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  1. [insert funny status about 1.14 being trash]


    Lol, stupid devs can’t use their mega-big-brains to magically understand everything and fix server performance instantly.... 

    Gunna be real, I’ve had some of the best RP i’ve had on the server in a while during this lag-spike. This community is never pleased my god.

    1. YPJgamer1999


      yeah haha spawning into an unloaded chunk and being unable to go anywhere because your soulstone is set to a place that kills you is just... great! 😄I’m so glad we have barrels and foxes! : DD this update is so worthwhile, please don’t backdate to a stable release of the game


      people are a little harsh on the tech team but let’s acknowledge that this update sucks, everyone knew it sucks, and it’s only going to stop sucking if 1.15 comes out or we backdate to 1.13

    2. Lumii


      would help if we could teleport places like the staff can


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  3. (( I love and appreciate the strives to make a interesting player event for your nation. Good on you my friend! ))
  4. A Sutican Trade Father has an intense state of confusion as he attempts to grasp how the f*ck a snake managed to make such a perfect looking poster
  5. EVENT ANNOUCEMENT: VOIDAL FINALE EVENTLINE IS DELAYED. Server is fucked rn, sorry for the inconvenience, will be rescheduled to sometime next week.

  6. That’s a very good question, I shouldn’t have forgotten to shout them out! I’ll make sure to remember them in Event Sect Update January!
  7. Event Sect Update - December TRANSPARENCY Hey guys, Mystery here, and it’s that time of the month to talk about LOTC and events. Whilst the dev trio is working tirelessly to get our server back up for us… here’s a nice little post in order to talk about some of the major problems/developments that are going to be coming from the event sect. DIY EVENT EXPANSION - One of the big projects that are planned on the backburner of the ET is actually expanding on the DIY events that had been put forward during ScreamingDingo’s tenure as event sect manager. Incase you’ve never seen that post, it’s listed just here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/184116-diy-events/?tab=comments#comment-1720338 I’ve been really happy to see the initiative that certain groups have put forward in actually using this format to make unique narratives without requiring ET intervention. One of the biggest problems with our server right now is the people who believe that us ET are the singular critical ingredient in creating sincere character development.. yet people don’t realize the power that player events have. As such, working in joint with the LT here soon.. We’re gunna be releasing a entire BESTIARY, which lists every creature that players are allowed to play in making their own events! Im very excited to see this event asset come forward.. But i’ll go ahead and leak a sneak peak - Don't tell Flambo that I did that, he’ll sacrifice me to Telanir’s downsizing blood rituals. EVENT SHOWCASE THE VOIDAL FINALE - Coming soon will be the FINALE of the Voidal Tear Eventline that has been in progress for the last SEVEN MONTHS! That’s f*cking crazy. I’ve been greatful to have a large amount of help from the newly recruited ET such as Trintastic, McDaedra, and DrHope. Here’s the post if you’re curious: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/187338-world-event-the-voidal-finale/ SPIDERS IN THE DEEP - Speaking of our newly recruited ET, they’ve worked beautifully in tandem recently to ALREADY create a rather impressive narrative for the dwarves with a deadly spider event. Spearheaded by Trintastic, it was possibly the best event I saw in the last month of November. Here’s a post by @SimpleSeo made on the matter if you’re interested: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/186741-spiders-in-the-deep/ SOMETHING’S FISHY - The breakout eventline of Vermy, a rather fun aquatic styled event that happened on December 1st within the halfling lands of Brandybrook, and will be getting expanded on here soon for the good pleasure of others possibly. If you’re interested, look here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/187274-event-somethings-fishy/ POEM OF THE PILLARS - Power ET overlord lore man Xarkly continues to go ham with his events all across Arcas. Intriguing narratives that span the entire scope of our map’s secret history. I heavily suggest looking into it if you haven't yet. Here’s a post: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/187139-event-poem-of-the-pillars/?tab=comments#comment-1744326 WAR???? - Oh boy, if you didn’t have enough fun in the current warclaim happening on the server… something is coming up soon being spearheaded by ET actor Capace. He’s been working well to make a low fantasy eventline, which im sure most of the human playerbases could find enjoyment in.. no link here, but just a little sneakpeak: ^ 1 of several, soonTM CREATURES IN THE SNOW - Something I won't be as descriptive about, a large portion of our American ET, have been working in order to make a spicy and interesting event area that’ll be starting off here soon, having to do with our large snowy areas in the North.. spooky. SWEEPING SORROWS - Along with other events that are soon to come out, good ET lad julius55 has been cooking up a VERY fun narrative that’ll be dropping here possibly around January that I expect a large portion of you fellahs will be interested in. Definitely one of the most interesting and well written ET events I've seen thus far. And must I give a big shoutout to all the other ET whom have been making random encounter/mini one off events throughout the weeks. I’m ecstatic to see the passion coming from the team right now… and this is only the beginning. THE CURRENT ET ROSTER Tha_Mystery_Man Sykogenic Xarkly Capace Julius55 DrHope ElvenMommaVibes Trintastic McDaedra AmazingVibes D4NNA DarkSainthood Parion Vermythewurmy Wetoos XxEnderking Zidoax Right now we are not recruiting for the ET, any Story Actor apps will have a rather hefty waiting time. That being said, you are always free to make an application if you don't mind a long wait! I thank you and commend you if you just read all of this, stay tuned for the stuff we have planned! I'm personally excited and hope you all will be too! If there is ever anything you need requiring event sect problems, make sure to either message me or our lovely co-manager Sykogenic on discord. (( Mystery#1104 and Sykotic#1867 ))
  8. To the Office of Elokarir’san, I write in response to your recent letter regarding the extradition of Sutican resident “Caestella Elibar’acal.” While the letter is long in nature, it failed to provide one single element of a proper request to this government. I shall write the proper information needed to be provided in order for an extradition. I would expect the Silver Council know this information as you are all highly educated in the art of diplomacy, but perhaps a reminder is in order. I shall therefore be going through each portion of your letter and providing how it is insufficient to warrant an extradition from the Free State of Sutica. Firstly, the first paragraph of the letter issued to the Free State speaks in vague detail about an agreement between the Silver State and the Free State regarding wanting to rid ourselves of degeneracy. It goes as far to say that the Free State has abandoned its sovereignty by granting the Sillumir full action to act within Sutica in the apprehension of criminals. This is false. As it currently stands, there has been no written agreement between the Free State and the Silver State regarding any essence of allowing Sillumir to enter within our borders. In fact, such an action would violate Title X of the Writ of Sutican Governance where it states, “The State shall not allow the quartering or movement of belligerent troops within its borders during times of War.” Considering the Silver State is a member of the Alliance of Independent States (AIS) and is currently engaged in a state of war with the Holy Orenian Empire, any entrance of your military into our lands would violate our neutrality. Furthermore, there fails to be any written agreement between the Silver State and the Free State regarding any diplomatic action. Any individual should fail to see how there could be an agreement when there lacks any evidence of an agreement. It should then be seen that any extradition, in the absence of a treaty, must occur based on the General Principles of Law between the Free State and the Silver State. Secondly, there is the issue of Jurisdiction. No evidence was provided in the letter of the Silver State’s necessity to try the individual. This is evidence that the individual should be tried in the Silver State as opposed to being tried here in Sutica. This may be provided in proof that the individual is a citizen of the state or in that the crimes occurred in the Silver State’s borders. The letter fails to provide either. Thirdly, by merely listing a list of crimes to the Free State, you fail to recognize the laws we in Sutica recognize and the evidence which should be provided to the Free State that there is a reasonable question that these crimes occurred. As for you not to twist my words, the crimes we fail to recognize in the list are Slander and Mix-breeding. Neither of these have been seen within the law code of Sutica. As for the violent crimes, the Free State will request that evidence be provided that there is a reasonable suspicion that a crime occurred. Without a proper extradition treaty, nor a proper Sutican investigation into the mechanics of the Silver State’s judicial system, we cannot reasonably provide the individual on accusations alone. If the Silver State wishes to pursue this extradition it shall be recommended that an audit be called as to investigate the validity of the claims. For more information on Sutican Audits see Title V of the Writ of Sutican Government. There also rests one very important issue, Caestella is barely even within our walls. I personally have never even heard of the woman within our city in literal decades. This probably comes from the fact that Caestella is not as much a Sutican subject as she is married into the elven royalty of Irrinor. I would PERSONALLY suggest.. that if you wish to find any sort of conclusion to your problem with the woman, you work towards speaking to the Irrinites. Not this very roundabout order of trying to get US to deal with her. I hope this letter aids in clearing up any confusion and I look forward to the good work which can occur in the future. I do look forward to a letter written with the information provided. Terr’hi Uialben Grand Trade Father of Sutica, Head of the Uialben Bloodline Myssy Uialben Trade Princess of Sutica, The Savior of the Free State of Sutica
  9. The Trade Father begins to write up a formal response... ((Reserved. Will make a response once im off work))
  10. THE ̷V̷OIDAL ᚠI̵̞̗̰̝͈̬͖̳̾̈́͊͗̏̔͆̇ᚾᚨL̶͓̞͇̽͌͝ ᛖ FATE And so all tears closed, the realm nearly saved All hopes are high, as they see Ukrathis depraved The descendants all strike, the power supreme In hopes of defeating, the void’s awful scheme Yet one thing is clear, the story nearly done The living realm still, has yet to won Grief still lives… while the void still devours As the hope of our lifes… comes to the final hours Mana continues to open up the sea The veil ripped apart, breaking at the seams This danger ringing, in its unfamiliar tune All hope may be lost… for Schlubb breaks through soon. The entire Grief Nexus point breaks apart. Via the work of Descendant struggles, civilizations banded together from all corners of the realm in order to purge the taint upon that of Arcas. The tears stemming from inside the void have corrupted the reality and natural order for multiple decades now.. and it seems to have finally come to a close.. or has it? Ukrathis, a Voidal Horror whom had been coined the name “Grief” had turned nearly mad after the descendants had invaded his own abode. The party breaking down through his doorstep and crashing his arena in the sky, straight into the grounds below. All of these voidal revenants such as Ukrathis had a certain “source” to their power. A singular gem within the mortal realm that acted as a source of their powers. Mirroring their true forms from that of the void. Whilst in his fight between a horde of Descendant, the enraged uruks, dwarves, descendants, elves, and humans all disbanded all manner of limits they may have had in order to completely shatter Ukrathis’ core. The revenant immediately breaking apart and fizzling as its form seemed to go unstable... It screeched out a monolouge before then plummenting straight downwards into the tainted soil below. Hiding within cracks as it actually began to speak to itself within moonspeech... “T̴H̶I̵S̴ ̶I̸S̷ ̴A̶L̷L̵ ̸A̸C̸C̷O̶R̶D̸I̴N̸G̴ ̵T̷O̷ ̸T̷H̵E̶ ᚹᛁᛋᛁᛟᚾᛋ.̵ ᚠᚨᛏᛖ ̵i̵s̶ ̴i̴s̵ ̴i̷s̴ ̷i̶s̴ ̴i̶s̶ ̶A̸B̷S̸O̴L̷U̴T̶E̷.̷ ̷T̸h̸e̴r̶e̵ ̶i̵s̷ ̴N̴O̷T̵H̷I̴N̵G̷ ̴h̸o̷l̷d̴i̶n̶g̵ ̶b̸a̶c̴k̸ ̴t̴h̷i̷s̸ ̴r̸e̶a̶l̵m̴ ̸f̴r̵o̵m̵ ̸d̷r̷o̷w̵i̶n̶g̶ ̶i̷n̶ ̵t̴h̷e̷ ᛏᚨᛁᚾᛏ ̷o̵f̴ ̶t̴h̸e̶ ̶v̴o̶i̶d̸.̵ ̷T̴h̵e̸ ᚨᚾᚷᛖᚢᛚᛋ ̵a̵n̸d̸ ̶o̵t̴h̴e̴r̶ ̴m̸o̷r̵t̷a̸l̵l̸y̷ ̸c̶o̷i̶l̷e̴d̸ ̴c̴r̶e̸a̸t̴u̶r̴e̵s̴ ̵d̷o̸n̷'̷t̵ ̶T̶R̶U̴L̷Y̵T̵R̶U̵L̸Y̴T̵R̵U̴U̸U̴U̵U̶U̸-̴ ̶T̵r̸u̴l̵y̵.̶.̶ ᚢᚾᛞᛖᚱᛋᛏᚨᚾᛞ ̸t̴h̷e̶ ̷m̶a̶g̸n̸i̴t̸u̴d̶e̴ ̶o̴f̸ ̴w̷h̴a̷t̷ ̵i̶s̸ ̸h̷a̵p̸p̵e̵n̴i̸n̸g̷ ̶h̶e̸r̷e̷.̶.̸ ̸T̷h̴e̸y̶ ̷t̴h̸i̵n̷k̸ ̸t̴h̶i̵s̶ ̵i̶s̸ ̴ᛟᚹᛖᚱ?̵"̶ ̶ ̸ ̷T̵h̷i̵s̸ ̴i̸s̸ ̵o̵n̵l̴y̵ ̶t̴h̸e̴ ᛒᛖᚷᛁᚾᚾᛁᚾᚷ.̶.̶ ̴t̶h̶e̴ ̴v̴o̷i̵d̵ ̵i̶s̸ ̷s̷o̶ ̸c̷l̷o̶s̶e̴,̴ ᛋᚲᚺᛚᚢᛒᛒ ̶i̴s̸ ̷s̷o̸ ̸c̴l̶o̷s̸e̶.̶.̴ ̴a̷n̸d̷ ̴o̶n̴c̷e̶ ̵th̵e̸y ̷a̶r̵r̶i̸v̷e̸ ̷I̶ ̷w̵i̵l̸l̷ ̶r̸i̵p̷ ̴a̴p̴a̴r̷t̸ ̸e̸v̷e̴r̴y̵ ̴s̷i̵n̸g̶u̴l̸a̵r̷ ᚲᚺᚨᛁᚾ ̶t̸h̶a̶t̶ ̶i̵s̶ ̷l̷e̸f̶t̵,̸ ̸a̶n̸d̴ ̷s̵h̷o̶w̷ ̸w̴h̷a̷t̷ ̸t̶r̴u̴l̸y̸ ̴a̶w̵a̶i̸t̴s̵ ̵t̴h̷i̴s̷ ̷r̷e̸a̵l̸m̶.̴.̸ ̷” ᛏ̶̢̨̣̘͕͇͙͖̈́͑̌̓̎͠ᚺ̸̮͙̥͋̾ͅᛁ̸̢̮̹̋̔̅̄̈́̚ᛋ̵͕̰̋́̽͛͛̓͘̕͜͜ ̸͈̫̊̐̈́̂̔ᛁ̸̡̺͎̙̱̃̈́̐͂͘ᛋ̷̨̦͈͉̯̤͈͖̂͂̾̎̾̄͊͠ ̴̩̩͈̳͎̣̍̊͗͗̏̕͠͠ᛗ̶̧̩̳̘͇̽͊͑̏̓̎̚͝ᛃ̸͓̞̺͐̈́͂̑̈́̓͘͝ ̸̨̗͈̂̈́ᚠ̸̛̮̘̀̌̄̔̓̈́͘ͅᚨ̶̤͋̈̓ᛏ̵͖̱̥͙̣̙͕͍̌̈́̐͝ᛖ̴̞̳̺̜̻̠̈́͑͌̉͂͜ͅ Moments later.. the energy around the geyzer of mana in the Southern realms would begin to congeal together. Grief’s form would be sent at Mach-1 away from it’s collapsing home straight towards that mini-mana volcano. Ukrathis begins to ascend in the air.. whilst the broken shards of his own mana-heart seem to swirl about him. Freckles of purple, blue, and red all intertwine.. And then a searing white light extends from the being’s eyes and shines like a sun.. almost like a beacon.. Moments later, a collasal being simply floats infront of the geyzer. It awaits fate. OOC: The event will take place Thursday, December 5th, at 6 PM EST at the co-ords X: 572 Y: 42 Z: 594. This event is going to be the final event of the Voidal Invasion plotline, which is finally coming to a close after having been an active part of Arcas for months now. There will be a PVE section which is entirely optional for whomever wants to show up for clicks, however almost all of the narrative will be taking place in the CRP/RP section.
  11. Ukrathis questions when he got a random band of cultists... but decides not to question it
  12. I can bring 5 boys onto the ET, and im ready for a round of recruitment.. ET interviews will be beginning tomorrow, if you wanna shot at one of those 5 slots, I highly suggest you make an app ASAP.

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    2. jdesarno


      Maybe next round. 

    3. Aislin


      Denied, discord tag not up to date. Sorry.

    4. rukio


      Denied, discord tag not up to date. Sorry.

  13. Trade Father Mystery Uialben laughs at comments from inside his abode “Man, I’m glad to see we’re celebrating the work of a demon, demonic helper trade *****, ditzy drug addict, and dwarven traitor puppet. Quality job historian.. and to think they don't even mention the great Uialben name which helped UPLIFT this trade land upwards into a new precious era... tch, tch tch.”
  14. A certain elf wonders why its taking so long for this pillar to turn on
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