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  1. Freema

    Completely revised VA proposal (Feedback encouraged)

    No matter how you change the system, restructure, or reintroduce, people will always find a way to work around it. Those of you not familiar with the last few times this occurred will see just how redundant the system can become. If you feel as though you can't trust the staff as it is now, then adding another team to the system already in order to look over applications will just strengthen your concerns. And, if you do believe this is necessary just remember that this system has failed on three separate occasions. It isn't villainy that is the true issue behind RP on Lord of the Craft.
  2. Freema

    South Sea Turmoil (6.0 Transition Information: PvP/RP)

    Something new to look forward to and break the mold, thank you.

  4. hey carl hope yorue doing well 

    1. Freema


      hey, pop me a text 

  5. Freema

    Freema, save us as admin

  6. Freema

    [✗] Invocation

    All jokes aside, I'm a fan of this lore piece. Anything to break the mold of traditional magic lore + DRAGONS? Mmm.. mmm. Good stuff.
  7. If "It wasn't enjoyable" was a vote for the last question I would have selected that. Mobs shouldn't be spawned 50 at a time on top of players, there is a way of doing it "organized" and not randomly. More roleplay to differentiate it even if it is a PVE event. The overall preparedness for an event hosting that many players seemed lacking and at that point it would just be better not to run but rather prepare for another time something larger scale.
  8. Freema

    [✗] Anthos for Next Map

  9. LotC lore facelift, whats not to like!