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  1. Hi. Just here to say mysticism isn't dead, contrary to your assumption. I've had four students in the five-odd months that I've had a TA-- they're all still active, and all still have the magic. I'm only one of four teachers, incidentally, and we've one more on the way. I suppose mysticism could be construed as a circlejerk to the uninformed observer-- and it is, ICly. It's a dark magic. They're supposed to be circlejerks. Imagine the IC consequences if one single bad egg gets through your expert student selection process. At best, it spells a splintering of a once tightly-knit and united magic-- at worst, everyone now knows your names, your faces, what your magic can do, and the deific mages are on their way. I'm all for creating RP, but I'm not going to go against what my character wouldn't do, and OOC complaining won't change that. OOCly? No. I had been on the server for three months when my character began to learn mysticism; he was an edgy dark elf with an even edgier skin. This was far before I was a staff member, or even a mage at all. But I found Zarsies' character through RP, asked him a crapload of questions about his state of being and the magic IRP, and our characters decided it would be of mutual benefit to teach good old Revion. I'd hardly spoken to Zarsies OOCly before this, other than to apologize profusely when my internet occasionally turned off during our non-scheduled RP. The "rule" you're mentioning about ectoplasm don't apply whatsoever. Ectoplasm only naturally exists in ghosts, gravens, and apparitions-- not in the people who could someday practice the magic. You can't simply train yourself to manipulate ectoplasm any more than you can connect to a non-existent Aengul. Genus might exist within normal blood, but as Tau says, its manipulation goes the same way. Mysticism doesn't exist to be a self-empowering magic for one group. I'd honestly argue that it demands more than it grants-- inevitable mental disorders, physical weakness, aurum and holy magic vulnerability in exchange for a few good defensive spells, a few spells that require OOC permission, and spells that only work on the not-very-populous spectral playerbase. Mysticism exists to create RP, as all magic does. That's why the practitioners glow in unearthly lights while they practice, that's why they carry the mental weight of their magic with everyone they encounter, that's why wights have a handful of mostly-aesthetic abilities that aren't the best in combat. If you're on the receiving end of the RP- try to get on the other end, if that's what your character would do. If not, enjoy the RP that it creates, as that's what one really should come for on this server. But as for your LM app. You seem to support lore that applies to more characters as a whole, and spreading things to the general playerbase. That's a nice goal, but it'd require actually working with the playerbase. From what I've seen on this thread and before, well-- I don't think you'd be a good choice for it.
  2. Accepted.
  3. Accepted.
  4. Denied.
  5. Denied. Applicant dropped by teacher.
  6. Accepted.
  7. Denied.
  8. Denied. A player must be on the server for at least a week before applying for a magic application of any kind.
  9. Accepted.
  10. Denied.
  11. Denied. The teacher does not have a TA for the listed magic.
  12. Accepted.