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  1. son why are you banned

  2. I love how much bans are justified off of blind judgement.

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      I was ban for being your alt.

      I am not your alt.

      Vouch for me!

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      Sorry Jyggalag - my mistake. I'll unban you now.

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      Lil Nugget

      Wh-What did you do?

  3. Zilldude's always got it
  4. Donovan Ruric sits upon the Krag's High Throne as he ponders the death of Grand King Bastion when he finally receives the news "The Grand King was as much of a foe to myself as he was a puppet of his own people." he slouches into the throne leaning his head onto his palms "During our encounter in Courland, he himself suggested that the bloody war ended but wos suppressed by the council of his own people. They have Bastion's blood on their hands as much as it is on mine, but the cycle of life and death throughout this war had put the Norlandic people in a dreadful situation. It was either myself or the Grand King." (OOC: Believe it or not all the role-play that went into this war was more than I could have ever asked for. In my opinion, you did a great job at handling the position of Grand King and it's unfortunate that it went down this route . Even though it was irritating at times, I enjoyed the negotiations and role-play that occurred between Bastion and Donovan. You are a very capable person and i'd like to see your future characters and role-play developments. Thank you for providing myself and Norland one of the best wars we have seen on the server in a long time.)
  5. When you tell Artists you'll pay them for character art but they ignore the request

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      hmMMmMm U waNnA pAy f0r m3 for [email protected] @rt? my art'$ so good that [email protected] JeAlouz of !t. I've SHowed HiM and h3 WaS so $tunned thAt he diDn'T 3v3n reply, [email protected] MicHeLanGel0 and DonaTeLlo.


    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      You forgot an extra m on the hmMMmMm

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      are you being serious or trolling?

  6. Damn this is a pretty good post +1
  7. High King Donovan Ruric takes a small glimpse at the letter "Hmmm" he gives it a quick thought but gets distracted by the large feast with the Norlandic people.
  8. Norlandic Throwback --> 86040fbb01d16800b9c14c8664b55973.jpg

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      Next step : World Domination

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      where am I

  9. Definitely both.
  10. The video of the Battle of Rothswood -->


  11. Maybe war claims should be allowed against the Undead seeing as they are pretty much their own faction and could have their own playerbase with their own Cloud Temple and everything. Though if the 'Living' nation fails in battling the Undead, the commanders could be captured and given a choice of PK or being turned into a Spook for the Undead army.
  12. Oh my god this ******* video lmao.