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  1. funniest part of this thread is that no real flays or reivers have even commented
  2. ill have you know im a real big deal on minemenclub
  3. i appreciate that you keep your phone charged 🙂
  4. virgin everybody else vs the chad snowy fields guard dont even need a graphic for you dogs to know your place
  5. Vaq's plugin was actually good and everyone liked it when he first added it, the crafting **** wasn’t even there originally it was just an MCMMO style skill plugin that didn’t really limit the player. Then he started doing dumb **** like making low level iron armour craft with no durability, making it so you couldn’t regen, etc. and ruined it. A plugin that gives you bonuses for levelling up but doesn’t lock out basic gameplay mechanics is what we need.
  6. “Beware the Ides of Haraccus.” A soothsayer would tell @Icarnus Sarkozic.
  7. “lol im happy your skygod friends saved you again i guess?” says tylos
  8. “Unconstitutional.” rules the Orenian Supreme Court.
  9. do any of my fellow minemen remember this 

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