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The Deific Hierarchy/Higher Powers List


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The Deific Hierarchy and Higher Powers List

This list is meant to cover the current higher powers that may interact with groups on the server (e.g. Tahariae and how he might send a vision to his followers). Along with their name will be a link to their lore page and show who has permission to RP as them during events. Each event must be run past the LT to ensure no abuse is being done/no one is simply furthering their own agenda.


In order to gain permission to use these during events, send me or another LT manager a PM and we will get things sorted out (only do this if you have knowledge on the higher power being requested or if you had prior permission and want to gain it again).



At this time primordials will not be actively interacting with the realm nor will they be RP’d.



A Primordial is a greater entity that is seldom found to be interfering with the likes of mortal men. Their kind are few and they exist in a state of bliss and quiet, knowing that being the most powerful entities in existence, their position at the top of the hierarchy is unquestionable. Primordials consider themselves beings of absolute knowing and authority. They mimic the Creator in many ways, but mostly through how they choose to be simple observers - self-proclaiming themselves as caretakers of life. They are defined by their age, being the oldest of all greater beings, allowing them to accumulate power through tethers to the void, acquired long before the other aengudaemons came into existence. As such, they do not define themselves as either Aengul or Daemon, believing it incorrect to pick a side.



Aengudaemons are generally not RP’d outside of visions and interactions of that nature due to the fact that they rarely ever manifest inside the mortal realm. Lore for them can be found here: 






Elder - Gazardiel


A position suited primarily for Gazardiel which defines his self-proclamation to the position above Arch, having ridden himself of the title to suit his own desires, the title of Arch became a title of falsity for he, who desired a respectable position; the position of Elder Aengul isn't necessarily official albeit presents the magic Gazardiel pertains due to the surplus of power he wields.


Arch Aengul - Aeriel | Arch Daemon - Iblees


The Arch Aengul and Arch Daemon exist as the most powerful of their kind. The Archs hold the highest authority over their kind. The title of Arch Aengul and Arch Daemon may be contested, but among the seven skies a great tension is built over this idea. A war of Aengudaemons would be a destructive one indeed.


Aenguls and Daemons


Aenguls are the most common of their ethereal kind, and are defined as Aenguls by siding themselves under the Arch-Aengul and commonly wish only for deeds of pure and positive intent. They mostly exist to benefit mortal kind, albeit it in ways that would suit their own ideals.


A Daemon is a being that wishes to suppress the mortals, usually for a variety of reasons in a variety of ways. A Daemon is usually depicted to be 'evil', or have negative intent. While this isn't strictly true, Daemons commonly go about making their ideals known through questionable intent, relying on corruption, deception and death.


Aengul List




Xan - Delmodan

The Aspects (Cerridwen, Cernunnos, Nemiisae) - Delmodan

Tahariae - FlamboyantSpigot

The Wandering Wizard (Deceased) - N/A



Malchediael - Aelesh




Yeu Rthulu - FlamboyantSpigot


Daemon List



These are beings that have a more active role in being played due to them being more active (for the most part) in realm. While these are technically patrons of Dragur, they are extensive enough that they are receiving their own section.




Greater Dragonkin


Azdromoth - Freema

Mordring - knghtArtorias



Neridraza (stuck in mortal form) - Freya




Lesser Dragonkin






Patrons (In the process of being updated)


A Patron, by simple definition is a mortal that has been raised into power in order to act as the hand, or servant of the Deity that has empowered them. They may bear albeit is not limited to ichor coursing through their system that is active, and has replaced a good portion of their innards in which the Patron is now able to achieve feats unlike before; weaving light would be insignificant to the Keepers of Xan compared to what they were prior to transcending. Albeit it was Iblees who bore the first Patrons renown for their wicked blight and seething fire that scorched the lands of Aegis and Aegisians alike, and in turn Aeriel birthed her Holy Order of the Ascended to combat the unrelenting force of fire and blight.


Each, to their own, as time passed some Aenguldaemons interacted with the descendants more so than others, and offspring were birthed-- not inherently from the aenguldaemonic war, but through creations of their own to which the Mori'quessir and Kharajyr were born, the former deriving from the Aspect Nemiisae whereas the other came from Metztli, the Daemon of Time; these are renown amidst a grand portion of the Pantheon as lessers, inbred, or otherwise unworthy of their Patronage; they’re often discarded by other Deities and left to worship their own Gods.


Although legitimate Patrons, such as the Keepers, are forged from the core of an Aenguldaemons realm to which the Deity in question will empower the mortal to great lengths, often causing the wielder of the magic to pertain a large sum of ichor coursing through their system to act as a stable catalyst for the surplus of magic circulating around their very being. Some cases have been documented albeit isn’t solely confined to those currently known-- surely, some may lurk within the shadows unbeknownst to the Deities or descendants. They aren't solely subject to ichor, and they're able to be born in a variety of ways-- hence the Dragaar.




Xan - Sol Invicta - Perrin

Iblees - Undead

Tayl - Found in the thread above


Shaman Spirits

For now, only MT/LT members (and ET who get permission) are allowed to RP Spirits until the Shamanism clarification project is completed. This will be updated once said project is completed. For a list of the current spirits, please check the spoiler below:





This sections a mix of different creatures that are not part of any deific related grouping, but still have a significant amount of power at their disposal.


Apparitions - Zarsies

Voidal Behemoths


Credits: Tsuyose for posting the original Deific Hierarchy thread/Patron thread.

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