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  1. A drunkard contacts the enchanter at once
  2. MC Name: thatpyrodude Character's Name: Elmer von Scholz Character's Age: 22 Character's Race: Human What magic(s) will you be learning?: Soul stealing anti magic Teacher's MC Name: rella101 Teacher's RP Name: gene Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: no Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: no, I've not
  3. Philip Owyn smiles down upon his brother, watching from the Seven "Vengeance has been had"
  4. Form Reaffirmation of Knighthood [[MCName]]: Name: Abraham Knighted by: Peter the Second Reason for Knighting: Capturing and Killing Zoey Romstun Liege Lord: Peter the Second Lands: none Are you willing to affirm/reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to Emperor and Empire?: yes Coat of Arms: (tba)
  5. Dagnar Goldhand spits to the floor "About time weh got ah reason tuh get rid uh this shite clan"
  6. Dagnar Goldhand reads the document, confused by its content "Oren is wrong buhcause they want tuh avenge traituhous kin? nothin' but ah poor powa play by ah shite Clan."
  7. Abraham smiles, remembering the meeting he had with the High Prince
  8. Philip Frederick smiles from the seven, watching his Regulators continue to work
  9. a letter is sent to the newspaper "Dear Editor I bring news of the death of Zoey Romstun, me and Ser Felix tracked her, captured her, then beheaded her. We then presented her head to His Imperial Majesty as proof of her death Signed, Ser Abraham"
  10. It was a quiet day as the Seneschal toured the town, a simple man he had only his sister and a singular guard at his side. He had a few sips from his wine sack as his gaze shifted from person to person, a smile on his face at the bustling city. Yet it was not to be, a familiar face, a Roumston man ran up to him, clearly angry. He handed him a note, its contents clear “One of our men killed by guards … notified by Oswald” Philip looked up and was confused, unsure at what to say to him “Speak to His Imperial Majesty, I cannot help you.” His paranoia was growing as a crowd had grown, Romstuns surrounding him with a doglike aggression. “I’m sorry…” the Romstun muttered before the horde attacked him, his singular guard yelled for reinforcements, and soon two rival mobs had formed. Philip drew his Morningstar, once used by his father. Unarmored he fought the Romstuns, but he knew it was to no avail. His men were slain around him, and he was eventually disarmed. Dragged into the Romstun tavern he was tied to a flaying rack, he could only spit out a few final words before the savages began their work. “You’ll meet the same fate soon enough, Ave Horen, Ave Oren, Ave Peter!” No more words could escape his lips as only pain filled his mind, slowly and surely his skin was ripped from his body. Only one more thing came to him before he ascended to the seven, his wife’s face appeared before his eyes, before they shut for its final time Philip Owyn, fin.
  11. THE VIZIMA ACT, 1623 Issued and Confirmed by His Imperial Highness, Philip Owyn, Prince-Regent of the Holy Orenian Empire, 8th of Malin’s welcome, 1623. TO OUR BELOVED SUBJECTS, To reaffirm both the correct bloodlines and the current laws of the Imperium Quintus, the Vizima Act of 1621 is to act as both an assurance and a deterrent to those that would seek to taint human blood with undesirable non human lineage. The mongrelization of the Imperial male is an idea that the Holy Orenian Empire will never support, yet instead will actively work against, to ensure the pride, strength and diligence is kept among our honest people. No Human may marry, have extramarital relations, or breed with a non-human. All those who violate this law shall be crucified. Furthermore, all offspring resulting from such an unholy union shall be disposed of accordingly depending on its age. All unholy unions of marriage between a Human and non-human shall immediately be considered null, all offsprings being declared as illegitimate. Miscegenation (Section IV, Part I) Where an individual intentionally fornicates with one not of his race, such as man and elf or man and dwarf, this shall be the crime of miscegenation, a felony. Abomination (Section IV, Part G) Where an individual is directly descended from multiple races, namely kha’ or orc, or is the offspring and product of a close consanguineous fornication, such as inbreeding between siblings or between offspring, this shall be the crime of abomination, a felony. All Elves that wish to hold civil office within the Imperium Sextus must clip the points of their ears and/or have their elven ears covered completely. It is advised one refers to Imperial Decorum. All Dwarves that wish to hold civil office within the Imperium Sextus must keep their beards trimmed at a manageable level. It is advised one refers to Imperial Decorum. All Uruks and other variating forms of Krug’s children are to be barred from all Imperial Settlements. These beasts are inherently uncivilized and naturally violent; thus, their nature will endanger the lives of the good citizens of the Imperium Sextus. An exemption is placed with those that conform to Imperial Custom, any orc seeking approval is to seek out the Imperial Seneschal for more information. All beastly half-breeds and mutants are to be barred from all Imperial Settlements. Monstrosities such as “Spider-Man” are naturally uncultured and destructive. All encountered on Imperial land are to be disposed of, in accordance with Section IV, Part G of the Ten Tables. For the Strength of Our People IN NOMINE DEI, His Imperial Highness, The Imperial Regent Prince Philip of House Horen, and Knight of the Imperium Sextus
  12. IMPERIAL WARRANT FOR SPIDER-MAN, 1623 Issued and Confirmed by His Imperial Highness, Philip Owyn Prince-Regent of the Holy Orenian Empire, 17th of Snow’s Maiden, 1623. TO OUR BELOVED SUBJECTS, It has come to the attention of our Prince-Regent abomination and half-breeds are allowed to roam free within the Imperium Sextus, and at times are even aided by so called “Orenians.” The Imperium Sextus does not condone such behavior and wishes to curb this by setting a clear precedent here. The following warrant is for Spider-man, a beast who addresses himself as Duante. The beast deserves no name, it has no goal but causing terror and destruction. To show the importance of its capture, the Prince-Regent Philip Owyn is offering five hundred mina to whoever can capture the beast and bring it Saint Owyn’s Palace. An Artist's rendition is below For the Strength of Our People IN NOMINE DEI, His Imperial Highness, The Imperial Regent Prince Philip of House Horen, and Knight of the Imperium Sextus
  13. Philip Owyn smiles as he wonders into the city "Home..."
  14. THE JUSTICE ACT, 1622 Issued and Confirmed by His Imperial Highness, Philip Owyn, Prince-Regent of the Holy Orenian Empire, 16th of Deep Cold, 1622. Within the Year of 1622, Our Emperor as guided by Heavenly mandate and His infinite wisdom does see it fit to bestow upon the realm the Justice Act of 1622. It is with the hope of the Emperor and the Imperial Administration that this act shall bring about an age of Justice and civil society for the masses. Sections: Positions Lawyers Criminal Offenses Lawsuits Precedent Immunity from Legal Action VII. Contractual Agreements I.Positions The High Magistrate - a. The High Magistrate as appointed by the Emperor is to manage, oversee, correct et cetera the Imperial Courts. He shall advise and counsel the Emperor on all legal matters and he shall maintain a Court of no less than three magistrates. The Magistrates- The magistrates as appointed by the High Magistrate are to oversee all matters involving trials, lawsuits and other Justice related matters. They are to aid and answer directly to the High Magistrate. There shall be no less than three magistrates. II. Lawyers In order to provide the laymen with competent legal aid the Emperor does see it fit to allow the use of Lawyers while in trial. III. Criminal Offenses As issued by his Imperial Majesty, let it be known that all nobility & clergy have the right to go to Court if they wish to. As issued by his Imperial Majesty, let it be known that the Common Man has the right to go to Court if they are to file a lawsuit or if involved in a serious offense. Serious Offenses are as listed; Murder Treason Arson Rape Theft of 2,000 mina or more Fraud For ticketable offenses and petty crimes, the highest ranking officer at the time of the arrest and enforcement of the rule of law shall decide the punishment. This punishment shall not exceed; 500 mina ticket Flogging IV. Lawsuits It has come to the attention of the Emperor and His Administration that there is a growing desire to peacefully resolve civil matters. As is His wishes, the Imperial Court shall open the ability to file Civil Lawsuits against their fellow citizens. All Lawsuits shall have: Plaintiff Defendant Ruling Reasoning Reasons to file Lawsuits are as follows: Libel or Slander Property Damage Breach of Contract Acts of physical violence Torts V. Precedent The Imperial Courts as entrusted by his Imperial Majesty shall run under a principle of stare decisis. This entails that the Court rulings and holdings shall establish a precedent in which future cases of similar nature shall follow. Precedents may be overturned at the discretion of the Emperor and High Magistrate. With the establishment of Common Law, Magistrates must record in writing the case at hand and the reasoning for the ruling. VI. Immunity from Legal Action In order to maintain an efficient and functioning administration, the Emperor does see it fit to establish certain immunities to protect Administrators from legal action. Sovereign Immunity a. As the rightful heirs to the Empire of Man, the Imperial Family shall retain sovereign immunity from legal actions. The immunity on specific family members may be waived by his Imperial Majesty Qualified Immunity This is to be waived if: They knowingly break the law Waived by the Emperor or High Magistrate As the backbone of the Emperor and after being entrusted by his Imperial Majesty to maintain his realm, government servants be it soldier, administrator, steward, et cetera shall retain qualified immunity if they are to be brought into a lawsuit which deals with their job. VII. Contractual Agreements In his infinite wisdom it is recognized by the Emperor that businesses and individuals may enter into contracts be it written or verbal. In order to promote a civil society the qualifications of a proper and withstanding contract are as follows, There is a mutual agreement The Parties are competent Can not be insane Intoxicated Under the age of sixteen It is based on genuine assent Supported by Consideration Does not contradict principles of law or policy It is in writing As Reference for the Laws of the Empire: As penned by the dutiful Mister Thomas C. Summerfield, Deputy to the Seneschal IN NOMINE DEI, His Imperial Highness, The Imperial Prince-Regent Philip of House Horen, and Knight of the Imperium Sextus
  15. Lucien V rubs his hands together, a wide smirk on his face "The man had me thrown in chains... Mayhaps now is the time for me to reclaim my Pontificate, now that the snakes sleep for good"