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  1. I guess this means the olden golden strategy of “forgetting” your forum password and making a new account every time you hit 9 warns is finally retired.
  2. I don’t really care about the inalienable right of the average Ben-Shapiro-watching mouthbreather here to yell about politics in OOC, but I also just know these rules will end up causing a slew of bans for people even mentioning name of anyone who’s vaguely adjacent to politics or political discussion, like Narthok using Varg as a punch-line in a completely apolitical joke. Any expansion of the rules is just a further excuse for some dickhead to target-ban you with impunity, so I’m against almost any new rule on that principle anyway.
  3. can't wait to be told that any Discord server with another LOTC player on it is an LOTC medium when I get banned for saying Brexit means brexit.
  4. ((It's like forge. Literally the first thing my link says. How do I know? That's the only modname visible on the screen. If you didn't see it then why did you think he was hacking?))
  5. ((https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/rift Doesn't look like it)) "Stop calling them Horens please and thanks." says Tylos
  6. I heard Varg personally intervened to get Narthok unbanned. Thoughts? 

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    2. hamberder


      This server shouldn’t be tainted further by Neo-Nazis. Nowhere should be.

    3. shoahinsnowyfields


      Could you please explain how jokingly saying you're a descendent of a ******* an-prim meme is neo-nazism? Ty

    4. ZythusRequiem
  7. real orenians wear beards

    why don’t you? 

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    2. shoahinsnowyfields


      the guy you always beg to + 1 ur posts LOL !

    3. Icarnus


      this ban renders you delusional, while ive nearly broken free

    4. shoahinsnowyfields


      when i leak the logs ur getting permabanned kid 

  8. when I was a boy I was playing outside with my friends when they cast a spell to turn me into a pizza I laid there on the ground, unable to move For pizzas have no arms nor legs As I lay there helpless I felt an IMPOTENT RAGE swell in my chest As soon as I was freed from my malediction I charged at my friends, with naught but vengeance in my little heart I swung a left hook at Harry, shouldered Martin, and charged my way for the ringleader, Scott He took off, running down the road faster than I’d ever seen him run But not fast enough, I was gaining ‘pon the scoundrel I was mere inches away, reaching out to grab at him and stop his flight But then another spell was cast and I was turned back into a pizza I collapsed into a heap on the ground, and Scott made his escape I never did see Scott again.
  9. Nah I like having no FM team. FMs liked to make themselves busy by handing out warnings like candy, GMs don’t really care enough to. Well unless they want to target ban a NL right before a warclaim. But the fact warnings can get you admin-banned is just more reason to limit the number of people who can do it, I don’t want any more Song Druid Ariks LARPing as forum tyrant.
  10. “I run a male brothel if you’re up for it.” winks man
  11. Hi @GodEmperorFlam hi was just wondering when you were resigning like you promised ?

  12. Oh yeah, quick reminder that this ban is part of their new “place of safety” initiative they drafted up to hide the fact they were refusing to ban pedophiles. Anything to defend our friendly neighbourhood predators, right Telanir?
  13. The staff can **** off pretending that they thought through this ban, weighed the balance of justice, yada yada – they’ve been persecuting Narthok for a ******* age now, making up new and unusual punishments and trying to drive him off the server for no apparent reason. His forum account was basically disabled for the longest time, might still be, and admins were constantly deleting posts that other admins approved just to **** with the guy. Now they’re pearl-clutching over a Varg meme and acting like they were truly shocked and appalled instead of just looking for an excuse to dish out a ban. Varg is a ******* tree-hugging scandi spastic who encourages wiping your arse with leaves and playing dress-up Viking. Absolutely no one takes him seriously, and he’s just seen as a meme by literally everyone. Taking the piss out of the guy is not supporting "racism and hate” or whatever the **** you’re peddling to justify this target-ban. On some sites, you know, ones with decent moderation – they try to actually enforce the rules. Y’know, the list of things that you CAN be banned for. Actually knowing and enforcing the rules as they’re writing is really novel for LOTC moderators, but I’ll try to help explain. See, in the handy-dandy rule page, there is no rule against "racist or racial content”. Nothing, nada. The actual rule is “racial slurs and epithets are bannable”. But that rule was inconvenient for you, because Narthok didn’t break it. So following time-honoured tradition you just made up a rule instead to ban a Nation Leader right before a huge warclaim. And now you try to justify it with all the weaselling possible. Can you people seriously just ******* stop this ****? Honestly, where do you get off? 8 years in, same old ****, same old power-tripping retards who can’t enforce the rules they themselves wrote, same old target bans. Ridiculous.
  14. “Getting your first blood can always be a scary experience if your parents never gave you the proper talk. Next time buy pads.” says man
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