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  1. Looking for DnD group. Am big noob.

  2. ET Modreqs

    Awesome, now we can get ignored by all the other staff teams!
  3. The Dominion Insider

    Saliva admires her clever act of vandalism and stashes her stolen lipstick while giving herself a congratulatory pat on the back.
  4. Leaving LotC

    Bye scrub
  5. A thorn in our sides.

    The smartassical being known as Saliva can't help but wonder who Machiavelli is and what did he do to get famous in this context.
  6. Human Peasants should require a CA

    1. Wolfdwg


      Nah nobles  should.

  7. LOTC Characters As Animals

  8. Why is having too many creatures a bad thing?

    I'd like you to meet LotC. LotC was fed far too many creatures, amongst other things such as magics. LotC has lost his sight, three quarters of his blood are now syrup, is due for amputation of both feet and lost most sensory responses. Only you could prevent forest fi- I mean lore bloat.
  9. Automatons, Animii

    bad joke
  10. Goodbye vote links

  11. Your View: Undead

    Not even spooky anymore. They have fundamentally failed on every step of the way.
  12. The Massacre of the Fallen Sage

    Upon hearing the news, the grotesque being known as "Saliva" imagines what the fateful encounter might have been like:
  13. 6.1d: No brakes on the Hain Train

    I notice the nugget gives the wearer "+25% Luck". What does this even mean? Base luck is 0, so it'd be nice if you clarified on this.
  14. Mobs Suck

    Git gud
  15. [✗] More Kha Types

    There are already more kha types than kha players.