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A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

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Manifest Destiny

Chapter I: Tensions in disguise




Years of unrest, economic destruction, and revolutionary prospects finally led to the most peaceful period in 17 years. People were beginning to look forward to the future once more as the prices of oil and food dropped from their outrageous prices thanks to the efforts of the Anterior coalition and the Pan-Pacific states. The swift recovery of America and removal of most their forces from foreign territory led to a power vacuum and eventually the most quiet period the middle east had seen in decades save for Iraq. As for the Mediterranean region, unprecedented recovery was happening now that the migrant crisis of 2010’s was finally subsiding as people began to settle down and rebuild. The African allied front’s efforts has led to the first reported overabundance of clean water throughout the nation and soon its shared throughout Africa, it’s a revolutionary year for the entire continent. The year 2036 begins peaceful and calm, for now.





The Yugo-Federation will accept all trade offers this year from its European brothers, it fully denies trade with the United African Front sparking some outcries from the larger tribes that inhabit it. It watches the Greek-Turk/Egypt war eagerly as hundreds of men are signing up in the event of escalation.


News comes from the Latin Confederacy of multiple border incidents with its direct competitor, Brazil. The largest one of these left 37 dead as two villages from on the Peru-Brazil border went hot over deforestation in the region.


The Anterior coalition brings yet another nation under its boot through ‘persuasion’. Iraq joins as its issues with Islamic terrorism and growing anarchy that had barely been avoided becomes too much to handle domestically. Swiftly over 50,000 infantry soldiers are deployed to assist the new member with Iraq becoming a border-line police state.


A meteor makes it through the atmosphere but breaks up with one part landing in Greenland, the other in the center of the African Allied Front.

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Washington D.C., January 2032 - Second Inauguration of David Wallace


President David Wallace looked out at the soft white glow of the capitol rotunda through the tinted windows of his limousine. It was nearly two in the morning now and his wife was asleep beneath his right arm and David himself was beginning to come down from a strong buzz. It was a night for celebration after all. He won reelection easily and his election managed to restore more faith in the democratic process that made America strong and, most importantly, stable. David turned away from the window and let his head fall into his chest, his eyes closing as thought about all he had left to accomplish.


When he woke up, David found himself sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. He stood, looking out into the Rose Garden behind him into a thick fog that rested atop the nation’s capital. He waited for his Chief of Staff and National Security Advisor, Jim Hopper and Dwayne Scoot respectively, to give him his daily briefing as he sipped a cup of coffee conveniently resting atop the Resolute Desk. After a few minutes of waiting, he grew anxious. Where were they? After realizing they were not coming, David set down his coffee and drifted toward the Oval Office’s main door; however, when he tried to open it the door did not budge. His eyes darted around the room, landing on the windows opposite him behind the desk. The fog had thickened to the point that it completely obscured the outside world.


David wandered over to one of the hidden doors that the office was famous for, gently pressing against it. With a soft creak, the door crept open and David stepped into a muggy old room bustling with people in strange dress. The people seemed not to notice the President; they did not stop to greet him or pay their respects. Instead David felt like an observer, watching these strange people go about their lives. Men yelled at each other and waved documents at one another while a regal looking man sat above the chaos with a concerned frown clearly painting his face. For awhile, David could not understand what he was seeing or knew where he was. When he looked out the windows, he noticed that the fog had completely lifted to give way to a bright sunny day.


As he walked toward the window, an odd feeling of understanding washed over him. Horses and buggies moved outside the window and town criers announced that the Second Constitutional Convention was under way. When David turned back into the room, he noticed that the regal man with the frown upon his face was now standing and looking directly at him. David scanned the face of his oldest predecessor and felt smaller than he had ever felt before. The figure sat down again, turning his gaze away from David and back to the events unfolding before him.


Just as the man was beginning to speak, David found himself being lifted from the back of his limousine at the front doors of the White House. “Mr. President, I’m sorry to wake you but you dozed off on the way back from the Inaugural Ball,” David’s Chief of Staff rested a calming hand on the President’s shoulder, “Let’s get you inside. It’s been a long night, huh?” David did not answer, he only nodded and followed Jim with his wife back to their quarters.



Present Day


After a long week of deliberations in the Congress and an exhausting effort to whip votes in his favor, the President finally got what he wanted. After four years of campaigning, utilizing his bully-pulpit powers, and forging bipartisan relationships, the United States would finally begin the process of starting the Third Constitutional Convention.


David believed such a convention was necessary because the Constitution required serious amendments and adjustments to make it more capable of fitting into the modern world. Making such amendments individually and through normal legislative means would be a long, tedious process which would require far more time than David had in a single Presidential term. He needed the ability to make more rapid change. He also believed that a strong show of centralized reform would be a powerful symbol to the American people that the Federal Government was once again functioning properly.



The United States of America


[Preliminary AP]

150 AP - 100 Spent on Agriculture for Additional 12 AP; 50 Spend on Research for 2 RP

50 AP - 16 on 2 Carriers, 12 for 2 Missile Cruisers, 8 for 2 Destroyers, 8 for 100 Bombers and 100 Fighters, 3 for 300 Tanks, 3 for 15,000 Men


AP: 18 AP

RP: 7 RP



7 RP - The United States begins to research a new type of reactor to power the next generation of military and civilian systems.

10 AP - The United States begins to invest in its infrastructure once again which is in critical need of refurbishing [10/25 into Commerce].

4 AP -  The United States commissions a new class of Submarine to continue to assert their control of the sea.

4 AP - The United States builds another 50 Bombers and 50 Fighters to continue to assert regional control over their airspace and oceans.


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Attica, several months earlier...


Dull, echoing footsteps could be heard across the factory as Minister-For-Life Aleksander patrolled the Attican factory. The place was empty and silent, save for the aforementioned metallic thudding of Aleksander’s boots and those of his companion. Beside him walked the owner of the factory, and almost every factory in Attica. The man was corpulent, to say the least, and walked with sure steps despite the curiosity in his mind over what would occur during this meeting. Aleksander had come to discuss business with the factory owner, but had been silent since he entered, simply patrolling and examining the machinery and workers with a trained eye.


”The great Greek navy has suffered a crippling defeat at the hands of those damned Egyptians. We must rebuild, Mr. Petros.”

Said the stern autocrat, glancing over to the much shorter arms tycoon. 


”I agree fully, sir...”

Replied the factory owner, worriedly twiddling his thumbs as he knew this would not be an ordeal he would get out of with his fortune, or vital organs, intact.


”See to it we have a fully operational navy within the next few months, Petros. I shall give you a portion of our sparse budget to do this, but it shall not cover it. I expect you to find a way to raise money. As you know, national spending is what ran us into the ground. So, it is on the noble people of great Ellada, and my gracious self, to bring us up from the muck.”


”Yes sir...”


”Good. Do not disappoint me.”


The strength of his dream navy was detailed to Petros over a short briefing, the factory owner rarely getting a word in edgewise. Afterward, the leader of the Federated States of Ellada left the factory and went to speak with his generals and a handful of arms dealers, giving a similar speech for getting their ground forces operational.


Aleksander returned to his home giddily, resting and dreaming of future conquest. Within a few months, he had managed to raise his army and prepared to take on his competitors




Federated States of Ellada, 2036


Preliminary AP-


50 for Military- 8 on Infantry, 6 on Tanks, 4 on APC, 2 on Anti-Air, 3 on Artillery, and 2 on ‘Hoplites’, an elite shocktrooper unit. As for navy, 6 on frigates, 8 on destroyers, 6 on a missile cruiser, 4 on a submarine, and 2 on a corvette. This leaves Ellada’s beginning armed forces at: 40k men, 600 Tanks, 1,000 APC, 200 AA guns, 150 Mobile Artillery, 2,500 ‘Hoplites’, 2 Frigates, 2 Destroyers, a missile cruiser, a submarine and a Corvette


150 for Investments- 100 on Foundries, 25 on Research, 25 on Agriculture. This adds 13 AP to the greek Warmachine and 1 RP.




AP: 19

RP: 6



Spending this turn:


3 AP- The Greeks add another 300 AA guns for protecting the mainland from Turkish or Egyptian bombers

5 AP- The Greeks construct 5 gunboats for added bulk in their navy

5 AP- The Greeks add another 250 mobile artillery to their army, prepping perhaps for a siege

6 AP- The Greeks construct a second missile cruiser


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Republic of China




Establishment of the Republic

The years following the Sino-Indi had left the country in ruins. The largest of the population cities had been wiped off the map. Subsequently, the unforeseen nuclear bombing of Beijing had completely crippled the People’s Republic. Government on almost level was paralyzed. Confusion ran rampant across the country. In the power vacuum left by central government, regional figures to revolutionaries seized their opportunity. The now splintered country erupted into warlords and infant states. War tore through the country as various powers vied for control. For years the country was torn apart with war. However, through the dust and destruction came unity. The Nationalist Beiyang army, drawing its name from the decades old Imperial Army seized power one city at a time. On February 5th, 2036 the new year brought way to a new regime, the Republic of China was officially proclaimed in the new capital of Tianjin.




The Reconstruction

The Sino-Indi war had left large swaths of China completely devastated. Radioactivity was ever present in many regions and massive cities were reduced to rubble. Following the establishment of the Republic, the government began taking massive strides to rebuild the country. Huge programs geared towards rebuilding villages, towns, and major metropolitan areas are put into effect. Additionally, programs designed to provide aid and housing to displaced citizens is launched. Perhaps the most ambitious of these projects is the reconstruction of the old capital in Beijing.




Chinese Menu


Initial Investments



150 AP- 6 stacks of Agriculture [25 a peice]



15 AP- 375 Fighters, 5 AP - 125 Bombers, 1 AP - 100 Helicopters, 10 AP - 50,000 men, 7 AP - 1750 APCs,

7 AP - 700 Tanks, 3 AP - 150 Mobile Artillery, 2 AP - 20 MLRs


Turn One Expenditure


24 AP - Agriculture stack [24/25]


5 RP - Fighters t2 [5/20]


Efforts to begin rebuilding the old capital at Beijing begins [ MOD ]

Requests to begin trade are dispatched to [ Everyone ]

A formal apology to the global community for removing Taiwan from the map is delivered [ Everyone ]



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 Democratic People's Republic of Korea


그 해는 2 천 6 백 6 명이고 공화국은 빛난다.


Taewonsu Kyo Kwan and various other high profile DPR officials marched past rows of cameras. This ceremonial march was being filmed and streamed to hundreds of public news televisions. They were usually playing loops of propaganda and patriotic songs.  This was a relieving change to monotony. Millions flooded the capital of Pyongyang. Perhaps from the promises of fish and rice. But Taewonsu Kwan liked to think it was because of this vast change in history. 


The Kim dynasty had finally rotted, the various monarchs now all dead or gone. They had left behind an incomplete Korea. One wrapped tight in fear, and hunger. Now millions and millions were confronted with the brutal truth. Their ruler and lord was one, they had no one to look out for them. In such turmoil did the former army marshal Kyo Kwan rise. Kim Jon-Un had left behind a security council and inner ring. These men and women were his confidants, and top generals. 


When the Kims died, they suddenly found themselves in power. If they sought to take it. And this is what the parade and filmed march represented. Behind Taewonsu Kwan, millions flooded the Palatial square. He and his retinue climbed the steps up the palace, to a line of podiums. There, the speech to be remembered for all Koreans to come is issued. Kwan begins;


“We come here today in great despair and grief. Korea has been leaderless for too long! Our lords remain in the lofty heavens, watching down on us. They have left us however, and in dire straights. Our land is becoming less and less tenable. And yet, right above us, lays a whole new potential. A provisional government has been formed under the Republic. We will lead the people into a new golden era in the names of the Kims. Order and control will be maintained, and we will feed the people!”


Cheers flood the audio of the films, as thousands of men, vehicles, and possibly even missile warheads are paraded past the Palace. Kyo Kwan is named Taewonsu by the Republic government. Previously reserved for the Kims, he was now Supreme Commander of the DPR armed forces and government. He was backed by a Junta of elite generals, politicians, citizens, and industrialist.


In other news the DPRK will begin expansion into space. At the cost of millions starving, she had built the capabilities to go into space. A Launch Pad under extreme military guard launches Korea’s first mission. They will begin work on a military station with a ship yard attached to it.





Research Facilities - 25 AP (+1 RP gain)


Building Launch Pad - 100 AP


One Foundry Stack – 25 AP (+3 AP gain)


Army 50 AP

10k Infantry 2 AP

5k Heavy Infantry 2 AP

700 Tanks 7 AP

2k AFVs 8 AP

750 Howitzers 3 AP

350 Mobile Artillery 7 AP

90 MLRs 9 AP

500 Anti Aircraft 5 AP

125 Fighters 5 AP

50 Bombers 2 AP


Turn 1; 9 AP/6 RP

Upkeep – 1 AP


Building Korea’s first ever Shipyard in Space [attached to growing military station] (4 AP)


Starting a Military Orbital Station (4/20 AP)


Research into Titanium Armor 6/30 RP


In Other News


Kyo Kwan and a junta seize control of Korea. Above all else the status quo and strong military presence is maintained. The government begins working on better food distribution and growth systems.


The Korean Space Program is announced to the world as the newest modern frontier for exploration. Korea will build a Space Station to host humans from all over the world.


Access into North Korea and out is maintained as strict as ever, if not tightened more. A Korean Intelligence agency will be formed to keep up with maintaining strong control. Foreign diplomats access is restricted, and tourist barred from the country.


Trade is established with Japan, China, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Ireland in some capacity.

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Population: 158,500,000

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Provinces: 44

Allies: N/A

Trade: China, USA, Russia, N. Korea, Greece, Poland




The Emperor in Politics

With the abdication of Emperor Akihito, some seventeen years ago, the Chrysanthemum Throne passed onto the Crown Prince Naruhito. Though it pained many to see him move on, it allowed others a chance to exert their influence upon the new Emperor. Many look to the Emperor for guidance, from every corner of the Japanese Isles. His importance cannot be understated. Both factions of the government desperately vy to win his approval over. Whispers have it that he has been swayed to the cause of the conservative coalition.




The National Diet

The National Diet was firmly in  the control of the conservative coalition by means of absolute majority. With the Seiyukai (Constitutional Association of Political Friendship), the Shoraikai (Shorai Society), and to a lesser extent, the Kokumin Domei (National Alliance), cooperating for the time being, a period known as the “Bright Future” began. The Conservative agenda was pushed along with ease, with bill after policy passing without hiccup in what would otherwise be the bloated nature of modern day politics. Control was had in both houses of the Diet, and now, the Coalition aimed to exploit their advantage while they held it.


The National Diet has convened once more; this time to discuss expenditure and military budgeting. The Conservative alliance expected a swift and decisive turnout. The issue was being put forth by the Seiyukai, by far the most moderate, yet most numerous faction of the coalition. It was thought that with the Seiyukai spearheading any proposals, then the odds of being dismissed or made out to be as warmongers or militants were far less.


With luck, the Conservatives able to agree upon a far higher budget than they had initially imagined. Meanwhile, the minority parties fiercely contested but to no avail. The Minseito, led by Matsui Onaka, and their allies were severely outmatched in the legislature. Power had slipped from their grasps. Yet, they maintain that the conservatives had seized control of the government’s neck by means of exploiting the paranoia and fears of the people. As loud as their cries sounding, they fell upon deaf ears. Japan was regarded to once more exist in a golden era, one of peace and prosperity. The liberals on the other hand, were branded as impediments to Japan’s ‘bright future’.


Any and all additions to Japan’s arsenal, were nothing more than to ensure ‘the safety of its own shores’. It was the natural step to the preservation of the Japanese peoples. Japan was dwarfed by its Pacific neighbors of the USSR, the Republic of China, and the new South East Asian bloc. It came as no surprise when the conservatives vowed to keep Japan one step ahead of its potential enemies, technologically and militarily. Even the liberal coalition could not argue such a stance.




Peace in the East

Yet Japan should not stand on its own. For reasons unknown, the Emperor Naruhito of Japan, has went out of his way to pay a state visit to the newly founded Republic of China. With the end of communism, it was the least they could do to ensure a harmonious future in the region. Regardless of the two nations’ past with one another in the Sino-Japanese Wars, many in the government saw cooperation with China to be to Japan’s benefit. Let bygones be bygones. Afterall, the British and French were able to get along well enough after centuries of rivalry, no?






Initial Investments



4 Agriculture Stacks (100 AP)

2 Research Facilities (50 AP)



1 Carrier (8 AP)

4 Destroyers (16 AP)

1 Amphibious Carrier (6 AP)

1 Missile Cruiser (6 AP)

1 Gunboat (1 AP)

10,000 Infantry (2 AP)

200 Tanks (2 AP)

250 APCs (1 AP)

250 Howitzers (1 AP)

10 MLRS (1 AP)

100 Fighters (4 AP)

100 Helicopters (1 AP)

25 Bombers (1 AP)


Turn 1 Actions/Investments


AP/RP Production

18AP/7 RP



-0 Naval Upkeep (37 AP)

-0 Ground Upkeep (7 AP)

-0 Aerial Upkeep (6 AP)



- Construction of 2 additional Gunboats (2 AP)

- Construction of 1 additional Missile Cruiser. (6 AP)

Construction of 1 additional Destroyer (4 AP)

- Recruitment of 5,000 more infantry (1 AP)

- Beginning Construction of 1 additional Agriculture stack (5/25 AP)


Research Projects

Robots (7/50 RP)


RP Actions

- The Emperor pays a state visit to the leader of China (China)

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Polish Republic




The Polish Republic had risen from the rubble of what was left behind. Prezydent Aleksander Jankowski was just what the people needed to get back on their feet. To solidify his position he began signing funding for more farms all of which the Polish people would work in and form the base for a functioning economy. The nation is currently on track to become a influential power in Europe..or at least that’s what the administration says. As for national security the Polish military had been revitalized by the new government. Advertisements were everywhere whether it was on TV or the internet. To further enlistment numbers, recruitment offices were opened in all the major cities like Poznan, Krakow, and Warsaw. This had an obvious effect as seeing many, many patriotic souls enlisted to serve their homeland. With this new military reformation along came a crucial component, the Grom. This unit is comprised of good men willing to do bad things to bad people in the name of Poland.


To honor those who are willing to sacrifice, a military parade is ordered to happen in Warsaw. Most armored vehicles and soldiers are going to be proudly displayed in the streets as a show of strength. Nothing could inspire the people more than watching their sons and daughters march through the streets in full uniform. Nothing else of value is noted this year.



Grom Operator conducting training exercises at a disclosed location.


Starting Investments


Military (50 AP):


100,000 Infantry (-20 AP)

400 MBTs (-4 AP)

1,000 APCs (-4 AP)

500 Howitzers (-2 AP)

300 Helicopters (-3 AP)

2,500 Grom (-1 AP recruitment, -16 AP training)


Other Investments (150 AP):


6 stacks of Agriculture (-150 AP)




Base income: 6 AP

Stacks of Agriculture (6): 18 AP

Total Income: 24 AP




400 fighters and 150 bombers are due for construction along with 200 AA and around. (-24 AP)


Trade is requested with the following nations: Germany, Bohemia, Ukraine, United States, Canada, Japan, Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland.


Operation Slavic Endurance begins. ((Mod))



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Population: 5,487,773

Government: Parliamentary Democracy

Trade Partners: Greece, Italy, China, UK, Canada, USA, North Korea, Pan-Pacific States, Latin American Confederacy


Provinces: 9


The Year is 2036. In the last 15 years Ireland has gone through immense changes. With the collapse of the EU Ireland’s economy was in tatters. Many thought only a miracle could fix it. On top of that the chaos and instability caused a major political shift in Ireland. Before 2021, Ireland and the west had seen a major progressive liberal shift in society. But after 2021 that was completely reversed. As the saying goes “Hard times Breed hard men.” Ireland in those 15 years had seen major polarization. While its economy has improved it is still not where it was prior. Ireland has much work to do to fix the country. On top of that the North of Ireland has seen a significant increase in Catholics, the trend started in 2017, since then Catholicism has been on the rise. Meanwhile Protestants have seen a massive decline resulting in a catholic majority for the first time in modern Irish history. And with the collapse of the EU Northern Ireland has felt increasingly abandoned and isolated from the UK. In the 15 years since then that feeling has only increased and the country of Ireland is calling for another referendum on the status of the northern 6 counties of Ireland. It’s time for a united Ireland.



Justin Barrett, leader of the National Party, An Páirtí Náisiúnta. Is Taoiseach of Ireland and has been for the last 15 years. From the start there was chaos, and looting, militias forming from different political factions. But Barrett kept it all under control using the Irish Army. Specifically a political party known has ICP formed, and tried to take control of Ireland. ICP, or Irish Communist Party is a very radical group of communists, progressives, and others in the left who were very dissatisfied with the collapse of the EU and the rise of the right into power. They spent 6 years gaining members before staging a revolution. Which was swiftly crushed. All of the leaders were killed. And any attempt to rise again is met with swift arrests of the ringleaders. After this period Ireland saw a return to its core catholic social values, there was a rise in nationalism and now Gaelic is widespread in Irish society. In 2011 the population who spoke it regularly was just 2%, in 25 years that has gone up to 25% and the Gaeltacht areas have actually expanded slightly. Even in Northern Ireland more people are speaking Gaelic.


The economy of Ireland greatly suffered when the EU collapsed, but it has made much effort to regain its footing. The currency of Ireland is the Irish Pound, the currency it had already used before the Euro.


Irish Army is greatly expanded, the Irish Ranger wing of the army gets many new recruits as well.







Initial investments

100AP into a launch pad

25AP into agriculture

25AP into research lab

6 AP Missile Cruiser

8AP 2 Destroyer

6AP  2 Frigates

8AP 2 Subs

5AP  25,000 Infantry

2AP 100 Artillery

1AP 250 Howitzers

2AP 500 APCS

1AP 100 tanks

8AP 195 Fighters

2AP 50 Bombers

1AP 100 Helicopters  

Edited by Otto Hohenzollern

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Salvini and his core, including Conte, and Berscolini were seated in inside the glamorous cathedral in the Vatican. They 3 of them, accompanied by a wide range of assistants, lesser Italian Politicians, and governors of the various provinces among others who worked in the inner machinations of the Italian Bureaucracy. Today, was a holiday. It was Easter, arguably the most important holiday in Christendom. It was a day off to go to church and have a meal for your average Italian, but to Salvini and the politicians, it was a day of profound thought, prayer, and reconciliation in Christ. As Pope John XXVI, previously known as Marc Oulet of Quebec, administered the lengthy mass performed on this special day, Salvini was admiring the inner workings of the hearth of Catholicsm, the St. Peters Cathedral. His eyes glided from masterpiece to masterpiece, saint to saint, from crosses to miracles. In his late age, Salvini has sat on this very seat for years, however his aged mind was truly just now grasping the scope of such works of art, of such profound artifacts, that his people had produced in the name of their God, of our God. As the Vicar of Christ ended the services with a blessing over the congregation of Rome, and after performing the duties bestowed upon the life of a high ranking politician which included greeting the Pope, being swarmed by journalists on his way out of the cathedral, and shaking hands with the other politicians leaving the service, he requested the driver of his limousine to drive him back to the Quinural Palace, to spend the rest of the Holy Day in repose. In reality, he spent the rest of his day planning and reviewing his address to Parliament in 3 days, of which he had to outline his plan for the state, and report how his previous metas have been fulfilled. It was routine for him after almost 30 years in Italian Politics, however his nerves still flared up everytime he had to make decisions on the behalf of his beloved citizens.


















7 AP INTO APC’S (1750)





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The Republic of Mexico


Wilson Villarreal walked down the hallways of his home, the freshly re-elected President of Mexico had made waves during his first term. The man who stood up to the cartels his entire career, survived assassination attempts and still kept fighting had won the people’s hearts once again. He adjusted his suit, and tie as he looked out the window. Letting out a sigh as he had more work to complete.


Wilson’s life was in constant danger, the threat of the cartel’s and political corruption that plagued Mexico for decades. Plenty of official’s that took his stance had ended up dead but they didn’t have the deep pockets of wealth that Wilson had. He began his fight with the Cartel’s own weapons. Fear and money. The amount of terror he was about to reign down on the cartels wouldn’t compare to what they have done to his people in the past.


Preliminary AP:


Construction of a Space Port (100 AP)


Commerce Investments (50 AP)



200 Fighters (8 AP)

400 Tanks (4 AP)

30,000 Infantry (6AP)

100 Helicopters (1AP)

250 APC (1AP)


4 Destroyers (16 AP)

2 Submarines (8AP)

3 Corvettes (6 AP)



Trade Deals are sent out to every nation !! (Mod/Players)


Investing more money into the Mexican business Sector (10AP)


Beginning Operation Puta Tu Madre (2 AP)


Requesting the United States of America’s assistance in training Mexico’s freshly established military. (Pok)



Development of an advanced fighter jet (5 RP) (5/20 )RP


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The Bohemian State:




No RP this turn




20 AP into 100,000 infantry

10 AP into 2500 Howizters

10 AP into 2500 APCs

10 AP into 250 Fighters

150 AP into Founderies

5 RP into T2 Artillery

Agree to all trade agreements.

Edited by HyperionSibuna

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Free Republic of Germany




National Activity:


Public Report -



Alternative Party supporters rally at the announcement of their party’s victory in the election


Election booths open simultaneously across the nation as the former Chancellor, Angela Merkel, was the center point of blame in many of the Alternative for Germany’s broadcastings during the campaigning period. Although this new take on what was supposed to be only a stepping stone for their party to gain influence, it swept across the battered and bruised nation like wildfire.


By a staggering amount the Alternative party cashed in their votes and eventually took the majority within the Bundestag. In relation, the Presidential election within Germany comes to a close, with it an executive order from the newly made President, that being the vote of the new Chancellor. The man by the name of Anton Gustaf was chosen by the President, and several referendums were passed in the coming months to bring the position of Chancellor to a greater power within the nation of Germany.


Political Report -



Former Chancellor Angela Merkel hearing of the outcome of the Election and the executive order for a new Chancellor


The man by the name of Anton Gustaf was chosen by the President, an old friend of now president Bjorn Karlsson, to become the next Chancellor of Germany. Within mere weeks of his ascension, and several referendums later, almost all were accepted by a large majority in the coming months to bring the position of Chancellor to a greater power within the nation of Germany. With this, Anton Gustaf was now the figurehead of what was to be the greatest years of the nation.


Months following his rise to power and fame, Chancellor Gustaf wasted no time in asserting himself as the man for the job within Germany. Countless state visits to the 16 provinces, and further visits out of state to secure agreements and find mutual interests with close neighbours. In total, by the end of the year, Chancellor Gustaf had used the government issued aircraft a staggering seven-hundred, sixteen times to transport himself across the continent and throughout Germany.


Economic Report -



German IFVs are prepped and loaded for transport to the Bundeswehr garrisons around Germany


There has been only twice in such a time that Germany existed where the great factories that had produced countless civilian consumer goods and military equipment had suddenly run dry. Nearly a century ago in the Great Depression following the First World War, and now in the time of economic strife following the collapse of the EU. Countless men and women were in search of jobs as their previous employers went bankrupt and were forced to close shop. The new Chancellor was informed of this almost immediately, though not by his Minister of Economics, but rather the previous owners to these industry firms.


Following some debate within the Bundestag, the Government issued dozens of licenses to previous industrial juggernauts such as Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler AG, Allianz Financial, and Siemens to fully pay for expansions and new firms across the continent. Main funding went to the industrial groups as the Chancellor wished to see once more that German industry and engineering was unrivalled throughout Europe.


Military Report -



‘Stagnant No More!’ - His Excellency, Anton Gustaf during his speech to the Bundeswehr garrison within Berlin


The press words of Chancellor Gustaf resonated through the Bundeswehr as heavy funding was put towards the German armed forces. After the lacklustre investment from the previous Chancellor left the entirety of the German armed forces as a laughing stock in Central Europe, Chancellor Gustaf dedicated a hefty influx of funds to the nation’s protectors as a mere taste of what was to come.


What was to be a back-washed project suddenly received millions in funding, that being the research of unmanned aerial vehicles to be used more than just ground support. Eventually, the project was narrowed down to a singular company, Airbus. With past projects of unmanned vehicles for Germany such as the Barracuda, the Piranha was one of what is to be many in a line of unmanned air-superiority vehicles.



Germany -



Researched Technologies:

Tech Level 1 -

Fission, Tanks, APCs, Artillery, Fighters, Bombers, Helicopters, Kinetic Weapons, Kevlar, Exoskeleton, Conventional Explosives, AA Drones

Tech Level 2 -

Fusion Energy (5/20)

Tech Level 3 -


Tech Level 4 -


Tech Level 5 -



Total Manpower:

Active Duty -



Manpower Dispersion:

Army -


Navy -



Army Strength:

Infantry -

45,000 Regular Infantry

Armour -

500 Tanks

4,500 APCs

Support -

1,500 Howitzers


Air Power:

Air Superiority -

2,700 AA Drones

Strategic -

50 Bombers

Helicopters -

500 Attack Helicopters


Navy Strength:




Trade  -








Spending Activity (23 AP,  5 RP):


Starting 200 AP -

Indsutreh. (150 AP), 45,000 Infantry (9 AP), 500 Tanks (5 AP), 4,500 APCs (18 AP), 1,500 Howitzers (6 AP), 1,250 Unmanned Fighters (5 AP), 50 Bombers (2 AP), 500 Helicopters (5 AP)


Civilian (18 AP) -

Further improvements to the industrial sector are made, as promised. (18/25 AP)


Military (5 AP) -

The Luftwaffe is expanded. A total of 1,450 air superiority drones are produced. (5 AP)


Research (5 RP) -

Reactor research is made to further advanced the understandings of Fusion energy. (5/20)


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United Kingdom


Overview of the Government


The Cabinet Meeting of the Foreign Office of the United Kingdom would be with talk of the Falklands, a foreign office embarrassment having allowed it to go under occupation for several years. The Prime Minister would open “We have maintained a total exclusion zone around the Falkland Islands for several years now, the people there are British and under foreign occupation. Due to the chaos of the last few years we’ve lacked the means to enforce it and the many UN Resolutions of the past. Gentleman, we will reclaim the Falklands, the King has requested it.”


The Foreign Secretary would speak up “With the newest budget of this year we should be able to rearm the navy and begin steps to arm the airforce. It may take several years to reclaim the Falklands but we should be able to in due time.” he’d end as the Minister of Defense would speak up “Yes, we plan to allocate the majority of our budget into creating new ships to begin sending south and we’ve instructed our other territories to set up bases in South Georgia and Ascension Island.”


“Very good gentleman...now onto the economy…” he’d say as the meeting would go on for quite some time afterwards.


Military Expenditure


2 Carriers, 4 Missile Cruisers and 2 Destroyers would be constructed utilising 48AP


30 of the new and unique Harrier Fighters would be produced utilizing 2AP


Civil Expenditure


150 AP would be spent into improving the agriculture of the United Kingdom in six stacks.


Research Expenditure


Research into Fusion. 5RP

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(One time use only)

-Starting Investments-

Launchpad 100 AP

Foundries (2) 50 AP


First Turn Military Investments

50 Total

3 Missile Cruisers - 18

2 Destroyers - 8

1 Submarine - 4


42,000 Infantry - 8

52 Fighters - 2

52 Bombers - 2

210 Helicopters - 2

105 AA - 1

525 APCs - 2

210 Tanks - 2

52 Mobile Artillery - 1



Base AP: 6

Foundries (2): 6


The USSR Begins construction on an Military OSS (Orbital Space Station) - 12 AP


The USSR sends offers of trade to the following Nations

Anterior Coalition

Yugo Federation



United States of America

Republic of Ukraine


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Manifest Destiny

Chapter I




===Nation Post===

United States -

Research into Fusion reactor proceeds without interference, excitedly military officials claim that it is vital for future military projects and clamor for its continued funding come 2037.


Wallace’s inauguration does not go unnoticed with many nations around the world wishing the nation’s leader term well.


A resurgent American military command eagerly puts its new submarine and aircraft to use, new equipment was desperately needed and many of the people seem to think so too with no protest to the funding regarding military production.


It also would seem they discovered a deposit of homeland Uranium.

Federated States of Ellada -

Greek radar picks up a large force of Egyptian bombers approaching from its south, they’re escorted by a sizable air fleet. Turkey itself launches an offensive on the border with men of unknown number quickly pushing the border guard, it’s small navy attempts to take control of the surrounding sea line.


Luckily, Greek war production cranks out all assigned materials this year, they set about quickly fortifying the factories in the event bombers and or artillery make it through. The research into laser weaponry on the other hand goes better than expected with newfound batteries being able to hold significant energy charges alongside the ability to intensify beams themselves.

Republic of China -

The once so glorious China finally had the means to rebuild and as such it does, Beijing’s reconstruction efforts leads to groundbreaking experiments with removal of radiation. Rubble is searched and ground zero is quarantined off as the crater is simply too large to deal with an entire city left to scrub.


Apologies are accepted by many but the Pan-Pacific state ignores it, they do however suggest they go about clearing the radiation from the isles left in nuclear wake.


The next-gen fighter is just as hard to research as the last, stealth is no longer the new prerogative as longevity and agility now take its place. Air-frame work is capitalized as civilian contractors have made significant breakthrough with new fission reactors allowing never before seen jet speeds.


China’s mining corporations discover Titanium in its western mountains.


Such a significant project undertaken by a nation so inept with rocketry but thankfully they managed to make it to orbit with the first miniscule shipyard being created and shortly accompanied by its sister military station a couple kilometers away.


Titanium research was quite hard to begin with until a simple farmer discovered a deposit to the north of Pyongyang. Ample supply lead scientist to hope that testing the proper combinations of materials will lead to Titanium armor being used in the coming years.


The people welcome the nation’s beginning steps to modernization with many enjoying proper diets and steady jobs, many eagerly watch the space programs growing fame hoping it will bring a good reputation for change.

Empire of Japan -

Unprecedented militarization had not gone unnoticed by the Pan-Pacific states whom quickly seem to be constructing their own navy and army to contend with a possible aggressive enemy in the future. Come the end of the year all production quotas are met.


Research into robotics while expected hits some roadblocks with current day fission power but it should be of no issue given more time looking at alternatives.

Polish Republic -

Slavic Endurance starts off extremely rocky, only few men made it through and even more so are actively being searched for at the start of 2037. If these men are found, war could very well start off in Europe.


The new tank prototypes are something to be desired with more models coming out as newer plans are looked at from various companies, with luck they’ll have their models within five years. Shortly at the end of the year, a titanium ore deposit was found in the Polish wildlands, surely armor enthusiast are pleased.

Republic of Ireland -

A growing Irish army is an odd site indeed but a welcome one by its people, many young men flocked looking for honest work in the harsh world while many supported their decision.


News floods to the government as a sheep herder found a deposit of Thorium in its southern tip, something wildly unexpected but game changing nonetheless.

Italy -

Kinetic gel moves well with many investors looking to buy the technology once its completed, Kevlar of today is not looking well long term and the replacement is a bright alternative.


Almost as if the Italian’s were ignoring it, the first naturally occurring Carbyne deposit is found in the Alps readily available to be picked apart.



The entirety of South America openly accepts trade with Mexico if space permits.


Once a nation with a minimalist airforce, it’s engineers now seek to design the next generation fighter craft much like their friend across the pond. It moves along steadily with the beginnings of an airframe being done alongside newer designs in wings agility.


The Bohemian State-

Nothing much happens in Bohemia this year as research is really it’s only focus and at that minimal gains are met.

German Republic-

The beginning process of fusion goes well until the magnetic fields continue to present problems for keeping the plasma at nominal levels. Many concepts have been put forward and it's only a matter of time until the Republic scientist figure out proper fusion power.


Industry is constructed in super-structured fashion as complexes of buildings are bought out and remodeled. Alongside this comes orders as the drones are all produced within the year bringing the air forces quota to a close.


United Kingdom-

As the british prepare to retake their islands, they receive word from the Argentinians that the Islands are under their direct control. Surprisingly aerial surveillance would show they discovered a deposit of Titanium on the island, they simply annexed it to excavate it and take it.


Fusion research goes well this year though they suffer from the magnetic field issue as other scientist are left puzzled on how to solve it at least for the year. There is hope however and with continued funding a solution may be found.



The Orbital stations beginnings go very well as supplies delivered via launchpad meet no faults nor do they explode at the pad. Many are hoping to see the first marvel built soon and quickly it becomes a talking point in the many towns and cities of the motherland.


Refer to the events below regarding your AI trade deals.





The ISS and Hubble Telescope had gone untouched since 2021 as funding prevented any sort of usage. Now recently the Anterior coalition announced an undertaking to refurbish and reopen these two stations to scientist around the world out of their own pocket with a catch of course. All research taken aboard these stations is to be shared directly with them at them.


Known as the Iceland incident, it left many concerned of future meteorite landings and as such the Pan-Pacific states and the Latin Confederacy found the Orbital Dome initiative with funding being placed specifically on ways to track and set up defenses against asteroids. Within the year research is already fast along on technology dedicated against it.


War begins between the Latin Confederacy and Brazil with the first shots being fired on March 23rd, hundreds of men began clashing throughout the rain-forest. The skies were quickly wrestled from Brazil as the Latin Air force quickly swiped the meager Brazilian opponent in a matter of two weeks. Naval engagements left the sole Brazil missile cruiser sunk severely crippling its navy leaving its gunboat navy to fight off two frigates successfully sinking the ARC Caldas two miles from Natal. Overall the combat seems to be going well for the Latin’s but it can be expected for a counter-offensive to strike from the zealous Brazilians. The total casualties for the first year already amount to 23,560 civilian casualties and 9,000 military personnel combined, meager for the combined TNT output so far.



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