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    Please Ban Me Vol.2 [Art]

    Shoutout to the FMs who have gone back and forth with deciding if this isn’t forum appropriate or not. I see you admins o3o
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    [!] A picture of the Dunshire forests, the sun shinning against the defiled tree today as the peace of halflings seems to be gone.. TO ALL WEEFOLK AND BIGGUN ALIKE Due to the recent disgusting and horrendous murder that have been committed on Dunshire land, I, Rollo Applefoot, Thain of Dunshire, am publicly enclosing that our city is in a state of NIGHTWATCH and MARTIAL LAW. Due to the murder of Brimsly Belladonna, father of the Belladonna family, I have taken it upon myself to open up an investigation into the information of the murder of Mr Belladonna, as well as the investigation into the disappearance of the other Belladonna family members. I, Rollo Applefoot, will not idly stand by and watch as our weefolk are murdered like pigs to the slaughter, and even if it may be improper of me, I am setting a bounty upon any evidence that can be used to locate the location of the Belladonna children, ASWELL as a bounty upon evidence leading up to the capture, and arrest of the disgusting murderer littering our young'un filled streets. Aswell, I shall be making it clear as of right now that Halflings walking around during the night are HIGHLY ADVISED to stay at home. Being seen outside of your burrows during the late hours of the night endangers yourself, and will just end up with a firm eye being placed upon you. I will also be declaring, the OFFICIAL team that shall be looking into this case, is the Dunshire government (Thain, Elders, High Pumplar, Sheriff), and a personal halfling detective by the name of Rurvin. Even with this statement, if you, as a fellow weefolk, witness something that could lead to the savior of your fellow kin, I would HIGHLY URGE you to come speak to one of us. Even with everything going on at the moment, the lives of you civilians is our most important priority at any time, and we shall enforce law to keep it that way. When this killer is brought to justice, they will face a punishment WORSE than banishment and fine, as murder shall be treated seriously under the conditions of this investigation.. As well, all halflings are said to be highly attentive to dark elves, due to a man by the name ‘Malice’ being the current #1 Suspect. And as such, here is the official wanted notice.. CRIMINAL WANTED A reward of 1500 mina to whomever is the weefolk or biggun alike to bring this killer to Justice. A reward of 500 mina for every member of the Belladonna family that is safely brought forth, and kept from death. If eligible, AUTOMATIC promotion to that of the Halfling Sheriff. Glory To Knox, Glory To Weefolk, Glory To Dunshire. Rollo Applefoot, Thain of Dunshire. Official Wanted Poster Made In Conjunction With The High Pumplar And Other Halfling Elders.
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    Rollo Applefoot reads the paper, eyeing the world news with a quirked brow before simply saying to himself “... What? I never knew the Empire’s current parliamentary system was a social republic-esque system that is still basically borderline communism! I guess the Empire is done with all that basically monarchy stuff!” Rollo Applefoot then nods, glad that his lover managed to get a job that doesn’t involve talking to a pumpkin god
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    The Halfling Leadership Charter

    The Halfling Leadership Charter This is the official Halfling Charter, a government system made by the late Pal, who died in a drinking contest before he could propose this system. After the coup of Dunshire by Rollo Applefoot, the self asserted Thain has decided he wants to honor Pal’s name by implementing this political structure. As such, the text below shall be the way us weefolk try and go about a fair, quick, precise, and communally helpful government. Glory To Weefolk Thainship The Thain is the leader of the lands in Halflingdom, the ruler of the village and the wildlands beyond the town to the borders. To an outsider or bigg’un, the Thain is the closest one would find to a feudal lord in the world of the Wee Folk, being the head of all political actions. Halfling culture is very odd however, and you’ll find often the Thain, while commanding much authority and respect, is seen more as a pillar of the community; a leader rather than a ruler. They’re normal people, if only a bit more motivated. They are the most prominent position a Halfling can hold, and is both a duty and honor to be called Thain. The Authority Of Thain I. The Authority To Banish II. The Authority To Conduct Foreign Diplomacy III. The Authority Over Burrows And The Land IV. The Authority To Call An Eldership NC Vote V. The Authority Over The Storage VI. The Authority Of Legislature VII. The Authority To Propose Replacements For Respected Elders The Duty Of Thain The duty of the Thain is to be the pinnacle leader of the Halflings. He is not only descended from a respectable family, but is also an Elder, an elected Elder of Elders. While they may not be the single leader of the Halflings, they are the highest, and the final and most important voice when making decisions. It is among their duty to lead the Halflings to properness, safety, and happiness (in that order). The Appointment And Reign Of Thain The Thain is appointed via vote by (and from) the four Elders. In order to become Thain, the specific Elder must receive ¾ of the votes. Voting for yourself is allowed. If a decision cannot be made, the High Pumplar is allowed to cast a tie-breaking vote under the authority of Knox. The Thain leads until his/her death, or retirement due to age or illness. There is a new appointed Elder, and the process begins again. In the event the Thain becomes tyrannical, falls ill, or loses his sanity (not rare for us Wee Folk), and is unable to properly lead, or is unwilling or unable to retire, the Elders, High Pumplar, or Sheriff, may call a NC vote. This allows all five (three Elders, Sheriff, and High Pumplar) to vote to remove the Thain, or to keep them. The vote requires a unanimous 5/5 vote in agreement to remove the Thain. Eldership The Elders have, for most known Wee Folk history, guided the Halflings in their daily lives. They have provided history, knowledge, and taught the ways of properness to the new’uns. Through many political changes, the Elders have remained, and have used their age to further influence the villages under them, and in recent history have lead the village in a trinity. Now, however, they are returned to their original positions as Elders of culture, faith, and knowledge, rather than the overall task of leadership. The Authority Of The Elders* I. The Authority To Vote On Thainship II. The Authority To Conduct Minor Diplomacy III. The Authority Over Burrows And The Land IV. The Authority Over The Storage V. The Authority To Call A Thain NC Vote VI. The Authority Of Legislature The Duty Of Elders The Elders are, as the name implies, the Elder Halflings of the village. They have been around the village for some time, and are knowledgeable about the laws, properness, the culture, and all the little things new’uns may not know. Thus, it is the duty of the Elders to teach new and improper Halflings of properness, and shepherd them to being proper halflings of the community. While this is their main duty, their secondary duty is to upkeep the village itself. The Thain may handle busy work, but he alone cannot control the whole village, and it’s up to the Elders to aid in giving out burrows, organizing and gathering for the storage, planning festivals, as well as construction, and all the smaller (and less glamorous) things in the village. The Appointment And Reign Of Elders Elders are appointed by the village from a vote. Each Elder is decided based on which halfling the village thinks is the most knowledgeable and able to lead. There is no tie-breaking vote, so you’ll have to convince the village that you’re worth electing! They serve until death, or retirement, just as the Thain does. Also like the Thain, an NC vote may be called upon sick, improper, missing, or otherwise neglectful Elders by the Thain themselves. All five voters (Thain, Two Elders, High Pumplar, and Sheriff) vote, but you only need ⅗ of votes to remove an Elder. The village then holds another election for their new Elder. Halflings who are voted out can become Elders again in the future, but it is required you wait 2 Elven months before running for election again. Sheriffdom The Sheriff is the law of the village, and the keeper of the peace. Along with his deputies they patrol the boundaries (thus the nickname bounders) of the nation, keeping out spooky folk and munchkins, and keeping the town safe. The Sheriff’s office is the local law, the authority of the village, and the muscle of the land really comes from the Sheriff and his trusty spade. The Authority Of The Sheriff I.** The Authority To Imprison II. The Authority To Appoint Deputies III. The Authority Of Legislature IV. The Authority Of Tie-Breaker Thainship Votes V.** The Authority To Enforce The Laws The Duty Of The Sheriff The Sheriff is the law enforcement of the land, along with his deputies, and while their job may not be easy, it is extremely important. Their duty is to ensure the safety of Halflingdom, and to make sure the Halflings of the nation, including the Thain and Elders, adhere to the law. In the event of emergency, we rely on the Sheriff and Deputies of our nation to hold the line. The Appointment And Reign Of Sheriff Sheriffs have been elected democratically. This will remain, and allows for any proper Halfling who lives in the Village (or the lands of the Thainship) to vote for the Sheriff. The Sheriff can be elected from the common halfling village, and is often used to avoid nepotism in the law. Deputies are not elected, but rather picked by the current Sheriff. Both Sheriffs and Deputies serve until death or retirement. Sheriffs and Deputies can both be fired by the Thain without a vote. It should be noted that unwarranted firings, while legal, are frowned upon in the Halfling society, and may be looked at as a political power-play, which is a sign of improperness! The High Pumplar The High Pumplar is the head of the Knoxist religion, the spiritual leader of the Halflings. He is the ultimate voice on all things Knoxist, or relating to Knoxism, and can put into effect religious doctrine. The Halflings don’t care too much for detail, however, and the High Pumplar often takes a more culturally important role in the nation rather than a political one. The Authority Of The High Pumplar I. The Authority To Pardon Unto Knox II. The Authority To Appoint New Knoxist Dogma III. The Authority To Anoint Pumplar Sainthood IV. The Authority Of Legislature V. The Authority To Declare Religious Legitimacy The Duty Of The High Pumplar The High Pumplar may be the least important role in the collection of leaders, but it is still important to the Halflings none the less. The High Pumplar’s duty is to guide the spiritual nature of the Halflings, and to help the Halflings better connect with Knox. His other duty is to ensure a good relationship between the spiritual entities (Knox, Harvest Spirits, Arugula, Etc.) and the people of the Halfling nation. The Appointment And Reign Of The High Pumplar High Pumplars are chosen by Knox himself, spiritually though not in person. Any such Halfling wishing to become High Pumplar will need to speak to Knox. They will declare their wish to become High Pumplar and, if worthy, Knox himself will grant them their position. If they are unworthy, the Halfling will be denied. High Pumplars serve until death, and do not retire. Considering they are not elected, the High Pumplar cannot be voted out of their position. The only person who has the authority to remove a High Pumplar is Knox himself, considering he also grants the position. This is extremely rare, but in the event Knox himself removes the High Pumplar, all of the changes the Pumplar put into place will be retracted and considered null & void. It should also put the now Ex-High Pumplar under investigation for improperness or munchkinism, due to being deemed unfit by Knox himself. The Current Leaders Rollo Applefoot: Thain of Dunshire Petrus Frondor: Elder of Dunshire Harold Applefoot: Elder of Dunshire (To Be Revealed): Elder of Dunshire Daisy Applefoot: High Pumplar Ander Swiftoak: Sheriff * The Thain holds a higher Authority than a single Elder on issues ** These authorities also apply to Deputies All changes to those in power will be edited into the charter, along with any amendments.
  8. DECLARATION OF THE APOCALYPTIC UIALBENIZATION OF SUTICA Issued and confirmed by His Fairness of Actual Chaos, the Apocalyptic God King of Sutica, Mystery Uialben of the house of Uialbens, 16th of Owyn’s Light, 1689 [!] This message would be displayed all over Cloud Temple, Sutica, and other major human cities, Presenting a rather lopsided family crest symbol up front. TO ALL SUBJECTS OF THE SUTICAN CROWN: Let it be known that the numerous dumb acts of the uuuh Shadowrun Government of Sutica, led by the monarch of dark meat and abuncha stupid non-around ministers and other f*cking people who are the uuuh.. council of Sutica? Has commited MANY CRIMES against its own citizens and the beautifully presented residents that lie within its uuuh.. realm with a LARGE amount of unjust..ness? Yeah sure that. As a result! We, The Uialben Family, shall FREE Sutica. We, the rightful Keeper of the uuh.. RIGHTS? yeah.. RIGHTS TO THE ROYAL FEDERATION SUTICA, to which these f*cking disgusting tricksters and their SHADOW RUN Trade Princess have laid claims in private, NO LONGER shall go about their idiotic governmental decisions. To the title of GOD KING, we as the rightful elves who haven given an arm and leg for this nation.. and another arm and leg for the nation, claim our RIGHT OF OWNERSHIP and RIGHT OF CONQUEST to be forever untrusted into the blood of the Uialbens, for the Sutican lands f*cked us over, and is continuing to do so by getting f*cking invaded by some erectile dysfunctional old f*ck, whose currently too busy half f*cking his elf girlywhirl in the streets. As such of the human blockade, we, the Uialbens, bestow upon ourselves the title F*CKING ABSOLUTE GODKING DICTATOR SKELETONLICH LORD OF THE SUTICAN REALM. To the everlasting and all seeing rank of the Apolcalyptic realm of chaos, we lay claim by OUR ALL SEEING RIGHT for our blood to be spilt upon the land of the Sutican soil as blessed by the grace and happiness of our deity.. ehhh.. Iblees? Yeah Iblees sure. To those dumb humans that actually think they have a right over Sutica We decree: You’re f*cking stupid. You idioitic humans should probably be alittle more focused upon making sure Oren doesn’t collapse for the 17th f*cking time, instead of trying to overthrow another nation you absolute abhorrent dumbasses. I know you humans are actually interested in making sure you can show off your big army to everyone, but maybe focus upon doing something alittle more productive with your time rather than this aye? As continued provacation will lead you to be at war with Uialbens, Suticans, and a large mass of others. THUS THE RIGHTFUL APOCALPYTIC UIALBENISATION OF SUTICA FURTHER DECREES: We hereby overthrow the Sutican Government even though it was basically gone anways, and it is IMMEDIATELY Uialbenized under the authority of Mystery Uialben  As such, We hereby relieve Cyrene Riel of her position as Trade Princess and summon her to admit herself to being under the elven man of royalty himself Aswell, I shall be denouncing Jan Ritter Von Alstreim for his crimes and hypocrisy, including but not limited to: The unlawful seizure of legislative and executive power from the Trade Princess; Resorting to needing the pleasure and embrace of a elven woman who walks around in lingerie all day, COMPLETELY against Cannonist virtues. Refusing to acknowledge the corruption and disgusting bigotry and unjustness in his awful governmental status. Completely ignoring the crimes of Priests, Murderers, and Unjust guards that littered the old nation of Sennstinstienstienstien Using the fake un-interesting excuse of ‘religion’ to pardon his disgusting crimes of seemingly random anger issues. Threatening the lives of people, attempted and successful murders of innocents, and a resting b*tch face. Not putting his exotic girlfriend on a leash, and MANIPULATING the Sennstinstupid government to bring his slutty barwench of a detective upwards with him, WITHOUT telling higher ups. Spending multiple days upon days in the grounds of Sutica, and using his weird wife as a tool to gain reputation in the town, before stabbing Sutica in the back. A warmongering move for a man looking for peace. This ‘Saviour of Sutica’, has been seen MULTIPLE TIMES leaving the scenes of intense battles to wander off with his exponentially younger than him elven woman, off probably to some bathhouse to engage in.. ungodly activities This cowardly running being that of an absolute failure to someone who should be a ‘SAVIOUR OF SUTICA’ We hereby dissolve the Sutican Council and all its stuff, effective immediately. The former claimants to these titles are summoned before the Apocalyptic SkeletonLichGod at once.  We hereby say the guards of Sutica should fight back to this man, shouldn’t be that hard, im surprised his back hasn't just broken from the old brittle bones he has. GET DUNKED ON Terr’hi “Mystery” Uialben, Head of the Uialben Family HIS APOCALYPTIC RULER, Terr’hi “Mystery” Uialben of the Uialben Family, By the Grace of Fake GODS and the Will of the Apocalyptic Uialbenisation of Sutica, Imperial Something Something Fake Title, Chanchellor of the Stupidity That Is This Sutica Coup, Father to Twenty Seven Children, New Absolute Apocalyptic Godking F*cking Skeleton Lich of the Overwhelming Yada Yada of Sutica. Jan your idea is f*cking stupid. And this is me showing you just idiotic it is~ Fight me buddy.
  9. Username Mystery_Uialben, Known_Fenfir Discord Mystery#1104 Timezone EST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? On a small scale, I hang out with a group of friends that I’ve had since I joined the server as I’ve known them for years. In terms of cities, I’ll roleplay anywhere that has fun roleplay! Staff History None Ban History None Blacklist History: None Why do you want to join the Event Team? I love the idea of being able to create unique and interesting storylines for the beautiful LOTC community~ I love creating storylines for the community, as events are such a great way for new players to intermingle with veteran players. I want to be able to help with the process of bringing the community closer together through fun roleplay, and incorporate new players with the bustling crowds of the server! Why should we accept you onto the Team? I see myself as a very easygoing roleplayer, not focused upon min-maxing and munchkining my characters. I simply want to create a good time for everyone, and go with the flow on how things are going in order to make a time that everyone can enjoy. I also would plan on streaming/recording some videos for LOTC with events, however my main focus would be on the server, and the people actively roleplaying on it! As well as creating videos and content, I’ve also made a couple events previously, that the player base enjoyed, and that multiple people can vouch for! What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I love the endless creativity of fantasy. I love being able to think of an idea, and then plan out how it would play out in terms of LOTC. I usually begin my thought processes for whimsical events, more so focused upon fun combat RP around higher fantasy, however, but I definitely do not mind leaning less on pure fantasy if I want to create a more storyline based narrative grounded in reality, keeping myself constricted to the normal strengths of most common people. What makes a good event? In my opinion, a good event is an event that someone walks out of thinking, “Man, I'm glad I just spent my Thursday night fighting the crazy magic wizard!” and that’s simply it. A player should leave an event happy and having had fun. I definitely see character development as an asset to making a good event, though this by far isn’t necessary to create an enjoyable time for players. A good event for me has multiple ways to end, a overarching narrative, and most importantly: A main antagonist! An event that has a face is the best type of event in my opinion, as it adds so much more depth to why the circumstances surrounding the event are happening in the first place. Fighting monsters can certainly be fun, but I also strive to create events that have a narrative for players to solve. In my opinion, the thoughts of an intellectual mind adds a new layer of strategy and thinking in every piece of dialogue or confrontation between an event actor and an event participant. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: For the sake of formatting, I’m going to be separating my events into three categories: “Pure Combat”, “Combat or Roleplay” (depending on player choices), and “Pure Roleplay”. Should you read these and be a little more curious about other possible ideas I have, I definitely could spitball ideas for days! But lemme go ahead and hop into this finally. COMBAT: THE BANKER “The Banker” Azaberus Cerzel is a famous loan shark and debt collector, never failing in retrieving a loan. Azaberus would be a man with jet black hair, a singular blind eye, and a very large scarf covering his face. He has a hefty debt to procure in the independent city state of Sutica. The event would start off with “The Banker” followed very closely by his magical bodyguards, as they begin to talk to a terrified man in debt. Let's just say... Things would not turn out very smoothly for this indebted individual. ((There are many ways this beginning part could play out, however, the main setup would be getting 1 close friend, and/or other ET member, to play a throwaway persona. This persona could die in a multitude of ways, however, let us use this example for how the player may react.)) The man’s breathing quickly flutters as he backs up into the Sutican bench as the strangely calm human walks closer. “What issss wrong? You have the money right?... Heh..” Says Azaberus, the singular chuckle muffled slightly behind the scarf covering his face. The scared man’s face would be completely pale as Azaberus gets closer, watching Az’s bodyguards inch ever close. “P-Please... I j-just need so-some more time... I-I got lots of money... I just need two more months. Just two! C’mon man..” Azaberus would slowly exhale into the fabric covering his mouth as he inspects the male, even moving in close to almost smell him it seems. “Why are you scared... Heh... You aren’t scared of me, are you?” Sweat runs down the man’s head as his eyes dilate rapidly. He slowly would reach down into the pockets of his pants and attempt to grab a pocket knife, swinging it at the debt collector’s throat, but as soon as the man would even begin, Azaberus’s scarf would quickly, and magically, move through the air and grab the man’s hand and bring it downwards to the concrete pavement. Before the scared man would even be able to process the insanity that just happened before him, Azaberus would have already pulled out a knife and stabbed it softly into the man’s throat, letting him painfully choke and gag on his own blood as he’d fall to the floor dead. ((Now you may be wondering, “WOAH, Did that man’s scarf just fly and grab that guy’s arm?” And yes, you’d be correct, it sure did. While I know ET members can break lore during events, but I don’t like the idea of just completely tossing out LOTC lore for the sake of creating a cool magic spell, so here is what I imagine. Azaberus’s bodyguards would both be 2 throwaway personas, that are trained in telekinesis and transfiguration, as well as Azaberus himself. The main premise being that Azaberus’s scarf is enchanted with the ability to stretch out very quickly and latch onto someone with a considerable amount of force. This combo gives the three men a way to not only have three magic wielders worth of magic on a singular object, but also three times the amount of stamina whilst in a fight. Now if I were to actually do this event, I would have an in depth discussion with a magic team member for exact specifics, however, I believe this should work out more or less.)) Azaberus, just having killed a man openly in a square filled with people, would look about at the people inside, naturally having a lot of explaining to do. ((Once again, depending on multiple different dialogue options, there are two main possibilities options for what could happen. Azaberus could leave peacefully, or the more likely scenario, Azaberus gets into trouble with the Sutican law and must flee the Sutica quickly. I would hope that if a man just killed a man in front of multiple people that option 2 would be how the event would go, however it works out perfectly fine either way. In this combat, the main premise would be running away, and entirely rest of the roleplay would be based on the actions of any bystanders. Azaberus and his bodyguards could die, Azaberus could tell his bodyguards to stay whilst he escapes, Azaberus and his guards could escape, the possibilities branch off exponentially from here! While I love making multi-day events, if the event was going in a good direction to where the event was over in 1, I would not mind in the slightest. However, most likely I can imagine Azaberus escaping)) Azaberus breathes heavily as he escapes the city of Sutica, looking at his scarf he notices that it’s completely torn and ripped, absolutely battered to hell and back. His breathing would speed up, his fist would start to twitch, and his non-blind eye would fill with a burning rage “M-MOTHER... T-They hurt you? ... Heh heh... HEH. I’ll make them me back in FULL.” Azaberus would walk off into the depths of the woods, as the man cackles under his torn scarf, obviously plotting something devious as his eye brims with rage. ((From here, while I could definitely make the next day up on the fly, I don’t think it’s a good idea to plan multiple days in advance for events like these. Especially since so much of the development happens at the moment. I would begin to focus the next days of the event with Az around whatever happened to him, whoever pissed him off the most, etc. However, most likely Az would try and sneakily enter Sutica and take a citizen hostage, maybe team up with citizens? There is no way for me to be able to tell, however since Pure Combat Events are so abundant and brimming with ideas, they never fall short of exciting! )) ROLEPLAY OR COMBAT: THE ALL SEEING EYE Not every legend of the realm is so easily known, for some certain sects manage to hide among the land of grounded humans and elves, doing what they can to keep the purpose hidden. This sect happens to keep themselves loyal to a phenomenon of the realm, a disgusting creature of voidal magic. A weird, unexplainable eye that sits at one place at a time, peering deeply into the souls of anyone who comes across it. Within this cult they’re people whose task is to show this eye what it wants, to help it stare at the realm so that way one can feel safe. “The eye offers comfort” some of the cultists would say, “The eye knows more than any of us, it will guide us as long as we let it,” others comment, however, no one truly knows what this disgusting eldritch looking eye thinks, and to most that would be terrifying... (( Woah a spooky eye thing, isn’t that interesting? In terms of lore, the ‘eye’ in and of itself would be a gigantic voidal horror, held up somewhere that would spew parasitic eyes to go and ‘enlighten’ the minds of others. Basically an event, with an event curse, that would have to have a starting event in which the curse is ‘released’ upon the realm. I imagine the starting event would start off with something like this )) A man walks into the town square, the man holding his head down as he seemingly groans inaudible mumbles, coughing up a storm when a woman finally walks up to the sickly man “Are you alright sir?” she’d ask cautiously, seemingly grossed out by the mucus and spit spewing out of the man’s mouth. The man would look up, revealing his normal elven face, yet a disgusting gunky eye, seemingly having grown out of the man’s cheek. The eye would immediately stare at the woman, peering deep into the woman’s gaze. The man would grab the woman tight in front of the square stating “Feast yourself upon the ALL SEEING EYE. This e-EYE will save you ma'am... Just let it tell you its knowledge.” Guards then come up after 30 seconds, seemingly throwing the man off the woman, slurring insults and orders towards him as he’s thrown away. The guards attempting to restrain the elven man yet he would scamp away, the eye still focused upon the girl “HEAR ME, FELLOW DESCENDANTS, we are here to LEARN, we have not LEARNED until we give up our minds to a good cause! Until we can TRULY see! Allow me, to be your PROPHET.” The elven man then flings off his robes, revealing disgusting white eyes, slimey with orange irises as they all stare at a different person in the square. At the same moment, another 30 seconds would have passed of the eye on the man’s cheek the woman then feeling a migraine overtake her head as she seems the eye stare deeply before suddenly a disgusting eye just like one on the man would pop out of the woman’s arm painfully. The woman would screech in pain as the eye would feel just as sensitive as the two on her face, and at that moment the elven man littered with eyeballs on his chest and back would pull out a knife. From there a mini-combat would break out. (( And just like that, a disgusting created encounter! From here the curse would officially have started, however first I gotta put together the way the curse would play out. After 60 seconds of an eye staring at you, an eye would begin growing exponentially out of the person who was being stared at. After that, the victim would have two options. Option A: Stab the Eye. I imagine this as a natural ‘not wanting to rp this curse’ card. Naturally, I can’t FORCE someone to rp having a gigantic weird eyeball on their arm, so should someone go through this route, the victim would have to simply... Gouge out their new eye! Gouging out the eye would be excruciatingly painful, as the victim would start to bleed profusely. Not enough to kill someone, but should someone pop roughly 5 without medical attention, they’d most likely find themselves passed out from blood loss. Option B: Roleplay the Curse. Should someone not believe their character is mentally strong enough, or simply just WANT to roleplay the curse, the eye would begin to do just as the eye before. The eye as soon as it pops to life has the same effectiveness as a regular eyeball. After 60 seconds of the eye staring at someone, it’d pop out another eye. Someone could easily cover the eye, however, it’d have the same level of pain as rubbing one’s own eye. Awkward yet easily able to be done. Along with that, anyone whom would keep an eye on their body would have visions. These visions would be rather important for people who wanna stop the curse, as it’d give clues to the main voidal horror’s location. A reward for players who are good sports! )) From this point I imagine more events and time where the curse grows, roleplay can happen in terms of recovery, discovery, and lore on the voidal creature. Eventually leading to a final boss in which players would be able to slay the voidal horror, and save the people from the sect of the ‘All Seeing Eye’ ROLEPLAY OR COMBAT: THE DREAM FAIRY A small looking woman comes into town, her face and body completely covered as she stands at a measly 4’3. Her face is covered with a mask, her suit ornate with the dust of rubies, and the eyeholes of her mask containing red gemstones that glitter in the light. She comes in with a pubescent like voice, claiming to be the “The Controller of Minds, Master of Manipulation, Fahri, The Elven Girl of Dreams.” as she lets out a cartoon-like maniacal laughter. Whilst she laughs, one could notice that taking a sniff of the air around her... Would make one rather drowsy, yet not enough to cause alarm, as the girl would continue to casually speak to whomever she has come across. ((So, weird chaotic neutral crazy girl right? Pretty weird, but from here this would probably be roleplay as normal, as the girl would attempt to gather nearby citizens into a secluded area. The girl would speak of the magical wonders that she can present to the people before her, claiming she can make everyone feel happier, make their dreams come true, etc. Should she get turned down, no problem, she simply moves onto the next group or town until she has a big enough group to bring with her on a.. ‘Beautiful Adventure’. The event doesn’t really start until at least 4-8ish people agree to come with her, keeping the group relatively small. )) The woman after much speak offers out her hands, speaking loudly as if about to summon something as she looks at everyone in the room “ALRIGHT! Let us begin!” the small elf yells, before letting out a cascade of un-comprehensible garbage... that means literally nothing. Then suddenly the accumulation of gas in the secluded room would take its toll on the people inside, making it to where people would very quickly fall into a slumber. From their, a proper adventure would begin. (( From here the event is most entirely improv. One of my favorite times on this server was when an orc showed me some orcish spirits through Shamanism, and I kind of wish to bring that sort of roleplay more prominently into LOTC! From here I would literally make up a scenario, action, drama, the events, descriptions, etc, all while using things that I gather from the crowd, and tailoring it to the group with me. A very simple event that doesn’t have much planning, however, could definitely be used to create a lighthearted fun time for everyone involved! I don’t believe ALL events should be super over the top and crazy, so in my opinion, it's always nice to use mostly harmless RP events to make everything a little lighthearted. ENDING NOTE As well as these three events, I have personally made 2 murder mystery events WITHOUT ET pex, that I could easily explain to someone over an interview or through longer discussion on DMs and the such. As well keep in mind that, I have a MULTITUDE of more events that I have in my brain bank, however, I don’t exactly want to spill them all on a public ET app! ET recruiter, if you’re reading this and wanna hear some more ideas, feel free to message me on discord and I will GLADLY splurge RP with you for a while. Thanks for the opportunity, have a nice day!
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  11. I love how once again people bring up very rare occasions of good RP stemming from PVP, completely disregarding the main purpose of this post. PVP is definitely needed on this server, however there is nothing less enjoyable then abuncha raid idiots baiting you to hit them so they can PVP default to immediately merc you. PVP should stay on LOTC, warclaims can be enjoyable, raids (sometimes) can be enjoyable, random bandit #3234553 clicking you on a road is not fun Luv u Beppy
  12. Tha_Mystery_Man

    I> Uialbens <I

    UIALBEN LORE: Uialbens are a loosely related family, as well as bloodline that happens to follow a certain lifestyle of edgy crazed living. In my good friend’s words, Uialbens are, "Crazy dark elves that look like wood elves that want to adopt you into their family. Anyone related by blood is mentally unstable, has violent tendencies, or is sexually promiscuous," and while that is not an exact definition.. It’s pretty close. Read onwards if you’re interested. HISTORY: The Uialben history is very speculative, very few people whom enjoy the Uialben lifestyle even fully know it, and even less wish to hear it. The Uialbens started off with the blood of two dark elven clans long ago, starting as two lovers who found themselves unable to embrace each other due to the nature of the clans they lived in, a classic lovers lament. However, rather than accept their unforgiving lives, they ran off into the wilderness. They hid themselves under a different name, the name ‘Uialben’. Not much else is known about the two lovers, or about the clans they originated from, however they became the first family to birth the children that’d live on a… unique legacy. Along with the history being rather reclusive, Uialbens with an extensive understanding of the past seem to usually end up either dead, ripped apart, tortured, missing, forgotten, lost, eaten, and many other sadistic forms of brutalized. No one has been able to figure out why many family members of Uialbens, yet anyone who puts effort into trying to figure out the reasoning usually hears the name “Known Fenfir”, a few days before they become the next victim... LOOKS: Uialbens often have a cascade of different looks, mainly because Uialbens are not trapped to any one race. Uialbens, being extremely scandalous elves, accepting of other cultures and the likes, have basically every single race intertwined into the family name. However, the most common Uialbens, the mixed blood elves, tend to have a rather ‘hip’ vibe to them. Uialbens tend to be obsessed with wanting to look good, and will tend to go out of their way to fulfill what they believe is ‘good style’. Men often wearing fancy tailored suits, and the women usually adorn themselves with jewelry and fancy dresses. In the Uialben blood, anyone who isn't adopted will most likely have the Uialben hair color and eye color of dark red. Usually if a Uialben who lives with their kin doesn’t exhibit red/orange hair, they’ll usually dye it with flowers, however most times that coloring would wash away with any rain. Most Uialbens also tend to have the trademarked brown skin coloring, having come from the dark elf blood in them thinning down after many many years of breeding with elves other than dark elves. Images of pureblood Uialbens below. TRAITS: Uialbens are said to exhibit certain traits more often than regular elves. These traits being created after the many years of carefree attitude, and longevity of the more carefree Uialbens passing down their ideas of living to their youth. Some people even would put Uialbens into 4 categories: Crazy, Scandalous, Scammers, And All Of The Above. As a result, you can imagine what it’s like when tens of them lived in a closed space for a long time. A dark elf once stated that, “It was the most pure form of chaos and disorder I've ever seen, merely walking into the Estate.” Uialbens also tend to cherish familial love, caring for eachother as they know that the family they have together will often be the only one the ever fully accepts them. As the Uialben lifestyle doesnt tend to survive far outside of the Uialben Estate walls. As well as familial love, the Uialbens often find themselves having as many kids as possible. This mainly stems from most Uialbens being rather scandalous.. however some do it for the mere love of children I suppose! One look at a singular family tree of one Uialben male can pretty simply put into perspective how loosely they live in terms of romance. Afterall, it’s more like a family horizon than a family tree. CURRENT MAIN MEMBERS: Terr’hi “Mystery” Uialben: The current head of the Uialben family. The Uialben Estate is mostly comprised of his kids, people he has employed to work with him, and many other random bodyguards and lady hounds he brings around with him. Huey Uialben: Terr’hi’s Uncle, not around much in the Uialben family, as he’s too busy wondering the world in his hopes of becoming a master communist elf man. Most of the Uialbens like his political rants.. even if you aren’t able to follow his nonsensical gibberish at times. Aurora Uialben: The most beloved kid of the Estate, quiet, sweet, monotone. She’s obviously Terr’hi’s favorite even if he refuses to admit it... however, he does admit it, so a lot of the other kids tend to be jealous. She often spends most of her time learning how to build, despite being a mere 13 years old. Mika Uialben: Mika by himself built the entirety of the undergrounds to the Uialben Estate. Mika by himself lugged 2 polar bears all the way from the camp nearby the White Vaeyl, back to the Uialben Estate through mountains. Mika Uialben dug out the entirety of the underground to the Estate in 13 years... by himself. Mika Uialben is said to be the most badass, knowledgeable, and coolheaded Uialben... probably why he does all the work. Raigar B. Uialben: A scammer child who wants to be just like his dad, Terr’hi. As a result, he follows his daddy around, doing all the ‘noble’ deeds he believes his father does, when in reality he is just as big of a deadbeat womanizer as his father before him. Raigar carries himself confidently as Terr’hi’s best child, despite obviously not carrying that role. Lusha Uialben: Locked in the bottom of her mother’s basement most her life, when she inevitably broke out she went and found her dad. After finding her dad, she gave him all the usual love and praise that any daughter could give their father... just with a lot more psychotic behavior. Youri Uialben: A rather calm headed child of Terr’hi, often just goes about his own business all day. He travels Atlas with his red hair, praising his religion of the ‘All Seeing Eye”... now, the religion is obviously fake, and no one in the Uialben family really believes it. Yet, some family members feel bad for Uncle Youri, and tend to believe in the Eye merely to make him feel better. Maura-Loo Uialben: Wife to Youri Uialben, she’s just as crazy as any other Uialben, which made her the perfect wife for one! She often spends most of her day making blood paintings of her ‘fun’ times in the war, as well as wondering why her husband doesn’t tend to show her much affection... She fully believes that he loves her!.. But uuh, he’s kinda off doing his own thing to be honest. Ninuski Uialben: Son to Raigar, the second strongest Uialben in the family. Spends his time following his uncle around with a liquor bottle, as he often doesn’t wanna deal with the non-stop drama of the Estate. However, he enjoys the family shenanigans whenever it doesn’t involve them making fun of his gigantic forehead. Azorika Uialben: The dumb brute of a half olog son that lives with the Uialbens. Literally no one likes him except his “PAHPA” Terr’hi, yet he doesn't eat any of the twiggies in the Estate, so in most of the Uialben’s book, he’s fine. Krugmar doesn’t really like him though, something about “Whitewash” orcs. Zofia Uialben: A child adopted into the family, whom seems to enjoy the life of getting baked after having left her druid family to go out and live with a different psychotic family. According to her she use to live in a really raunchy tree before she lived at the Estate, and somehow that landed her with a room in the arms of the Uialbens. Johni & Nikolay Uialben: Both scammers at hearts, and grandsons of the Estate. Their work at building the top ground of the Estate, as well as their scamming ways has landed them into the good hearts of Terr’hi, as well as becoming master artist of commerce! After all, charging someone 10 minas in order to get help to the hospital is a very charitable yet profitable deal! Serilia Uialben: Use to be the sweetheart of the Estate, before promptly ditching the life of insanity to go live as a slave to some Viking camp. People go visit her sometimes, and remind her of the good ol’ days of creeping out everyone in the Estate with her weirdly promiscuous ways. Roshi Uialben: The other sweetheart of the Estate... that kinda doesn’t really like most of the people there. Calls her grandad “Comu-daddy” for some reason, and mainly sticks around her dad that wasn’t present for her early years, probably because she’s the youngest at the Estate. OOC: Uialbens are my way of trying to get people to play unique and slightly unorthodox characters on LOTC! While I know it’s very easy to play a character that might tend to be serious, important, and stick to certain personality traits, I encourage people to try and think outside of their comfort zone with Uialbens, and play characters that’d never survive by themselves if it wasn’t for the setting of this ‘elven’ family! If you would like to play a Uialben, there is absolutely 0 app required, and I don’t even expect you or even /want/ you to follow these set standards. I encourage people to be as absolutely creative and interesting with their characters as possible! I merely am trying to bring to the table a fun character idea, and a place for that character idea to start! If you are actually interested by this post, and something compels you to wanna play a Uialben, please hit me or one of my fellow Uialbens up on discord! We’d be happy ta answer any questions you have. Feel free to message me, Mystery#1104, up on Discord! Aswell, anyone playing a Uialben at the moment might be more than willingly and able to help you! Thanks for spending the time out of your day to read this! I love you! ;3
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    (( I could if I really really wanted too. However i’ve talked to people OOC beforehand, and this is happening rather casually between the halfling community. If someone wanted to come in and say by the rules I cannot do this, I would simply make a coup app, but that wouldn’t change any of the RP that’d be happening ))
  14. Hello fellow biggun’s and weefolk alike, I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this parchment as this is a giant step in changing the Halfling community as a whole. It is I, Rollo Applefoot, Defender of Dunshire, Protecter of Halflings, Slayer of Manipulative Mages, Creepy Undead, and Ungrateful Bigguns, and today I will be self asserting myself with a new title. I’ve realized that the Elders of Dunshire haven’t made a lasting impression for a long time. Everytime I see someone walk into our lands asking, “Who leads you all”, I hear nothing more than a confused muffling of unenthusiastic weefolk, completely confused as to what is happening. Bigguns attacking us because they know our internal affairs are just as distraught as our defense. Elders that are suppose to be leading us are also leaving us, leaving us with a passive druid and regular joe left to be our “leaders”? I’m here to state that this is not acceptable nay longer. I will not sit about and let us all get picked off one by one, struggling to stay safe as the biggun threats get larger and larger each day. That is why, I, Rollo Applefoot, am overthrowing the elders, Harold Applefoot and Petrus Frondor, and declaring myself THAIN OF DUNSHIRE and new leader of the halflings. I myself have claimed the power of a shovel with the blessing of Knox himself, one given to me as a gift to unify Dunshire under leader, and as Sheriff I am making an executive decision to put myself in that position. Knox has abandoned us, and left me as the halfling to keep us all together, as a result this action is taking place immediately, and while I will not stop any halflings from attempting to stop me, I will not give up my new position easily. Should a nation wish to speak to the new leader of Dunshire, Rollo Applefoot, I implore you to speak with me. I’ll be making an update in exactly 1 elven week as too my position under the responsibility of Dunshire with any sudden changes I come up with included. -Signed, Rollo Applefoot, Thain of Dunshire. LONG LIVE DUNSHIRE. LONG LIVE WEEFOLK.
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    LoTC Imprisonment System Proposal [POLL]

    I think I may have a slight better decision for as to how we could go about larger jail times. If any LARGE freebuild, vassal, or nation has a criminal they wish to jail for up to 4 IRL days, they must BRING the character to a court, or some sort of officially meeting, in order to decide to jail that character. While I know this may not make sense for orc and dwarf roleplayers, as I doubt court is a major part of their RP, I believe for humans and elves it could be pretty interesting. Court RP is some of the best roleplay in my opinion, and by forcing people to go through a trial, it’d help create interesting RP for both the side of justice and the criminal. By forcing people to go through a trial, or some sort of official meeting, it stops players from just OOC harassing certain people, and jailing people randomly in order to **** them into a 4 IRL day sentence. As a man whom spent 2 IRL weeks in jail, jail RP can be pretty 10/10, so even if this suggestion isn't even looked at the penalties for jailtime should still go up. JUST AN IDEA, NO IDEA HOW THIS’D WORK ON THE SERVER OR HOW IT’D BE REGULATED