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  1. 🤔 Honestly thought seagulls art was gonna win
  2. B3ast_mod

    Conflict & War FAQ

    Hoes mad. Jokes aside , interesting change but I could already see the issues from this post alone. I'll have to reassess when the entire ruleset is presented. Also I highly disagree on leaving the rule making for war rules on an rp server , up to pvp click goons who do meme rp. But that's just me .
  3. Where's my food magic lore. Jokes aside, people are too harsh towards staff that's re literally donating their time to improve the server. This does not excuse said staff members for being called out for unsavory behavior though, may it be ignoring the player base's opinion or straight up being elitist scum. I'm aware that most issues that come from staff teams, specifically lore team is due to straight up human nature but here's to hoping that those issues are actively trying to be solved rather than saying they are but aren't really. Normy rant over.
  4. Mcname: B3ast_mod Category: Art Attach Content: Beach Day
  5. I’ll always appreciate the Man of respect artworks i get as comments in my posts. Very strong jaw. In a serious note though, I use SAI 2 and a wacom comic tablet.
  6. Ok so im semi serious in making these, but i cant stop myself from making the meme cards..
  7. Can i please get a developer to clear my /Auth? Currently stuck in lobby

  8. I no longer have access to my old cellphone so i cant get out of lobby in my main account (B3ast_mod)
  9. I remember the last Art contest i joined which was supposed to end in january of this year. Results never got announced and now its not even in the forums anymore, rip. Why have all the art contests ive joined so scuffed

    1. Rella101


      You owe me a commission =<

  10. Send help, im stuck in the lobby with the /auth prompt aAaaAAA

    1. Youngie5500


      I get that too. Lucky I still have the auth on my phone 

    2. B3ast_mod


      I need an admin to wipe mine tbh

  11. Hey LT, I asked about this last map but never got an answer. Is it possible to get my RP items remade and re-accepted since i technically never lost then IRP, its just that i left for a long time and they were lost in map transfers around 2 maps ago (and yes i still have screenshots of their item descriptions) . ty ❤️

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. B3ast_mod


      >getting useless randoms reply and not actual LT


    3. Bluee


      there is no LT, only ST

    4. Goblinberg
  12. only if its hot and steamy and done in the server inside CT
  13. wow look at this. Amazing. limited time 5$ headshots. WOW! Amazing. Pay me money! Examples: Comment here or PM me in discord Virgins#0012 to get a tasty one. Payments first and paypal only
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