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  1. Friends that deal with Crypto, Whats the general consensus on using crpyto to pay for art commissions? Do you know anyone who'd be interested? Ive been open to the idea since my bank account is too fucked to buy and trade it myself, so i need it from another source.

    1. Cobbler


      Def depends on the cyrpto, and honestly I just wouldn't do it unless it's bitcoin

    2. B3ast_mod


      Ive been looking around for people paying with ETH, so far no hits.

  2. It's nice to see some actual lore that isnt from the wiki. I've RPly been ranching bokolos for a few maps now and lore is much appreciated edit: its nice to see it hasnt changed too much from the original wiki lore, it wont be a jarring transition for me if it gets accepted
  3. I asked my friends from urguan and the elves, we've seen no such bandits.
  4. No cap, actually learned something that would have fucked me over in PvP had I not read the guide. thanks.
  5. Congrats to the winners: @Roguechaotic @Gilded @chaosgamer_
  6. Just to be clear, a lot of the materials stated here have not been added to the transition map as of yet correct? Or am i just tripping
  7. Made an animatic for the death of a character in the wayfindercoast event
  8. NOTICE: Currently there are 44 people in the giveaway list- Ive decided that for every 20 people that join I'll add another winner so right now we'll have two! 20 Participants - -1 Winner 40 Participants - -2 Winners 60 Participants - - 3 Winners
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