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  1. I f*cking hate vampires so much as a concept. They are a most stereotypical, broken, edgy things anyone can play and that's coming from me. I'd rather have simp uwu Naz tiefling shade girls than any form of stupid ******* bloodsuckers in this completely overused fantasy trope... That being said ill give this the benefit of the doubt since Archi wrote it, +1
  2. Myst would stand within the Sutican clinic, hunched over a counter as he began to cough wildly. A flurry of deep, wet hacking shooting out of the man… as flakes of what seems to be congealed red blood litter the countertop of the medical building. Commotion could be heard outside in the square just adjacent. The elf sighs, moving outside only to be met with a long series of back and forth talking. Face to face with an ironclad man in front of him… though all the elf man hears is noise. Noise… noise… noise. It echoes in and out, and frankly sometimes it doesn’t seem to even fully register. The man speaks on autopilot, as all that's in his head is the thought of what he wishes to accomplish. Avenging the long list of people he has to see through. Memories fling in and out of his mind, landing on the moments of peace and prosperity he had on the Atlasian landmass… and the power he received on the early eras of Arcas. His family had grown, his moments of silence and solitude were fixed, he found his love, yet he still intended on assuring the last thing he wanted fixed would be seen through. Looking at the armored man in front of him, he knew that it was the Lord of Chains. He didn’t need to wait for a long winded explanation, it was evident to him. These scenarios had played out tens, no hundreds of times for the elf lad. He was very aware that he’d be walking into a trap.. Though, the mali’s feet still brought him forward. He had one plan that he knew he could see through. Upon resting within the bottom of the Sutican lair which he had found himself in… the Lord of Chains did indeed reveal himself to the man. The elven Trade Father just laughed and snickered amid the words of the simple petty and stereotypical dark art squabble. Far too well versed in the disgusting, overinflated motivations and goals of those aligned to that morally grey side of personal fulfillment. At one point though, he eventually tuned into the words that were being spoken to him. Just after finding himself slammed in the gut by the gauntlet of the man himself… he simply fell to the ground. Despite the relatively light tap of the Chain-man… Myst’s stomach had undergone a deep and excruciating level of pain as his innards were nearly ripped out of his gut nearly days before. He looked up and watched, his hands bound as he made a final play amid the crimson blood spewing from his mouth like baby drool… He knew very well what these people were aligned with, and via informing those outside subtly just before his sudden appearance in the lair below… he had a one up. Not a one up that would per say ensure that he would survive, no, he was already dead. But, he wanted to ensure that no matter what… even in death, those who had ripped his best friend from him would be brought to the earths below. By being able to escape that darkened lair, all that would be accomplished is him possibly meeting his wife before merely falling asunder to poor health moments later… and even if the idea of dying within the arms of his beloved crossed his mind multiple times, he wanted to assure that a symphony of catastrophe would rain down on those whom had wronged who he protected. As such he had a long list of slurs and insults which he flung straight towards the Lord of Chains. A cruel and sickening flair of disgusting taunts and threats.. which Myst knew would only leave him with the option of certain death. The mali stood tall… sneering a wicked smile towards the Lord, as crimson hue dyed his jagged ivory teeth. Within his mind, he knew that even in death his plan would come to fruition… he was way too well versed in knowing that those who fight against the grains get what they deserve. “Slit his throat, you needed only to lie to me to escape the grasp of the Lord of Chains… your unrelenting will is honorable.” Moments after that line, one of the Lord’s lackeys simply gripped the weakened elf by his hair.. pulling him to a straightened stand. A nearly mutant and cannibalistic henchmen flung forth its teeth and bit into Myst’s throat… ripping out the esophagus of the elf in one sheer pull. Myst would stumble, blood gushing down his throat at the magnitude of the wound just thrown against him… seemingly unable to talk, yet having completed his goal. The elf’s world seems to quickly decelerate, as everything goes suddenly in slow motion. The man’s maw gagging blood as he looks to his left. Upon doing so he notices the simple silhouette of a woman he recognizes from centuries prior.. nearly half a millennium passed since the redhead had laid his eyes upon the girl in her even remotely recognizable ethereal form. His lips curl into a smile, as the last words the usually frantic and talkative elf come out in a gurgled yet still clear tone.. “My Harmony..” He twists away from the ghostly visage of the girl for a moment to lay his eyes upon the Lord of Chains and his lackeys… nearly all of them unmasked as his smile lays upon his face even seconds from death. His hand reaches its way up towards his throat, and while the wretched elf continues to try and stop his momentum thrown backwards as a result of his skewered center of weight… his clenched fist reels up one simple finger, to give the group before him a sneering bird before the elf loses his balance and lands upon the harsh ground behind him. The man notices his one eyed vision beginning to swirl and turn into a blur… As he looks down at his palm he sees a simple slice of lapis, which seems to almost glitter for the man. Within his mind, he simply thinks to himself whilst twirling around the slice of blue. “To those whom I loved, there is always someplace where we all go. Someplace where I could possibly see you all again… and even if I possibly never see you again… may I hopefully live in your memories as someone who was possibly loved.” And in the next moment… the elf’s vision begins to turn a dark black. His mind slowly numb and his body turned limp as he kept the slice of blue held within his grasp…. . +-.-+ . For those who looked into it, the body of Terr’hi Uialben would be found just momentarily near the front door of the Uialben Manor… just before vanishing without a trace. The death of the Trade Father would be accompanied by a long series of words written on his front door in a fresh crimson red blood. A second has been claimed by the Lord of Chains. A third in his name. So the Order promised begins to be born. Death brings it so. Death, of those who would claim the influences of old. Death, of those who would defy the Fiend born onto this world. Another follows. Order prevails. There would be a rather newly updated will left by the mali-man, though it seems to be rather quick and to the point. “I do not like making depressing letters, that isn’t exactly my style. I don't feel like making a series of cute, sorted letters to send out orderly to each of my multiple children so let me make this simple and brief. If you hated me, that’s fine. I most likely deserved it. If you loved me, you’re in the minority… but I appreciate your love nonetheless. If I loved you, I want you to know that death does not separate that belief from my mind. Each of you most likely knows the thoughts I wished to pass down to you… so take it and move forward in life without feeling entirely lost. Life is about fulfilling yourself, not about just mindlessly surviving. The Head of the Uialben Bloodline is left to Mika Uialben. The Manor is to be owned by all Uialbens together as one. Goodbye, and may you all make a life for yourselves without needing my hand.” - Myst
  3. 60k was for someone who put in 100hours into building. I stand by that this is a fair reward to people putting work into this server to make it less boring. I already spoke about the region issue in my large post that i’m still waiting on a response for.. Maybe something official possibly? Or no response, cmon give me something fellahs. As for the argument involving “alot” of ET needing extra time. I actually MADE a google form! Out of the required poll in which 16 people responded (I have the form in my possession) only TWO people said they required extra time to get the event out, this extra timing being NO LONGER than a few days. One of those replies, I ensured had their builds finished (which I helped them with to ensure it met the deadline), and the other was a lad who was just whining. Wanted the event delayed despite the fact his event was literally finished being set up.
  4. *When a status gets deleted for calling out bullshit* https://i.imgur.com/ImG8V7V.png

    Really? Cmon Telanir? Can’t cover your ass so you just resort to deleting the entire forum status?

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    2. Knox


      what about when OP deletes the status?

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      telanir why!

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  5. A reformed elf walks about the back alleys of Sutica. Slowly shuffling along the tattered roads in a large coat with his head hung low... the elf man whistles a merry tune. Quickly opening the door into a nearby home as to look about, as if in search of something he may have forgotten. He swivels around the wooden floors.. deep in thought, before then noticing it out the corner of his eye. A tiny glimmering lapis slice, which he quickly bends over to swipe up from the floors. ”Must have dropped it in here... f*ck. Thank god I didn’t lose this..” he says between a quick exhale.. his smile pulled into a soft and content smirk as he looks over the blue rock. While looking over the engraved message, he’d eventually look up, noticing the Sutican lighthouse just north of him. The man, pocketing the lapis, slowly walks on over. Reminiscing on some form of old encounter, the elf stands at alert just a few feet away from the base of the large fixture. Sighing as he seems to remember a better time. A content snicker leaving the man as he pulls out the blue stone, and walks about in a complete daze. Seemingly his feet dragging him around idly into some back cave whilst he just muses about in his own thoughts. Though eventually, the man notices that he seems to have stepped in something wet. Looking up, the elf’s eye goes dull. His fingers slip- dropping the pristine blue slice into the pool of crimson blood below him.. as the red begins to swirl about and stain the priceless commemorative rock. A blank expression, yet wide eye on the elf man as he looks towards the young adult infront of him. Choked to death in a brutal fashion. The elf’s eyelid seems to twitch, jerking about as his fingers clench in on themselves... ”H-Hir..” The man’s mouth finally opens, only to show an array of white teeth clenched down on one another. The peaceful farmer finally thrown from his years of self-control and inner peace in a moment as he slams his fist into the rock behind him. The bones with his hand creak and snap, leaving a deep black and blue bruise about his hand- and leaving him a ear shrieking “FUUUUCKKKKK,” before he collapses to his knees. Blood begins to drip down the torn skin in the elf’s hand as he staggers forward towards the lifeless body infront of him. Gripping the kid’s torso and trying to shake him awake “Who did this to you..? W-Who.. WHO F*CKING DID THIS.” he whines, his eye going a starry color.. and in the next moment the enraged elf staggers off out of the cave. Gripping the lapis slice and holding it against his chest as he yells out into the moonlight. ”I’LL FIND YOU MOTHERFUCKER, AND I’LL RIP YOUR F*CKING THROAT OUT AND FEED IT TO THE DOGS.”
  6. I'm still waiting for my official blacklist message... In other news, mod team seems to be doing well. I think its in a good spot rn, much better than most other iterations
  7. Let us hope this perfect cycle, never ends.

  8. bro this has been a f*cking WILD day... 

    1. Luminaire


      I feel bad for you and anyone who put effort into the Athera event. Makes it look like they don’t even care about the amount of work you guys have been putting into this to give people an enjoyable roleplay experience.

      Massive props to you, Korvic and the entire team that worked on the event.


  9. LOL, I love when a group of salty banned players come onto the forums acting as though they were banned for no reason. Cherry picking the story is dumb. Either lay out the entire story with screenshots of what happened, or dont say anything at all.

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      lol @ a bunch of people photoshopping some girl’s head onto a meme, calling her fat, then making the surprised pikachu face when the mods do something about it


      like how stupid/disingenuous do you have to be? do the rules that clearly state you’re not allowed to harass people not apply to you? I have no opinion on this mystery woman & whether or not she’s a holocaust denier, but don’t poke the beehive if you can’t take the bees buddy



    3. Jentos


      idk bro still kinda simping out there. I dont see “hours” of bashing a girl. I see “lol watch out Loren behind u” and “oh she fatty xd”. 


      Yeah its bad. We get it. 


      Also, repetition once more; boruto did nothing close of doxxing. He did not look up her twitter, or construct a meme, which is, at best, representing emma as being annoying towards Loren. Yeah calling someone fat is mean, and saying it more than once is worse, but you’re over-dramatizing the situation mr mystery. Also, three ******* months to appeal for this? The problem remains where there was no ban report, or any attempts to resolve this. He was removed from the team without a second’s notice, nor even given the chance to apologize before that punishment. People talk **** behind people’s backs; this is a reality, its a grim one, but its nonetheless the truth of things. We talk trash about our teachers, about ‘friends’, our bosses, and our mineman foes.  



    4. howard


      you’re making this out to be way more complicated than it needs to be: people thought the rules didn’t apply to them, staff disagreed

  10. I appreciate the kind words. I know alotta the event team was stressed about Athera, and despite it not having gone perfectly im definately impressed and happy with the scale and enjoyment of what happened. ❤️
  11. (( Im not gunna lock the post- however this enchant wasnt properly approved so it doesn't exist in roleplay. There was a deep miscommunication- this should be moved to the ooc section of the forums
  12. An elf takes a deep hit of a cigarette.. his eye flickering inbetween the breaths of smog. He thinks about Caestella as he overlooks the wooden charred abode. "Who was that woman I saw?" He questions.. looking down towards the corpse on the bedsheets. The blonde locks flayed out against the mattress as the man seems to simply hum along. "Hrmm... oh well." He says- taking the match he had used to light his cigarette moments prior- and walking out of the bloody room. Throwing the match behind him as moments later the room seems to like ablaze. Smog beginning to bellow throughout the Talons Grotto "The woman is dead- that's all that matters. I wonder if her soul has gone to where it wished to reach..? Though, I doubt it. There is only one final destination for people like us."
  13. rep-post incoming. i’m waiting...

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