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    1. Chaw
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      yeah they work perfect only thing that needs to be improved is the kb resistance, hit delay issue and low damage

    3. HB_


      i'm just happy they're in, balancing is easy to fix

  2. what happened to ricky

    1. Heero 阴

      Heero 阴

      died of legal mari jane in his state. first reported case of thc overdose [*]

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    well well well...

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      What server is that?

      Hmu in the DM's


  4. Or the Devs could just re-code and balance some stuff out to make the effects weapons have 1.8 compatible and balanced. This is just a small work around to try and get them in quicker, rather than waiting a few more months for the full thing. It also lets us get a good idea of balance from 1.8 compared to 1.9 a little too, which is good prep. for the big update.
  5. I suggested this waaaay back before we even switched, but it's a weapon based thing rather than a game rule.
  6. This was the plan that Kowaman and the Dev team had for the future blacksmith rework, just that this is something to bide players over until that is fully released, whilst keeping it simple. So yes, completely right.
  8. Now, whilst the threads and polls I made didn't actually achieve anything immediately, it DID let us look into why 1.8 weapons can not be implemented right now. Due to being on the 1.9 client, the default weapon mechanics - the sword swipe attack and the axe shield break - that are present when you attack with a full swing bar will always be present. What this means is you'll constantly do AoE, high knock-back attacks with a sword and constantly break shields with the axe. This doesn't make for healthy game balance, so I can understand why we can't just 'put them in'. However, there is one other weapon type that hasn't been touched by this - war hammers/pickaxes. They are not intended to be a weapon in default minecraft, so are only used here on LoTC as a recognised weapon. Thus, my suggestion (the idea came from teegah initially) is this: We implement a new type of craftable pick axe weapon called the flail. It has no swing timer and has 3-4 base damage on this. The maximum percentage you could acquire would be 80%, so paired with sharpness, it can be just about as good as an iron sword at max damage. This way there is a low damage, 1.8 tier weapon that people can use if they wish, without affecting any of the major 1.9 features. This isn't a huge thing to implement, if what I've heard and learnt from talks to coders/devs is true. It'd just be a crafting recipe that could be implemented. ^ im also cashing this in
  9. are you ok

    1. Wrynn


      I second this question.

    2. Gucko


      im ******* so mad..

  10. get a bit better why dont you

  11. i appreciate your fight against the mentally deficient folk, my friend

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      hey thats mean !