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    added two bnha pieces i did the past two days on stream
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    LotC Patch 6.2a: SkeletonKey

  5. Who doesnt like spod? mans a saint
  6. Username B3ast_mod Discord Virgins#0012 Timezone GMT+8 What group/playerbase are you most involved with? I cannot pin point any group / place as of now since I've just returned but if i had to pick it would be Elven player base or places like Sutica / the dominion Staff History I was part of the wiki team for a while before i left last map transfer Ban History Have not received any bans ever ( i think. I'm pretty sure I've never been banned) Blacklist History: None that I am aware of What do you want to join the Event Team? I'll assume that the question was supposed to be 'Why do you want to join the event team' and not 'what-' My main purpose for joining the team would be my desire to contribute more to the server and at the same time I enjoy creating small events to help other characters experience growth, with the freedom that joining the ET provides I would have more options. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I have confidence in my creativity regarding creating certain situations that majority of players will enjoy as well as the fact that I am willing to lose. RPing for me is an experience for both parties and not about someone winning or losing. Other than thatI have no other qualifications besides the fact that I am confident in the quality of the RP I have provided in the past and the RP I plan to create as an ET What kind of events do you aspire to create?: Ideally I would like to create Dungeon based RP where in the ET would start off with a small, maybe one room dungeon that appears out of nowhere and would disappear after it was 'defeated' . As time passes and the ET has played as the 'dungeon' enough times it would grow in size, maybe another room and a bigger variety of challenges inside of their dungeon (of course the growth of the dungeon will be monitored by more experienced members of the team or possible the Team Director themselves). The dungeon that the ET is in charge of would grow corresponding to the time and effort they have put into playing as the dungeon providing a fun experience not only for the players but for the ET member as well. What makes a good event? When you come out of an event feeling like your character has grown as a person and has experienced something unique, that is when i consider it a good event. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: GREED DUNGEON (Small 3-4) An adventurer has recently found an ancient treasury! Not confident in his own skills, the young but ambitious adventurer asks a small group of players (around 3-4) for help in looting the treasury. At the entrance of the ancient building one could already feel that something was wrong. There was no gate or door to block intruders from coming in, it was only a large and open arch to indicate the treasury's entrance. The young adventurer would lead the group of players through a few simple traps such as trip wires and poisoned gas , stopping a few minutes into the treasury to say that this was as far as he went. Anything onward was unknown ground to him and advised the players to stay vigilant, after more simple traps the group would arrive at at he first floor of the ancient treasury, simple items such as a few bars of gold and rusty weapons were on display to pique the players interest in what could be inside the main treasury. The first floor of the treasury had many winding paths all filled with mostly empty chests, with a torch in hand the young adventurer tells the group to split up and try to look for anything valuable, the first floor looked safe and the young man didn't want to share any treasures that he would find. As the group would (preferably) split up, a piercing scream would echo through the treasury, a cry for help could be heard before a sudden deafening silence. If the players were to investigate they would find a puddle of blood in one of the many winding paths of the first floor treasury but the young man was nowhere to be found, with closer inspection the players would find out that one of the chests near the puddle of blood was actually a Chest Mimic! A dangerous monster often called as 'the bane of adventurers' that would hide itself as an item, often a chest to lure its unsuspecting pray towards it. Now the players have to decide whether or not they move forward towards the second floor of the treasury or leave, if they decide to leave the entrance to the treasury would have collapsed, denying further access. If they do continue, a large staircase would welcome them towards the second floor, the bricks used on the staircase looked even more ancient than the ones used to build the first floor treasury! The second floor treasury would be a lot smaller than the first floor, the sound of rats squeaking could be heard echoing inside the room, the chests were once obviously filled with precious items once but now they were rotting empty wooden boxes, looted long before the players arrived. As they continued forward, the path continuously become more narrow up to the point where only one person could pass at a time. Signs of possible past adventurers lie about on the cold stone floor, from rusty old knives , discarded shields , and even a skeleton bleached white over time. At the end of the narrow tunnel they would find an altar surrounded by what looks like the skeletons of ancient adventurers, most of the skeletons were slumped to the side, blades or arrows sticking out of their bodies. it seems that they fought against each other to the death inside this very room. At the center of the room, a slightly shorter skeleton would be positioned over the altar, its skeletal fingers tightly grasping a golden sword that shone even in the darkness, it was as if it was not affected by the passage of time at all. As the players laid their eyes on the blade a soft voice would start to whisper in their head.. "It's mine, they want to take whats mine" "I must take it , no one else can have it.." Dangerous thoughts such as these would pop up in their minds, Anyone adept in mental magic would easily repel the evil suggestions, but those who are considered to be weak minded would easily fall prey to the cursed weapon. Whether the players decide to fight each other or manage to solve the problem by themselves the party of players (or the survivor of the battle) would notice a small opening in the middle of the altar, just enough space for the sword to be placed inside of it. Once the sword was placed in, a secret entrance would open up right in front of them, a skeleton wearing a robe which has long been destroyed beyond repair sat on its throne made of stone, the skeleton's bone fingers grasped onto a book preserved by magic, once taken from the corpse the player(s) would learn of the past owners tragic story. A once well known adventurer found an ancient building made of stone, filled to the brim with gold and precious gems.. but the most precious treasure inside was a golden sword, at that time the adventurer thought it was sentient, a talking blade. It spoke to him in a soft voice, to collect as much gold as he could, to gain as much power as he could, the sword of greed started to control the mans decisions and eventually ruined him. He collected a massive amount of wealth for himself that attracted the attention of many people, at first it happened once a year, maybe twice. Then it happened once a month, then every week. More and more people came to him seeking to take his treasures away from him. And of course the sword of greed wouldn't allow that, as time passed more deterrents were placed inside his treasury, ranging from trip wires that activated arrow dispensers, to poison gas and even a mimic to guard his treasure. In the end all the treasure in the world could not stop the inevitable, the man grew old and died. In the last strands of his consciousness he wrote his story, hoping to warn others of the dangers of the sword. THE SKY FARER DUNGEON (Medium 5-8) You hear rumors of a pod of sky whales who like to drift about near the peak of a certain mountain. You gather a group of players (preferably 5-8) to investigate this interesting phenomenon. Once at the peek, you meet an old hermit who wore a worn out sky blue cloak. He held a staff with several bells attached to its strangely shaped wooden head with one hand while the other held a pipe that smelled of cactus green. The man introduced himself as the gatekeeper to the Sky Farer Trading Caravan, once a large group of powerful merchants who rode on top of sky whales travelling the world and trading exotic items. After his explanation of who he is, he started to explain why he was here. Long ago the Sky Farer Trading company thrived and was an envied existence. But after tragedy struck, all four heads of the trading company got infected by a sickness carried by birds. They tried their best to find a cure to no avail, all of the heads started to die out. As a last ditch effort the remaining heads of the trading company activated their self defense mechanism, specialized golems activated on each of their respective skywhales. Each company head had odd tastes so their golems or as they called them ‘Protectors’ were all different and had their own strengths and weaknesses. Seeing the fall of company, past lower ranked members tried to steal the wealth that the heads had accumulated through the years but miserably failed. Each protector was strong and the Sky Whales weren't always connected. A system was made where in the buildings built on the sky whales would sometimes connect with each other for a few minutes. That was the only way to travel to different sky whales. Seeing their comrades fall to the protectors most of the possible thieves decided to simply return home with their lives instead of losing them to the cold and unfeeling protectors of their once respected elders. Years later all but one person was left inside trading company, the old Gate keeper who was entrusted with one master key to be used incase a problem occurred. In his old age, the gatekeeper lost his purpose and decided to live his life peacefully on the ground but first he must pass on the master key to someone else. The old man would stare at the adventurers (players) in front of him and start to give detailed instructions. Each head of the company had their own Sky Whale, and each skywhale had a building on top where the company heads most valuable items were stored which in turn was protected by the Specialized golems. The one master key that the gatekeeper had could only be used once so the players had to choose carefully. Would they go to Company head Lortav, a master blacksmith who crafted weapons and armor rumored to even match the ones made by the gods themselves? Or perhaps Lady Yuell, a master alchemist who was said to be able to create the deadliest poisons and potions that gave unimaginable strength. How about Master Kenneth who was one of the best hunters in the world. Several rare and even now extinct monster eggs are kept inside his building. And last but not least was Mistress Helena, a master mage that was said to keep magic artifacts containing unimaginable power. Whichever they chose would all be dangerous, but at the same time equally rewarding if one manages to succeed. The old man would place the key down in front of the part before leaving silently, letting the party plan out what they wanted to do. (( ooc )) The pod of sky whales pose many dangers aside from the possibility of falling, often times dangerous monsters such as Harpies would show up to cause trouble. The buildings were made with near indestructible stone and could only be entered with the master key. Once the part has made it inside one of the buildings they would be locked in with a giant golem that was made specifically to match its master. E.g Lortav’s golem would be extremely durable and wielded powerful weapons, while Lady Yuel would constantly spray out Gas that would cause different types of Debuffs or status effects. Kenneth's golem would be agile and monkey like, using the terrain inside the building to its advantage, and lastly Helena’s golem would be enchanted with as many spells as possible. The rewards from the ‘dungeon’ would also be different depending on the building chosen. Lortav could have powerful weapons and armor, Yuell's building would contain Potions that would strengthen someone or even evil poisons that would kill even the most powerful beings. Kenneth on the other hand could have special monster eggs that they could tame, maybe even full control of the sky whale they were on(?). While Helena would have powerful magical items that would benefit a mage greatly. WISHING WELL DUNGEON ( Large 10+) You hear rumors of a wishing well that will grant any wish as long as you come at the right time of the night. As you ask around, the only noteworthy thing that the villagers mention is the Moonlight well festival where at exactly the middle of the year the well in the middle of town would be covered in moonlight, shining in a bright blue light. Hearing this you decide to check it out along with a few others who heard of the same rumor Your small group of adventurers wait till night time, circling the well waiting for it to start shining. At exactly midnight a ray of moonlight would suddenly envelop the well, making even the water shine in the darkness. The guard captain that came with your group stood silent for a moment before approaching the well, slowly leaning forward to look inside to check inside. As soon as the man bent forward a sudden force pulled him into the well, his scream becoming smaller and smaller as if going farther away until the area around the well became silent once more. One by one the many spectators would approach the well and get sucked inside it as well. As you get sucked into the magic well you feel as if you were slowly falling down. This feeling continued for a few minutes until you feel the cold splash of water, it seems that the well threw you into what looks like an underground lake . As your group surfaces from the lake you start to notice your surroundings, the cave itself seems man made. Giant faces sculpted to the side of the cave as if watching your every move. In the middle of the lake is a glass bottle made to look like a grinning head, water would seem to come out of its tiny gaps overflowing with the same sparkling water that you are currently swimming in. The guard captain who was closest to the bottle approached it, gently raising the head shaped object up into the air to inspect it “It seems norm-” He couldn't finish his sentence because everyone inside the cave felt the same thing, static electricity flowing in the air. As the room fell silent a booming laughter would echo inside the cave. “Who dares disturb my slumber?” ((ooc)) Onwards the RP will be basically a red side blue side question and answer regarding Magic. Questions will be asked until only three remain. In old genie fashion three wishes will be granted but the worst possible outcome will be given. Anyone who is able to trick the genie into actually giving them what they want the genie would congratulate them and reward then with a similar bottle that the genie came out of but smaller. Whoever breaks the enchanted bottle would completely heal them and cure them of all curses / sicknesses.
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  8. Whens the next art contest i can bomb and get second place on? I want my creative wizard tag ?

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    Decided to do just one big art dump instead of small separate ones. I don't have anything to say really other than sorry not sorry for the Star VS. Spam. 7/8/2018: 8/8/2018:
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