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  1. Not only am I a villain narratively, but I am out of character too

    1. Elennanore
    2. TreeSmoothie


      You sent orcish bandits to raze my village and make me an orphan. My name is Treesmoothie and you killed my father. Prepare to die!

    3. Reckless Banzai Screamer

      Reckless Banzai Screamer

      You bring the emotions out.

  2. 18+ shouldn't be the standard, people that engage in romance, ERP or nsfw should be banned going the other direction will simply inflate the problem and normalize it

  3. where is the hero to my villain? 😔

    1. kuebiko



      Ermm... Gash is hard to draw. ur destined hero is right here. Uh huh. This guy.

    2. Bonito
  4. gashadokuro has been empowered by international women's day, thank you women

    1. _NotChris
    2. The Bureau

      The Bureau

      Gashadokuro LLC Is an equal opportunity employer. 

    3. TreeSmoothie


      I am the only female necromancer to ever exist (source: Me, don't look this up) and I support gashadokuro being included in womens month

  5. ban virtue signalling and romance roleplay

  6. Don't join any of the three losers below. Azdrazi, Paladinism and Naztherak offers will give you brain cancer, rejuvenate your soul and join Evil Incorporated

    1. Werew0lf


      so ***** true

    2. squakhawk


      i’m administrator squakhawk and THIS is my favorite group on the server 

    3. drfate786


      I am a staunch supporter of evil incorporated.

  7. stop dodging me, you bastard, I see you lurking!

    1. Benjikhei


      standby for communication, then!

  8. You WILL join Iblees' army! The Dark Lord is taking Ghouls TODAY!

    1. Aengoth


      yargh, i hate ghouls

    2. ryno2


      I used to be overlord of the Undead on Athera, but then 501warhead lured me into a meeting about my promotion and cast my soul into the void for my arrogance

    3. femurlord


      you wanna come back @ryno2i won't snake you

  9. I'm taking ghouls! Contact me on discord, thebestdavid

    1. NightcastorKitty


      *Casually monitoring the app section. Pauses*
      ....I sense a disturbance in the force...


    1. MaltaMoss



  11. looking for automaton/homunculi players, pm if interested at thebestdavid on Discord

  12. Any Siliti misplaced from their CA can reach out to me at TheBestDavid#5664. We at Necro incorporated believe in supplying shelters for the homeless

    1. Tentoa


      Wow! Finally a job for me!

    2. megavoltar


      Remember that according to vampyre rules (of which you still obey post-siliti), you must ask to come in before entering a home

  13. my discord is TheBestDavid#5664 for when u see this

  14. With a growing number of zoomers from TikTok, should it be time we consider re-visiting a FTB ban?


  15. welcome all new players i will assemble you in my villainous, undead legion

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    2. Greehn


      guys do NOT do this you must fight for humanity!

    3. Benleft


      If anyone offers you "Magic" a "Job" or a "Noble character" DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! THEY ARE SOLDIERS OF THE UNDEAD LEGIONS, AND THEY WANT YOUR SOUL. 

    4. Mannamannaa


      Hate the Nubded
      Hate the Inferi
      Hate Iblees

      Lub Mi Spirits
      Lub mi Krug
      Lub Orcs

  16. There is a god, and her name is iblees


  17. We must not fall to old ways, the pursuit of Merchant rp is blessed.


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    2. seannie


      bring back freebuild so we can build caravans wherever we decide 

    3. Panashea


      @Jonificus i didnt know you were still around, its divine

    4. Jonificus


      @PanasheaOnly just recently actively returned. Been around since new years haha, had a few smaller stays over the years too since I first left. Glad to be back.

  18. Embrace storks

  19. I love ibless!!!1!

    1. Traveller


      i hecking love iblees!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. TreeSmoothie


      iblees!!! yeah!!

    3. X3N0


      my favorite dark elf!!!!

  20. >The average CA player calculating which magics are feasibly compatible with their unkillable OC2129737399_download(2).jpeg.26dc120df9d7c736135d110a7074237a.jpeg


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    2. squakhawk


      ur casting stones from a glass house my friend 


      (+ endgame getting another slot, immortality, and new abilities)

    3. Privet


      @squakhawkexcept that his characters remain within the archetypal boundaries, he has it because it actually fulfills a niche rather than someone jerking themselves off while feat trading and hoarding rare magics that don't fit an archetype just so their immortal CA can kill people in CRP

    4. Qizu


      @Privetdid someone not teach you or something?

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