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  1. “Damn man just think these could have been campaign announcements and the start of a thrilling election if we just gave democracy a chance...”
  2. sounds rly cool sound v fun to watch and like a good way to send-off ur char. v fun for the adrenaline too. one issue would be people just making throw-away characters, but i suppose the guy in charge of running it could do some vetting
  3. cool thread but in EU4 i keep getting female heirs and i want to be HREmperor so can anyone help out
  4. also, the fact that this CB was a load of bs aside, the fact that they’re even able to ban players from defending themselves in combat is ridiculous.
  5. >cant defend yourself if you get attacked


  6. if you saw him you saw him, how’s that meta?
  7. Tylos Barclay smiles the Sun’s smile.
  8. if every time orenians got mad at each other we called the war off and made both sides separate nations, there would be about 200 human nations with 2 players each. when you lose the war you’re cross for a bit but then you come back and reintegrate with everyone else. if we cancel the war every time someone gets sad that’ll never happen and we’ll be left w/ a server dying because every town has just 1 guy in it.
  9. how do CBs mesh with the idea that wars are consensual. in the OP you also explicitly said that casus belli are gone
  10. well at present what I described is defined as a raid and I’ve gotten in trouble for it before, because I didn’t believe I was raiding. so w/e this business about raids is, you’re gonna wanna redefine what constitutes a raid if you’re going to limit them so severely. if you don’t i guarantee some gm will ban people for my given scenario
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