familiar confiscated and potentially destroyed. [!] There would be some more writing at the bottom. ”Again, we should all put aside our differences and all come together to build a better and brighter future for Adria, after all isn’t that what every citizen of a nation wishes for? To better their nation? We should do the same. This is a big step for Adria, but let’s not lose our footing in this leap, but rather to have it help us to balance ourselves and have an even firmer foundation.”
  8. Netherworld15

    Pun of the Week

    Oy vey. It’s been a long week so sorry if this is a little late. I’ll try to be more constant in the future, but that may not apply to my puns. Here are some more jokes and jests for you to indulge upon: The first computer dates back to Adam and Eve. It was an apple with limited memory, just one byte, then everything crashed. Receptionist: “Doctor, there's a patient on line one saying they’re invisible.” Doctor: “Tell them I can’t see him right now.” Don’t trust atoms, they make up everything. There you go. Again, sorry this was late. Hope you enjoyed your puns and I’ll have more next week for you. I now bid you adieu.
  9. Netherworld15

    Pun of the Week

    New year, new me, new puns. I have come back to grace you all with my presence and more comedy. Also, if you have an idea for a better way I should organize this so I’m not spamming the Ask Me Anything forum, please feel free to let me know. Now, let’s get down to it: eBay is so useless. I tried to look up lighters and all they had was 171,639 matches. A Mexican magician was doing a magic trick. He said uno, dose, and disappeared without a trace. To the mathematician who thought of zero, thanks for nothing! There ya go! I hope you though roughly enjoy and if you didn’t that's really sad and you should get that checked.
  10. Netherworld15

    Pun of the Week

    Alright, so . . . most of you probably don’t know me and that’s you're problem. Anyway, I decided to have a pun of the week, well actually its more like ‘puns’ of the week since I will give usually 2-3 puns per week. If I don’t well then screw me because some people are busy and occasionally (rarely) have actual lives. But anyway, to the main point, I just wanted to make some puns and some posts so here we go: Claustrophobic people are better thinking outside of the box. Atheism is a Non-Prophet organization I ordered 2000 lbs of Chinese soup yesterday, it was WON TON. And there you have it, those are some simply puns to either brighten your day, or just ruin your life completely. It’s totally up to you. Enjoy (or don’t).
  11. Netherworld15

    [PK] Death of a Dad

    This legit made me wanna cry.
  12. Netherworld15

    Belvitz Maer Elections, 1694

    Name: Alfius Constance Chronus Age: 25 Address: 3 Soothsayer’s Square
  13. Full Name: Alfius Constance Chronus City of Residency: Belvitz Year of Birth: 1669 Adress: 10 Wheezer Way
  14. Netherworld15


    Leinad is a Heartlander who grew up in an orphanage in Renatus and knows little to nothing of his parentage. All he was left with was a journal that contains no visible writing. He once saw a magic show in the town square one day and was amazed by it. Because of this he has made it his life's ambition to learn the various branches of magic. He will learn magic from anyone who will teach him. He also wants to discover what is in his journal as it would be pointless to leave somebody with a blank book, it may contain secrets on his parentage. He is smart, ambitious, and witty. He can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.