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  1. Might as well kill you instantly, then, if it can be easily slipped into food, induces symptoms easily mistaken for something else, and to cure it requires essentially metagaming. I don’t know what the LT was trying to do by wiping poisons, but I hope it wasn’t to clear the way for ones like these. Also, now that I look more closely at it, Kholidav’s Frenzy is nonsensical, too. Druids don’t have any way of “enhancing” large sections of land- they have herblore and infusions, both of which work on individual herbs or artifacts. Saying that it’s ineffective on druidically-enhanced land is therefore moot, and it can’t act as a counter for it. A potion that causes plants to totally ignore druidic healing-- which is what blight healing is supposed to do-- and can only be cured by other alchemy is ridiculous. Let blight healing do what it’s supposed to do, and don’t have alchemy be the end-all be-all when it’s a feat that doesn’t use any slots.
  2. Four measures of goblin’s ivy? You only need one to purge the contents of someone’s stomach, adding three more won’t do anything. And why Desert Berry Bush and Frost Vine? The two have no curative properties when ingested by themselves. It seems like a completely arbitrary combination.
  3. When have Archons ever been anything but a powercreep for a specific group lmao, keep them dead
  4. did the math and the in-game year’ll be 1775 on july 4th

    can’t have **** on lotc

  5. “Snakes of unusual size? I don’t think they exist,” says Ithuriel.
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