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  1. Hey LT, I asked about this last map but never got an answer. Is it possible to get my RP items remade and re-accepted since i technically never lost then IRP, its just that i left for a long time and they were lost in map transfers around 2 maps ago (and yes i still have screenshots of their item descriptions) . ty ❤️

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    2. B3ast_mod


      >getting useless randoms reply and not actual LT


    3. Bluee


      there is no LT, only ST

    4. Goblinberg
  2. B3ast_mod

    5$ Head-Shot (Closed)

    only if its hot and steamy and done in the server inside CT
  3. B3ast_mod

    5$ Head-Shot (Closed)

    wow look at this. Amazing. limited time 5$ headshots. WOW! Amazing. Pay me money! Examples: Comment here or PM me in discord Virgins#0012 to get a tasty one. Payments first and paypal only
  4. Wheres my creative wizard lebowski? WHERES MY [Redacted] CREATIVE WIZARD?

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    2. Bluee


      I stole it.

    3. B3ast_mod


      @Fireheart I thought we were friends

    4. Destroyer_Bravo


      The toilet seat is up, does it look like I’m married?

  5. Old artwork: WIP new Art:
  6. B3ast_mod

    Lord of the Comics [Art]

    too much work
  7. would anyone be interested in quick 5$ headshots?

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    2. Tato


      Totally !

      If you’re still up for it,


    3. Lumii


      I would too! Lumii#0001 on discord. 🙂

    4. Starfelt


      I would too! #Starfelt2929  (I realized I didn’t give my discord info in my other post..)😛

  8. All the Art contests i join in lotc are scuffed. wtf

  9. B3ast_mod

    Lord of the Comics [Art]

    Thats quality
  10. Honestly, trying to find Consistent RP in my **** timezone is hard

    1. Wulfery


      What time zone?

    2. B3ast_mod
    3. Wulfery


      That’s a common issue then for anyone from this region. You either have to wake up very early, or stay up stupidly late. Myself being from Europe, I struggle quite a lot, but it’s managable.

  11. B3ast_mod

    Lord of the Comics [Art]

    Trying to find a good middle ground between easy / fast to make and decent looking. Here are a few i did yesterday Parasite (Did not happen IRP) The Guardian Vs The Huntsman (Did happen IRP)
  12. B3ast_mod

    Atlas Anniversary Art & Writing Contest

    Results when?
  13. B3ast_mod

    Racial Buffs

    But how will the Non-RPers beat strong races now 😞
  14. Yeet, submitted my quick contest entry. Back to commissions now..

  15. B3ast_mod

    Atlas Anniversary Art & Writing Contest

    Other artists, please dont enter so I can win by default 😞 Official Entry: Other Color pallets: