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  1. I think it was unfair on Renatus to have to defend Helena in the first WC, and while I think the redo is massively unfair to everyone who fought fairly(just like drfate combo locking half our guys while invis was to us tbh), you can honestly **** off about the lobby thing. You're whining because you lost it. Your guys attacked ours too. Stop acting like you were all standing there being cut down, I literally got chased by multiple guys to the end of the platform and behind a hedge while I waited for PVP to go off. Redo is unfair but next person to screech about the lobby and I'm gonna flip.
  2. “Wait just how old is this guy?” asked tylos
  3. "A bucket of water spills, and the rats leave the 'sinking' ship."
  4. “Huh.” a dying man would say as he looks upon the lobby he was teleported into, “I guess I really have seen everything.” ((gg good fight, looking forward to the skirmish)
  5. i got tp’d into lobby wtf

  6. "The Holy Orenian Empire and 'Empire of Man' are both titles of the united realm of all humanity. They cannot exist in harmony, and legally they were the in fact the same entity as the 'Empire of Man' was referred to as the Imperium Septus, and the Pertinaxi rulers referred to previous Holy Orenian Emperors as their predecessors and source of legitimacy(in the case of Godfrey). The 'Imperium Renatum', originally Imperium Renatus before I corrected your bureaucrats, is just an elevation of Renatus to an empire with absolutely no legitimate claim to such a rank. The title of Renatus has, since the time of Exalted Godfrey, always referred to the Emperor's personal demesne and was tied inextricably to the Imperial title. To claim the title of Renatus while a living Holy Orenian Emperor exists, or from your point of view while its heir lives within your court, and then to elevate that title to the level reserved for empires of all humanity, is simply usurpation. Something the Pertinaxi are good at, having murdered the boy Emperor to seize their throne. In conclusion, read a ******* book."
  7. "Except legally it was referred to as the Imperium Septus. A big boy like you should know Flexio well enough to tell me what that means."
  8. “Er, no. His point was that Godfrey III had the better claim to the Holy Orenian Empire. The same Empire Emperor Antonius disbanded. Trying to justify a claim to an ‘Empire of Renatus’ would be pretty stupid considering it’s never existed before, so it has no claimants whatsoever. Stick to your sewing, love.”
  9. “Or, y’know, the Emperor could go ahead and disband the Empire... Oh **** wait.” says Tylos
  10. “Renatium Imperium? They misspell their own name more and more creatively each and every time.” remarked Tylos
  11. "Nice flag, wonder where you got it.” A Welshman would grumble.
  12. “When are you going to write me a love letter?” a disgruntled footman would ask
  13. "Nice apostrophes kid," says Barry Scott, one of Ves' pre-eminent thinkers and a linguist of such great stature that he can hear punctuation.
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