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    [Denied]Skippy's GM App

    still interested :PPP
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    Urguan Mining Corporation.

    Thorgran Ireheart rubs his teeth together, "Damn unions... fuckin' wit' t'e workforce. Ye 'aven't seen t'e last ov Red Urguan!"
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    The Decision

    he should probably die
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    [Denied] Faiz's ET Actor/Builder App!

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    [ALWAYS Recruiting!] [Pay!] Red Urguan's Workers Party

    "We'll get yeh settled in soon, once I'm back I will help ye out," says Thorgran Ireheart
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    [ALWAYS Recruiting!] [Pay!] Red Urguan's Workers Party

    Red Urguan has a 100% success rate
  7. Red Urguan's Workers Party ~Est. 16th of The First Seed, 1510~ History of the Party Skippy Irongut heard the pleas of the Dwarven workers class during Athera. He sympathized with them, therefor forming the Red Urguan's Workers Party! An organization set on mass producing goods for coin. Dwarves produce any amount of goods, with supplies given to them from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Shortly after the founding of the Isles of Vailor, the Party went silent. Three Lord Stewards took power, and the dwarves were being robbed of their valuable mina. Skippy Irongut saw this unfit, and rebirthed the Red Urguan's Workers Party. Every dwarf would be paid based on their work, and nothing less than that. With the Party Leader's ascent to becoming Grand King of Urguan, the hard worker Hellio Frostbeard took the role as Yemekar's Pick and maintained the Red Urguan's Workers Party. Hellio was be responsible for organizing the party, maintaining the party district, and requesting materials for workers to use. Ever since then, Hellio Frostbeard has been at work maintaining the guild. Late into the Orenian-Dwarven war, Hellio grew tired and needed to usher in a new generation of industry. Thorgran Ireheart heeded the call, reforging the Red Urguan's Workers Party of old under the rule of Grand King Rhewen Frostbeard. Even if it means paying out of his own pocket, Thorgran would pay the workers of Urguan livable wages. Where are we? As of now, the Party is under reconstruction in the back of the capital of Urguan, Kal'Akash. Until then, prepare your tools as work will flow back into Urguan soon. How much do I get paid? Every dwarf is payed very reasonable wages compared to other 'jobs' that may be offered around Vailor. You are payed upon your work, there are no mandatory quotas. If you work hard you will succeed. How do I join? Simply fill out this simple application! Your Name? Your profession(s)? Place of Inhabitant? ((Skype?))
  8. Ⓢⓚⓘⓟⓟⓨ

    Ban Appeal

    I agree with you, it was pretty stupid and very immature of me to do. I do actually feel bad now, and it is a sincere apology. It's one of my most regrettable actions on this server.
  9. Ⓢⓚⓘⓟⓟⓨ

    Ban Appeal

    Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Dizzy771 Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Yemekar Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, griefing, X-ray, ect. Be specific!): Harassing community members (esterlen) Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Multiple forum members, multiple bystanders on Skype, esterlen, Dizzy. Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): So, this is a tale of patheticness on my part. I believe it occurred shortly after Vandoria was given to Shady_Tales. Pretty much, I was agitated that after we won a big warclaim that everyone was jumping ship. I carelessly started posting shitty memes of esterlen's face, thinking in some way it fixed what happened through RP the previous day. It was an invasion of privacy, and I realize that now. I'd like to apologize to esterlen, regardless if he accepts it or not. I'd also like to apologize to the GM team, specifically Dizzy, for putting unnecessary stress onto them. I'd like to come back to Lord of the Craft to help rebuild the Kingdom of Urguan OOCly/RPly, not to troll and be an *******. (If it is too early to post this appeal, please keep it here until my time is up!) Screenshots/Vids (Link):
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    [Denied] arockstar28's ET Builder App

    All 3 of them!
  11. A sign is left at the temple docks. If you chose to read it it says: "Looking to buy a lot of brown wool and cocoa beans. Payment able to be discussed. Open to any reasonable amount. Contact Thorgran Ireheart (Yemekar) with any offers"
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    [Lore] Dwarven Siege Cannon

    because mog liked to use them for evil
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    [Denied] arockstar28's ET Builder App

    On a serious note, arockstar is a very organized and talented builder. +1
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    The Religion Of Daemon

    shut up
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    [Denied] arockstar28's ET Builder App

    Hey guys skippt here gibin a quick +1 :DD