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Community Team Update - February 2021-

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This month has been a ride. While the new members got settled in, the new player application numbers have been spiking still. The pressure of maintaining our fast response times with this many applications was there all around the month. For next month I expect to go over 500 new player applications. Now with the information and feedback the Your View threat gave us we will be working and setting up projects the coming month in order to give the team a direction again and restore the faith the playerbase once had in the team.




- Overview -


This month, we saw a total of 491 apps handled, with 233 new players welcomed onto LotC. Maintaining our accepted/denied ratio that is some below 50/50.  Overall, it's been a crazy month for apps as we never had so many apps in one month since a while again. We keep raising still. 


- Monthly Applications-





- Accepted/Denied Ratios -





- Race Specific Data -







- Application Team Data -






This month’s Application Queen goes to @audyush 



Followed behind by @Demon_Lilly and @Cobbler !


With 143 applications, @audyush is our reigning application queen of February!





Community Administrator



Community Managers



Community Team Members















Content Creation Members




Changes in the Roster

@Ark - Stepped down

@Hopesky123 - Stepped down
@MisterChenn - Stepped down




Battle of the Arts/Crusade of the Creative - @Demon_Lilly @__TigerKitty__

Hello there! So this month we are going to do it a bit different. To stop the announcements subforum from cluttering we will now put the Battle of the Arts results within the Community Team monthly update. If you are named below make sure to DM @snoopie12as soon as possible in order to get your prizes. Congratulations to all winners, and we hope to see you next time!


Visual Art: @Sevastiel
Building: @The Fact Core 

Skinning: @ShannonLeigh

Singing/Magic Creation: @jolfrey




Wiki Caretakers - @HogoBojo & @JokerLow

Howdy everyone! During the previous month, the Wiki Caretakers continued to work on maintaining, updating, and adding additional things to the Wiki. As always, we believe that the Wiki is a valuable source, and we wish that players can reference it often as a reliable source of information. During this month, a lot of major pages have been updated to reflect the various changes that occurred on the server. The Major Nations and Charters page, Race Pages (Thanks to ST), amongst many others have been updated. If you wish to contribute to the Wiki or have any questions or concerns about the Wiki then please feel free to contact one of the Wiki Caretakers. The current Wiki Caretakers are @HogoBojo & @JokerLow. Also credits to @Luminairefor working alongside the Wiki Caretakers on updating a lot of pages. 


Hogo’s Update

During this month I made it my primary focus to update out of date pages such as the Major Nations and Charters page, Settlement Pages, and more. Additionally as always, I’ve been updating a variety of different miscellaneous pages. I’m quite ecstatic to say that lots of people this month have been using and/or working on the Wiki. I hope that this trend continues, and that more people use and/or contribute to the Wiki going forward. If you'd like an account set up to help contribute then you can request one in the LotC Discord. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Wiki then please feel free to send me a message on Discord: HogoBojo#0001.

JokerLow's Update
Hello there! So a lot of changes recently to the wiki. Firstly we recruited more people as volunteers. Established and prepared future systems, now awaiting admin aid/approval on those. We worked tightly with Story Team to implement the new racial updates to the wiki, hotter that bread out of the oven. Besides the major projects other smaller things here and there on the wiki have been updates as well, not really over the top but just maintenance work. We also started the progression on updating nation pages, but still not done with them since getting the information sometimes is harder than some may think. Right now we are also getting updated information regarding the kha as we speak.




Skin Archive - @snoopie12

In the last month we have re-established the Skin Archive and it's function. Now all skins are able to be used once again and all broken redirects have been updated. I recieved some feedback on the new skin archive and will work on inplementing it in the comming month. Due to team budget we sometimes will allow payments for donations to the skin archive, and sometimes not. Keep a eye out on the skinners-information channel in the Lotc discord for updates on that. The newly made skin archive can be found here: https://sites.google.com/view/lotc-skinarchive/home?authuser=0 



Media Team - @peachcool, @Treshure @snoopie12

Social Media is still being looked at, however Treshure is going full steam ahead with their video's. The Your View on the Community Team also indicated that people would like to see some continuation of the Tutorial Videos and so this will be discussed and looked at to see what we can do. 


Application Standards - @Luminaire, @Evonpire and @Ivoreyy

Hello all, marb here. Short update as this is mostly internal! Work is on the way to rewrite the currently used application guide, staff have access to. The most notable, public change in the works currently is an addition to the application format, and its guidelines put in place for the team, as written by @snoopie12. These are awaiting approval, but should help with the application process. As for the internal changes, the aim is to ensure that all team members will enforce the same standard upon applications, especially when it comes to lore. No pink Wood Elves, no Aegis born Humans, etc.

Player Retention - All Community Staff

A plan has been made and has been admin approved, the waiting now is on inplementation by all teams, the time this takes is yet unknown, but progress is being made. Once inplemented the first experiences of new players that join for the first time will be of better quality and far more engaging for both the new player as the communities around them. 




Last month was about continuing to improve the team and roll out some more projects. In this process we regrouped under new management and brought in some new members. 


Last Month’s Goals

Our goals for February where to keep improving the team and roll out some more projects while integrating in the new members.


This Month’s Goals

The goals for March are more detailed then the past months. Now I really want to get that ball rolling. 
I. Inplement the new systems in order to improve player retention
II. Having more frequent Community wide meetings
III. Looking to get more Tuturial Videos comming out.
IV. Working on disciplining the team more.
V. Rewriting varius documents and guides. 



If you have any questions or comments about the direction that we are going in, feel free to leave a comment down below or reach out to a team member.

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More people are being denied than accepted in an amount I've never seen before. Truly a spectacle to behold.

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Very pog

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Go @audyush wooo!!!

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