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  1. Pyro™

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    French Republic One Man, One Gun! Xavier Vallat announces a new militia plan, stating that every man will be required to attend 3 months of military training between the ages of 16 and 21, teaching them the basics. At the end of it they will receive a Napoleon I and 100 rounds of ammo. .(mod) The Nation of Evil! Xavier Vallat gives a speech to the French People, denouncing the acts of the “nation of Evil” as he calls them. “Japan believes it may try and bully a nation of Europe! All of Europe must show its might in response! The Prime Minister announces he and the Entente stand with the Dutch while also mentioning of a new alliance between the Chinese and the Entente.(mod) Internal Affairs The French Football Association announces that the Coupe De France will feature teams from the French African Continent while significant money is spent advertising the best French African teams and players to the mainland. (mod) Xavier Vallat announces a 250 million franc investment into the french lumber industry, stating that this is an important step in securing frances future. (mod) The French Military announces a plan to lay down 5 light cruisers.. (mod) Xavier Vallat announces a plan to make the Napoleon II standard issue, with the old Napoleon I’s being used for the One Man, One Gun program. . (mod) Xavier Vallat announces an Entente Space program, with scientists from all 5 nations working together to lead the charge into space. (mod) External Affairs France announces the Entente and China have signed an alliance (mod) French companies are encouraged to invest in the Soviet free economic zones. (mod) GIAT Industries announces a deal where in exchange for massive investment in China they will be the exclusive foreign provider of arms to the nation.(mod) Research The French Government begins research into a new destroyer model. (mod) France begins work into prosthetic technology for injured troops (mod) GIAT Industries begin working into an armored personnel carrier(mod) France begins work into better tank shells (mod)
  2.  Application Faction Requested: Institute Discord: you got it
  3. Pyro™

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    French Republic Long the HYPOCRITE! Xavier Vallat spoke to a jubilant crowd in front of the EIffel tower, proudly announcing he lea Europe to avoiding war. He also denounced the recent speech from president Long, completely refuting the Monroe Doctrine. “Monroe Doctrine is nothing but modern day Slavery” Puts the Prime Minister, before later stating “Long wants to be Emperor of the Americas, he is a hypocrite for criticizing the progress we’ve caused in Africa.” .(mod) I Am Not Caesar! In a speech in front of the old parliament building, Prime Minister Vallat announces that a new constitution will be drafted and elections will be resumed by 1950. He reiterates that the red menace is no more and the time has come for democracy to return to the great French Nation.(mod) Internal Affairs Prime Minister Vallat announces a deployment of 20,000 troops to French Guiana in light of President Long’s recent comments. (mod) Xavier Vallat announces a plan to organize all of the French Africa soccer teams, mostly a loose collection that play occasional friendlies into a tiered pan-african system featuring pro/rel. (mod) The French Ministry of Education announces a new round of scholarships for all disciplines, with a particular focus in economics. (mod) Xavier Vallat announces a 1 billion franc investment into the French Manufacturing industry, stating that this is the start of a new future for the nation. (mod) The new fighter is put into mass production, wanting to produce thousands to replace its last attempt at a fighter. (mod) Leaders of the French military are excited to put the new Anti Air weapons into mass production. (mod) External Affairs France announces selling its holdings in Syria and Lebanon to the British Government in exchange for two aircraft carriers, five heavy cruisers, ten destroyers and thirty patrol boats. “This is the best for both nations.” Xavier comments when questioned by a French Reporter(mod) Prime Minister Vallat announces that the French Nation stands with its British Ally, stating that France will defend British holdings like her own in case of foreign intervention. (mod) Research The French Government begins research into new bullet technology, hoping to get better ammunition for their already elite weapons(mod) France begins work into mortar technology to be used by infantry(mod) Xavier Vallat orders work into a new submarine that they envision to continue the rapid improvement of their navy (mod) Taking after the successful of French Small arms, GIAT industries uses this to develop the first French assault rifle . (mod)
  4. Pyro™

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    French Republic The Chinese-Franco Alliance Xavier Vallat formally announces what has ben rumored for months, a formal military alliance with the chinese.China pledges to follow France into any war it partakes in and also grants the French nation exclusive basing rights and removal of all tariffs..(mod) Internal Affairs Twenty thousand more troops are deployed to Syria, along with bombers.Xavier demands the people end the riots and revolts or face the full power of the french Air Force.. (mod) Xavier Vallat announces a new Plan to build a train station in every French Africa city with over 10000 peoplemod) Pleased with the early success of the academy,Vallat announces a plan to build a soccer field in every town in French Africa, and a 50 million Franc scouting budget to find the best hidden gems French Africa has to offer. . (mod) Xavier Vallat announces a 300 million dollar investment into the wine industry, hoping to further grow one of the countries strongest products. (mod) Military Prime Minister Vallat announces a full repeal of martial law, with curfews and special anti government laws being put to an end. “I am not Caesar” Vallat reminds people, before announcing it is only a matter of time before elections resume(mod) The French government announced the laying down of 3 new battleships, hoping to show off what it believed to be the best battleship design in the world (mod) Research GIAT Industries begin working to upgrade the Napoleon 1 to the Napoleon 2. The hope is the recent advances in gun trchnolo will be applied to the elite firearm (mod) France uses the recent advances in rocketry tech and applies them to a new anti-tank gun to be used by infinity (mod) Vallat personally orders research into heavy fighters, taking inspiration from the Japanese zeros (mod) With the early success of bth light and heavy tanks, french scientists begin to work to combine the ideas of both into an effective all purpose medium tank (mod)
  5. Pyro™

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    French Republic Bulgaria With tensions rising in the Balkans, PM Vallat announces its support of British intervention. “We must stop at nothing to halt the spread of the Red Menace” he announced at a speech in Lyon. The World War One veteran also announces that if the war does not find a swift conclusion the French People would be “compelled to act.” (mod) Internal Affairs Ten thousand more troops are deployed into Syria, with strict peacekeeping orders. Any unneeded violence from soldiers is promised to be faced with a swift response. (mod) With the prosperity of Africa, certain respected local colonial members are asked to travel to other french colonies to spread the praises of the French Republic and highlight the benefits of remaining under French rule (mod) A frustrated Vallat announces a promise to his people, saying: “by 1970 France will lift the World Cup” .He pours roughly 200 million more dollars into the development of a dozen youth academies across the country. (mod) Military French forces announce martial law is being scaled back with power over normal criminal matters being returned to the courts, though curfews and military patrols remain a constant part of civilian life.. (mod) Research GIAT Industries begin research into a new sub machine gun,hoping to give their infantry more flexibility (mod) France begins development of a new aircraft carrier, hoping to update their existing model to one that would compete with American or British designs (mod) Vallat personally orders research into early rocketry tech (mod) GIAT industries begins research into a new project to develop british made RADAR for French use mod
  6. Pyro™

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    French Republic Deployment! With tensions increasing between Mongolia and China, The French Military have deployed 200,000 soldiers to protect the Soviet-Chinese border. Given orders to defend the border at all costs, they prepare for any skirmages that may occur with the undersupplied communists. (mod) Internal Affairs Ten thousand soldiers are deployed to Syria to help in peacekeeping and relief offering, with the French Government setting up camps and offering what supplies they can to the refugee kurds.. (mod) With Water and Power being such an issue within Africa, French Colonial Services unveil a plan to have running water and power to every home in French Africa within the next ten years. (mod) Vallat being a huge fan of football, he unveils a 200 million franc youth scheme, hoping to significantly improve the quality of youth coaching and facilities, thus producing better players. (mod) Military The newly completed long-range bomber is put into mass production, with French military leaders hoping it becomes an important tool of the French Airforce. (mod) The new sniper rifle, named the Royale I is put into mass production, moving to replace every .303 in the French Military. (mod) Research GIAT Industries begin research into a new water filtration system that would be suitable for Africa. (mod) The French begin research into a brand new Battleship that hopefully could rule the waves .(mod) France also begins effort into new Anti Aircraft Technology, hoping to provide significant improvements over the current interwar models (mod) GIAT Industries begin work on a new light machine gun, taking knowledge from their extremely successful Napoleon I (mod)
  7. Pyro™

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    French Republic The Seizing of Paris With Parliament refusing to pass Vallat's Bill, at the next session of Parliament the military floods the building, seizing and arresting its members while Vallat makes a public announcement, stating "Parliament has become corrupted by the German Threat, we must push forward without this roadblock that opposes our Mothercountry." Parliament is declared disbanded and without power, placing the power of the country into the sole hands of Vallat. (mod) Internal Affairs With Success of the film industry. Money is poured into the launching of a state-run television channel that will run pro-French content and a news agency that runs French approved content (mod) Two-hundred-fifty million Francs are invested into the building of a basic water system within French Indonesia(mod) International Affairs Prime Minister Vallat praises Long for his swift work in opposing Communism After successful negotiations with Kai-Shek Prime Minister Vallat announces an upcoming expansion to the Peking Pact. (mod) Research GIAT Industries begin research into a new armored personal Carrier (mod) The French begin research into an Aircraft Carrier, taking inspiration from the American and British Success(mod)
  8. Pyro™

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    French Republic The New Day Prime Minister Vallat stood before the new parliament, praising them and welcoming them to the beginning of a “New Age” for France. In order to squash communism once and for all, he calls for a vote for parliament to temporary dissolve itself and suspend the constitution while Martial Law is effect. “I am not Ceaser, I shall return power” states Vallat, explaining he shall restore power to the republic when the threat has passed. (mod) Internal Affairs With the early failure of the French Film Industry, plans to create English Films are jettisoned while funds are doubled with a goal of creating a thousand films by the turn of the decade. (mod) Half a Billion Francs are invested into the African colonies to improve upon its early infrastructure. “The Great Road” as Vallat calls it, it aims to be an intricate web of roadways and highways that will connect all of France’s African holdings (mod) Peking Pact France announces the Peking Pact, an agreement that grants France ¾ reduction in tariffs within China in exchange for modernizing the Chinese Air Force and slowly remarming their military with Napoleon I’s. (mod) Research GIAT Industries begin research into a new fighter aircraft, taking inspiration from the Royal Air Force and Luftwaffe. (mod) The French begin research into a new gas mask after the tragedies of World War I..(mod)
  9. Pyro™

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    French Republic Communism’s End Both the head of the French Communist Party, Maurice Thorez and the German Ambassador to France were captured before they could flee. Xavier Vallat made a public speech condemning them both, demanding that the French People convict and execute them for their crimes against the France. (mod for trial results) With over 60 seats in the French Parliament suddenly becoming vacant due to the ban on communism, Prime Minister Vallat called for a snap elections on all seats within France. With Martial Law already in place the military guard voting places and heavily encourage voting for Republican Federation. (mod) Internal Affairs A 10 year plan is announced to build over two hundred schools within Africa, with a heavy emphasis on loyalty to the greater French Republic. Plenty of funds of allocated while the top students are given full rides to various academies within France. (mod) Millions of dollars are spent to kickstart the French Film Industry, with an emphasis on creating both English and French speaking films. (mod) External Affairs France expresses interest in Britains league but encourages a conference before any agreement is signed. (mod) The leader of Portugal is invited to Paris to discuss future interactions between the two nations. (mod) Research GIAT Industries begin research onto a new long range bombers. (mod) The French begin research into a new sniper rifle, hoping to produce a weapon unmatched in range and power.(mod)
  10. Pyro™

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    French Republic WE SHALL NEVER FORGET The Disgrace of Lyon has galvanized the French People not only against communism but behind their leader, Prime Minister Vallat. Immediately following the aftermath of the great tragedy, Martial Law is put into effect. Curfews are enforced while certain liberties are curtailed in the name of French Nationalism. (mod) While Martial Law is declared, Vallat also orders a complete ban on communist symbols and membership. The army is sent in to round up and arrest all Communist leaders while the communist party headquarters are raided by French Security Services. (mod) During the chaos of Martial Law, tanks roll upon the Red German Embassy in Paris while the army moves in to recover documents and arrest german nationals working within the embassy while the French Embassy to Germany is shut down and it’s staff recalled. (mod) Foreign Affairs “Prime Minister Vallat has declared WAR on communism!” was the leading headline in the Le Pere Duchesne. This was true as the leader of France offers to help arm and supply any country in the war on communism. Greece is invited to send delegation to Paris to speak with the Prime Minister while France is open to holding any talks with countries looking to stand up to Communism. (mod) GAIT Industries announces it will begin selling the Napoleon I to foreign countries, beginning to listen to offers. (mod) Military Millions of dollars are put into replacing worn out and old supplies. (mod) The Tomas Military Academy is opened in Lyon, accepting students at the age of 5 and training them for thirteen years to become the next generation of military commanders. Ideology training is as important as military training, with French Nationalism being forced onto the students. (mod) Research Research is put into the development of new farming equipment, hoping to revolutionize the design. (mod) Research begins on a heavy tank to oppose the recent efforts of both Britain and Germany, named Tomas I. (mod)
  11. Pyro™

    Writ of Exit, 1660.

    Logan Salvini smiles to his friend Giles "WE love Globalism now."
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  15. Pyro™

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    French Republic Return of the Emperor It is announced that Louis, Prince Napoleon has returned in a Radio broadcast, to aid the Republic in its future. Although his future is unknown it is announced Louis will serve a crucial role as an advisor for Prime Minister Vallat with greater news to come in the near future. (mod) Domestic Actions Effort and funds are looked into expanding and modernizing the wine industry of France. (mod) Dozens trade schools are planned to be opened throughout the country's colonial provinces. (mod) Plans are made to open the University of Madagascar, as a test run for offering university education within colonies. (mod) Plans are enacted to raise funding for Hospitals and money is put towards raising doctor salaries. (mod) International Affairs The Conference of Paris begins in early July with France, England and the low nations. The French Republic reaches out to the Chinese State about a formal meeting between heads of states.(mod) The French Government condemn the actions of the foreign agents in Britain. The Sobeski pact is contacted about possible trade with France. (mod) Research GIAT industries begin to work on light, cruiser tanks that are fast, thin and mobile. (mod) Plans are put into place to develop a new submarine, hoping to revolutionize French Naval Warfare. (mod)