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  1. Secret Santa 2017

    wonder if someone will get me who I screwed over in game, would be ironic
  2. GM Team October/November Update

    Damn my boy conor going deep
  3. Dear Lotc, Why Remove the Nexus

    Good riddance, maybe we can actually keep more than one player a month
  4. "Theodore cheers as the rightful king assumes the throne"
  5. Chorale_'s AT Application 7.0

  6. The Shame of Versailles (SoV) - RP

    China Mad Dog In a speech before thousands of citizens in Peking, Kai-Shek announced the declaration of war on Germany, equating them to a “mad dog” that must be put down before it turns its sights to the Dragon. Along with this persuasive speech, the propaganda arm of the government is put into action to counter the anti-war movement and ensure the Chinese Nationalists rallied behind the government. (MOD) SAIC Motors After the success of the company in the Asian Markets, a massive ad campaign and expansion is pushed for the Ottoman Empire, hoping to open up a new market to the successful car company.(MOD) Chinese Super League With the upcoming world cup there is much hope that the international sporting event might one day find its home within China. To prepare for this a plan is put into place for the creation of eight stadiums and teams, to compete in the Chinese Super League, the highest level of soccer in the country. Serious funding is offered by the government, hoping the creation of stadiums and teams would be a massive boon for the economy. (MOD) Research With research beginning for the submachine gun, plans are put into place for a semi-auto rifle.(MOD) Plans are also produced for a side arm, hoping to create a standard issue officer's weapon (MOD) With the creation of the new Kai-Shek I tank, top research officials began looking into the creation of a Tank destroyer, armored vehicles who have a very limited role of destroying enemy tanks. (MOD) China offers a support role in the research of a Bolt-action rifle with Vietnam and Korea, though most of the heavy lifting is left to the respective countries. (MOD) Military Affairs The fifty thousand troops deployed to Rome to conduct training fall under the umbrella of Roman command for service in the War of German Aggression. The creation of two thousand Kai-Shek I’s are ordered, with plans to brute force the Roman doctrine. (MOD) With the reverse-engineering of the American Aircraft Carrier, three Aircraft Carriers are ordered, though it is carefully staggered to avoid any unnecessary strain on the economy. (MOD) One thousand of the new SPG’s are prepared are rolled out to the military. (MOD)
  7. "This is not true." Counters the boys first Arch-chancellor "The council was foull of fools and schemers, and with the lack of direction from the 'Emperor' the country was doomed to ruin."
  8. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Iran GDP 1.05 Trillion Growth 40 Bullion AP: 5 “Peace in our time!” Proclaimed the Supreme Leader to a crowd of Iranians as he returned from the fabled French Conference. “There will be no more wars in the middle east!” The joyous leader announced, following the pact of nonaggression between the Levant countries. Many throught the government are cheerful at the success of The University of Iran and its effect on the countries brain drain. Plans are put into place to expand the university into liberal arts and accelerated paths to citizenship are offered for foreigners attending the University. (⅕ AP) (Counting towards econ) (MOD) With the booming success of the Iranian economy, the state puts into place a plan to enter the Automobile industry.A state run company is announced with the government hoping to take over the middle eastern market. Much effort and resources are poured into the project with hope that it could one day be one of the prevalent car brands in the world. (⅗ AP) (Counting towards econ) (MOD) The Iranian Infrastructure and Freeway Project continues, with the promising work of Tehran continuing and expanding into the countryside. (⅕ AP per turn for 5 turns) (MOD) Actions: Trade deals are accepted with Egypt, Spain, Germany and Syria University of Iran (⅕ AP) Iranian Car Industry (⅗ AP) Iranian Freeway Project (⅕ AP) (5/5) To improving the economy
  9. They sing in Mardon

    "To the King of Renatus!" Cheers Theodore
  10. The Shame of Versailles (SoV) - RP

    (plz delete)
  11. Theodore bends the knee to his king