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  1. Last day for the super cheap art sale. 

    Closing my comms till I finish the ones I have right now.

  2. Completion estimated within 1-2 weeks depending on workload (For Group pictures) Solo character art / Chibi within 1 week (depending on workload) Sale lasts until NEXT YEAR (End of January). So no Rush. Payments first Via Paypal. Comment here for reservations or PM through discord @ Virgins#0012 Reservations List: PAID , RESERVED , DONE NEP (Full body) MATT (Chibi) STARFELT (Group) SPOD (Group) KAELAN (Group-3 x2)
  3. I was asked for group picture prices recently and was wondering how many people are interested for group pictures of 3+ for half the usual price?

  4. Commissions list updated, completed works spoiler added
  5. Reported for posting political commentary
  6. Hey, not a drama post. Need help financially so I opened up my commissions again. Have a look, and thanks!


  7. If you’re single and have money to spend on valentines then give it to me... Or if you have a special someone maybe you can give them some art? hehe.. Just edited my old post so that i dont clump up art sub forum with my commission posts.. My room recently got some **** yoinked from it while i was gone in vacation so now i need cash again. Commissions placed now will be done at end of feb or early march. Thanks PM me in discord if you dont want to comment here. Sale Prices: Original Prices: List: ❤️ Pending Payment ❤️ Paid ❤️ Completed And Paid Callum – Full body Completed Works: Old: Recent: Payments first, work speed is a week or so depending on workload (These will all be done at the end of Feb or early March) Hey, check me out in patreon
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