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  1. “This Dwed be stark raving mad! Har har har!” Mugdor-Dharok would chuckle, as he heads back into the mines.
  2. Hey! I’m hoping to request a skin for a wood elf hunter! I’m hoping to have this skin made alongside having the outfit as an additional skin file (may want to use it for a hunters guild). I’d love to pay you in USD! Lemme know your rates! Skippy#1354
  3. Mugdor-Dharok lit the furnaces of Kal’Mugdor, as a horde of Dwed joined him in the smithing of new ferrum weaponry. They all cheered while smithing, “Narzak oz Urguan! Narzak oz Jorvin!”
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      yooo! hey man :D long time no see, hope all is well :D

  5. Mugdor-Dharok rallies the populace of Kal’Mugdor, home of the Workers Guild of Urguan. His once tough face has turned to that of weary; the toll of leadership has taken it’s effect on this dwarf. “Greetings me fellow workers. Ah’m here tuh announce me departure from Yemekar’s Pick due to burnout from managin’ the guild. Ah admit, me toime spent runnin’ the guild was not the longest, however ah am happy with the revamp ah introduced and the industry brought to Kal’Mugdor. Ah will still continue to be the best miner ah can be, while learnin’ more ov the arts of blacksmithin’ and artistry – however, t’e new Yemekar’s Pick shall be me good friend Dorimnur Goldhand. This Dwed has tenfold the passion ah have, and the ability tuh lead the guild to new heights. Ah believe a future ov expeditions and industry will sweep over the Workers Guild ov Urguan, and ah’ll be roight by all yer sides!” Mugdor-Dharok raises his golden pickaxe into the air, yelling multiple times, “NARZOK OZ JORVIN! NARZOK OZ DORIMNUR!”
  6. IGN: skippy369 RP Name: Mugdor-Dharok Candidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  7. “T’is poll is promisin’. Industry ov Urguan will be severely hurt by Charles The Mad obtainin’ t’e Obsidian Throne.” Mugdor-Dharok would remark.
  8. “Over moi dead body,” Mugdor-Dharok would remark after reading Charles’ propositions.
  9. smithy smithy 


  10. The forge of Kal’Mugdor remained very active this past week with continued crafting of dwarven weapons. Two Irehearts, Thormr and Urist, both smithed valiant ferrum weapons. Thormr smithed his first namesake weapon, a ferrum single headed battle axe. Meanwhile, Urist completed his second namesake weapon, a ferrum war hammer.
  11. It is very honorable for a Dwed to craft their own namesake weapon. A weapon unique to them, something that makes them stand out in the eyes of Yemekar. Thulin II & Urist have both done that for themselves on this stone day, forging their own ferrum weapons. “Ah would loike tuh congratulate bot’ Thulin an’ Urist on both forgin’ their own weapons todeh. T’ey took initiative, an’ forged an extension of themselves. Ah couldn’t be more proud ov ‘em, an’ would loike tuh say t’eir potential is loike a mountain piercing t’e clouds above! If yer jealous ov t’eir masterpieces, come see meh an’ we can craft yerself a foine weapon tuh call yer own.”
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