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  1. good luck on finals week friends 😄

  2. Freema

    South Sea Turmoil (6.0 Transition Information: PvP/RP)

    Something new to look forward to and break the mold, thank you.

  4. hey carl hope yorue doing well 

    1. Freema


      hey, pop me a text 

  5. Freema

    [✗] Invocation

    All jokes aside, I'm a fan of this lore piece. Anything to break the mold of traditional magic lore + DRAGONS? Mmm.. mmm. Good stuff.
  6. LotC lore facelift, whats not to like!
  7. Hello! Ongo Gablogian, the lore collector. Charmed I'm sure! I'm going to invite you to the lore mag but first let me destroy your lore. What if you're blind? Include an explanation for the blind and or handicapped individual. Bullshit! You forget other means of sight providing utensils such as magical and or constructions, mind links even. Derivative!
  8. Freema

    [✗] [Lore Submission] Lycans

    I believe your idea is a good start but you should definitely plan the creature around an event race, a guild locked creature race is pushing it a tad bit. Either way, I wish you luck. The origins of your lore conflict with the Druidic Shapeshifting magic, I'll link you it here so you may see what I might be getting at. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Shapeshifting_Magic
  9. Yea?

    1. mitto


      i ******* love you

    2. reformed_gamer
    3. FORƎST


      you like that you ******* retard ?

  10. RAAAGHA FRAGE' LAGHEN! HAW HAW HAW! -Yimron signs the charter-
  11. Freema

    [Accepted] arockstar28s Trial GM Application

    You're a great dude, keep it up.
  12. Freema

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Actor] Dogstoyvesky

    He always meant well, his attitude and behavior in conducting himself since prior has changed exponentially. He's really come a ways and I think he could be an asset to your team once more.