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  1. Thoughts on developers taking over the server?
  2. i cant wait to see the typical robot telanir response as he tries to go damage control on everything
  3. last time they all lived together the paladins and ascended nearly went to war
  4. i dont promote paladins sitting around doing nothing in the keep all day. They're supposed to be out and patrolling for spooks
  5. as long as he stops calling me td..... Username: Xannic Group: KeepersExplain why you're fit to be the lore representative: I wrote the current Keeper lore with the aid of Delmodan/Flamboyant and am very well versed in the lore surrounding it. Ya differentiate Paladins/Keepers please. Tsu should hold Paladins undoubtedly
  6. make history
  7. You're a good writer Cameron but holy hell you made this way too difficult to understand. It's hard to comprehend what your actual goal is here and what you intend to do with it. If Abyssus' interpretation up above is true of what you're trying to do though, I definitely cannot support this.
  8. later dude. take care of yourself
  9. The issue with this is all literally all lies within the fault of nearly every lore piece for dark magic. This is honestly nobodies fault but the writers of the lore for every piece of dark magic. Look at the comparisons in offensives when it comes to a dark mage and holy mage. Sorry not sorry. Look at your lore. A large majority of spook magic is not even primarily offensive, it relies 80% upon the creation of other beings to do dirty work for them. Sure you have some little abilities here and there scattered throughout the various pieces of lore that can be used offensively, but in reality most of them rely entirely upon voidal magic. Shade magic is really the only purely offensive dark magic (I don't really consider Fi to be 'offensive') out of everything. Mysticism, necromancy, perrins new demon inferis stuff, are mostly based upon creations with little pure offensive spells. Then you take a gander a holy magic which for all intensive purposes is solely designated to obliterating all forms of dark magic. When it really comes down to it - its a fault in the writers of the lore for not creating a purely offensive based magic that can be used to counter holy magic and also harm them. Imagine a sort of reverse ascended 'spook' magic that greatly harms people with any form of a deific connection and call it 'blackfire' (xd). The fault is in the lore, holy magic is created for the sole purpose of tearing apart dark magic - whereas there isn't really any dark magic thats created to do a similar thing to holy.
  10. how about that sense 8 

  11. owo whats this
  12. make rp default instead of pvp being the medium for most combat/conflict on this server. That will breed so much more roleplay.
  13. "Whilst the name Ascended puts a rather bitter taste in my mouth after recent events, there are some amongst their ranks that I do rather like. Their foolish flaw is how their leaders have so wantonly accepted people into their ranks, taking in those who are far too childish in order to properly fulfill a duty as taxing as this. There are many within the various Holy Orders that do not take their duty as seriously as they should in this eternal war with those of the malignant arts. Whilst there is a time to enjoy those small things in life, it should not entirely comprise the responsibilities of a warrior, for they have far more important matters to attend to. Standing idle and flaunting your magical cock to those willing to gaze wondrously upon it is not something that should be done, nor approved of. There is always work to be done and little rest to be had." he'd ramble on to Avenel before readjusting his helm, watching the Magi tinker with one of his more recent inventions.
  14. This doesn't encourage roleplay in the slightest though. It doesn't give consequences either. If someone, through good and genuine roleplay manages to rob/kill another, they should be able to obtain whatever items as they please from the person in question.
  15. yeah because there's a lack of moderation. I appreciate the work but gm's also need to sack the **** up when it comes to moderating this server