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  1. Last day for the super cheap art sale. 

    Closing my comms till I finish the ones I have right now.

  2. Completion estimated within 1-2 weeks depending on workload (For Group pictures) Solo character art / Chibi within 1 week (depending on workload) Sale lasts until NEXT YEAR (End of January). So no Rush. Payments first Via Paypal. Comment here for reservations or PM through discord @ Virgins#0012 Reservations List: PAID , RESERVED , DONE NEP (Full body) MATT (Chibi) STARFELT (Group) SPOD (Group) KAELAN (Group-3 x2)
  3. I was asked for group picture prices recently and was wondering how many people are interested for group pictures of 3+ for half the usual price?

  4. Commissions list updated, completed works spoiler added
  5. Reported for posting political commentary
  6. Hey, not a drama post. Need help financially so I opened up my commissions again. Have a look, and thanks!


  7. If you’re single and have money to spend on valentines then give it to me... Or if you have a special someone maybe you can give them some art? hehe.. Just edited my old post so that i dont clump up art sub forum with my commission posts.. My room recently got some **** yoinked from it while i was gone in vacation so now i need cash again. Commissions placed now will be done at end of feb or early march. Thanks PM me in discord if you dont want to comment here. Sale Prices: Original Prices: List: ❤️ Pending Payment ❤️ Paid ❤️ Completed And Paid Callum – Full body Completed Works: Old: Recent: Payments first, work speed is a week or so depending on workload (These will all be done at the end of Feb or early March) Hey, check me out in patreon
  8. its 12 in the afternoon for me, I have class in a bit but i’ll be up for a few hours atleast
  9. I do the same. Although it’ll only be up to a very rough sketch. Anything complicated (Full body commissions) usually have me updating them on the progress through discord but its my rule of thumb to not start on lining/coloring before payment as i’ve had multiple cases of people backing out midway due to irl issues.
  10. Currently not taking Mina as payment since I cant really login LotC with my current setup hhh, thats why im selling art so i could save up for a new laptop that can actually run Minecraft
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