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  1. That's funny because haense held an equal numbers skirm with you about a week back and Norland lost. I have a very distinct memory of malgonious getting combod down by 4 year old natalie barbanov But I guess that's all orenian propaganda right guys all hail norland obviously the superior pvpers dude norlands never lost a single battle trust me dude malgonious is the best pvper on the entire server dude
  2. Very happy to see the norlandic peoples successfully making their rp and enjoying their time on a casual minecraft roleplaying server! Sure is good to know that no one in this community is immature enough to start a **** measuring contest about who has more premium minecraft roleplay and is therefore superior. Also is nice to to know that our community is mature enough to hage civil discourse on the forums without slinging **** and making ooc posts targeting other minecraft rp groups under the guise of "banter"
  3. Boris Ruthern embraces his friend in the Seven Skies
  4. *swears his fealty to god-emperor gus
  5. "Good luck with that" says Jakarra
  6. I didn't literally tell him "halt." I didn't feel the need to explain this as the message of instigating rp was already shown and easily viewable if you cared to actually look at the scope of what happened instead of zeroing in on the false narrative you want to portray. Your very own words were "I did not see warrior prince telling me to halt in ooc until after I was downed" so yeah you did say that. I told you in ooc to stop AFTER you were told irp to stop. You don't "have to do what I say" but if you run from rp I am allowed to down and then revive you. "Legal right" refers to my legal ability to do so within sever rules as server rules are the law of the server. Please refrain from further childish, immature and passive aggressive comments.
  7. So basically what happened is The raiders saw fuze. Raiders told him to halt (as proven in teegah's screenshot. Fuze "doesn't see" this and continues to move. I tell him in ooc to halt or be downed. Again, he "doesn't see" and continues to move. So I down him and continue rp as I am in my legal right to do and then get a br on me for doing so? This entire report is an insult to my and everyone else's intelligence. "Forcing rp" is not a rule. You don't get to say "well I'm bring you because you killed me in rp and I don't like that," which seems to be what you're doing. In addition, you are required to at least make an attempt to resolve the situation which you utterly failed to do. Could have messaged me on the forums or asked teegah or anyone else for my skype, or looked on my forum profile for it, but instead you opted to type a rage fueled ban report that I didn't even know about until teegah poked me on ts. This is an absurdly childish and idiotic ban report and I hope I don't have to waste my time posting on it again.
  8. wtf no i ******* hate devs so ******* much **** you @Teegah**** you @InfamousGerman **** you **** you **** you i hate you AVE TAHMAS IM GOING BACK TO MASSIVECRAFT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  9. Absolutely yes. Hard working and mature, huge +1 from me
  10. Nikolai and the men of Black Company raise a glass in the honor of a good man.
  11. Great admin, unbiased and chill, knows what he's doing. A safe and good pick +1
  12. Spoiler alert: admins have failed to listen to the community. The next map will be temporary and the ETA for the new map as given by Ang is November, "if everything goes according to plan." So we'll be on one or multiple temp maps for 4 months if everything goes smoothly with the new map. But hey we should all be used to staff disregarding community decisions
  13. tfw active et member removed from et because "we don't want to put stress on you" <-- actual quote from ET manager. I think the et in question would know what she can and cannot handle better than managers making up ridiculous excuses to remove people
  14. ((hi, please consider yourself contacted as of right now and remove it. Thanks.
  15. ((hi, on behalf of the of the original commissioners of this coat of arms im gonna have to ask you to take it off of your post as you were not granted permission to use it and it is illegal to do so. thanks