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  1. Tha_Mystery_Man

    LOTC - Death of The Uialbens

    Yaknow Danna, I knew you’d appreciate the voices. My favorite lad showing me love for getting up their and making a fool of myself for having to voice three people at the same time... next episode all voice acted or Myst riots.
  2. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Conjuration guide with amendments. [Magic Lore]

    What is even the point of having conjurations if I can’t conjure a mosquito to give someone AIDS?
  3. Tha_Mystery_Man

    [Your View]Coups

    Basically what most people who have disagreed on this thread have said. I personally believe these coup rules aren’t *bad* per say, they sure could be a lot worse, but I just think all these are gunna lead to, is nation leaders skirting the rules on who they put into government, MORE ooc targeting and bad talk, long lasting grudges, and probably the Empire earning more land from other races. And to the people who’ve said “BUT TOXIC PROs” I really dont know much to say other than, don’t give your PRO to a [redacted]
  4. Tha_Mystery_Man

    [REQ] Skinner Needed!

    Imagine having a mage with armor... then imagine not having a mage with armor and instead being a proper mage
  5. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Say something nice about the person above you!

    Caeser you're also a great ET actor even though you messed up the formatting of the app ❤️ Goob job by being a beautiful mage lad
  6. Tha_Mystery_Man

    The Imperative of Reproduction Version 3

    Mystery Uialben, Head of The Uialben House, AKA the Head of a Extremely Long Line of Impure Elves, AKA a Natural Hater of Haelunor, AKA the Father of 20+ Impure Elven Children, AKA The Man With Abunch Of Made Up Titles, Reads The Notice.. “. . . Even I, think this is creepy. . . WELP, time to finally go to Haelunor.” The Uialben then goes and gets a rally
  7. Tha_Mystery_Man

    RAP BATTLE: Staff vs Players (feat. Mystery)

    I found the staff’s lines extremely predictable.
  8. Tha_Mystery_Man


    OOC DETAILS: (( For context, this was made as a jokey diss track towards Suticans from my chars point of view. Everyone mentioned in this song is someone I enjoy, and no offense is meant by the concept. I would hope that this isn’t taken off the forums, as no sincere insults are meant towards anyone in the song, and overall it’s just suppose to be a lighthearted dumb RP idiocrasy post. )) Mystery Uialben would begin the march towards the Sutican gates, the elven suit lad would take a deep breath as he knows what he is about to get into.. his palms are sweaty already and he’s nervous, something something.. as he casually looks about the gigantic towering stone walls surrounding Sutica. A deep conflict has entered the elf’s heart.. maybe sincerely, or most likely because he’s a dumbass. Either way, him and his fellow children bring along an instrumental, and start blurting out to the Suticans. Lyrics: HEY, i’m tired of this bullshit eh? Guess it's time for Mystery to pull out his biggest weapon.. Ain't need fire evo.. when ya got hot bars. Sutica is nothing but a city full of inbreds. From the mages to the sages to my buddy Hiren I wish that this place had some actually known government But like, where the hell is even ******* Hareven? I guess I could see a reason for the plant grotto But then, Why does Sutica even still HAVE Squish’s cargo I feel like everyone just speaks like ******* Dargo “Vhats wrong Meesteree, do yew want tew fuckeeng GO?!” WHOOPS uuuuh Lets get back to Mystery.. Since my antics give you all some ******* funny history. If it wasn’t for my intriguing nice sinistry. Your nation would be a state neverending boring misery. Hanging with my wife on the last saints day. I noticed a kimono trap orc.. that's rather gay. That **** scares me to unknown levels of dismay, And it's definitely not in the ‘ha ha’ funny way Let's take a look at some of the prized citizens Furry things, dark creatures, and even ******* Thanians. I find it mind boggling that the Empire would ever wanna win, This piece of a **** from you raging magic hazbins. I'm so glad that we invited all the Kharajyr, Now we can mix cats with all the furry kinky sutic-queers. Can we just adhere and be crystal clear.. That ******* animals really shouldn’t be ALLOWED HERE. “Oh, but this is city full of progress!” I really didn’t ask for your opinion Misses Eris. “HEY! Maybe it’s just because you’re a ******* mess.” Ah yes i'm sure you gigantic white knight clitoris. But just possibly, it’s because im the ******* BEST. I get dark elf breasts from my lady baby Tess, The girl who I wear like a sweater vest, And that’d **** a cactus before letting you into her cuckoo’s nest OH but wait let me not forget Lily Anarion, My lovely daughter and Princess of all Suticans, Who dates a dumb dwed by the name of Helensons, Despite the fact they’re getting couped.. by WALDENIANS! So cmon Princess, recognize the Uialbens, /Especially since we’re ½ your active nation’s population/. Lily bend the knee to your lovely adoptive parent! You nothing more than a street *****, and that’s apparent. All your citizens commit to is heinous crime, While your reputation is on the ground you claim you’re in your prime. Alright Lily, I think it’s way past your bedtime, Here, have some ointment so you don’t turn out like Oshiem. Afterall I don't want to have my hot rhymes, Burn you as after all that wouldn’t be so sincerely sublime. “HEY, at least this rap doesn’t get you charged with a war crime!” Ughhh, guess your right, Sutica isn’t the BIGGEST nation grime. Alright, calm down everyone.. i’ll take a break. Afterall I guess Sutica doesn’t burn elves by the stake. And we have lots of badass things like old rattlesnakes. And finally got rid of the old Princess beefcake... Haha, beefcake.. More like a stomach ache to be honest.. Blegh.. Welp I guess that’s it for now. MC-MYST OUT!
  9. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Change in Knoxist Dogma!

    Rollo Applefoot wonders when another woman joined Dunshire.
  10. Tha_Mystery_Man

    ultimate actor application

    Goosey is a mega brain boy. His brain-dome is the size of Sandy’s house in Spongebob, that’s ALOT of mental brain-atude my guy. Don’t **** about with a guy whose brain cavity is so large that a squirrel can live inside it. 10/10 guy +1
  11. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Payment of Past Crimes [PK]

    Mystery Uialben ******* books it to take out every potion in Richard’s shop after hearing the news. “Welp.. Looks like a fellow ex-criminal bites the dust. Cya bud.” The elf lad would shed a tear for Richard.. while filling his bag up with trust potion after trust potion. (( Enjoy your new year Leo, we all have a hard time PK-ing characters, (whether people wanna admit it or not) and that’s completely fine~ Remember at the end of the day we’re all just nerds on a MC server lookin’ tah do some weird nerd stuff. ))
  12. Tha_Mystery_Man

    [Accepted] Unwillingly's Event Team Actor application

    Unwillingly is the queen spaz. Absolute dumbass with the mind of a rat whose brains have been fucked into Swiss cheese. Literal Troglodyte, worse ET i’ve ever seen ever make events. Awful Nation Leader, Completely and utterly distracted by her own personal RP. …...But she does great 1 on 1 torture RP owo +1
  13. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    Ahhhh yeah I was expecting someone to comment about this. SO FOR CONTEXT. On Saturday when the Krugsmas plugin was set up, I had been enjoying the nice Christmas spirit of the whole thing. I had personally been giving out lots of gifts too friends the entire day (Strength Potions, Alchemist Fires, Cool Event Items, Just Swell Little Things). At a certain point, a fellow Sutican emoted pulling out a baby from her Krugsmas present. I, and a few others, found this ******* hilarious. So, my character IRPly made a joke that was like “Who knows, maybe this is a new Elven Krugsmas thing. Afterall Elves are infertile, so it makes sense to be giving out kids as Krugsmas presents.” it was AT THIS POINT I checked /edit and saw I had a singular rename yet.. and decided “**** it.” SO, I made a little bit of a lore scenario (No, contrary to what some people believe I did not lore break my char having 40something elven newborns at the same time, they weren’t his) and made abuncha babies with the description of having dark red hair and going and being sent to people IRPly. IN RETROSPECT, lore-wise this is VERY weird, but to be fair, there were literally presents materializing out of thin air from random people, I found it okay to stretch the boundaries just slightly. THEN I started sending out the kids, here is where I did two things wrong. FIRST, in the description I should have prefaced the kids with “This item is a joke, that does NOT NEED to be roleplayed. This is only if you want to RP it.” Now, I told this to literally everyone who messaged me about this, however I do think I should have clarified. SECOND, I shouldn’t have sent them out randomly. I think I got through like 10 babies before I realized “Yeah no, sending them out randomly is gunna be weird” and so for the rest, I sent them out to people who i’ve had RP experiences with, and or slightly knew OOCly. I did not expect people to actually roleplay the kids out, however surprisingly lots of people did, and it was rather funny seeing all the reactions and emotes and questions I got from people asking about them. It was really funny when Sutica was all of a sudden flooded with people taking care of kids (I was in the Sutican square and prefaced all this), and when I got lots of funny questions. (My good friend Lithium who I sent one too put one of the kids on the AH, and I think a family actually bought it and started RPly raising it as their kid). Did I deserve the GMwarning? I would argue no, however I understand that some people saw the gifts as spammy, and such I willingly accept my punishment. However, I do think it generated RP, even if it was rather jokey.
  14. Tha_Mystery_Man

    An Open Letter To Dunshire

    Thain ROLLO APPLEFOOTwonders to himself “Hmmmmm.. interestin’ i’ looks loike ‘hat vassal of Kaz’Ulrath be tryin’ tah mess wit’ weefolk! Which be funneh because oi’m pretteh sure ‘hese guys jus’ be a band of shitteh bandi’s tryin’ tah look for a old as fock excuse to hide ‘he fact ‘hey have nay reason to actualleh attack ‘he halflings! INFACT, I ‘hink oi’mah go outah my way roight now to make it clear jus’ wah be goin’ about!” The halfling Thain would take a deep breath, before blaring out, ”ATTENTION ALL WEEFOLK, THESE BUGGAHS BE CLEARLEH BANDITS WIT’ NAY REASON TAH BE ATTACKIN’! THIS’LL BE GOIN’ TAH SOME FELLOW ALLIES SOON TAH BE GETTIN’ ‘HESE FUCKAHS OF OUR ROADS! THIER TALK ABOU’ TREATEHS AN’ TRIBUTE BE A LOAD OF SHITE AN’ I DENOUNCE ‘HEM UNDAH ‘HE NAME OF DUNSHIREH! PS: Nottin’ham nay actualleh exists anehmore as far as I be concerned! Oi’m pretteh sure ‘hese guys are jus’ clingin’ tah Kaz’Ulrath despite ‘he fact Kaz got pretteh fucked by ‘he Empire!”
  15. Tha_Mystery_Man

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    Sutica definitely has a large place in my heart, and I will not hide that. Sutica has a lot of my dear OOC friends, and is where my main spends most of his time, so of course, I gravitate towards that. However, I dont wanna JUST make Sutican events, as that’d get stale very quickly. I’ve gone on record in the Halfling Discord saying that (whether I was accepted or not) I wanted to make events to help the playerbase since it has been dwindling. I’ve also done two of my BIGGEST non-PECs events in human cities, as some of the people who have +1’d this post can attest to. I ALSO love runesmithing and shamanistic lore from both dwarves and orcs (My favorite RP on this server to this day is still a Shaman Trip), and I want to explore that side of the server as well. Sutica is where I spend most of my time yes, however becoming an ET is not some Sutican activity mid-max I plan on scheming, and more-so my way of exploring the server and bringing different parts to different places, with that being said, I do agree that there needs to be less single city/group ETs! After all, some of the best RP comes from combining different roleplay styles and ideas!