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  1. "Woah it actually happened" comments ghost man
  2. Somewhere- a dead and dastardly reverent ghost which embodies all the feelings of edgy energy in that of the Trade Nation seems to stir for a moment, shaking his head along as he wonders what he missed in his moments transcending and all around shifting in the dark space of nothingness which makes up his eternal afterlife. At one point, the little twitchy elf lad looks over, noticing the poster of such seemingly addressed to the old monarchy he once settled over and held with as much of a tyrannical fist as the current overseeing Emperor... The lad bursts out laughing. A baffling guffaw which BELLOWS throughout the moonlights and carries all the way throughout the whispering isles. A moment of emotion in what had been just a drooling dreary existence for himself, for the man was immensely tickled that the ‘Undead Emperor’, who at one point in time was more dead than his current form, was going out of his way to make fun and poke towards by far the most defenseless and unimportant state of them in terms of Arcas. It almost brought a tear down the dry skin of his rotten eye.. “This is almost as funny as the fact the current Emperor doesn’t have Horen blood in them.” The then, basic corpse of an elf.. seemingly not caring about the current Monarch’s of Sutica as he finds both side equally unintelligent, merely decides to go back to the eons of nothing- from wherever else in this silence he may be.
  3. Personally I think this spell needs a bit of a nerf. A 3 emote power-boost for up to 3x strength is decently powerful. Sure it has a “strength cooldown period” but whose realistically in these life or death situations super frequently? Afterall most people are only gunna use this if they ABSOLUTELY have too, or if it’d win the fight instantly. This is a personal nitpick at a dark magic trope I see common, but any “Intimidation spell” which is used for the sake of making “people feel scared” is reeeeally lame imo. I’d much rather this just be a passive thing that shades can exude moreso in certain scenarios, since MOST PEOPLE really do not emote the effects of dread, and also dark mages should put more work into making descendants feel intimidated rather than “I got a sPOoKy auRa”. Using magic for intimidation factor is a cop-out. Lord of Chains? 👀 @BonesOfTheEarth Lmao. Spell itself is fine but just funny to comment on. ____________________ As for my personal other comments not relating to mechanics, im instantly +1ing this rewrite because of the more-so meta problems with the magic that IK are being fixed with this rewrite. The problem of the disconnection knowledge, shade gems, connection, and what not were all massive problems in the last rewrite. It made it to where villiany coming from shades eventually died off very quickly and IMO is what caused the deep stigma around them. Now TBF that wasn’t entirely the fault of those people involved since doing any sort of villainy on this server has been shilled, kicked, and grilled to the bone into basically allowing n0 forms of conflict... but hopefully with the right rolls this version can do something great. Also Shade being a diety magic is f*cking stupid, I dont care if it technically comes from Arun’asna and if its TECHNICALLY classified as a diety magic, its a god damn dark magic. ^ Authors Clarified that the above was wrong, cheers
  4. The silence of nothingness is interuptted by a thought “Xavis? Awhhhh buddy, you really followed in my footsteps now didn’tcha?” he wonders, the same etheral figure somewhat watching the proceedings as they transpired. “May you find peace my lovely adopted-child. Your existence was one almost as hated and infamous as mine, but that doesn’t mean you lacked emotion, care, family, and humanity within you. At the end of the day, the hounds of war who hated you for nothing are no better then us.” The man then lets out another slight chuckle as he’s around for just another moment. “Though, in this silence... in this limbo where I almost feel a new world is upon us, I can’t but feel sad for everything that had to transpire. Maybe I should have been about more... possibly, with just a guiding hand, this could have all been avoided.” ”But, who am I kidding? I ain’t exactleh a saint either..” his snicker carries softly through the winds of Southern Arcas, a small smile “Cya soon buddy.” he says, fading once more back into nothingness.
  5. I do not believe that T4 or T5 spells should be able to be added into enchantments at all tbh. I believe it’s all around unbalanced, especially given the fact that (atleast from what i’ve read, correct me if im wrong) it doesn’t actually take mana, or require one to stand still in order to use that enchantment in combat. For example- if I just pre-plan and shoot my Conjuration Bear grenade into a mana gem, and then just fiddlef*ck around with it in my hand for 4 emotes I can shoot out an aggressive bear thats all of a sudden killing people. That doesn’t even count the other insane combos you could do with evocations, etc. Either get rid of grand echanting, or make it to where grand-enchanting forces the participant to stand still while it’s charging up and casting, and uses the mana from their person. Also- it’d be cool if you included a section about how Unsound Magic works with enchanting since Unsound is basically anti-voidal puffy cloud stuff and I can imagine a cool, funny feedback-loop sorta deal.. but that isn’trequiredandalsoimslightlybiased ______ All of that being said though, I do like the way that you’ve written this magic. Personally i’d make it 2 slot if you aren’t gunna make it like other Voidal Users have tried to do and make each section an extra slot given how much of an indepth magic it is. BUT- I love the way that you fixed Transmutation and overall clarified and uplifted Abjuration/Warding. Very impressive and I can imagine most loopholes with this iteration should be fixed. + 1
  6. A figured off ontop of the nearby Asimulei house rooftops looks down towards the burning clinic.. looking through the smoke, almost patiently... Though after a moment, a small chuckle echos throughout the nearby empty landscape around him. A small grin perking underneath the man’s hooded face. Twirling a piece of lapiz between his fingers, he lays back. “So thats where the world has brought yah ey Rhaella?” he wonders, the smile on his face still bright despite being hidden. “May my biggest b*tch of a grand-daughter find peace.. i’ll be waiting.” he notes, eventually fading backwards into nothingness, as the form of the figure seems to condense into ethereal mists to idly float around in the skies.
  7. The winds blow within the golden wheatfields of Knox. A familar yet almost forget face watches as the breeze pulls across the soul of a new traveler. The bright eyed yet ghostly etheral man looks to the new arrival. “ Lo ‘here Micah, yeh did good mah friend, oi’m proud. “ says the lad with a large toothy grin, greeting the O’Connell into the skies above. ______________________________ Rolando Applefoot looks towards the missive, his brains frazzled as he looks towards the will and testament left aboard. “It appears ‘hat finalleh, aftah everythin’.. ‘his’ll beh ‘he last person who ‘as tah die.” he notes simply. His form still shaken and withered from the night prior, though the once emotionless strong man of a weefolk finds himself with a smile, looking to the suns above. In a way this end for everyone marked an actual beginning for the man. _____________________________ Rollingo the ethnic halfling looks towards the missive, spit-taking as his eyes shoot open. “WHA DAH ‘ELL?! MAH KIDDEH I’SAH ELDAH ‘ERE? Damn ‘his shi’ is’ah much easiah ‘hen oi expected..” the man says, then going to actually tell the news to Kit... since, she can’t actually read the will. _____________________________ Finally all that laces the ends of thought is the simple woman. The awful and discipicable halfling b*tch who frankly caused the trail of death in her steps onto the halfling village. Her lifeless body softly dragged into the abyss by the form of Arugula.. the speechless weelass has a moment to speak, her mind almost seemingly trapped in her body. “If onleh maybeh I jus’ decided tah beh a ‘ousewoife, possibleh.. jus’ possibleh.. ‘his would all ‘ave gone so much mer differen’.” says the girl, her mind beginning to reconsider all of what had just transpired. Though everyone knows that true evil actually knows no bounds. She found enjoyment in it all, and even in the decrypted and broken apart state the woman is in.. her mind’s eye seems to smile. “Per’aps oi’ll see yeh again someday meh lil Micah.” she says, her mind pulled further in the ocean’s dark blue...
  8. The piercing shriek of the eldritch uncle to Anne could be heard flying throughout the entire landscape of Brandybrook. As he walks the distorted mana within his form subverts the ground below him, and within his path he lets out screams within the abyssal moonspeech of the void. His figure turned and morphed into something that could be seen as more of a monster than descendant-like by this point. The last shred of his heart shattered, the man known as Rolando lives only for one simple purpose by this point, to tear the ground asunder and bring the person whom murdered Anne asunder into the void to get ripped apart. ᛁ ᚹᛁᛚᛚ ᚱᛁᛈ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛏᚺᚱᛟᚨᛏ ᛟᚠᚠ ᛟᚠ ᚹᚺᛟᛗᛖᚹᛖᚱ ᛞᛁᛞ ᛏᚺᛁᛋ. ᛗᛃ ᛋᛗᚨᛚᛚ ᚹᛟᛗᚨᚾ, ᛃᛟᚢ ᚹᛖᚱᛖ ᛗᛃ ᛟᚾᛚᛃ ᚲᚨᚱᛖ ᛁᚾ ᛏᚺᛁᛋ ᚹᛟᚱᛚᛞ. _______________________________________________________________________ The familiar dainty form of a peach-colored woman looks about. Her form shaking as she coughs up. Limping a bit the woman seems to seeth with anger at the notice of Anne’s death. “’he untintellegen’ garbage cabbage-patch babeh deserved i’.. onleh a mattah o’ toime before ‘he trash o’ Brandehbrook are all refined.. soon, we’ll ‘ave a propah village once more..” the woman says, laying within a bath... Dark red beginning to fill up the waters.
  9. A slick-tongued weefolk looks towards the missive. Long locks covering her eyes as she lets out a soft, fainted whimper of disappointment. Softly within the silence of her own home, the woman takes off a glove whilst looking over the missive, a stony palm resting upon the chair of her burrow as she lets out a deep relaxed sigh, accompanied by a snicker. ”I’ beh hilarious ‘hat fellahs realleh try an’ slandah ‘he weefolk oh Brandehbrook.. biggun’ drama beh too unimportan’ fer wah we’re tryna do in ‘his world. We’re just all lil Benardis’ Aos-spawn, fer all o’ our toimes in Knox’s wheatfields.” The girl begins to chuckle, eventually pulling the locks of hair out of her face, opening her eyes as two dead pupils stare off into the world. ”I suppose i’ beh toime tah make a move. Aftahall- ain’t loike the dwedmar would foigh’ agains’ dah pure small-people o’ Arcas. We’re basically dwarven-kin.”
  10. A tainted wee-folk keeps an eye upon the posted document. His skin tainted a dark black corrupted color. Occasionally- his unmoving and expressionless facade would twitch with a hint of curiousity. "If the descendants of Arcas already have this eye upon us, it appears that moving forward will do nothing more but amplify our presence..." The halfling then simply closes his one good eye.. resting criss crossed on a burnt up section of earth just outside the Trade City. Waiting..
  11. Draw Mr Wonderful, Myst, and Hiren trying to steal a boat.
  12. Hidden Admins part 2 coming soon...
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