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  1. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    Senpai pls.
  2. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    Huh. So I added Khronheim to the main post like a week and a half ago but just noticed it's not on there, musn't have gone through when I edited the post; weird! Anyway here it is now.
  3. Declaration of Summit

    "Intriguing" Ionia remarks.
  4. Departure of the Maheral

    Ionia Sullas sighs. "And so the last of our true elders leaves us, these are dark days I have returned to."

    Ionia Sullas gasps, her face shot with disgust and fear. "You would open up our farms to be entered by any impure outsider wanting to do us harm? What shall happen to us when a human decides to poison our food supply? All they need but do is stroll freely into our farms. What use will your extra houses be when we're all dead!"
  6. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    Post more locations with coordinates guys! I need more places to render.
    1. AGiantPie
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      On the top of this image you can see the old Dunshire 

    3. Patu


      Very nice

  7. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    Ok I'll ask around then. Also to everyone else I just updated the Haense picture, there was a bit of a graphical glitch with one of the photoshop adjustment layers that I noticed in the top right corner, I replaced the links with the new image.
  8. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    Well maybe if you tell me where it is by providing coordinates like I asked in the main post then I can take a look.....
  9. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    Just added Haense to the post so you can all stop complaining :P
  10. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    Sure, go ahead.
  11. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    Yea sure go ahead, Shiftnative used to post some of the official wallpapers I did back in Anthos on Reddit and they did really well. Sure go ahead man. Also geeeeeez guys. I'll so Haense next...
  12. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    Voodoo magic and praying to my computer and then hours and hours in photoshop
  13. Minature Atlas Cloud Temple

    Finally did a Dunshire picture :D It's included in here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/170347-lotc-tiny-towns-project/
  14. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    Hahaha. If I had a world save of the whole map I would soooooo do a game of thrones-esque miniature fly-through video.