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  1. Amyy_

    [Denied] [AT] RIven's AT app..

    <3 +1
  2. Amyy_

    [Accepted] Nekkore's FM Application

    I've only known you for the past Six months or so but you couldn't have been more helpful and kind towards me and many others aswell. You're so easy to talk and I have no issues whatsoever towards you, +1
  3. Punctuation, capital letters, spellings. Grammar really :P
  4. You don't need to 'try' and fix it, it's a fairly simple process to change a name.
  5. It's clearly intentional that you put those specific names into the post.
  6. As Marie said, these characters do not belong to you. It's my opinion that you should've asked the owners if it would be appropriate to use the characters in this post. Also, having roleplayed with Marie, Seyer and Elunir it is fact that they would not follow someone after only just meeting with them. It is to my knowledge that you have roleplayed with all three of them so you should have a fair understanding of what they would or would not do.
  7. Amyy_

    [Denied] AT Application (Seyer Reeyse)

    So kind and supportive +1 :)
  8. Amyy_

    Ro'ya Winterleaf

    Basics Name: Ro'ya Winterleaf Nickname/s: Ro Age: 94 Gender: Female Race: Wood Elf Description Height: 5'8" ( 172 cm ) Weight: 142 lbs ( 64.4 kg ) Eyes: Dark Green Hair: Black Skin: Tanned Tattoos: None Personality Ro’ya is sensitive, original, kind, enthusiastic, and assertive. She has a firm concern for how others think and feel. She tends to put the needs of others over her own. She is slightly athletic, and adaptable in new situations/environments. She has a tendency to experience unpleasant emotions easily such as anger, anxiety, depression, and vulnerability. Relationships Illithri Rohkea - Adoptive Mother Henry Winterleaf - Adoptive Father Katelynn Ibar'ker - Cousin Adeline Winterleaf/Alandriel- Daughter Barry Winterleaf - Grandfather Appearance Ro'ya adorns dark black hair, groomed and shining brilliantly, which crops her gentle face; it glimmers down towards her stomach where it ends, with roughly trimmed tips. She stands with an air of carefree confidence that is most noticeable in her deep green eyes. Her general shape is a toned hourglass figure defining her chest and hips softly . Her skin tone is a light & even tan lending her to porcelain glamour. She owns few womanly curves that are upheld with a firm youth that bargains the opinion that she looks to be in her mid-twenties.
  9. Amyy_

    [Accepted] Flyingpanda's AT App.

    FlyingPanda would make a great AT, he is a extremely helpful with many things on the server. I really do enjoy his role play ideas and I am very grateful for all the help he has given me! +1
  10. Amyy_

    Help please

    The ip I am currently using is mc.lotc.co and thanks for the help
  11. Amyy_

    Help please

    I have recently come across an issue I don't know whether it is just me that has had this problem but I cannot connect to the server I can connect to every other server I have, but not lotc I have refreshed the page hundreds of times, I have restarted minecraft twice, I have restarted my computer three times. please comment below if you have a solution to this problem, Thank you -~Kiaramox