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  1. [CA][Ghost] TheTri

  2. [MA][Earth-Evocation] OrsΓ»l's Earth Evo app

    Denied. Magic dropped a while ago.
  3. [Ghost][CA] Demotheus

  4. [Electric Evocation][MA]Boknice275

  5. [Ghost][CA] Demotheus

    Pending. Please edit your app to include all the weaknesses of ghosts-- a good source is the wiki page. Also, your ghost cannot start as a Revenant.
  6. [Ghoul][CA]

  7. [TA] [ Ascended] Angelo de Alba

    Denied. You require four months of experience in a magic to teach.
  8. Hi, just a quick notice from your local Magic Team Manager. We've accepted and implemented four lore pieces written and reviewed by the MT-- lore for Sensory Illusion, Earth Evocation, Electrical Evocation, and Fire Evocation. These magics lacked accepted lore (except for electrical, which had lore from 2012) up until now. We hope these pieces clear up the problems that result from RPing a magic without lore. If you have any issues with any of these pieces, please PM me or another member of the MT. Electrical Evocation - Credit to SupremacyOps, SaviourMeme, and Toodles Earth Evocation - - Credit to knghtArtorias (o7) Fire Evocation - - Credit to Toxzero Sensory Illusion - : - Credit to Toxzero Expect to see lore for Water Evocation being accepted in the coming weeks, as well as more magic guides to be posted. Until then, have a nice rest of your day.
  9. [Anti-Magic][SA] 501warhead, Kulin'oem

    Denied. Applicant dropped by teacher.
  10. [dark arts] [ma] Thatpyrodude

    Denied. Applicant dropped by teacher.
  11. Fight me nerd


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    2. Zindran



    3. h e x

      h e x


      Β im kill you in the gut

      and you gonna die from it

    4. The Fire Mind
  12. Lenniel Thylsealaes [MA Sensory Illusion]

    Denied. Magic dropped.
  13. [MA] [Transfiguration] Devdog

  14. [SA] [Air Evocation] Benjamin