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  1. Completely revised VA proposal (Feedback encouraged)

    No matter how you change the system, restructure, or reintroduce, people will always find a way to work around it. Those of you not familiar with the last few times this occurred will see just how redundant the system can become. If you feel as though you can't trust the staff as it is now, then adding another team to the system already in order to look over applications will just strengthen your concerns. And, if you do believe this is necessary just remember that this system has failed on three separate occasions. It isn't villainy that is the true issue behind RP on Lord of the Craft.
  2. “Feel the embrace of fire and rejoice. You are free at last prisoner of flesh. Let his purifying embrace take you in whole. Bring to this one your pure kiss. Free the sinners from their torment. Hail Azdromoth, Lord of Dragons and bringer of flame.” ♪ Azdrazi - Covenant of the Molten Lord Primer on the Azdrazi The Azdrazi are the ancient scions of the Aegisian Knights who pledged themselves to the chieftain of dragons. Theirs is a path of sworn devotion, both in spirit and body. Enamored with the grandeur of Dragur’s children, the progenitors of the order strove to be like their idols in every way. Donning scaled armor, they dressed like their gods. Ascending the highest mountains, they took to the skies like their gods. Wielding fire, they fought like their gods. The greatest of the dragons, Azdromoth - who so honored the covenant between Horen and Dragur - bestowed the gift of dragonflame unto the souls of the aspirants in return for eternal, leal service. Beneath the wings of their lord, the ancient Azdrazi - as named for their master - erected great bastions of dragon worship. Their feats were without rival. The Azdrazi, in all their might, were without means to reproduce. Their seed sowed life as it was before their transformation. Their scions were without the dragonflame they so cherished. Dragon worship yet persisted for aeons, passed down by hopeful, but fruitless, aspirants. Their worship yielded naught. Azdromoth’s defeat at the hands of Eshtael damned them to a slow demise. The greatest were petrified, buried with their master. The weakest died alone, crumbling into ash. The Azdrazi of old were requited naught by the years. They were never again to feel the warmth of fire without the presence of their ancient, imprisoned master. However, the Firstborn’s imprisonment was not fated in permanence. Freed of the bonds placed upon him by Eshtael, he took to the skies once more and bequeathed the fire of life unto those few trusted scions that remained, liberating them from their prisons of ash and stone. Thrust into an unfamiliar world, the Azdrazi were without a guiding hand for their lord had succumb to the corrupting madness of the Archdaemon. Thus, they did convene and emboldened their ranks with a new following. From this generation was born the Molten Lord, Suldaeroth. Seizing the reigns of power, he now rules over a covenant of his own making, and so do Azdromoth’s children gather their strength, awaiting the day that their lord and master returns to deliver them from their hardships. Hierarchy The Molten Lord While the Azdrazi have traditionally been guided by the Immaculate Blade, the blessed champion of Azdromoth, recent times have called for a sterner hand in leadership, and it was Suldaeroth who gladly donned the mantle of rule. The Molten Lord dominates the Azdrazi with an iron fist, his will unquestioned. His word is final, and whilst he offers a keen ear to the Flamewalkers - chief amongst the Azdrazi - it is his choices that shape the fate of their order. Flamewalkers The Flamewalkers are senior Azdrazi who have proven their merit tenfold in service to the Firstborn and have thus been selected to preside over their brethren. These learned elders plot the future of their kind and ensure that none stray from the path, enforcing the whims of their leader diligently. Delegated to each are specialized roles, and among them sits the Immaculate Blade, who serves in the stead of their departed father. Azdrazi Those who persevere and complete the tribulations of ascendance are welcomed wholly into the flock of Azdromoth, blooded in his name and remade in his form. Azdrazi stand as champions of the First-born, dauntless in the face of adversity, they carry out the will of Azdromoth with bestial ferocity and stand at the forefront of dragonkin, ready to lay down their lives in order to once more seize their place in the sun. Seekers Seekers are mortal aspirants who endeavor to ascend and take the boon of Azdromoth for themselves. Brought into the fold to live among the Azdrazi and learn their ways, they undergo a series of grueling trials known as the Tribulations of Ascendance which test their mettle, both mentally and physically. Most who dare do not survive; those who do, however, are deemed worthy of Azdromoth’s blessings and ascend to take their place among the Azdrazi. The Principles The Principles were set forth in ages past by the first to bear the honor of Immaculate Blade. A set of archaic guidelines, their purpose is to ensure Azdrazi stray not from the protocols put in place by Azdromoth during the founding of his brood. All chosen must follow the predestined code and tenets of Azdromoth, regardless of belief; His followers must work to educate the Gomu upon his glorious nature. No man shall break an Oath sworn in the Name of the Titan; to do so is to blaspheme against him and defile the Covenant. When serving His Holy Protocols, a man might both lie, steal, and claim innocence of His worship. The Titan is a wise lord, aware of the requirements of the Gomu’s mortal societies. The Welo Shishin are unenlightened, and must be kept from the universal truths. Knowledge is to be protected and safeguarded at all costs. Violence among His chosen people, if they are devoted, is a crime to the highest degree. Only the Immaculate Blade and his chosen adjutants may bring justice to the misbegotten, or those who have violated the principles. Entry Aspirants seeking to undergo the Tribulations of Ascendance must bring themselves before a council of Azdrazi - a public gathering which convenes irregularly at their dwelling places. Announced in the months prior, these meetings serve the purpose of recruitment at which the Flamewalkers select promising mortals from among those who have expressed their interest. The Tribulations of Ascendance are hallowed tradition of the Azdrazi that separate the wheat from the chaff, ensuring that those who ascend into the state of draconic being are only the finest souls, worthy of the blessings they are bestowed. Lasting anywhere from severals months to any number of decades, the vast majority of those who undertake these grueling trials do not live to see them through. OOC footnotes - If you are interested in getting involved with the Azdrazi, it is recommended that you attempt to seek out the group in-character (this does not mean birds, please approach us instead for roleplay). However, if you’re finding trouble in doing so, feel free to contact one of the following for more information or to arrange a suitable time for roleplay. @Freema @Manduin @Harrison @Avacyn @SpiffyTaylor Tribulations of Ascendance https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/160665-the-azdrazi https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/160818-%E2%9C%93-lore-addition-world-lore-nephilim-azdrazi-smithing-dralachite-and-vehement-weaponry https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/150786-nephilim-lesser-dragonkin https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/151346-the-azdrazi-and-ancient-dragon-worship/?tab=comments#comment-1429758 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/150782-an-excerpt-on-the-archdrakaar-azdromoth/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/168487-from-the-mouth-of-the-dragon/ Credits to ManduinWrynn, contributor of this piece.
  3. South Sea Turmoil (6.0 Transition Information: PvP/RP)

    Something new to look forward to and break the mold, thank you.

  5. hey carl hope yorue doing well 

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  7. [✗] Invocation

    All jokes aside, I'm a fan of this lore piece. Anything to break the mold of traditional magic lore + DRAGONS? Mmm.. mmm. Good stuff.
  8. If "It wasn't enjoyable" was a vote for the last question I would have selected that. Mobs shouldn't be spawned 50 at a time on top of players, there is a way of doing it "organized" and not randomly. More roleplay to differentiate it even if it is a PVE event. The overall preparedness for an event hosting that many players seemed lacking and at that point it would just be better not to run but rather prepare for another time something larger scale.
  9. [✗] Anthos for Next Map