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  1. Terr’hi Uialben, Trade Father and Head of the Uialben family smiles softly at the beautiful work of his daughter in attempting to congeal the family heritage together.. but then realizes that the sh*tty crest he made like 40 years ago as a joke against the Alstriems might possibly make it slightly less professional?.... “NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” the elf man eventually decides, letting out a bontiful laughter at being able to reconvene with his family in a non-life or death situation for once.
  2. Terr'hi Uialben, Trade Father, feels as nearly breaking apart an entire city is a fair emotion for getting f*cked out of big tiddy dark elf women
  3. We’ve gone off the deep end boys. 


  4. "Are you f*cking kidding me? I've been dealing with this **** for months and NOW the god damn Haelunor people wanna help out? 'Bout god damn time." mumbles the Trade Father "They're also missing like an entire list of important info but that's besides the point I guess."
  5. Super late to this thread. Thank you for making this thread Caesar, however I find certain topics brought up within your main peice and in the comments slightly hypocritical. World events will never be perfect. It is simply not possible to make them perfect for all communities when there are 10+ distinct and different communities on our server. That being said, people would complain without them. Me and you both know people would. Since there won't be an ET update this month, ill be making an ET post about this topic soon. Also. Just to touch on the druid thing since I won't in my main post. My event was not made for druids. People can complain all they want they arent getting events but the ET ideaology is shifting away from just giving out events to nations randomly. Events should be there for people who want to tackle them and go out to do them for rp. Not something I should drop in your lap. Most people I see on this post complaining about the lack of events have never actually gone out in an attempt to initiate encounters for themselves or communities. My Pms are always open if someone wants to suggest storylines, all it takes is you taking the first step.
  6. “What” says the local trade father, wondering how his nation can get any more autistic.
  7. Yaknow I already know this forum post is gunna turn into a complete sh*tstorm so lemme start by going first and saying I support this post. Nation leaders and nation figures need to be good rolemodels for the people below them. A nation that does not call out its own for blatant bullsh*t and bullying is completely in the wrong. I see it in every community and its disgusting how certain bullying is condoned whilst other **** isnt. Dont turn a blind eye to toxic assholes even if theyre you're friend or apart of your nation. Call them out, because by associating and allowing them to do their **** under your wing, you are apart of the problem.
  8. Finally. After a extremely and obnoxiously long list.. Epiris closes off all the submissions. (( The final main crews of the voyage: Paladins, Druids, Dwarves, Orcs, Mali'Ker, Secret Crew, Imperials, and Epiris' Crew.
  9. Aight, im closing down all possible submissions to the Athera event tonight seeing as how im 50+ the amount of people I originally thought wanted to go.

    Keep in mind certain entire nations may seem to not have priority, if you believe your nation is one of them just message me directly. Mystery#1104

    1. Tato


      90% of the applications were abhorrently cringe

  10. too late Voidal Milf Worm ready to give out milkies UwU
  11. Meanwhile, as a flock of hounding descendants move to send sign up sheets to Epiris.. a few different eyes lock upon the hounding commotion Some for money Some for power Some for vengeance.
  12. [!]A note would fly out across the realm, posted about every major nation[!] A Call for Aid A Note From A Simple Man, Lost to Time Descendants, We face before us a shift in the winds. Feel beneath your feet the quakes of the earth, ever turning with the chaos that focuses on us as people and individuals. Where we walk, the gods focus. Where the gods focus, action follows. Conflict follows. But what is conflict, but a dance? And what is a dance but a show? A display? We stand upon a stage for the entities of higher heights than we could ever imagine, as the puppets for their plays. But remember the quakes! Remember the winds! Feel their shift and change. Their focus, for the first time in decades, leaves us. We are no longer the main attraction at the carnival, the most popular toy at the market. Perhaps that might mark a relief at last for many, but not for all. It leaves us to ponder over one lingering question: Where does the focus go? Athera. The gods, the void, the untold entities, have changed their focus from us. We are out of the spotlight. But shall we remain? Shall we become the next lost, ancient civilization? Nay. Damned be to that. Old histories begin to awaken once more, and stir to cause chaos. Our ship is ready. Our supplies are gathered. Our allies are prepared. We will not be forgotten to time. We give this call to all who may hear – Athera is where you go to be remembered. Our ship is large enough for many, and our offer extends to all. - Epiris The Artificer Aight now enough with the fancy advertisement lingo. My name is Epiris and I require help in making it to the olden realm of Athera. I have a goal whilst there to look into a threat that could very soon be plaguing the Arcasian landmass, yet it is dangerous to make it all the way to the area. Their are creatures that dwell within the depths that we will be facing as we pass the frozen tundra of Atlas and the sunken wastelands of Axios.. and even once we make it to Athera, we’ll be faced with threats and descendant kind upon the shores that could rival entire quadrants of folks. I will be guiding a ship, along with the company of other possible ships in order to stay safe and combat these obstacles. Our end goal, make it to Athera, find a dragaar named Aedrex, learn about the threat coming soon to Arcas, and whatever else the people listed below may have in mind. Fill out the form I have below, and if a nation has its own objective, find me in person. I wont be accepting all, but I intend to bring as many as needed to ensure we all make it home safe. God speed. @wan – Aegrothond @HazelWazel @Aethling @FloralHedgehog – Druids @Viltaren – Sutica @Kaelan – Irrinor @Ankan – Haelunor @beng363 – Fenn @ARCHITECUS – Oren @AndrewTech – Haense @OtherPeople – Any And All Other Nation Leaders Interested OOC: Alright so yes you heard me right, there is soon going to be an event where people can literally go back and travel to Athera. This event is scheduled to happen sometime after the 18th of Janurary, however i’m not bringing back the entire server along with me. There are a few rules for joining this event, so if you don’t like these rules then don’t sign up, this event is not going to be for you. Oh, and yes... we have the entire Athera map ported in for this event. - This event will last up to 2 irl weeks. Upon signing up to have however many characters participate, those characters are unable to be rp’d outside of the event or else you will be kicked out - Dying during the event is not a PK clause, however you will be thrown out of the event and sent back to Arcas - This event will have little, to no PVE. There might be a small chance of loot but you should not go into this event expecting to get OP Athera **** - I reserve the right to throw anyone out of the event if they’re making it unenjoyable for the general mass. Whether that be doing goon stuff, antagonizing people OOC, or whatever - In order to start this event, you need to be inside the discord im gunna be having for information sharing so I don't need to message 50 people individually. - This event is a 24/7 event for almost 2 IRL weeks.. meaning there will be downtime where it is just regular RP. So don't expect a constant stream of fights and encounters for there is only so much time the ET team can give to this endeavor. - This event is not easy. There are dozens of almost unbeatable encounters during this event. If all of those things sound like an absolute blast to you... then make a comment reply to this forum post with the appropriate information filled out. Just because you make a reply, you may simply not be accepted because there may be too many people signing up. If you are denied, it is nothing personal to you. Make sure to fill out this format for EVERY CHARACTER of yours that is coming along. So if you wanna bring all 4 of your characters, fill it out for all 4. If you’re just bringing 1, only gotta fill it out once. My discord is Mystery#1104 if you have any questions, the format is below. Hope to see you all there. Format: RP Name:: MC Username: Discord: What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Why Do You Wish To Come?: What Skills Can You Bring?:
  13. Man I love waking up from a nice sleep, looking at the forums, and seeing another admin incompetence post. **** man these things are nearly monthly by now. It's like the god damn newsletter for every **** up an admin has committed. Sometimes I really wonder (with the frequency of these posts) how the admins havent pissed in my Cheerios like they do to alot of playerbases somehow. Eitherway lemme get the popcorn 🍿

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    2. Kiiwi


      @Braxis Not really no. I know for what I posted, I posted it there because everything I said had direct ties to the safety team and how if something like that exists then certain people shouldnt be banned. Cant speak for others though.

    3. Braxis


      The bits about Grool/Bard  are off Topic, the only bit about Muffins informing she has knowledge over a team she has no control over helps the current topic the post is about. Since Telanir was the one who picked the staff for its current roster. (or so the Safety Team Claims) Makes a good chunk of that post into question if its even viable to the thread that was posted. 

      Bard’s ban was done via Grool. If you are not able to get through to him, you will need to contact Telanir once he is off holiday.

      @Kiiwi  If you have any further questions, shoot me a PM on Discord. No need to clog up Mystery’s status.

    4. Kiiwi


      The bit about Grool was needed so the post made sense. The bit about Muffins tied into the safety team and the entire post was about bard and how the safety team being an absolute joke gives us plenty of evidence as to why he shouldnt be banned. Would you rather I make an entire post on it? With more evidence and proof administration is infact a joke? I’ll pm you the details 🙂

  14. “H-Helloooooo…? HELLOOOOOOO.. An-Anyone theeeeeeeereeeee?” a familiar tone would screech out in a common tounge within the void, where nothing is there to help him. The creature yelling out whilst ripped apart and shredding from its gratuitous form... leaving nothing but a shell of a once powerful revenant. In a land of absolute darkness and nothing, the revenant realizes the familiar energies about him.. its ‘eyes’ still agape from the banishment to this plane it had received from its creator. Eventually however he would faux a sigh. “Ahhh.. well.. it seems as though everything has fallen apart just before me.. Tragic really, I suppose there is much from these dimensions of reality I have yet to fully understand.. But WHAT? How could I be led so astray?! Some land held together by natural orders and pathetic gods spawned from our realm able to fight off the crippling-unstable reality of our lands? What I-“ “Hey Ukrathis… It has been a while since I have heard your sniveling, whiney voice.” a familiar deep tone would ring throughout the empty landscape. The lamenting creature turning very quickly to be faced with two old subordinates. One glowing a deep dark purple, cracks appearing in the sky around him... whilst the other huffs in an almost eldritch monster like way. Red drool seeping out of the creature’s skin as lines of ivory teeth are barred at the lamenter’s form. “OOOOOH, Why hello! Uxubor and ermm.. Phothaina. Yes, I hope yo-hehe.. aren’t ungrateful for what happened! We were all apart of a team yes! EVERYTHING was simply for our beautiful greater behemoth to break out! And we did that no? Did we NOT properly conduct ourselves out there? Because I surely believe we did..” the lamenter gets out, something seeming to emanate nervousness noticeably evident through his form. “Oh Ukrathis… you are right. You surely DID splendidly in working for our greater!” Uxubor states, glowing a deep dull purple. His red-counter part beginning to grin a large array of ivory teeth, “However Ukrathis.. we learned a lot out there in the human world... Many facets of knowledge, deep and understanding philosophies about something we could have never dreamed of... We even managed to pick up this common language. There are 1,130,000 letters within it! And let me assure you..” Uxubor and Phothaina begin to draw closer to the lonely revenant, the red one grinding their teeth harshly together as the lamenting revenant attempts to almost quickly get away, though unable to properly escape before Uxubor finishes. “No matter how many letters they have, there simply are not enough I can string together to properly express how much I will enjoy ripping you to shreds for the next eternity Ukrathis… until next time, possibly this will show you your place.” the creature says, and then moments later Uxubor and Phothaina would punch, tear, rip apart, and break Ukrathis in the most creatively painful ways one could imagine for the one named “Greif”. The traitorous revenant screeching and yelling within a great deal of displeasure for the next foreseeable infinity...
  15. Please unshelf Lye so @MeteorDragon will finally take a shower.
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