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  1. Delete this. This is fake news
  2. Will probably be a thanium steel blade
  3. Hello , it is me again, back from the dead. Decided to take a small break from commissions and draw my character (Roy D’Avre) and his current equipment, along with digging up the previous two I made back in 2014, and 2018. Will probably update this thread if i get more items this map, so feel free to follow it. Peace. (Current Gear “2020”) (Previous Gear sets , 2014,2018, and 2020 respectively)
  4. Anyone want to RP?

  5. Last day for the super cheap art sale. 

    Closing my comms till I finish the ones I have right now.

  6. Completion estimated within 1-2 weeks depending on workload (For Group pictures) Solo character art / Chibi within 1 week (depending on workload) Sale lasts until NEXT YEAR (End of January). So no Rush. Payments first Via Paypal. Comment here for reservations or PM through discord @ Virgins#0012 Reservations List: PAID , RESERVED , DONE NEP (Full body) MATT (Chibi) STARFELT (Group) SPOD (Group) KAELAN (Group-3 x2)
  7. I was asked for group picture prices recently and was wondering how many people are interested for group pictures of 3+ for half the usual price?

  8. Commissions list updated, completed works spoiler added
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