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  1. hot diggity dog
  2. hmu if you want to buy a ton of tnt 

    1. Chorale_


      is it enough to blow up a large city because if so then i'll buy it and pull a pyro

  3. Extremely well written lore that I think will serve as a unique addition to roleplay for the frost witches. +1
  4. the spirit bomb thing is something i literally joke about to mess with people, its not actually possible. Also along with the holy shade tendrils thats fine I used that only a few times, I'm rather indifferent of what abilities they have, I just like the title to be honest. Also we're shelved getting rewritten rnow anyways
  5. then stop hammering my precious keepers so hard please : (
  6. i'll accept your endgame argument when all endgame spooks go bye bye
  7. dang im sad i missed the stream
  8. i called him. it was a good conversation but then i had to go
  9. the madman. tfw this is just an attempt to get everyones phone numbers then leak them in operation kaboom 2.0
  10. "A pat on the back from yours truly." The High Prince smiles.
  11. A more simple response is penned. To His Highness, Aelthir of House Tundrak, I await a courier giving an appropriate time and place so that we may meet. Signed, High Prince Tristin Tresery of the Dominion of Malin
  12. "**** off" -Tristin Tresery
  13. The High Prince sighs upon reading the missive, groaning tiredly and dragging a gauntlet upon his features before he collected a beige piece of parchment from beneath his desk. His hand dragging across its surface until he found a quill that was quickly wet with ink before writing. To His Highness, Aelthir of House Tundrak, The only failure of this agreement between the Dominion and the Princedom is the recent incompetence of my Sirame to heed simple, direct orders to allow all Mali'fenn within the city lest they have created trouble. This being agreed upon with Prince Nazdus Tundrak whom took the position you now held during the time of your ailment. All reparations were paid and all agreements have been fulfilled up until this simple mistake that has been drastically blown out of proportions for some odd reason. You yourself, Prince Aelthir Tundrak have been allowed within the city of Linandria upon several occasions without issue, even going so far as to peacefully conversing amongst our people. Even further when you were injured in the attempt of saving one of our Naelurir from a tree, you were immediately taken to the clinic and healed by our people. It seems you've disregarded every pleasantry that we have had with the Princedom the moment a singular mistake was made when seven men, reportedly armed, were denied entry within the season during the time of the Aureon feast. Those involved have already been reprimanded and my order to allow all Mali'fenn within the gates of Linandria and all other surrounding settlements has been reinforced once more. If you wish to speak further I am only a mere courier away and will respond in order to meet. Signed, High Prince Tristin Tresery Of the Dominion of Malin