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  1. max.

    Old World Blues RP Thread

    New Canaan April 25th, 2277 The guerilla war against the Legion is going badly. The heroic troops are stalling the Legion at every possible opportunity, using traps and ambushes to inflict massive damage against the enemy forces, but there are simply too many of the enemy. Well over 2000 legionaries versus a meagre 300 defenders is hardly a fair fight, and even with the Canaanites taking out ten men for every one they lose, defeat seems inevitable for the Men of God. Even worse, the Legion’s tactics are viciously cruel. Every civilian they come across is slaughtered, even men and women, and word of the atrocities is no good for morale. Things on the Southern Front were looking bleak, until the miracle happened. It started with a low buzzing. The Canaanites first thought it could be Cazadores, but no; it was too loud, and sounded far away. Then it grew closer, and louder, the bewildered troops fearing it was some sort of new Legion weapon being aimed at them. But it was not. Over in the clear blue Utah skies, a huge, black bird flew. And then a second. Roaring like dragons with harrowing cries they blistered over the skylines. The tribals watched in awe at the massive beasts, unlike anything they had ever seen. And then, when they were over the Legion camps East of the Colorado, the beasts howled and let loose screaming fire on the enemies of Canaan. Huge explosions rocked the Legion camps, followed by screams of pain and death as men were incinerated where they stood. The Canaanite men fell to their knees, cheering and praising God for the miracle they had witnessed. For all of them, this was definitive proof: God was on their side, and He had sent angels to aid them. March 1st, 2277 The Legion was destroyed. No one knew exactly how many had been struck down by God’s angels, but estimates ranged well into the thousands in the joyous Canaanite camps. The remaining Legion soldiers were decimated, demoralized and faced with an enemy invigorated with the knowledge that they had been aided by the Lord himself, and quickly driven back. Only a few short days after the invasion had begun, it was over. The Legion signed a treaty of surrender, fully withdrawing all troops from Utah and swearing not to make an incursion on Christian soil again. Additionally, they agreed to let Mormon missionaries freely move through Legion territory, another huge victory. In the East, Joshua Graham and his liberation army have won another crucial victory. Salt-Upon-Wounds and his invading army had been thoroughly routed and destroyed, and the man himself had been captured. After intense building to building fighting, Salt-Upon-Wounds and his most trusted lieutenants were captured by elite commandos and brought personally before Joshua Graham. The humiliated general was offered a final chance to repent, convert to Christianity and swear fealty to God and New Canaan--he declined, but his lieutenants did not. One of his most trusted subordinates was chosen by Graham to be the new leader of the White Legs; a pragmatic and intelligent leader, newly baptized as Paul-Who-Is-Redeemed, in accordance with White Legs naming traditions. With the remainders of the White Legs army he returned, with missionaries offering baptisms and forgiveness to the White Legs people, eager to show them a happier, more peaceful way of life. March 7th, 2277 The Burned Man returned home, a conquering hero, greeted by the cheers of thousands. He and his men paraded through New Canaan, finally arriving at the Church where he was received by Bishop Malachi. It was a truly joyous occasion for all--every man, woman and child felt invincible with Christ’s love in their hearts. Victories against overwhelming odds, divine intervention in the face of hopelessness and the brilliant leadership of Joshua Graham had proven that New Canaan could rise above all. March 14th, 2277 With the assimilation of the tribal lands into New Canaan, the refugee crisis comes to a quick end. Overnight, New Canaan territory has more than doubled, and now to the Mormon pilgrims there are beautiful, fertile lands ripe for settling, with clean fresh water and livable conditions. Invigorated with the love of Christ, Mormons spread out east and south, making their homes not just in the lush lands of Southern Utah like Zion and Bryce, but Wyoming and Colorado, establishing new settlements and expanding the sizes of existing ones, or simply setting up homesteads in the vast and beautiful wilderness. Map of New Canaan, White Legs territory shown in lighter color But after all the celebration is done, there is still much to do. Chief on that list is resturcturing and reorganizing the nation's bureaucracy. Formerly, it had simply been lead by the Bishop but now there's much too much work for just one man. Additionally, the remains of New Jerusalem lie to the west in what used to be Salt Lake City. Sacked and destroyed many years prior, it still contains some things of very serious value. Namely, not one but three Garden of Eden Creation Kits, used by the original vault dwelling Mormons. No one knows about the existence of the GECKs spare a handful of veterans, but they should still be somewhere in the remains of New Jerusalem. And the Canaanites are determined to find them. Scouts are sent to Salt Lake city to search for what resistance lies in the ruins of New Jerusalem as well as what numbers the 80s have. Additionally, the Burned Man has been placed in charge of restructuring the entire military of New Canaan, a task he relishes. Summary: Peter-Who-Is-Redeemed appointed as new leader of White Legs tribe, White Legs territory annexed by New Canaan. Effort begins to convert the White Legs to Christianity, spearheaded by Peter-Who-Is-Redeemed [MOD] New Canaanites are encouraged to travel to the far reaches of Canaanite land, reducing the refugee crisis now that swaths of land are open and ripe for settling [MOD] Massive amounts of missionaries are sent to Legion territory, aiming to convert the downtrodden populace. In addition, many are sent through Legion territory to the southern lands such as the Pecos Commune and the Native American lands, as well as to the east through the various smaller settlements in the midwest, and as far as DC and Philadelphia. This may take a long time, but Christianity must be spread throughout all of America [MOD] Training begins of 2 new divisions [MOD] Military restructuring begins Troops are amassed to the West
  2. max.

    Old World Blues RP Thread

    Bishop Mordecai was not an emotional man, finding great comfort in his ability to keep a stiff upper lip and a level head in any situation. But, standing on the exterior balcony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, overlooking the massive crowd of at least a thousand people, he shed a tear. His voice did not falter however, broadcast through the radio systems so that everyone in the crowd could hear him clearly as he praised God and the people of New Canaan. Thousands of pilgrims had travelled back, pious men, women, and children, all to aid their spiritual homeland in its time of need. Truly, it was a sight to behold. But once the sermon was over and the Bishop was in the privacy of his own home, he poured himself a finger of whiskey with shaky hands and downed it, rubbing his temples with a sigh. He was delighted, of course, at the sheer number that had made their pilgrimage to New Canaan. But simply put, New Canaan was barely able to sustain them. The population had more than doubled in just a month, and massive tent cities had sprung up outside all the major settlements. Not only that but the nation’s infrastructure was beginning to falter under the weight of all the people and they would have been facing a food shortage if not for the aid of the Southwest Federation’s brahmin. It was only thanks to 2 factors that the nation was not facing near collapse: Firstly, because the people of New Canaan were for the large part excellent christians, happy to share their homes and possessions with their fellow men; and secondly, because the pilgrims came to New Canaan expecting hardship. They did not come here for a better life, they came here to work and toil and protect their homeland. Despite these it would require serious effort to get the infrastructure up and running again in New Canaan. Though still on the front lines, fighting against the White Legs, the Burned Man orders a message broadcast on the New Mormon Radio, reading as follows: "In response to the Legion seeking annexation of the tribe of the Crazy Horns: It should be noted by Caesar that the Crazy Horns are a kind and peaceful people, who wish no part in the violent and pointless wars of subjugation waged by the Legion. It should also be kept in mind that the Crazy Horns are under the protection of New Canaan and its tribal allies, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that it retains freedom from the influences of Caesar and his imperialist cronies. Any assault on the Crazy Horns will be met with violent resistance, and you will fail.” Afterwards, the radio continues as normal. With the increased number of people and manpower, the leadership of New Canaan sees an interest in acquiring new technologies both military and domestic. An old map, discovered in the basement archives of a former office building, describes the locations of some...interesting places in New Canaan territory. Men are dispatched to investigate these areas. Summary All 3 divisions of tribal infantry are sent to Crazy Horns and Tar Walkers territory, preparing for an invasion. Integration of the Sorrows, Crazy Horns, Dead Horses and Tar Walkers into Canaanite society continues [MOD] Veterans of previous wars who came to join New Canaan are trained into as many divisions as can be filled [MOD] 4 new divisions of mormonite infantry are trained [MOD] Scouting expeditions are sent to 4 prewar military installations on orders from Joshua Graham. [MOD] Tent cities are hurriedly constructed to support the mass influx of new citizens when there is no more houses left. Citizens are encouraged to share their homes with the pilgrims until more can be constructed. Food rationing is in place to ensure everyone is fed. If there is not enough food and water to go around it is imported using the caps brought by the pilgrims and sent in by those who are too poor to make the pilgrimage.[MOD] New Canaan requests food and water to feed the massive new population until they can settle everyone and get their logistics in order [ALL PLAYERS] New farms are rapidly constructed [MOD] A group of 20 men are sent to a very secret place! :O! [MOD]
  3. max.

    Old World Blues RP Thread

    New Canaan Time was moving by quickly in New Canaan, but Bishop Mordecai was very, very pleased with the happenings. The false “Living Prophet” Jeremiah Rigdon had been expelled, thanks namely to the help of Joshua Graham and some other of the more pious members. He had solidified his rule over New Canaan, and had confidence that the situation with the pesky White Legs tribe would be… resolved. The rest of the day was devoted to delegating tasks to his subordinates, for the future of the nation. Firstly, he dispatched one of his most trusted missionaries, Daniel, to the south, a land of breathtakingly beautiful canyons and parks, ruled by various primitive tribes. There were 3 tribes of great importance there--the Sorrows, the Tar Walkers, and the Crazy Horns. All 3 were relatively peaceful, and close allies of the Canaanites, but unfortunately still clung to their tribal ways. It would be Daniel’s job to convert them to the word of the Lord. Secondly, Bishop Mordecai had heard legends of a group of ghouls lead by one Jason Bright living near Novac. A religious fanatic, he seemed to be. But the Bishop thought his words and goals sounded eerily similar to some key pieces of his own religion. So Elder Gunnarson, a ghoul himself, was sent to Novac to investigate these rumors and convert them if they were true. Additionally, the effort to spread the word of the Lord continues, with missionaries joining every community they can reach to spread the good word of the Lord. They preach a strict message of Christian good faith, emphasizing the forgiveness of the Lord, the importance of doing good for oneself and one community, and the cleansing powers of charity, faith, and prayer. This is not a missionary movement to garner support, it is a genuine movement to spread the love of Jesus Christ throughout the wastes. There is no conscription in New Canaan and never will be, but the Bishop, seeing a need for manpower, delegates 2 very important tasks to the Burned Man: the first is to encourage the people of New Canaan to serve. Joshua Graham is is not just an excellent leader and a brilliant tactician, he’s also an extremely eloquent and intelligent man. The Bishop was entrusting him to make a speech and encourage more people to put themselves forward for the good of New Canaan. Secondly, Graham was to oversee 2 new divisions being raised of Mormonite Infantry. He had plans in the future to integrate Ghouls with the rest of the military, but for now it was an unfortunate necessity to enforce segregation. Finally, satisfied with his plans, Bishop Mordecai stood, stretched, and walked over to the barracks to speak with the Burned Man. “I don't enjoy killing, but when done righteously it's just a chore, like any other.” Bishop Mordecai offered a solemn nod, after a few moments of silence, and their conversation was over. Joshua walked out of the building and went about his final preparations, ensuring that all the divisions were ready and the artillery was prepared. For weeks now the White Legs had been harassing supply lines and raiding Dead Horses and New Canaan territory, but now scouts on the border saw a full invasion force, hundreds of troops, imminent. Fortunately, they were prepared. Joshua Graham, the disgraced ex-legate and one of the most lethal men in the wasteland, was about to fight his first battle since his “death.” And he was prepared.
  4. Application: Faction Requested: New Canaan Discord: JoshuaGrahamLover#6969
  5. max.

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Dominion of Oceania The Mining Rush of Oceania! Long had the 4 islands of Oceania been hotspots for mining, rich as they were in natural resources. For coal, gold, iron, natural gas, aluminum, and radium, new mines were constantly popping up around the Islands. And the worker protection acts passed by the Labour governments made mining an even more lucrative, though still very dangerous career. The completion of the infrastructure program by the National party government, creating railways all around Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and Tasmania, had unintended effects however. The railways meant that supplies and people could be brought to even farther out areas of the Provinces, which then lead to an increase in land claims and discoveries of new minerals. This in turn lead to a huge influx of miners heading into the heartland to seek fortune, and the government scrambled to respond. A bill to introduce a minimum pay for miners pushed forward by the Left Opposition narrowly failed, but a bipartisan bill to greatly expand Oceania’s state mining companies was rapidly passed through Parliament and signed into law. These developments mean that Australia is rapidly industrializing its countryside and slowly beginning to produce huge amounts of resources. Establishment of Special Forces A group of PMC recruits, posing for a picture The Prime Minister of Oceania, in agreement with Governor-General Isaac Isaacs, has decided to form a new branch of the military ensure superiority on all fronts--the Pacific Marine Corps, shortened to the PMC. The PMC are an amphibious unit, trained on New Guinea and the surrounding, smaller islands. The Marines are to be the elite forces of the Oceanic defense forces, specializing in amphibious assault, rapid-fire attacks in convention with regular infantry and artillery strikes, and jungle warfare. The PMC must be able to move at blisteringly fast paces, flank the enemy on any terrain, land or sea, be it swamp or jungle, and, to support them, the Prime Minister has ordered the creation of 2 new types of weapon: A submachine gun, and an amphibious armored personnel carrier to equip these troops with. Immediately, the generals are ordered to begin the training of no less than 5 new divisions--3 PMC divisions and 2 infantry divisions. They’ll be equipped with standard issue rifles, as well as submachine guns, grenades, some light machine guns and amphibious APCs. Construction: Oceanic Submarines lined up under the naval flag of the nation, 1930 To support the PMC and the new mining rush, 4 new factories are being constructed--2 civilian and 2 military. The former to process the vast amounts of raw materials pouring in from the mines and the latter 2 to manufacture new equipment, weapons, explosives, and planes. Additionally, a new shipyard is being constructed and the existing shipyards move to produce new submarines. Actions: Massive Oceania-wide industrialization project and construction of huge numbers of new mines to boost the economy, draw more immigration to Oceania, and provide the state with a massive number of raw materials. (mod) Oceania establishes a special forces branch specializing in amphibious and guerilla warfare, and immediately begins training 3 PMC divisions (mod) The development of a new submachine gun, designed for mid to close range combat and for reliability under duress, for use by the PMC, goes underway (mod) Development of an amphibious Armored Personnel Carrier, designed to move across any terrain with ease and ensure that the PMC units remain highly mobile (mod) Training of 2 new infantry divisions goes underway (mod) Oceanic air bases begin construction of more naval bombers (mod) 2 civilian factories are constructed for refining materials such as coal, gold, aluminium, silver, lead, etc (mod) 2 new military factories are being built for production of new weapons, more ammunition and the new APCs when the design phase is finished (mod) Military Shipyards begin fabricating new submarines to be used by the Royal Oceanic Navy (mod) Operation Ostrich moves into phase 2, with phase 1 passing stunningly (mod)
  6. max.

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Dominion of Oceania Government: The Dominion of Oceania is divided into the executive branch, composed of the the Governor-General, who delegates powers to the Cabinet of Oceania led by the Prime Minister, the legislative branch composed of the Parliament of Oceania, and the judicial branch composed of the High Court of Oceania and federal courts. Political Climate: The political climate of Oceania is somewhat intense, with the right-wing National Party and their coalition barely holding a majority against the Labour party and theirs. The 1930 elections were what took back the Parliament from Labour, which held it following a series of strikes that stirred up significant pro-worker sentiment. Despite this, the Nationals are set to retain their majority in the 1934 elections, and their policies in the past 3 years have been successful. The rise of fascism in Germany has created a wave of both leftist and nationalist anti-fascist fervor, gripping the country as the nation mobilizes, and the National government aids this with a propaganda drive, encouraging more enlistment Economy: The Dominion remains one of the more agrarian Commonwealths, with so much of the land being barren and suitable only for cattle or sheep. However, in recent years especially industry has been booming, drawing massive numbers to big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. The era of the steamship is over, but the era of the railroad has just begun, and the economy of the Dominion is going steady, despite the unstable state of the British Empire. The government is exceptionally pleased with the development of the economy, despite the labour laws passed by the previous left government, and hope soon to have Oceania turned into an industrial power to rival even some of the European powers. A group of female factory workers wearing trousers, 1924 Military: The Oceanian Defense Force is the military organization responsible for the defense of Oceania, and it is comprised of 3 branches: the Royal Oceanic Navy, the Royal Oceanic Air Force, and the Oceanic Army. The military service numbers are quite small at the moment, with only about 30,000 men enlisted. The largest branch by far is the Navy, which is considered the pride and joy of Oceania, a fearsome and powerful force in the Pacific. At the head of the Royal Navy is the flagship of the nation-- the HMS Waltzing Matilda. The Waltzing Matilda is a behemoth of a ship: an aircraft carrier weighing at 36,500 tons. In addition to this, the Royal Navy boasts a number of battlecruisers, battleships, submarines, and everything else a formidable naval threat needs. The Oceanic army is comprised of men from all different Oceanic nationalities, be they white or Aboriginal, Maori, or Papuan. Despite this, there are some unique groups within the army: namely, the Papuan battalion, comprised of the natives of New Guinea and specializing in scouting, reconnaissance, and guerilla or jungle warfare; and the Maori battalion, as of yet untested in battle. The aircraft carrier Waltzing Matilda, the jewel of the Oceanic navy, 1932 Events: Oceania’s infrastructure continues to improve with new and improved railroads being built all across the islands. Rail companies, subsidized by the government, are creating new forms of rapid transit for Oceanians to move around quickly. This is not without resistance, particularly from some native groups, upset by railroad tracks passing through traditional tribal lands and increased tourism in their rural communities. A group of Maori tribespeople, 1911 Riots occurred in Sydney and other areas of New South Wales on the anniversary of the Rothbury disaster, in which striking miners were shot, and one killed, by NSW police in 1929. Angry leftists took to the streets, clashing with police resulting in almost a dozen arrests. No serious injuries were recorded, but concerns are rising over increased violence between leftists and the state. A group of Oceanic Labour Party members protesting unfair working conditions, 1929 Moves: A wave of nationalism sweeps Oceania, egged on by government propaganda to a sharp rise in recruitment numbers. There are 3 such drives, in Guinea headed by William Thornton Watson, in Australia by the legendary General Thomas Blamey (mod) Oceania invests in industry, creating new factories to fill the demand and lift the employment numbers up, and modernizing existing ones. Special attention is given to munitions factories, dry docks, airfields, and other military industrial areas, with the hope to modernize Oceania’s military, and to over time boost Oceania’s industry from ‘medium’ to ‘large’ (mod). Operation Ostrich has been formally approved and Phase 1 has been initiated (mod).
  7. Nation: Dominion of Oceania
  8. max.


    Rp section Name: Arius Age: Old Race: Highlander Birth place: Metterden Reason for joining: To serve Do you swear to protect House Ruthern, the County of Metterden, and the Kingdom of Haense? Aye OOC Section Mcname: CALiberty Discord: discord is for small pp homosexuals
  9. i hate lotc and i logged in just to +1 this. shes a queen, accept her or ill pull a Nasim Aghdam on u
  10. max.

    [Denied]Disheartened's GM Application

    She's gay lol +1
  11. god, this makes me so wet, i love you
  12. max.

    [6.0] Nexus and PvP

    Special arrows don't make the server more realistic. Absolutely nothing in pvp has ever made the server more realistic. If you're in an RP fight you can use armor piercing arrows, but in pvp they're just unbalanced and stupid, adding nothing, especially not realism. As for pots, potions need to be removed because they're ******* mad op in pvp. There's nothing wrong with rp potions or hell even jump boost potions but when you can pop 5 pots and become literally invincible (stength pots, regen pots, stoneskin, etc), its a disgustingly broken system. It doesn't have to be all mechanics, no one's suggesting going to vanilla minecraft. Just for the love of god fix pvp. To explain in the best way I can: pvp on lotc isn't fun because it's special and unique and has special mechanics and nexus **** pvp and warclaims on lotc are fun because you can hop onto a ts with 3-200 of your friends and have a massive ******* clickfest while micspamming like retards in ts and that's what's actually fun I don't for the life of me understand why there's so much reluctance towards reverting to a more simple form of pvp, complicated pvp does not and has not ever made pvp more fun. It's not about reverting to beta 1.4 or vanilla minecraft its about moving to a system that actually works
  13. can we just settle warclaims in wizard101 instead

  14. max.

    The Kōkuaʻia

    there actually is already a group of polynesian/hawaiian people already. I don't know much about them myself but maybe @Manatee can help you more. Do ur thing tho i mean its ur culture be free do what u like dont let me restrict u