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AT Update Log- October

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October Monthly Update Log

Pumkin Head

db2 by RBSRdesigns


New Player Data


Hey guys, Sorry for having a bit of a late start on this. As always, here is our detailed monthly report.

For main races, racial distribution has been relatively the same most months. Humans made up a little under 60% of the overall accepted applicants, Elves being the second most chosen race at 23.5%. Dwarves has decently high numbers again at third place and ~12% of the total numbers. Halflings, Orcs, and Kha made up the final 6% of new players. There was a total of two Halflings, two Orcs, and one Kharajyr in the month of October.


Now onto the information for subraces.. The great majority of Humans did not choose their sub race (About 38%). The most abundant sub race when specified were the Highlanders. Nearly evenly matched were the Heartlanders, and then the Farfolk had the least population. The Elves in particular were interesting to look over this time around. While previous months have been fairly even between all of the sub races, Snow Elves dominated the chart at 42%. Wood Elves made about ¼ of the numbers while High Elves and Dark Elves followed behind almost equally. Only one new Elf did not specify their sub race. The majority of Dwarves decided on going down the path of a Mountain Dwarf, while the remainder did not choose a sub race. For Orcs, there was one Goblin and the other with no sub race.


Figure a1. Accepted applicant distribution by race (n=84).




Figure a2. Accepted applicant distribution by subrace (n=84).



In the spoiler below, you will find a list of the new players accepted to the server, be sure to reach out to these people and introduce yourself if you have time!

Table 1. Accepted applicant name and race.




New Player List
Hyper_Warrior Human Heartlander Xera_ Orc Goblin
Ciscodeaux Human Heartlander Drakarias Snow Elf
snoejen25 Human Farfolk Varvan Firestone Mountain Dwarf
crystalrain Human Highlander Endershadow292 Mountain Dwarf
Caprous Human Gaymon Dwarf
Requarth Human Farfolk CrownedLime747 Human Highlander
PunchedPayload Snow Elf CarlaNinja Human
Jessy Human Highlander ItzCosmiq Human Highlander
Mindpanic Orc RaffledVin Human Heartlander
ThePartyGuest Human Heartlander Potatoman Human Highlander
KrustyTheWaffle Human PremiumMint Human Highlander
TreeLeaf High Elf Jesslowell12 Human Highlander
SmollestBean Halfling McManEclipse Human Heartlander
Evangelli Human Eolach Human
KingInDaNorf Human Wizardteepot Human Highlander
TakeTwo Human Heartlander xLqved Mountain Dwarf
Fauny Wood Elf PenCharger Human
PosidonX7 Human Highlander Meep Merp Wood Elf
Selenzr12 Human Heartlander LionEY Mountain Dwarf
Iconodulist Human Celezaram Mountain Dwarf
katarinaroscha Snow Elf Spo0KeySh0W Human Farfolk
Benged Human Highlander Wholesome_Thomas Human Heartlander
ChocoSurprise Human Heartlander Henry_James High Elf
Calith Wood Elf VitaCoco Snow Elf
Fig Human Heartlander Boreas Snow Elf
OneWeekendAMonth Human Arman Human
Leasaur Snow Elf theylove Dark Elf
Patrick T Human FrozenGoddess High Elf
McWitty Human Highlander ElderShrub Human Farfolk
Hook Human HeatR Human Heartlander
Tidgemo Human Highlander Boomboxdoom23 Human
nikitare Dark Elf    
StevenWeen Human Highlander    
jucmaluco Forest Dwarf    
CarnalPlum Human    
AzieOwos Mountain Dwarf    
Sparrow26 Elf    
Pendragon Human    
BillyBob Dwarf    
Krintor Snow Elf    
NorlandTheNovice Snow Elf    
14071998 Halfling    
Malachi1210 Human    
Jessery Wood Elf Human Highlander    
Tahrovin Wood Elf    
Javlyn Kharajyr    
NatsuDragneel Human    
Jack_Castle Mountain Dwarf    





While our acceptance rate was particularly low during September compared to other months, the following month certainly made up for that with 79% out of 106 applications in total being brought onto the server. That’s 84 new members to the community! We definitely always push to teach applicants and assist them as much as possible rather than denying a flawed application, and this really shows that effort. Exactly ½ of wandering souls were accepted and implemented right away. ~29% were placed on pending before inevitably being accepted with assistance from our team members, while the other ~10% on pending were unfortunately denied. There was an automatic denial rate of ~10% as well. This could have been due to many factors, as usual- broken rules, wrong format, being a banned player alting, etc.


Figure b. Distribution of application results (n=106).



It’s wonderful to see the variety of players we get from all over the globe. Americans were in the majority, at ~68% of the total accepted player count. Europeans were seconds, making ~29% of our new players. We also gladly welcome 3 new members to the community from the Oceania time zone.


Figure c. Distribution of accepted player timezones (n=84).



Member Additions and Resignations/Removals


With many departures including one of our amazing managers and a few of our hardest working members, this has definitely been a difficult month for the Application Team. Nonetheless, we’re gained some great new additions to the team who are mostly returning members, and plan on adding three more new members very soon. Toss in your app if you're interested, we're still doing interviews!









Bonus content!! Promotion:

With the departure of our wonderful manager LordCommander, we needed another hard working and friendly individual to fill his shoes. While still quite new to the team, Sky has picked up on procedures very quickly as well as doing the majority of application work in his first month of being on the team. He’s pitched some awesome new project proposals and I can’t wait to work closely with him as a member of management. Please congratulate him on a job well done.


Team Data

Before getting into application quota, I did want to make a quick note about the player retention reports. While I admit I have been slacking in writing up the full presentations, I have certainly made sure we collected data for the months of August and September and will be keeping my promise on getting all of the specific information written up soon. For those wondering about the more general data right away, the retention rate of new players in August was 19%, and that increased to 25% in September.

Now onto quota. We kept it at 7% for members and 3.5% for managers. As usual, I did personally take a few applications that were left sitting for too long.


Figure d. Percentage of applications completed by application team members. Total applications, n = 106. Quota noted by red dashed line (7%).



I’ve crossed out the members who have departed in the middle of the month. Crinky, Cordial, and Jandy were not required to hit quota this month, as they are currently new members to the team. Our overall biggest contributor by far was Sky, who completed ~47% of the total amount of applications in October. Honestly he was the biggest help I could possibly imagine, also helping me with collecting the retention data info recently. The other current members did hit their quotas, but I definitely encourage them to go beyond the minimum workload. I would also like to thank Quav and Jandy for giving me all sorts of new ideas for the team and projects!

Team Projects and Goals


  • Settlement guide overhaul, being taken on by Sky

  • Re-launching an in game assistance project where we’ll be working towards creating more one-on-one interactions with new players in game. More details soon to come

  • Decluttering the whitelist application subforum

  • Creating a thread with all of the necessary general server lore for new players to quickly find and navigate

  • Maintenance of the currently running projects (Tailor’s Guild, Retention Reports, New Player Discord, LOTC Introductory, etc.)

  • Going over the recent Your View and putting the community opinions to use

    Hope you all enjoyed this update. And have a lovely month. ~

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We got a new active halfling yay

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1 hour ago, Vaynth said:

The Elves in particular were interesting to look over this time around. While previous months have been fairly even between all of the sub races, Snow Elves dominated the chart at 42%.

well well well

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Thank you, Lady Vaynth! 


And the Elven distribution was definitely an interesting change. Snow elves have never been that popular of a race— until now, apparently. 

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These graphs always please my aesthetic and idk why, good work.

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Sky's stealing all the applications before the others can do it! *GASP*

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4 hours ago, Starfelt said:

Sky's stealing all the applications before the others can do it! *GASP*


Not true! I chill about and do them as they come, also many thanks Mama Vaynth.

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