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  1. Toodles78

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Toodles Screenshot of the item: https://prntscr.com/m70a1z How you got it: Given to Ithuriel by Archipelego’s character. Never given back.
  2. Toodles78


    Some demon somewhere would roll his eyes, if he had eyes. ”I’m all three, and you sold me your soul.”
  3. Toodles78

    [✗] Iylderi; Guardians of the Veil

    Iconoclasm isn't a weakness if the magic's shelved. Considering how it's the only magic they're vulnerable to while spectral, and it doesn't exist, this seems like a pretty big oversight.
  4. I see you repping me

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      yeah but will I see you repping me?

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  5. Toodles78

    Abyssus's Lore Master Application

    -1. Possesses an alarming disregard for the actual rules of lore, and would certainly not hesitate to bend them even further if given a moderator position.
  6. Toodles78

    Seeking a Player to Play Orcish Child!

    What’s your MC Name? Toodles (might be using an alt account for this character, though) How long have you been a part of this server? Since February 2016 Have you played an Orc before? Have you ever been interested in playing an Orc? I haven't played an Orc before. I was interested in playing one back when Smawton was Rex in Vailor, and I'm interested in it again now. How much do you know about Orcish culture? Would you feel comfortable on your own? I know the basics, what you can get from old forum posts. Hopefully there'd be a bit of IC instruction.
  7. Toodles78

    Wake Me Up When September Ends

    [!] Birds of every kind fly to all members of the Druidic Order. Doves, sparrows, owls, hawks, seagulls, and even penguins are among them. They carry a plethora of letters, written in neat, yet uncommonly small writing. The first note reads-- “Brothers and Sisters: As most of you are undoubtedly aware, the September Prince is risen. A force to be reckoned with, who could most certainly end the Druidic Order as we know it if allowed to act unhindered. However, new facts have arisen which cause me much worry. It is confirmed that Fae native to Atlas have been joining his cause, and are being granted boons by this unnatural entity-- and Druids may follow. I have taken the liberty to clarify exactly what will happen should a traitorous Druid arise, and have also included a guide on how to identify a Fae or Druid who has joined September. I have behind me the agreement of every Circle and the Dominion government. If it is proven that a Druid or Fae has accepted boons from or otherwise assisted September, they will be branded as a KOS Shun, and will henceforth be permanently banished from every Grove and Dominion lands. Unattunement will follow immediately after September is defeated. I write these words with a weary heart, Brothers and Sisters. I do not believe that such a thing will come to pass, but I am well aware that not all of us agree with one another. It is not likely, but a “Druid” seeking an advantage in some petty dispute may very well join September for his boons. It is my duty to inform them of the consequences. I have every confidence that a common enemy, a spawn of a dream daemon, will cause us to cast aside our differences, even for a little while. Be mindful of September’s Soul Trees-- they are well-defended, but unattunement will destroy them, as well as magical fire. Aspects guide us through these troubling times. -Sister Sable, Archdruid of the Mother Circle” [!] Another piece of parchment, shorter and more list-like, is attached. “Be wary of Fae and Druids with the following characteristics, and report the individual to an Archdruid or Virarim immediately. -Druids who can drive a passive animal to violence -Druids whose blight healing slowly eats away at structures -Druids whose herblore causes nausea in non-Druids regardless of which herb is enhanced -Recently-made tree lords with autumnal colors, whose blood can be used for Thuleanism -Tree lords resembling mushrooms, with chitinous husks -Every Bryophite ever -Spriggans who do not respond to Druidic commands -Spriggans with fungus and mushrooms growing on them -Satyrs with red skin and coiled horns, who feast on sapient flesh -Cervitaurs with the intelligence of normal deer -Cervitaurs whose hooves leave behind them green fire -Sprites casting weak communion and control -Dryads with reddish skin -Non-Druid Dryads who can cast weak communion and control"
  8. Toodles78

    Zephonim Act of Irrinor, 1650

    A private letter is sent. "Princess Awaiti Aureon of Irrinor: My name is Ithuriel. I'm the Sable Druid, of the Mother Grove, as well as a Zephonim. Now, I don't know you, so I know I didn't affect this decision of yours. I wish I had, because I don't think it would be the same. One cannot ban someone on Aspectist grounds when the Aspects themselves have chosen them as one of their own. Twisted abominations against nature cannot become Druids, as I have-- which was after I became a Zephonim. I'm not writing with the purpose of asking you to rescind this ban. I'm writing to ask you to rescind the "without excluding factors" part. I did not choose to become a Zephonim, unlike all of the others currently existing. I have never "bred" with anything, Zephonim or not, nor do I intend to. I have visited the city multiple times these past few weeks, caused no trouble, and calmly explained to passerby who and what I was, were they to ask. This ban cannot exist on Aspectist grounds, as previously stated-- as the Aspects themselves clearly see nothing wrong. It cannot exist on practical grounds, as a Zephonim is no more prone to violence or disturbance than any other elf or human. It cannot exist on grounds of not wanting transformed Descendants in your district, while Bryophites, victims of a moss (of all things), roam around. It cannot exist on grounds of not wanting half-humanoid half-animal creatures, while Satyrs, Ferals, Cervitaurs, and other things are also all allowed. But I don't care about the other Zephonim. They all chose their fate as pariahs. They were all volunteers, and I was not. Don't punish me for being unlucky, wandering in the woods during my Dedicancy. I fell prey to the very first Zephonim, looking to test her new form, which she got from a natural breed of spiders. Don't strengthen the evil she did to me. Don't ban me from the only populated city I dare visit. Please. If you maintain your decision, I beseech you to tell me why. Also, know that I will continue to plead my case, to those whose authority outstrips your own. The Druids and your federal government have signed a treaty, after all, and it isn't even ten elven days old. Cordially, Ithuriel Tathron, the Sable Druid, of the Mother Grove."
  9. Left the server, my dudes. Feel free to express any long-repressed feelings you've ever had about me. 

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    [✓] Light Stones

    Can I make armor out of these to block holy magic entirely
  11. It’s rather unclear in ghost lore whether or not they have telekinesis, so I’d thought I’d write a clarification to clear that up. Ghost Telekinesis -Has a maximum range of 10 blocks from the ghost. -Cannot exceed the power of a T3 practitioner of voidal telekinesis. -Adheres to all the redlines of voidal telekinesis. (No controlling living things, etc.) -Requires all the same combat emote counts as telekinesis. -Does not fatigue the ghost, but can cause demanifestation if one’s ectoplasm is drained completely doing it. -It does not have a tell, other than objects vibrating before beginning to move. -It can still be warded, and counts as a dark magic in all holy-magic-related aspects.
  12. when a holy sees a spook in CT


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