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  1. It's nice to see some actual lore that isnt from the wiki. I've RPly been ranching bokolos for a few maps now and lore is much appreciated edit: its nice to see it hasnt changed too much from the original wiki lore, it wont be a jarring transition for me if it gets accepted
  2. I asked my friends from urguan and the elves, we've seen no such bandits.
  3. No cap, actually learned something that would have fucked me over in PvP had I not read the guide. thanks.
  4. Congrats to the winners: @Roguechaotic @Gilded @chaosgamer_
  5. Just to be clear, a lot of the materials stated here have not been added to the transition map as of yet correct? Or am i just tripping
  6. Made an animatic for the death of a character in the wayfindercoast event
  7. NOTICE: Currently there are 44 people in the giveaway list- Ive decided that for every 20 people that join I'll add another winner so right now we'll have two! 20 Participants - -1 Winner 40 Participants - -2 Winners 60 Participants - - 3 Winners
  8. Would love to complete the set with one more skad plate UwU
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