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  1. Looking for a family to be a part of. If you got need someone to play a child character hit me up.

    1. Ixli


      The Uradirs are recruiting..:



  2. Kostagon ilva laesi sagon mirre leda onos May our eyes be ever with light 17th of the First Seed, 1726 - THE EMBERWARD FELLOWSHIP - It is with deferential pride that we gather together as comrades. The Lord Protector of this fair fellowship invites all farers of Arcas and beyond, young and old, to join a family of amicable individuals who seek only the betterment of our society. There is a place for all at the hearth, whether they be orc, orphan, or otherwise. Emberward is not a mercenary group, however is armed and armored for trying times. It is quite simply a band of brothers and sisters, organized and united under a single banner. Should you need a sword or tongue in defense, or simply warm bread and a fireside talk, the fellowship will be there. Emberward also shoulders upon itself its sacred duty as a guiding light for the mortal realm, helping communities and banishing dark creatures. All members are afforded arms, armor, and whatever else they may require which is equivalent to their contribution to the group. Professional training is also given should it be desired. - RANKS - EMBERDRAWN These are the new members of the fellowship, who have not proven themselves as loyal and true to the guild’s ideals. They are expected to learn dutifully, so they might grow in character and skill. When they are deemed ready, an Emberdrawn shall take their oaths. HEARTHGUARD Hearthguard are members of the guild who have proven themselves loyal and dedicated, having taken their oaths upon the fire. They are rewarded full respect and rights, and are eligible for positions such as that in diplomacy, material works, or otherwise. Hearthguards and those above them are eligible for special rewards and honorary titles, should they display great achievement. Traditional funeral rites and marriage rites will also be bestowed upon them on request. DAWNWARD Dawnwards are veteran fellowship members, however are only authorized to lead groups if no one of higher rank is available. They wear the Emberward colors with pride, and model great humility and respect towards the denizens of Arcas. FLAMEBEARER Flamebearers are longstanding members who have been endowed with leadership in the guild, whether that be in facilitating activities, defense, or in any civil field they may have elected to be apart of. They are also able to oath members, should the Pendraez or Lord Protector not be present, and are responsible for recruitment and the oversight of new members. PENDRAEZ The Pendraez, literally meaning chief dragon, are second only to the Lord Protector. They are authorized to lead all aspects of Emberward life, and are responsible for recruitment and general oversight. LORD PROTECTOR The Lord Protector is the de facto leader of the fellowship. It is their responsibility to ensure safety of all guild members, as well as the continued prosperity of the group. The current Lord Protector is Jaeherys Vaedari. - APPLICATION - A bird may be sent to Jaeherys Vaedari ((Treemo_)). Otherwise, submit the following form. OOC Username: Discord: RP Name: Race: Age: Gender: Reason for joining us:
  3. Name: Ithor Starbreaker Username: Treemo_ Character’s age: 81 Biography: Ithor was born during the closing days of Axios, as the dwarves made haste to their new home, bloody history following them. Even then, he was a jovial boy, and would sing great praises to Yemekar as he honed his craft day by day in the forge. Ithor completed his Trial of Creation with pride, a great war hammer of black steel. Engraved in winding fashion was the clan prayer in traditional dwed. He then jumped to take on the Trial of Knowledge, intent on impressing father. Ithor gathered his things and prepared for his long journey across Atlas, one which he would never return from. Ithor was presumed dead to all, however in reality he had gotten lost in the world and all its splendors and varied folk. Perhaps, he developed a tolerance for other races which one would consider unorthodox for a cave dwarf. During his travels, he had seen and spoke to the halflings, visited the high towers of Haelun’or, and all in between. For sixty years he would explore, sometimes living as a hermit, sometimes as a beggar, sometimes a mercenary. Until that was, he was assailed by humans outside of Renatus, and told to leave at sword point. With tensions mounting in Agnarum, it would finally be time for Ithor to return home, and face what he had long left behind. Skin: Ancestry: Son of Mirvam Starbreaker Discord: Treemo_#7847
  4. Treemo

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    -snip- Discontinued for various reasons. Moderators please delete or archive this, thank you.
  5. A day or so ago I decided to join the Discord, but it appears broken for me. Attached are screenshots of the issue. The only channel showing is a blank #twitter. All of my other servers work, LoTC is only this one that doesn’t. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance. Images
  6. MC Name: Treemo_ RP Name: Virius Doomforged Are you applying for Mining, Smithing, or Both?: Mining, though an apprenticeship in smithing would also be requested. What is your level in Mining?: Masterful What is your level in Smithing?: Adequate Skype name: umbrevee Are you able to use Teamspeak?: No, sorry. What is your timezone?: CST Will you be able to fill your quota?: Yep. I mine in all of my free time.
  7. Henry Pyris would read the poster, first noting the man's random captialization, perhaps caused by a life of struggle and a lack of education. After noting this, he would speak. "T'e knoight o t'e peasents needs money! O' dear, oi must give 'im sum'!" He would reread the poster. "Wait, Ostermark is starvin' because o' t'is? Neverehmoind." He'd walk away from the poster without another glance, only later wondering why he was talking to himself.
  8. Henry Pyris scrapes blood of his scabbard, glancing up at the poster as he does so. "'Ey... Ain't t'at t'ey lad who ran screamin' across the river when we attempted t'e bring him in for tryin' t'e murder 'is Imperial Highness? Huh."
  9. Please highlight somewhere that wood elves are peace-loving and generally don't do harm unless it's nesesscary. If I get robbed by another band of bow-toting wood elves I swear to god.
  10. #ImprisonKovachevs

    They took my teddy

  11. Virius Doomforged signs the charter.
  12. Leon Irwin signs the charter. ((IGN: Treemo_)
  13. Cremlar stares down at the charter, struggling to read it. Eventually he makes out the word "signature" from under his visor, and grabs a quill in his large hands with which to sign. "Crem" it would read in giant, sloppy handwriting. ((IGN: Treemo_))
  14. Character Name: Iranae Raell Minecraft Username: Treemo_ Race: High elf Timezone: CST Desired Magic: Mental Magic and air evocation
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