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  1. 6300d100f75e12cf1b29b59ec92a3dca.png

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    2. drfate786
    3. Marijuanaology


      It's how he feels after achieving 3rd place in the parkour event lol

    4. drfate786


      Makes sense.

  2. More Player Models - Orcs

    1. Wendigo


      I really miss mpm, it added alot to the server for everyone. Albeit for warclaims it'd have to be shut down.

    2. Kinslayer


      we have it now tho @Wendigo

    3. Wendigo


      I know man it's great!

  3. rest in peace my ******* horse

  4. I added my personas into my signature, remodeled my profile, and am finishing up an RP post, pretty productive day

    1. Kinslayer


      I'm glad for you :)

  5. On that grind for the 1000+ rep and 2.0 post to rep ratio

    1. _pok_


      too bad you're a *****


  6. Love it
  7. I'm sure you'd be rather impressed with our culture. I'll make sure you contact you soon about it
  8. Hello I am a player of Orcish descent and i'm looking for people who are experienced (or willing to learn) in PVP and Roleplay equally. I am considering having 3 cubs who are willing to experience the roleplay style of an Orc Cub and the culture of the Orcs altogether. If you are interested please comment below, the family line of Zlazh'Lur is rather extensive compared to most, so there is decent ancestry which is something Orcs take great pride in. Orcish Roleplay can go rather deep passed down through stories and tales which can help you achieve a more comprehensive understanding of Orcs in Lord of the Craft.
  9. It'd be nice if new players were actually directed to teamspeaks. That is where people get most familiar with one another and gain a strong community.

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    2. Marijuanaology
    3. Mj.


      Discord is even worse 

    4. Salvo


      Discord sows discord between people.

  10. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DUMP THE *****. If she's gonna treat you as a simple 'mental' boyfriend you might as well be a friend-zoned best friend. She's deciding to split up the relationship into a mental and physical aspect your relationship won't go ANYWHERE. Shes giving another guy what she should be giving to you and no matter how attractive she may be or no matter how much you might like her, the BEST way to go about it is dumping her. I assure you she will either feel horrible for doing it, or she will tell you what the **** is going on. If you decide to get back with her (Which I don't recommend seeing as there are girls who will give you more without even being in a relationship) then make sure you have full extent of the relationship otherwise it's goin downhill. P.S If the dude ever tries to make a fool of you, K.O him on the spot
  11. Guess whos about to win this lol ;) haha