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  1. Pandasan

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    bring back Cappy :*
  2. Pandasan

    [Pending]DarkSainthood's Lore Moderator Application

    Incredibly competent and knowledgeable in shamanism, and great to work with. She knows her stuff! ?
  3. Pandasan

    The Vaxk - Isilioleth Snake

    Thanks for using my moon pool ;-;
  4. Pandasan

    [Shelved][✓] Necromancy Rewrite

    I agree completely with him! This section of the lore really caught my attention - probably because I'm a hexing freak, but whatever! Anyway, the most a witchdoctor's curse could probably extend is a week! And that's with OOC consent! A regular curse is about a day-to-two days, depending on your tier. I am against the cursing section because, like, Evocress mentioned, there are already two (maybe three because mysticism?) wonderful magics that can already curse. Not to mention, they have a wide variety of curses to cast. You even mentioned that it is similar to soul puppetry cursing... which is... meh. If you want cursing and necromancy, just become a soul puppeteer and a necromancer. No need to add that on to this rewrite when you've got some good magics right already in place! (Also, your cursing is very powerful... like super powerful... wow) Bottom line, I agree with Evocress a lot! As a suggestion to help you with this piece? I have nothing, but Evocress' amends look decent!
  5. Pandasan

    The Horsemen of Axios

    It was a nice, small piece to read! Some avatars, I dislike because they need work; however, others are neat-o. Anyway! Personally, I would like to see more done with the current avatars before considering adding more. Should more avatars - specifically these - wish to be added, some revision should be considered!
  6. Pandasan

    The Grand Shaman Q & A

    Listen here, punk. I've been refreshing this page every half-of-a-millisecond. I want to answer questions.
  7. Pandasan

    The Grand Shaman Q & A

    Seek out the shamans in RP and go through the proper procedures, which depends on the shaman teacher. Have fun, come again soon, please.
  8. Pandasan

    [✓] The Shamanic Codex

    Great lore! I love it +1
  9. Getting very bored on my elf - a persona I had created awhile ago but still found nothing to do. Help?

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      The halfling RP is doing pretty well.... :P

    2. Pandasan


      Unfortunately, my elf cannot transform into a halfling, but I guess RP with halflings couldn't hurt.

  10. Pandasan

    Res's Skin Shop

  11. Pandasan

    [Culture] The Smoeni

    Interesting culture and wonderful read ^^
  12. Pandasan

    [Accepted] [Oh Dear] Ilikefooddude; an MAT Application

    You would do absolutely amazing and you are also very helpful when it comes to the Spirits. I support, however, your inactivity is a problem. You come and go and rarely have I seen you consistently active. Otherwise, +1
  13. Pandasan

    [Lore Submission] Half Orc - Clarification Lore

    I agree. It shouldn't entirely make you infertile. Just make it more difficult to produce offspring since that is what the Curse is.
  14. Pandasan

    [Lore Submission] Half Orc - Clarification Lore

    Interesting video. However, I still do not agree with complete infertility. Especially with half-breeds in the past who have mated and produced offspring. Infertility should only be applied with the Elven curse.