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  1. Why so hard on raiders? It used to be one of the fine qualities of LOTC and now often gets **** on or seen as villainous because people don't want to lose their pixels. Professions should just be removed all together rather than one simple profession that is pretty useful in almost any situation. There is a standing rule that in order to use the grapple that it must be RPed unless in a PVP situation. Professions focus more on a certain aspect that a person is talented with but is inconvenient when it comes to getting ingredients or minerals that other might have to gather or make in order to complete a process. If professions were removed all together, people would be able to craft things with the simplicity of that game that Minecraft provides instead of a long process of waiting and clicking to have something made. Imo I feel it would also help the economy by allowing people to sell more things rather than a profession they are nailed down to.


    1. Esry


      i see ur birthday is soon danny

  3. Good fight to you all.
  4. In relation to YT
  5. No unfortunately there's big mina in coal furnaces, making it difficult to transfer to a cleaner source of energy.
  6. I love that people are still on that #FreeWud grind

  7. LOTC is facing global warming
  8. Donovan examines the contents of the letter making sure to leave a response to the man: A plot of land for gratitude and favor, a man who's direct and to the point. Norlanders would gladly welcome a Smith of such stature as many of our Smiths are a proud people. Norland has much to offer from it's people, spending our pastimes in the loud & busy taverns, as well as taking to the sea once our ship's construction is done. If it beseeches you to live among us, do nay hesitate to send out a courier bird to The Krag. ~ Donovan Ruric (PM Marijuanaology IG, Skype, or Forums) (P.S Ily Beast)
  9. Great things are coming :j

  10. Come watch the For Honor story-mode gamplay https://www.twitch.tv/ddynodan

  11. MC Name: Marijuanaology Tiles you own (include affiliated group): Norland - A4, A8 Regions you own (include affiliated group and tile it is located in): island_highelf1 (A4) [Rurics]
  12. Does anyone else play For Honor?

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      You know I do bro. 

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      Leave your steam names wtf, lets get some party games going

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      Wait for PC? Awwww