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  1. return to us maxwell

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  2. anyone have or know how to find map saves for any of the old maps? hmu pls

  3. “The Argentine Republic is a mighty nation, to be sure. Boasting one of the largest food exporting economies in the entire world, its’ neutrality in the Great War has allowed us to become one of the wealthiest countries in the entire world. Tragically, much of rural and lower-class Argentina will never see any benefit from this wealth, as most of it goes to the upper class, the wealthy. I denounce this, and, as your president, will continue to seek reform and reconciliation that allows for every Argentine man to achieve greatness, regardless of his status.” Excerpt from the speech of President Yrigoyen, Aug. 15. 1916 Things indeed were going well for the nation. But there was still much work to be done. Just over 9 months into his reign of doing nothing much, biding his time, and solidifying his power and popularity, President Yrigoyen is ready to initiate his agenda. Firstly, he picks up his phone, prodding the dial for a few moments. It rings once, before a line on the other end picks up. “Comenzar la operación Nécora.” “Sí, señor Presidente.” 3 days later, the presidential cabinet had convened. Sitting in a wide office in the Casa Rojada, they sat with folded arms, listening to one General Enrique Mosconi receive orders from the President. Oil interests in the country need development, and rather than allow it to fall into the hands of the wealthy, it should be assured that the benefit from petroleum goes to the people. A state-run oil company is established, the YPF, with an 8 million peso startup grant, after which it is to be self dependent. General Mosconi is to be the head of this new department. This was a truly revolutionary project: the first state-run company in the entire world, the first realization of a growing socialist nation. 3 days after that, the president makes a major political move by publically meeting with leaders from the 2 major trade unions in Argentina: the Federación Obrera Regional Argentina IX and the FORA V, promising that the government will work more closely with the unions to build socialism and a united front against imperialism, and calling for mutual aid to protect workers rights. Once nicknamed “el poludo” (the hairy armadillo) for his his introverted character and aversion to public appearances, the president is overcoming this to deliver a major speech right after, calling for the remilitarization of Argentina, citing a growing imperialist threat domestically and worldwide, and the need more than ever to protect and arm the global proletariat to bring about democratic change and world peace. Elsewhere, the growing socialist ideals are leading to some troubles. Beyond just some of the ultra wealthy clutching at their pearls, there is fear that the radical socialism spreading through the country might be becoming too radical. The most notable evidence of this is a new, increasingly popular youth movement. Juventud was Radical formed by anarchist students at the University of Buenos Aires, organizing strikes against perceived bourgeois and elitist policies. The movement is gaining smaller chapters in other cities, becoming a hotspot for anarchist and communist social activism. Finally, at the behest of some prominent expatriate French Argentines as well as socialist groups, not least among them the Juventud Radical, the President agrees to arm and train volunteer soldiers, as many as will volunteer, to go to Caucasia, Sweden, and France, and aid them in their revolutionary struggle against imperialism. Additionally, Argentina will lend significant aid to other countries. Frozen beef, cereals, wheat, and other food exports are sent to Caucasia, France, and Sweden, and China to aid them in revolutionary struggle. Perhaps even more important, a shipment of 35,000 wool coats (10,000 to Caucasia and Sweden, 15,000 to China) is sent to Caucasia, China, and Sweden to help them against the bitter cold. Actions: Juventud Radical formed by anarchist students at the University of Buenos Aires, organizing strikes against perceived bourgeois and elitist policies. The movement gains smaller chapters in other cities, becoming a hotspot for anarchist and communist social activism. President Yrigoyen publically meets with delegates from the 2 major trade unions to solidify ties between labor and the government The Argentine Re-Armament begins, the Argentine army seeks new volunteers and begins training and equipping new troops as well as re-equipping old ones and mobilizing for war. Factories begin to pump out new guns and ships, especially the new Destroyer type ship. The Argentine air force, in a pitiful state of affairs, is getting rehauled by new leadership. New planes are to be constructed, existing ones repaired, new air corps trained, etc. President Yrigoyen appoints General Enrique Mosconi, a loyal general and close friend, to be the head of the newly created YPF. Operation Nécora begins.
  4. Discord Name; max#1211 Nation of Choice (and why?); Argentina Nation’s historical background leading up to 1912 (Would like a paragraph + here giving a full account of your nation's state at the moment. Particularly important if you want to apply for one of the Greater Powers); Argentina is a freshly socialist country, having only just won over the country after decades of conservative rule, under the leadership of Hipólito Yrigoyen and his Radical Civic Union. Known to many as “el padre de los pobres” (the father of the poor). An outspoken socialist and reformist, he is leading a sweeping set of social reforms aimed at repairing wealth inequality, voting rights, and university reform. There is staunch opposition to his rule from the wealthy, though he is loved and adored by the middle class. Recent Argentine history has been marked by a period of major economic growth, and Yrigoyen’s regime seems to be making no change to that trend. Argentina is one of the world’s top food exporters, making it in return one of the wealthiest countries in the entire world; its’ neutrality in the Great War allowed this wealth to grow even larger. it has a substantial military and a powerful navy, and the new government’s industrialization policies are ensuring that Argentina will remain a powerful, wealthy, and modern country for decades to come. Nation’s Government Type and Leader/Party; Hipólito Yrigoyen of the Radical Civic Union leads the nation of Argentina with a newly elected socialist government. Any special characters you made and want to introduce?; nope Nation’s relative army/navy statistics (If you can’t find any pm me); will pm Did you read all the information?; ya Suggestions or feedback?; nope
  5. can we just settle warclaims in wizard101 instead

  6. max.

    The Kōkuaʻia

    there actually is already a group of polynesian/hawaiian people already. I don't know much about them myself but maybe @Manatee can help you more. Do ur thing tho i mean its ur culture be free do what u like dont let me restrict u
  7. i love u

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  8. daily reminder that canonism is canon on lotc

  9. Medasculors. Weren't. Guns. Say it with me slowly, see if you understand. Medasculors were gun-shaped magic staffs, not guns. They did not have any firing mechanism nor were they actual firearms. They were literally sticks shaped like rifles, not guns. In fact, you could manually go out, chop down a tree, get a branch, and rp turning your branch into a gun shape and you would have something that is the exact same thing as a medasculor, and you could call it a ******* medasculor too because why the **** not. Medasculors are not guns.
  10. Magic didn't work because they were stupid magic bullshit, not because they were guns. There is no precedent for guns, we have never, ever had real guns before. Medasculors are not a valid precedent or comparison, they aren't guns. There's no reason to expect it wouldn't work. The only precedent we do have is cannons, which were perfectly fine working siege engines.
  11. I like the lore a a lot it's nice and we'll written but lotc really doesn't need any more aenguldaemons. If anything, some of the existing ones need to be removed.
  12. guys wheres the rep buttons im having a panic attack please my fragile ego cant take the loss of my precious pixel points

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  13. i lov u daddie

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