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  1. Community HOI4

    >Night >2pm pick one...
  2. The Bavarian Fever (Alternative History, 1940)

    I.Nation: France II.Leader’s History: A well known nationalist and monarchist, after the 1936 election where he was re-elected as an independent, Xavier Vallat opted to join Republican France. Organizing a coupe within the party in 1938, he became the undisputed leader and lead them to becoming the largest party in the General Assembly. III.Nation’s Recent History: While Germany has had their communist uprisings, France has had a sudden political shift of their own. in 1938 the surging Republican France party endured an inner party coup, with Louis Marin removed from party leader in favor of far right newcomer Xavier Vallat. in the 1940 election Republican France got their biggest win yet, gaining 46 seats to bring them to 146 and making them the largest party in France. IV. Skype: you got it young buck V.Somewhere in this thread, I asked to name something: Nathan Hale
  3. why do treaties have to go through staff that's beyond stupid, let stuff happen in roleplay and stop forcing an ungodly amount of staff intervention on people

    1. Dewper


      staff do what they  want pyro ok....

    2. Pyro™


      wtf dewper is staff shill now...

  4. The Bavarian Fever (Alternative History, 1940)

    Claim France will post tonight
  5. Can y'all make a warning appeal system that isn't in Illegible font

  6. [Denied]put me in coach

    Good bloke
  7. @InfamousGerman likes men

    1. InfamousGerman


      @Pyro lost the empire to vegetarianism and some midgets (lol)

    2. Quirkyls
  8. [GM] The case against Child GMs

    Availer had like a 13 year old GM, so I mean I disagree with you there buddy don't get me started on those man
  9. he hate me


  10. Dawn of a New Era OOC (Fantasy Nation-builder RP)

    State Name: The Katholikos Empire Government System: Elective, Theocratic, Absolute Monarchy History/Culture: The Kingdom of Katholikos were one of the many feudal monarchies vying for power over the Koko Island. The Kingdom of Katholikos was placed in the far east with control of the lumber on the island, in the far west was the magic practicing Kingdom of Majoo and in the central island were dozens of barbarian tribes. Under Barbarian King Rozo, the dozens of tribes united to form a pagan kingdom, in hope of Bringing Katholikos and Majoo to heel. King John VII of Katholikos, a natural Craven, immediately sought peace with the Barbarians. The peace was accepted and in exchange for being allowed to reside within the Golden Keep the King agreed to full surrender and the end of Katholikoism, the only religion in Katholikos. Charles, a simple priest of Katholikoism rejected the peace and lead the faithful in a revolt, retaking control of the de jure Katholikos land. In the midst of the revolt, the Golden Keep was burnt to the ground, along with the royal family. Charles lead a long campaign against the pagan tribes, fully subjugating and squashing out their illicit religious practices. At the conclusion of the Pagan Conquests the Kingdom had to find itself a new leader. Charles called upon all Katholikos Priests and decided that without a heir Katholikos would be ruled by a Papas, to be elected by all priests within Katholikos. Charles was unanimously elected at the first Papas Election, only to be assassinated a few weeks later by a mage. The Priests quickly reconvened and elected Charles’ main general, Cyril. Cyril announced that in honor of Charles, he would name himself Charles II, thus setting a precedent of a Papas changed their name upon election. While most documents point to the assassin of Charles I being a disgruntled Pagan Barbarian, Charles II used the opportunity to bring war westward and conquer the magic using Kingdom of Majoo. The war was quick and lead to the genocide of thousands of mages. Charles II proclaimed the Katholikos Empire and thus lead to a Golden age for Katholikoism. Economy: (4) The Economy of Katholikoshas long used used the wood trade, with a historic practice of avoiding deforestation. The secondary resource is its large abundance of fields in the Central Island, cultivated for massive amounts of farming. The main resource of Katholikos is Tobacco, first found and farmed by the barbarians, the climate of Katholikos along with the perfect soil make it a perfect storm for the farming of tobacco. The standard gold coin is called a Chrimata, bearing the face of Charles I on one side and the long destroyed Golden Keep on the other side. Education: (4) The People of Katholikos are highly educated, with the standard curriculum created by the Katholikos Church. The city dwellers are encouraged to attend university, where the Church encourages scientific teachings while discouraging heretical thoughts by incorporating religious teachings within all lessons. The Katholikos are also better ship builders, able to make their vessels slightly faster and stronger than the average ship Size: (5) There are two main cities within Katholikos, Charlsa in the East, the Capital of the Empire. In the West there is Cypra, a main trading city for the Empire. Between the two there is an estimated 800,000 between the two cities, with another 1.7 million spread out within central Katholikos, bringing the total population to 2.5 million. Military: (3): The army of Katholikos while once proud has fallen as of late, as more effort has been put into expanding its navy. Currently the army sits at 10k, with 7,500 skirmishers and 2,500 pikemen. The Navy currently sits at 8 Caravals and 18 Galleys Loyalty: (4). The People of Katholikos are content with the current state of affairs within the Empire, with the entire population following the state religion of Katholikoism, they are loyal to the Vicar of God himself, The Papas. Key figure 1: Papas Cyril III 6/5/4 Key Figure 2: Secretary of State Papanogo 4/5/2 Key Figure 3: General Mikikoko 6/2/5 Word mentioned necessary somewhere in the above post: Vatican City
  11. God save the king 

  12. >https://gyazo.com/da896aef4e3563af9bd53b569c1a0014

    >Becomes staff




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      Big if true

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      joey calabreeni

      wish logan would text me and not bully me : (

  13. [Rules] PK clauses for NL

    good concept
  14. Those Exalted, Sanctified, and Blessed

    ((**** you smelly, and this should be way outdated by now, newest pope should have an active one!))