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  1. (( MC name: Arcanepatisserie)) Name: Aiera Sullas Vote for Sohaer: ( ) Nelgauth Maehr'tehral ( XX ) Anethra Uradir ( ) Abstain
  2. (( MC name: Arcanepatisserie)) Name: Aiera Sullas Vote for Okarir’maehr: ( X ) Silvos Sythaerin ( ) Elahern Aeth'sulier ( X ) Olrin Maehr'tehral Vote for Okarir’nor: ( ) Elathion Dagre'sae ( XX ) Aiera Sullas
  3. ---------- ---------- Aiera Sullas returned to Elathion’s side when she was ready, which was only when she had taken a great pause, still filled with vigor yet unspent when the time came. Her eyebrows flared, one a little higher than the other, and she began. ”Asking me to have instead run for okarir’maehr by twisting what I have said is nothing but insulting, and I have been civil with you thus far. You go on to question my readiness to do any of the duties I have clearly and concisely advocated myself to doing simply because I believe there should not be a monetary element, which you are having a great fixation with, and have the audacity to advertise your own contributions to the state as if they are a gracious privilege we’re experiencing while you are with us that you demand physical reward for.” She pauses only briefly, and then took to a frown prior to her further statement. “If you wished to be ennobled for owning a successful business, you should run for a position in the Orenian government instead.” ---------- ---------- “My focus not being monetary does not equate to my focus being unemployment or slave labor. Unless there is a new argument that you would like to make that isn’t one we have already addressed, I close further discussion with you and implore any other elves with questions to speak up when we gather for elections. I will not deign to spend hours nitpicking every detail of my opening speeches with my opponent and maintain my previous statements in full. I’ll see you at the Q-and-A, so good day, Mr. Elathion.” It was at this point that the older elfess sought to return to her rest area calmly, lifting from her pocket a booklet of poetry and settling in to read while remaining on the scene until the nominations concluded.
  4. (( MC name: Arcanepatisserie)) Name: Aiera Sullas Vote for Okarir’tir: ( XX ) Kaelan Aldin ( ) Elrion Visaj ( ) Alluin Miravaris Vote for Okarir’hiylun: ( ) Silvyr Uradir ( XX ) Dele Seregon ( ) Farandil Aldin
  5. ---------- ---------- When Elathion was done, the elfess nodded thoughtfully and gave herself some time to ruminate before she chose to speak up again. ”I see now that I ought to elaborate on what I meant when I explained why I was gone, I want to clarify that I have no intentions of running away from anything if I was to be voted in by the citizenry. By that time it would not only be myself and my family I am expected to personally protect, but the people at large. Instead, I have found that the recent course of events has broken the chains of my cowardice, and imbues me with the desire to really put the work in to not any time soon feel again that my state cannot provide for me the safety to simply stay alive. I’m glad to hear there’s already elves with the same line of thinking as I have, and I eagerly await more details on that bunker with the hope that Sillumir will be given training on directing crowds to such a place in the event of trouble. I think it will make flights such as mine far less common.” Aiera Sullas provides a brief smile as she pauses amidst her continued debate, relief awash in her to hear plans for long term security. “To touch on matters of business though, verily, I don’t find mina needless so much as that I don’t think it’s something to be proud of. We don’t need money to live, to work, to be motivated into action as the other nations do. It is, I’ll reaffirm, unfortunately necessary that we need bits of metal at all to feel we have security in the greater realm beyond Haelun’or, when all of the treasure in the world is stored in our own minds, and on our own pages. History, legacy and progress forward are the words I would use to describe the truly wealthy. They are the real riches, as I have learned by now, cultivated throughout the centuries of our lifetime and not through the temporary objects we surround ourselves with. But that won’t mean I intend to push aside and ignore the need the state has always had to encourage donations, because of the reality that we live in, and not the dream of a better way. I will remind discerning elves to donate excess funds acquired through their business ventures with collection boxes among other incentives, and indeed, that allows me to touch again on ‘merchantry’ as you put it. As I disagree with the need to foster a widely successful, monetarily superior economy in Haelun’or I mean to primarily ensure that the skilled handicrafts produced in our city are given due attention and for them to be the main export and source of ‘business tourism’ here. This is aside from establishments providing services, which I would like to see more of, and of course the usual landmarks which are the reason anyone from the outside cares to visit. I have been liking the talk present during multiple debates- including this one- of festivals to celebrate artisans, to be sure.” ---------- ---------- At this point she draws once more on her water skin, clearing her throat and keeping her tone from growing hoarse at any point. “Hopefully this has given you a little more confidence. Business works differently here, as you apparently have not noticed in all your experience, it does not need to hinge on being the difference between poverty and wealth because no elf in Haelun’or experiences the frightening struggle for wages that many others in the valleys around us do. It is for the fun of it, and the profits lead only to luxury and reassurance for the people that should one of their facilities fail them, for example a difficult season burning through the stockpiles, there will be a way to bring in what is needed to survive. Moving onward, I would have figured that the matter of other supply chains would be rather obvious, though I understand that all avenues must be accounted for to know that a candidate will truly be thinking of anything and everything. I’ve of course had it on my mind and while I have special knowledge available to me on the agricultural side of things, I more than intend to bring on a capable Tilruir’leyun and the help of as many additional individuals as necessary to keep up the stores of everything from metal and jewels, to stone and loam. In conclusion, I too hope we can make an attempt to become associates at the end of the election, as it’s obvious we both have the needs of the state in mind, if in differing ways. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, Elathion.” ---------- ---------- Again bowing her head and stepping back, the Laurir sought for a break and a sit-down nearby to listen for further argument to be made, while resting herself up for any that she may have to do in return.
  6. ---------- ---------- Shortly after Elathion’s conclusion, an older elfess pushes her way onto the scene, a few papers clutched in hand. “Sorry to intrude, ah,” the woman pauses as she sidles up to where the presentations were to be conducted. ”It’s imperative that I put myself to task. I, like many another elf behind our walls have squandered chances to be productive. I don’t see this confession as a show of weakness, but rather the opposite. I am Aiera Sullas, Laurir of my esteemed family, and I do wish to act now that I find renewed courage in my heart. I nominate myself for Okarir’nor, today.” A short pause followed as Aiera adjusts her spectacles on her nose, and shuffles some papers around, permitting her to be sure of her coming argument. ”I can say with an educated mind that as a long standing citizen I have much to give to a position such as this. I understand that I have been a little scarce as of late, but ask for you to understand that I was afeared of the recent turmoil alone and not of the work I could do. I implore those with questions about who I am and my background to please prod me for answers. To this end, I believe my neutral position among the citizenry means I will not be led astray by any single individual to serve only their own wants and needs, rather, I’ll seek to use a solid head and firm hand to provide for the citizenry as a whole and for the whole alone.” She took a breath as her speech began in earnest, letting those witness to it take in her affirmations before continuing. “With that said, I intend to be dutiful in fulfilling the responsibilities expected of me. I am organized, experienced, and a capable speaker who most certainly will be checking in on all social and economic functions that could be having the need for government support. When I am not in the city square checking shops for their success and stock levels, noting my observations, and providing for new business ventures- I will be down in the farms, surveying with my own eyes the state of growth and health of every flora and fauna I can accommodate for. I am in turns a home gardener with an eye for the needs of plants, and someone who has raised or seen livestock enough to identify issues without getting too attached to individuals and becoming emotional. I will of course be diligent to keep a tab on the water supply, and store some aside for any potential drought. This should, with the help of hired associates continue to uphold the national status of a self sustaining wealth of native goods, keeping imports down and which will lead straight back into businesses, guilds, meetings, and standalone events who will not have to wait weeks in advance for deliveries. When it comes to the architectural, I may not be a designer myself, but I know for sure I could rally the work necessary, aid in physical construction, and arrange for the materials needed to complete the work of artists better than I. Having thought about this, an idea comes to me about a project to be attempted if I am a elected. A bunker, for non-combatants and children to run to for safety in the event of city-wide danger. I’m hopeful that I can find like-minded elves who would be up to undertaking such a task with me. Something can be said for my eye for interior, too, which if not toward official and permanent arrangements could be put to redecorating for temporary gatherings and the like.” A small frown graces Aiera’s face as she reaches the last third of her campaign, but she lofted her chin and proclaimed the rest of her dedication to the gathered audience, taking a grave tone for the closing statements that she shared. “So too would the unfortunately necessary job of collecting coin for imports or emergencies fall to me, and the citizenry should feel safe knowing that I value nothing in this world that I could acquire with money alone, to the end that I would handle all dealings of the sort with utmost respect and solemnity afforded. I have no grand illusions that I will rise to heights never seen before, rather, I will be a safe and reliable choice that is precisely what is needed in these tumultuous times. I will reaffirm what has already been built up by the people, and give them the tools to continue to succeed as is already my duty every day as a matriarch, a mother, and a silver citizen born under the shadow of the Eternal College of Larihei, which no doubt gave me the strength to stand as it did for the centuries I have seen since. Remember the name Aiera Sullas when the ballots begin, and if you are not confident in me, you’ll find me in a position where I will prove myself worthy in another way. This I do swear.” ---------- ---------- The Sullas woman finally withdrew from her stand and took in a tired breath, seeking some refreshment from an old water skin and tucking her papers away to patiently await any questions or counter arguments. Her head dipped respectfully to her opponent, now that it was done.
  7. The news struck her heart like cannonfire when she heard. ---- ---- Lorena Antonia’s head spun with conclusions, people to blame, and aching regrets invading an already troubled mind. She’d been wandering the Novellen grounds, on the look out for the boy lost while considering how she’d ask him something, and on meeting only a group of palace-goers with worried eyes, the woman found herself stumbling back to her room. There Lorena wept, caught unaware by how she let the disappearance of a son that wasn’t hers cut as deeply as it did. Perhaps he’d come home, she made to reason, but her question for him rung through her thoughts to mock her all afternoon long.
  8. OK.. additional bids. Lined Design, 1,250 Pink and Blue, 1,250
  9. Starryy

    Urara's Free Skinz

    To this day I still use (and shamelessly reuse shh) my personal edited version of the skin you made for me to give Forkology. It’s one of my favorites. No skin claims here, I like the purple elf, but I figure it should go to someone needing it more. Appreciate it Hadley!!
  10. Discord: starryy#1433 Bid: Floral Blue, 1,250
  11. love you honey. I’m feeling a little irritable today- It’s not super important, but I’m glad I’m able to be here for you and I still have love for the people I know here, under all the layers of salt I’ve accumulated today. @Gusano yo im literally pming you rn ily i hope you’re having a good day @Herathus @Parion i wish i was more attentive to you guys and i love you so super much you can ask me where i am any time @Demented_Delila hope you get to pet that cow one day @GrandpaBlue yo, your succs are going to make it through this. they spent generations evolving themselves for the specific purpose of living in the actual desert, and will look exactly the same as you left them cus they can’t just die on you like that @Cracker stay stalwart dibbo you’re such a rad dude @DreamInSpace you’re pretty much my actual sister hope your dad is doing ok. ilysm anyone who’s not on here can rest assured that they were spared my affection for today. consider yourselves lucky
  12. Lorena Antonia snorted mirthfully along to Anna’s reading, appreciative of the entertainment. She couldn’t help but ponder how Sir John was doing these days.
  13. The Spare’s Heirs Festival The wedding of HIH Lorena A. Helane and Richard H.H.V Helvets [!] A betrothal portrait of Princess Lorena and Prince Richard, commissioned by the House of Helvets, 1758. Fliers, simple in nature but stamped with an official seal, are put out into the Imperial Realm by crier and by noticeboard for citizenry or peerage alike. A select few are mailed a copy of their own, corresponding with the public list of invitees. To whom it may interest, In the summer of God’s year seventeen-fifty-nine, celebrations following an Imperial wedding will take place in Kaedrin’s golden valley. To the ceremony, solely guests with invitations are permitted, listed thus: Men and women of the House of Helvets Distinguished members of the family Basrid Relatives in the family d’Arkent Brothers HIH Joseph Clement, George Casimir & Sir Adrian Princess Anna Maria Pruvia Imperial Champion Sir Octavian President Lauritz Christiansen 4th Brigade Captain Sir Rylan Swint 1st Brigade Lieutenant Dax Illiquin [!] Sketch of a proposed ride for the Spare’s Heirs festival, 1759. And to those not on the list, fret not, the Imperial Public at large are welcome to the revelries made possible by Mariana Dubois and associates. A variety of activities present themselves, most notably brand new ridden attractions sure to thrill; they’ll only remain in Kaedrin for this event, and are not to be missed! Each attraction is to be paid for with a ticket, exempting members of Helvets, Helane and the Clergy. Other happenings include: Popular Carrington & Co drinks, a wrestling pit, livestock pens, entertainment from contemporaries, and market stalls. If one is hoping to sell their wares for an event and has seen this flier, address a letter toward Varoche Palace for inclusion. The wedding couple hope to see you in attendance by, The 10th of Sun’s Smile, 1759.
  14. Initially, a certain bystander was only on one of her flights from Helena’s solitary banks to the mainland, finding the option of sleeping anywhere other than her childhood room a welcome sense of control. In eventuality, the youth always found herself coming back, as if reassuming an especially stressful job. Expecting the drab welcoming when she arrived in the Novellen, that is a few nods from the serving girls, Lorena Antonia trudges her bags through the halls and up into the apartments, met with a billowing draft when she stepped into her old room. A dead fire, just her luck. Hauling quartered wood into place on the coals, she imagined a few scenarios where perhaps she was already in a bath, or having a hot dinner, while someone else did this. It was so much colder in her room now. Despite the chill that spring rains had brought in, the Imperial boarded up her hearth, refusing to see it alight. All manner of thoughts swirled in her head, paranoid and foul, bleaching away childish mirth. She didn’t weep, but felt a weight on her chest. For once the girl kept relatively quiet in her chamber, watching light seep in through the window, and paying mind to chips in the walls. Another shudder. Later on, wind buffeted Lorena Antonia’s unkempt hair, as she raced a stallion across Helenan lowland. A train of concerned army men came after her on their own mounts, trying to keep up pace. She had it in mind that maybe if she ushered her steed fast enough, she would trip and fall into some place else.
  15. Oh! Apparently I haven’t checked the forums since before Christmas. Thanks man, I don’t feel like I fully deserve the shoutout but I’m happy for it. You’re a good dude and you sometimes helped guide me away from people that I really didn’t need to be around, whether I noticed or not. I can’t say that about a lot of other people I knew on here when I was younger. Have a happy new decade! Quartz gang.
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