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  1. max.


    Rp section Name: Arius Age: Old Race: Highlander Birth place: Metterden Reason for joining: To serve Do you swear to protect House Ruthern, the County of Metterden, and the Kingdom of Haense? Aye OOC Section Mcname: CALiberty Discord: discord is for small pp homosexuals
  2. i hate lotc and i logged in just to +1 this. shes a queen, accept her or ill pull a Nasim Aghdam on u
  3. max.


    "its about ******* time" says boris ruthern "id beat the **** out of you, if you werent dead, and i wasnt also dead."
  4. max.

    [Denied]Disheartened's GM Application

    She's gay lol +1
  5. max.

    A New Beginning

    "Honestly pathetic," says Robert, reading over the document "A weak attempt to circumvent the consequences of their heathen barbarism. The Crown of Norland relinquishes their own religion only because it condemns them. Not because they care for Humanity or the grace of God. They don't even have the decency to take back the mantle of Canonism, now they're just atheist heathens."
  6. god, this makes me so wet, i love you
  7. "hey wanna convert to Canonism now" says Elias Colborn (( @cakefool
  8. max.

    [6.0] Nexus and PvP

    Special arrows don't make the server more realistic. Absolutely nothing in pvp has ever made the server more realistic. If you're in an RP fight you can use armor piercing arrows, but in pvp they're just unbalanced and stupid, adding nothing, especially not realism. As for pots, potions need to be removed because they're ******* mad op in pvp. There's nothing wrong with rp potions or hell even jump boost potions but when you can pop 5 pots and become literally invincible (stength pots, regen pots, stoneskin, etc), its a disgustingly broken system. It doesn't have to be all mechanics, no one's suggesting going to vanilla minecraft. Just for the love of god fix pvp. To explain in the best way I can: pvp on lotc isn't fun because it's special and unique and has special mechanics and nexus **** pvp and warclaims on lotc are fun because you can hop onto a ts with 3-200 of your friends and have a massive ******* clickfest while micspamming like retards in ts and that's what's actually fun I don't for the life of me understand why there's so much reluctance towards reverting to a more simple form of pvp, complicated pvp does not and has not ever made pvp more fun. It's not about reverting to beta 1.4 or vanilla minecraft its about moving to a system that actually works
  9. can we just settle warclaims in wizard101 instead

  10. max.

    The Kōkuaʻia

    there actually is already a group of polynesian/hawaiian people already. I don't know much about them myself but maybe @Manatee can help you more. Do ur thing tho i mean its ur culture be free do what u like dont let me restrict u
  11. i love u

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      @joey calabreeni i dont go into either often anymore sometimes im around haense ts but i dont rly have active discord servers. School is kicking my ass but im trying 2 get back into lotc

    3. joey calabreeni
    4. Manatee


      JOEY ADD ME ON DISCORD Manatee#4976

  12. max.


    techs should probably rollback the server by 2 hours or so. That'd fix it in the easiest possible way
  13. daily reminder that canonism is canon on lotc

  14. max.

    [✗] Gunpowder, Cannon and Arquebus Lore

    Medasculors. Weren't. Guns. Say it with me slowly, see if you understand. Medasculors were gun-shaped magic staffs, not guns. They did not have any firing mechanism nor were they actual firearms. They were literally sticks shaped like rifles, not guns. In fact, you could manually go out, chop down a tree, get a branch, and rp turning your branch into a gun shape and you would have something that is the exact same thing as a medasculor, and you could call it a ******* medasculor too because why the **** not. Medasculors are not guns.