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  1. Tha_Mystery_Man


    (( I could if I really really wanted too. However i’ve talked to people OOC beforehand, and this is happening rather casually between the halfling community. If someone wanted to come in and say by the rules I cannot do this, I would simply make a coup app, but that wouldn’t change any of the RP that’d be happening ))
  2. Hello fellow biggun’s and weefolk alike, I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this parchment as this is a giant step in changing the Halfling community as a whole. It is I, Rollo Applefoot, Defender of Dunshire, Protecter of Halflings, Slayer of Manipulative Mages, Creepy Undead, and Ungrateful Bigguns, and today I will be self asserting myself with a new title. I’ve realized that the Elders of Dunshire haven’t made a lasting impression for a long time. Everytime I see someone walk into our lands asking, “Who leads you all”, I hear nothing more than a confused muffling of unenthusiastic weefolk, completely confused as to what is happening. Bigguns attacking us because they know our internal affairs are just as distraught as our defense. Elders that are suppose to be leading us are also leaving us, leaving us with a passive druid and regular joe left to be our “leaders”? I’m here to state that this is not acceptable nay longer. I will not sit about and let us all get picked off one by one, struggling to stay safe as the biggun threats get larger and larger each day. That is why, I, Rollo Applefoot, am overthrowing the elders, Harold Applefoot and Petrus Frondor, and declaring myself THAIN OF DUNSHIRE and new leader of the halflings. I myself have claimed the power of a shovel with the blessing of Knox himself, one given to me as a gift to unify Dunshire under leader, and as Sheriff I am making an executive decision to put myself in that position. Knox has abandoned us, and left me as the halfling to keep us all together, as a result this action is taking place immediately, and while I will not stop any halflings from attempting to stop me, I will not give up my new position easily. Should a nation wish to speak to the new leader of Dunshire, Rollo Applefoot, I implore you to speak with me. I’ll be making an update in exactly 1 elven week as too my position under the responsibility of Dunshire with any sudden changes I come up with included. -Signed, Rollo Applefoot, Thain of Dunshire. LONG LIVE DUNSHIRE. LONG LIVE WEEFOLK.
  3. Tha_Mystery_Man

    LoTC Imprisonment System Proposal [POLL]

    I think I may have a slight better decision for as to how we could go about larger jail times. If any LARGE freebuild, vassal, or nation has a criminal they wish to jail for up to 4 IRL days, they must BRING the character to a court, or some sort of officially meeting, in order to decide to jail that character. While I know this may not make sense for orc and dwarf roleplayers, as I doubt court is a major part of their RP, I believe for humans and elves it could be pretty interesting. Court RP is some of the best roleplay in my opinion, and by forcing people to go through a trial, it’d help create interesting RP for both the side of justice and the criminal. By forcing people to go through a trial, or some sort of official meeting, it stops players from just OOC harassing certain people, and jailing people randomly in order to **** them into a 4 IRL day sentence. As a man whom spent 2 IRL weeks in jail, jail RP can be pretty 10/10, so even if this suggestion isn't even looked at the penalties for jailtime should still go up. JUST AN IDEA, NO IDEA HOW THIS’D WORK ON THE SERVER OR HOW IT’D BE REGULATED
  4. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Original_Potato's Event Team Actor application

    You get a +1 for me when you give me my Transfig lessons. (JK I love Tato, Tato best boy, Tato deserve +1) +1
  5. Tha_Mystery_Man

    A Message to Dunshire, circa 1685

    - This message is signed, approved, and delivered by Rollo Applefoot, Defender of Dunshire, Protector of Halflings, Slayer of Manipulative Mages, Gross Undead, and Ungrateful Biggins. Sheriff of Weefolk, and Head of the Dunshire Police Force.
  6. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Maybe free character art???

    As a man whom loves some good fanart, and since you're gunna be picking people at random, im just gunna throw down abuncha possibilities! Feel free to take as many creative liberties as you want with either of them First we got my main, awful murder sleezeball boy MYSTERY UIALBEN, whom looks way too friendly in the reference picture below for how edgy and ****-ish he acts. He's a man whom just messes with people for fun, and enjoys getting on people's nerves a lot~ Which usually leads to him being stabbed.. He's a mix between a snow elf and a dark elf, and his attire consists of a suit he made for his business needs, that he stitched a hood onto, as he doesn't like letting his hair out. Around 5'10ish, so short for an elf. A red eye, and an eyepatch on his right eye. (Ignore the fact its on different ones below) Check the Spoiler if ya interested. Next we have the great ROLLO APPLEFOOT, The Halfling Extraordinaire, Defender of Dunshire, Protector of Halflings, Sheriff of the Year, Slayer of Creepy Undead, Manipulative Mages, and Ungrateful Biggins, Eater of Cake and Master of Hide And Seek, and All Around Pleasant Lad. For this one, there isn't a lot of reference material to go off of, merely the two Minecraft skins. Either Minecraft skin is COMPLETELY up to your interpretation. The halfling is a 45 year old halfling, however his face and height makes him look like that of a tiny human child, with sparkly eyes and an overflowing ego, the halfling self inserts confidence into everything he does, as he wants nothing more than to keep halflings safe with a smile! Afterall, getting raided by orcs everyday might make one sad! Check The Spoiler If You're Interested I've seen some of your art before in Sutican chats, and I can just see how great your art is, so I hope my chars might catch your eye! I'll feel free to go into deeper detail for either if you so wish! Have a good day!
  7. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Rollbacks and More Rollbacks

    Know you're stress enough mate, just making sure that I kinda need a rollback on my lesser known land in which 95% of it is gone. In terms of items, as we basically lost all of them, this'll be a probably be a pretty long list. about 6 stacks of diamonds, a stack and a half of iron blocks, 30 blocks of coal, 4 double chests of cobble, a double chest of gravel, a chest of andesite, other multiple chests of different types of wood and building materials, an important event item (msg mika1278 for more details), our soul pillar and also the most important part, (Our entire Estate back). I know you're slowly getting around, whenever you can get around to us would be great. Message either Mystery_Uialben or mika1278 for other details. Thanks for any help you can give. Co-Ords are -1000, 1110. This is all we have left of it now, incase you're looking for it. Near where Nottingham use to be. In comparision to what it use to be VVV
  8. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Dunshire's Fifth Election Signup - Sheriff & Deputy

    Name: The Great ROLLO APPLEFOOT, Defender of Dunshire Race: Halfling What are ye running for?: Sheriff Why should we vote for you?: I, ROLLO APPLEFOOT, have many heroic deeds under my belt. Me along with my co-worker, single handily defeated a powerful undead! I've signed up to learn the mystical art of alchemy, so that way I can better equip myself for the protection we require! I've became knowledgeable in multiple forms of magic, and the ways to deal with them accordingly! And I promise that should a better halfling ever step up to the table, I will step down should I believe them to be a more capable sheriff. Whether that person be my deputy, or a long time village halfling, or the old sheriff. What do you promise to do if you are elected?: I, ROLLO APPLEFOOT, promise without a shadow of a doubt, that should I be elected, I will make sure Dunshire citizens are safe no matter what! I set off on a journey to explore the world for 25 years old, when I was a wee lad of 20, for the express purpose of learning combat to keep the constantly abused halflings safe! Our kind are always battered around, and biggins love pushing us around, but if I was Sheriff I wouldn't be having any of that! I want Dunshire to be a place where the tiny halfling children can live in happiness on the streets, and not be afraid of a 9 foot olog eating them alive! Should ANYTHING harm the peaceful life of the village of Dunshire, I would promise to risk my life, merely to protect us all! Anything else to add?: Halflings need something to look up too. Something to strive for, and a reason to feel safe. The reason we haven't been recognized is because we fail to show our true prowess to the world. Our recognition is what I will fight for!
  9. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Year 1

    (( The fact you would sacrifice your 69 upvotes for this post might possibly be the most amazing sacrifice anyone has ever done for anything even remotely related to me, im so sowwy Nonival ;o; ))
  10. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Year 1

    YEAR 1 Mystery Uialben sits in his cell, staring up at... nothing. That’s all he could see, ever since the elven criminal lost his privilege of sight. The elven man sits there in the same suit that he wore during his trial, missing his eye and right arm that were then taken from him by the she-witches disguised as nationalistic figures in Sutica. The lad didn’t hear anything for most of his time in the bottomless crevice that was the deep Sutican jail cell, as his captors decided that he was not fit to leave. Mystery understood that the people whom had ensnared him planned to use him as leverage, but the jail time did not anger him in the slightest. The only thing that he wanted was revenge. For the second time in his life, he had watched the only happiness in his world be taken from him: The family that he thought he might have regained, the old emotions he thought he could feel again. All of his hope plummeted down a bottomless pit for a second and final devastating time. He thought that he could hold out the soft side of his heart to the young elven girl that he mentored throughout the years, thought that maybe he could give this girl the world. But He couldn’t give them his world anymore, so who else would he give it to? The man was a disgusting wench who spent his life trying to fill his void of grief with women and children, but somewhere deep inside him he simply wanted to make two things happy. Aurora Uialben, and the FMG. Mystery knew that his Aurie, the tiny piece of joy that lit his heart with joy, was safe, and whilst that filled his head with ease… the FMG had stabbed him deep in his back. Twisted the blade, ripped it up his spine, pulled it out and watched the man fiddle around in pain as he bled out… in a figurative sense that is. The FMG was the reason he was in jail, he thought he was the man that could give them happiness, he believed more than anything that if he stayed around them long enough, maybe he could feel the same happiness in his heart once more… But that didn’t happen. And while it enraged the tattered soul so much… it also made him despair. “H-Harmony.. My sweet Harmony.. What do I do?” called out the blind elf, hollering for a women to magically appear in the hell he was cast down into. The man believed that he wouldn’t get a response… Yet majestically, he saw her. His beautiful wife. So lovely, with her white curly hair, her green mystical eyes. Smooth skin, all encompassed in a white glow. How was this possible? Mystery Uialben is blind. He doesn’t have the ability to see, yet somehow none of that mattered to his injured psyche. “Terr’hi… my beautiful husband. I’m here for just a moment,” said the ghostly figure in the man’s delusional brain. Standing there in the darkness. “W-What?! Ha-HARMONY! You c-came?! You’re there!” says the Uialben, reaching his body out towards the woman, only to meet the freezing cold stone wall of the Sutican jail he had spent an entire year in. Despite this, he continued. “H-Harmony… I love you so… you’re my life, and yet I can’t hold y-you?! H-How are you here?! I can see you, yet it’s impossible for me to touch you again?! H-” the elf didn’t finish, before the mystical lady spoke in a soft tone. “You disgust me Terr’hi. I hate you, and yet I love you so much at the same time.. Because I know you can’t control y-yourself..” Mystery’s Harmony than began to cry, weeping silent tears that landed besides her in the darkness. The elf instantly thrust his body forward, as if he could reach the woman in this mystical plane, only to be met by the cold harsh brick wall of reality. The elf slammed his head into the same Sutican jail cell he was in for a year, the man trying again and again to reach the figure, even clawing his left arm at the walls, blood gushing down his fingers as he tore his skin open against the rough surface. “My wife! I promise you! It’ll all be fine soon! I’m protecting Aurora for you my love! I know you would want me to! But—” the elf stops for a moment, his shaky voice stopping as he lays his forehead softly against the wall. “Before I can join you, I need to make sure the people who ruined my life suffer.” stated the elf harshly. His shaky smile turned into a face of monotone emotionless disgust. Absolutely filled to the brim with nothing more than a want to inflict pain upon someone. “I know you’ll find it disgusting. I know you’ll hate me when I finally get to you, but I ask your permission my wife… my beautiful wife… Please give me permission to fulfill my vendetta. Give me the permission I need in order to keep Aurora safe. Give me permission to ruin the people who wronged us, who ruined our lives without us doing anything wrong. Give me permission to cause great pain onto people like that dragonkin did onto us.. Give me permission to let our loss fuel us towards something better… even if all I want is to feel your soft warm skin against my cheek once more..” The elf finished. He simply sat there, laying there ashamed of himself, at having to plead to his dead wife for permission to keep himself alive. Yet mere moments later.. “Terr’hi... As much as I don’t want to see you hurt others, along with yourself. I can’t bring myself to feel meaningless like you do right now. Please, my husband— Find happiness.. Even if it results in something I’ll be ashamed in. I give you permission for revenge... but I also give you permission to cast away the life you’re stuck to. Fuel yourself with something besides grief. And... once you’re ready, come to me. Please…” the elfess would soon fade away, just as the captured elf would slam his body into the stone wall once more trying to capture her before she could escape... only to be met with disappointment. However, in her passing she said one last thing: “There is a way for you to escape your prison. Your freedom shall be soon… Do not despair.” The voice then disappeared. Mystery Uialben shivered against the stone floor of his jail cell for weeks Mystery Uialben felt himself dying inside Mystery Uialben prepared to cast away his false ideas for his wife. Terr’hi Uialben apologizes to his wife
  11. As someone who has know Pun for 3 years, holy **** it has been awhile while I hope she doesn't get stressed out, I know Pun is fully able to be a worthwhile GM, and not be one of the cancerous pex-abusing GMs that are plaguing this community~ +1
  12. Tha_Mystery_Man

    The Shattered Yeet 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I demand that LtBepis becomes apart of the forum team as a result of the abuse that's being forced upon him Your turn FM team.
  13. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Stargazerology's Application Team Application

    Swell man, wanted to join the FMG, has a beautiful voice. Basically the best man for the job. +1
  14. Tha_Mystery_Man

    [WANTED] Mystery Uialben

    (( @Lark I love you )) Mystery Uialben stares blankly at the notice for precisely 29 seconds, completely flabbergasted, before then yelling out on the 30th. "WHAT?!??! I invite this ******* old, woman lover to my party, and she's trying to get me killed because the ******* girly wanted to fight as a bear? This is some next level BULLSHIT." Mystery clenches his fist, cursing under his breathe, before letting out a deep sigh. "Well, I guess I have to deal with MORE people that wanna kill me now.. Guess I should be glad that the party didn't go exactly as planned then.. If they didn't like a weird Batperson hitting a tiny bear child with a flying knee, I don't think people woulda liked it when the entire catacombs raised onto the Estate, and possibly killing all the party guests, while all the Uialbens snuck out into the moonlight." Mystery shrugs, looking around to make sure no Suticans are around him "Still disappointed about the party though.. I didn't getta see Cyrene crush someone's head with her thighs. Fuckin' bullshite damn catacombs not raising BLEGH." Mystery Uialben storms off, throwing his masquerade mask into the dirt besides him as he rushes off towards Sutica, in search of a white haired elven woman.
  15. Tha_Mystery_Man

    MickMeist's Event Team Actor application

    +1 All I needed to see was the bird event. I revoke my +1 if none of the birds are parrots.