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  1. "you're my queen" elf says
  2. gotta admit that i didnt like them when they came out but aviaries kick ass

  3. "They really cannot get you out of their head, huh, Sare?" remarks an elf with a smile as she moves her comically-oversized queen to h5. "Check."
  4. An elf squints at the paper over her morning tea, before showing it to the woman sitting next to her. "Clearly, the powers-that-be in the Rexdom suppressed the story," she says, sending an aggrieved glance out the window. "They didn't want to publicize such an embarrassing misstep." "I thought Kor'garr a man of greater journalistic integrity..."
  5. how do you make the colored text in letters that they had in the adultery ones???

    1. Laeonathan


      I was wondering the same.

  6. Faeryel puts on her Sunday best, ready to go out and campaign with her spouse!
  7. “Sarah?!?! You were a VAMPIRE?“ An elf is shocked, turning to her good friend Sarah while they do the dishes from dinner. “Why didn’t you tell me?!“
  8. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH OH NO SARAH THEY MEANT YOU!" An elf is suddenly very frightened!
  9. "Wow! That person sure has a similar name to you," an elf says to her good friend Sarah Artenin.
  10. This was difficult to understand and can be phrased better. You should just say that anything from 2-8 cubic meters requires +1 scale emote, and anything from 9-27 cubic meters requires +2 scale emotes- and then that anything over one cubic meter consumes a deconstruction/reconstruction counter per cubic meter above 1. You should just use 8 and 27 instead of 2³ and 3³.
  11. An ex-ghoul shakes her fist at the sky. "Back in my day, spooks were good Xionists!"
  12. voidal translocation should give u access to the /echest command

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Samler


      Water evocation should let you do /water bucket

    3. Toodles78


      electrical evocation should let you do /kill

    4. exoo


      Air evocation gives you access to /fly


  13. An elf frowns. She sits up in bed, narrowing her haggard eyes, drawing her knees to herself. "Really?" A confirmation. "Damn. You hate to see good doctors die." ". . .Means I'll have more work to do."
  14. A dark elf rocks back and forth in her study, tortured by memories of the September Prince.
  15. i think they should be able to make limbs and mini atronachs at least
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