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  1. if ur gonna post the meme can u do it in a way that I can actually see the characters pls
  2. “Wait, Sutica ‘ad a fohkin’ govahment? What a load of floogal shite mate, this announcie’s gotta be a joke loike that admineestration on druggies. What a rvse pals what a foohkiiin roose! Yah know, though, I reckons its still anarchy out there and I think I can find meself a drow wife whaddayathink pal. No? **** wells some otha kind of drow otta do it” comments Declan, P.F.I. to himself.
  3. Hans Rovin smiles in his rocking chair as the mistake was rectified and gains respect for the King for his expedient response.
  4. “On two separate occasions Haense has ceded the title of Vanderfell back to its rightful owners only for them to attempt and reclaim the title a third time with great dishonor.” comments an aged Hans who received the title during the Empire of Man after Haense robbed it from his father after ceding it the first time (below)!
  5. “******* Godfrey worshippers, how dare they have a human transcend to Godhood before we, the perfect beings, could.” Comments P’hil Collins, historic Sohaer-sympathizing battle-bard. “We will reclaim the White Gold tower from the hands of those dreaded imperials and undo the world if it’s the last thing we do. Now I have to check on that adventure and see if he got that staff for me...”
  6. Can you guys not use one of my skins that you painted over sloppily please
  7. St. Robert smiles from the seven skies
  8. Those threads aren’t political though the entire rule is based around people being political and irrelevant to LOTC
  9. Then it wouldn’t fall under Telanir’s political discussion thing because there’s a subforum called Feedback...
  10. “Are you aware of the spam of ‘Free Hong Kong’ is to bring attention to the ban on political speech? Was there a massive outcry for Hong Kong before? Not that I’m aware of. It’s only being mentioned to prod and poke at the rule. We’ve seen this a good thousand times on Lord of the Craft’s forums, people prod the rule to bring attention to it.“ For some reason your message is glitched BUT objectively you’re wrong I’ve been a shitposting vet on the forums for years and never ONCE can I recall people genuinely spamming the forums about IRL issues. I’ve been content moderated not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES for sticking it to the LOTC man. Spamming Hong Kong is not in any way getting you closer to saving those in Hong Kong, China Red Men don’t give a single **** about Western social media users because in China they've guns and tanks and are more than willing to murder people to get their way. Spamming it is not poking at RULE, it’s trying to make yourself feel as if you’re part of a movement. Remember Kony 2012? Maybe not, Idk how old you are, but that was equally as cancerous and it ended up with the founder embezzling money and dancing nude in the streets of San Diego. You know Global Warming? Maybe we should stop saying the WEST needs to keep getting cleaner when the Chinese and India contribute more polution that we do. All these issues are shams and a diversion from better issues. Also, with regards to you saying how can we be informed if no discussions are held on LOTC: www.twitter.com www.facebook.com www.reddit.com/r/politics/ www.boards.4chan.org/pol/ CNN, MSNBC, RealClearPolitics, Fox News, BBC, Drudge, RT – Literally any news-source that isn’t MINECRAFT.
  11. Honestly I’m glad Telanir banned free speech I wish twitter would do the same because it’ll sift out the dummy boys from those actually informed. Unironically posting Free Hong Kong or any other movement is completely Reddit and belongs on Reddit, maybe make a subreddit called r/LOTCPolitics instead of spamming my honorable forums with these boring Twitter tier issues. I see it all day, every day, and don’t want to come back from school to see more basedposting except perpetrated by highschoolers and pseudos. This is why I ******* despise Nick Fuentes the little larping weasel and his little Groyper minions who spam my twitter feed 24/7. LOTC should Focus on the politics of Minecraft not IRL it’s very onions, would help since theres a distinct lack in server culture atm based @Telanir
  12. “Should’ve killed him like he dogged Antonius” comments tha Govna.
  13. St. Robert nods in approval from the seven skies, but reminds the peasantry through his teachings that the greatest sin is not being thin. It was for this reason that one must eat in moderation during St. Robert’s Bounty.
  14. “I’m so angry about the cruelty and overreach of the Imperial Military ruining Helena” comments a concerned elven Ves civilian suffering from Caer Bann PTSD.
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