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  1. Thanks for using my moon pool ;-;
  2. It was a nice, small piece to read! Some avatars, I dislike because they need work; however, others are neat-o. Anyway! Personally, I would like to see more done with the current avatars before considering adding more. Should more avatars - specifically these - wish to be added, some revision should be considered!
  3. Listen here, punk. I've been refreshing this page every half-of-a-millisecond. I want to answer questions.
  4. Seek out the shamans in RP and go through the proper procedures, which depends on the shaman teacher. Have fun, come again soon, please.
  5. Getting very bored on my elf - a persona I had created awhile ago but still found nothing to do. Help?

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      The halfling RP is doing pretty well.... :P

    2. Pandasan


      Unfortunately, my elf cannot transform into a halfling, but I guess RP with halflings couldn't hurt.

  6. I need a clique to join.

  7. Interesting culture and wonderful read ^^
  8. I agree. It shouldn't entirely make you infertile. Just make it more difficult to produce offspring since that is what the Curse is.
  9. Interesting video. However, I still do not agree with complete infertility. Especially with half-breeds in the past who have mated and produced offspring. Infertility should only be applied with the Elven curse.
  10. I do not agree with this at all. Can you give a more in-depth explanation as to why they should- or are- infertile? Otherwise, the other clarifications are good.
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