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  1. For escaping you should contact your master oocly and come to an agreement. Some people prefer to roleplay the escape, some prefer to leave behind RP signs, some are fine just straight up leaving. Try to arrange whatever would work best for the two of you. Just remember that you shouldn’t be oocly forced to remain a snaga.
  2. The newly appointed Snagagoth, Shanka’Yar, makes an announcement in the goi. “Bruddas agh sistas! With the turmoil gone from Krugmar comes the return of our culture agh traditions! Raiding parties will soon be returning to Krugmar with bounties agh snagas. As Snagagoth, it is mi duty to make sure both snaga agh master follow the codes agh bring honor to Krugmar. Anyone bringing snagas to the goi must bring them to mi for branding agh evaluating! Anyone with questions or issues concerning snagas should seek mi out as well!” Shanka’Yar then distributes flyers containing guidelines for snaga owners to follow. Snaga guidelines: The Snagagoth is appointed by the Rex to oversee all matters concerning snagas. One should seek the Snagagoth for advice on the subject. All newly acquired snagas must be brought to the Snagagoth to be branded and, if necessary, broken. A snaga is their master’s responsibility. A master is expected to satisfy their snagas’ basic needs and provide them with the tools necessary to perform their tasks. Snagas must abide by the Code of Krug like any other uruk. A snaga owner must see to it that their snagas learn our ways. That includes respecting the spirits. When a snaga breaks the code, refuses to perform their task or otherwise fails to behave in a suitable manner they should be brought before the Snagagoth to impart an adequate punishment. Owners are discouraged from punishing their own snagas directly, as bloodlust and emotion can lead to inappropriate punishments, which would be dishonorable. Abusing and injuring snagas outside of lawful punishment is considered dishonorable. Snagas are meant to work, an injured snaga cannot work efficiently and time spent recovering is time wasted. The Snagagoth reserves the right to take away someone’s snagas if they deem their treatment too abusive or too lenient. Breaking the Codes of Krug might also lead to this. ((OOC Guidelines:)) Never force anyone to be a snaga. Slavery roleplay isn’t for everyone and forcing it on people will only lead to bad times. Always consult oocly with your victims and make sure everyone is enjoying the roleplay. In the case that you’ve captured someone and they do not want to engage in slavery rp there are a number of things one can do instead. Sacrificing them to the spirits, auctioning them on the market or using them for witch doctors to practice their hexes are all good alternatives. Please make a conscious decision before having your character become a snaga, don’t make it just a throwaway endeavor.
  3. (( MC name: Runabarn)) Name: Alina Vote for Sohaer: ( ) Nelgauth Maehr'tehral ( X ) Anethra Uradir ( ) Abstain
  4. Somewhere, Shanka’Yar feels a disturbance.
  5. (( Discord: WhimZ#8749 IGN:Runabarn Rp name: Agdis Competitions(You can partecipate more than one, of course): Talent and Sword pulling what can you do?(if join the talent contest): Balance a greataxe on my chin while juggling smaller handaxes. ))
  6. That awkward moment when an april fools joke is actually what we need for reals
  7. You all know the bigger problem is all the people that shouldn’t have magic are rampant. But you won’t do anything about it.
  8. Yeah, alright. I like it.

  9. Looking for DnD group. Am big noob.

  10. Human Peasants should require a CA

    1. Wolfdwg


      Nah nobles  should.

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