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  1. “Now, not that I like these sorts of things any where near me, but this is just ridiculous. They’re disgusting, not dangerous, Citizens!” The former Mistress of Health guffawed to an unsuspecting bar-goer in the tavern, whilst sipping unsanitarily from an abandoned drink left by a tipsy Elf who had stumbled home a short time prior.
  2. A plain missive has been pinned up about the city of Laureh’thilln with the equally mundane intent to inform. Citizenry of Haelun’or- This hour was inevitable, and delayed to a comedic degree. But a few months ago, thy Mistress Sullas resigned from the previously hoarded position of Okarir’hiylun, for one’s own sanity. One hasn’t much to comment on as to the reasons of this, given the incompetence displayed was as clear as blown glass. Thy Author does apologize deeply to the citizenry and the Council for never having accomplished any effective work. Although, congratulations are in order toward Mrs. Dele Seregon for her appointment to Head Physician just prior to this development. Hopefully better things are ahead for the Health of Our Haelun’or. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, Thy Author, Aiera Sullas
  3. A disgruntled bird cursed under her breath as she shot a hand out, for something to take care of the spilt wine that was pooling and creeping dangerously close to her living room rug. Unknowingly, Aiera grasped a copy of the missive that her doting spouse had brought in to read later. Evidently, he would be disappointed in her whence he found she’d used it to soak up the vintage. Following a short spat about not using each others’ daily reading as a rag, Aiera Sullas set out on a stroll. It was eventual that it would bring her to another posting of the notice, and the obscure Mistress of Health took some time to squint it down. She rolled her shoulders, reminded of some unfinished business with Master Miravaris. Ultimately unbothered, the Elfess provided a great yawn as she ambled off.
  4. Once again I am on the slippery slope of.. I agree with Pollfactual. Rather than quoting a post and hitting submit, I’ll at least use my own words! I gotta say yeah, if the person RPing in this scenario was not communicating with their partner then there’s the problem moreso than any specific thing that has happened. You can easily fill in the blanks of this same question with anything from texting someone that the other person doesn’t know about (the text content doesn’t matter, say it’s an ex, even if it’s just friendly telling your partner that you’re texting them again creates a dialogue) to going places without saying where you’re going. Obviously you can go to the store without telling your partner. Maybe you should tell your partner if you’re going to a club- They might want to join? They could want to offer to check on you later? Doesn’t matter! Talk to each other! That said, the answer is to call them a noob and then log onto their account and Pugsy the Human capital. That’ll teach them. That said-that said, I think if it’s literally just, “My custom written persona that I control is married to this nobleperson for the purpose of fulfilling my bloodline and also good storytelling, we are merely friends and are not lewd with each other” then.. I mean, if this is the first time someone is hearing about any of this, it’s going to be weird. Talk to each other god damn it.
  5. Aiera Sullas sits somewhere in her own home, mortified. Her letter had reached its intended destination, and the situation was concluded. Yet.. At what cost? Her innocence, it seemed. When she was done with her weeping, she began to face the music of what she’d done, and what must now be done.
  6. The letter likely tasted of delicious walnuts and the fragrant background of raspberries, in the form of a delectably fiberous parchment. It was also very likely to contain cobalt or some other dangerous blue pigment from the ink. Hopefully it passed through the mighty Olog stomach gracefully. @Etherealxx
  7. Many hand-written copies of a letter were affixed with a nail in all the settlements below, having been deemed ‘easily accessible’ and ‘having of a notice board, or otherwise improvised’ by a trio of Elves, specifically a friend or two and their disgruntled yet extremely insistent gray escort. Helena Reza Brannby Bank Ves Curon Fenn Irrinor Krugmar Talus Druid Grove Sutica Cresonia Thyra Brandybrook Llyria Agnarum Haelun’or The missive itself seemed to handle a personal affair- Yet it began with an over-sized heading, scrawled obnoxiously in blue-black ink. Evidently, the author was looking for a particular pair of eyes that may not have otherwise noticed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR8D2yqgQ1U One is seeking Mr. Sullas. Dear Passerby, With luck, this has been enough to attract more than the curious reader. Or, perhaps it is appropriate that the reader is curious, because it is a quizzical Elf that one is looking for. One digresses. The Author of this public letter has been somewhat overzealous, and surmised that a well-written speech and a two-century old private confession from one’s blond ‘father’ would prove legitimacy. As it happens, the integrity of a more obscure citizen of Haelun’or does not hold up well on its own. Indeed, a legitimacy issue. One shall briefly summarize for the public eye. Haelun’or prides itself on recording their lineage upon a very old book, and one has a mind not to be made a liar when scribing the Bloodline onto its weathered pages. However, the Author is encountering an issue whereupon a relation has been drawn a little too late, and things have taken a turn for the embarrassing. Once a blunder, always a blunder, one supposes. The question that must be posed, without revealing too much as to why it must be asked is thus: Lucion Sullas, have you a fifth progeny? Could this thing have been born from Aelia Calith? Sincerest apologies from the Author themselves, for one would be this thing, and this a letter penned to the progenitor of the unfortunate whelpling that may have been a result from this encounter. This brings an additional petition, in the event that this is to be declared as truth. If one is the whelp, would Mr. Sullas accept it into his Bloodline? Indeed, a bold question, but one would argue that if Mr. Sullas has gone through the trouble of bringing one back into the Haelun’or in the past as a rescued pup; then it could be assumed that there was some wish to accept it, and have it thrive. Luckily, it has. One has sired three already with Mr. Ikur Seregon, and as these letters are being drafted for personal couriering and posting about the continent- hopefully at no detriment to the thing- one is carrying a fourth to be born. As they are an investment of the Author, one would like to extend the offer for them to also be your investment should it be appropriate, Mr. Sullas. It is well known that tragedy has been rife in your blood, and with no disrespect to them, one thinks that this could be the least one could do to give back to the sire. A legacy, a terrifying and yet hopeful unknown. To be sure, Mr. Sullas already has a legacy worth having in his own achievements, but perhaps this might shoulder some of the burden one day. Or, perhaps they will all perish- for that is the gamble. If the idea is to your liking, the Author and their husband’s line of Seregon is to instead be Sullas, and if the opposite is true, no resentment is harbored. One will persist regardless of surname, for this is not a petty play for respect. One desires the truth, for it has been in turns swiped from the grasp and given back as lies over the years. One is sure Mr. Sullas understands, but no sympathy is expected. Should this whole affair displease you entirely, an honor it will still be to be turned away by you. If any of the public is still reading, one imagines you are confused. Please turn away now, the show is over. Persistence in the face of ignorance. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Thy Author, Aiera 9th of The Amber Cold, 1724 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsuY9lHxg88
  8. :OOC: MC Name: EtTu_Bootus MC name of those living with you: LadySpectral :RP: Head of household: Aiera Seregon Family/individuals staying: 1 Number of Children: 1 Willing to bunk with others.
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