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  1. nub kayr and also ur white so?!??1

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      zzz shut up irl highlighter

  2. “Ruswick will never be the same again; gone are the days of our freedom. No Gods, no Kings no Borders.” Says the Red Man of Ruswick
  3. FAMINE IN THE UZG ⚙-⚙-⚙ The spirit Kinul, sending forth Tagnir’s lessers. A warhorn screamed throughout the sandy mesa, calling forth those from their homes. Once more it bellowed, and then thrice; it’s call urgent. The Rex, Skalp’Raguk the Young, now upon his 19th birthday, stood atop a pedestal, awaiting expectantly as many an ork came about. He paced about the wooden floor, glowering and struggling to control his angered breathing before speaking to the gathering. “Behind mi.” They made their way to the farms, of which supplied Krugmar’s tables with bread and other delicacies, a necessity to keep the warnation churning and well-oiled. Though, this day tragedy struck. Crops laid strewn across the floor, and the very soil had been salted. The Rex knelt downwards, running his palm through the ruined dirt before looking towards his people. “It would seem sumash is tryin’ to undermine mi; lat’s agh our gloriouz nation as a whole! They move to starve us agh flat our kubs slowly with da neglekt of grub. Howevah, dey forget: We am Orks. We do nub bend to da whims of those who lurk in da shadows. For dis reason, mi am revivin’ da Krughai! We will find dis perpetrator; use his teeth as dice agh his skull as a football for our kubs. His corpse will be strung up agh hung from da roof of mi throne room. Until den, bruddas, do nub bend, do nub succumb to such dishonorable flats, for lat’s am Uruk. Ang Gund Griizh.” “Aight gitz! Any news or suspicion about da farm-salta’ must immediately be reported to da Targoth; Eyeboila’Raguk or da Rex himself. Scribed by Fizzard’Raguk REX SKALP’RAGUK DA YOUNG ” “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  4. A Raguk Rex grumbles as competition arises. . . ((Good post, looks cool
  5. ”Nub think cause lat's da Dominuz we's gonna go eazi on lats.” The Goblin said before being slapped over the head by the Rex. “Accepted!” he whimpered
  6. The Rex nods in approval as he has Fizzard read them to him.
  7. “Accepted, lat’s git!” Cried a goblin, scribbling his name onto a list.
  8. THE KRUG-HAI Mauz-ob da wagh uzg. “Glok agh Glozad.” The Krughai- the military of the War Nation of Krugmar and social ladder of the proud orkish domain. All orks- whether they are the scrawniest goblin or an olog of the dullest wit-are expected to partake, for not to do so is considered a high dishonour. HIERARCHY REX | SKALP’RAGUK THE YOUNG Supreme authority of the Krughai and Keshig alike. ELITE RANKS: Targoth | Eyeboila’Raguk da Ugli General and Primary Overseer of the Krughai. They are typically a particularly battle-hardened and strategically astute Uruk, who is tasked with appointing Warbosses, formulating plans, offering strategic advice and leading the Krughai into battle! Large scale war games and nation-wide training sessions are also organized by the Targoth personally. UNIFORM: Warboss Commanders of the army, responsible for training and leading a small cohort of uruks known as a Warband. A variant of the Warboss is a Seaboss- who leads a “Crew” opposed to a “Warband.” UNIFORM: Flagbearer Tasked with bearing the banner of the Uzg in battle- a slightly more esteemed soldier and right hand to the Warboss. UNIFORM: STANDARD RANKS: Raxborn Widely considered to be the best fighter in the entirety of Krugmar, they are awarded bloodsteel and gold-tinted steel. It is considered a great honor to be the Raxborn of the Krughai and many young uruks seek such out. UNIFORM: Waghboy A more experienced member of the Krughai than the Grunt, having had proved himself in battle and by showing up for trainings. It is also the final rank to earn before moving on to a more elite role. UNIFORM: Grunt Unskilled and seasoned soldiers alike, the Grunts are the main brunt of the Krughai, with cavalry, infantry and archers of various degrees of skills encompassed within the rank. UNIFORM: Runt The newcomers of the Krughai, having not yet earned their uniform. They are often whipped and beaten into a more disciplinary attitude. SPECIALIST RANKS Grubgoth | Fizzard’Raguk Tasked with keeping the bellies of the orkish people full! And providing rations for orks heading into battle. Especially adroit grubgoths may have dabbled with potion making or the art of gold-plating apples. Gruntboss | Shakul’Gorkil Tasked with processing new Grunts and equipping them with surplus armour, a home and a pat on the back. Screamer | Pretkag’Gorkil An Uruk- typically a goblin or an ork with a noticeably shrill voice -tasked with rallying the orcs to their battle stations! MILITARY CENSUS [OOC] IGN: DISCORD: DISCORD: *Discord is mandatory. Uncoordinated soldiers are as bad if not worse than lack of soldiers. [IC] NAME: RACE: “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  9. REARMAMENT OF KRUGMAR [!] The Krugmarian vessels, going down the eastern gap. “Dats da end of it.” The wargoth council sat around on their thrones, looking onto eachother as their council carried on. It was the first one by the young Rex Skalp’Raguk, who had only recently reached the age of 18. Finally, Wargoth Korgahk’Gorkil spoke up, asking what was to be done on the separation of the orcish peoples. The Rex moved to stand in the middle of the room, eyes flicking to each of his countrymen; brothers, elders, healthy rivals and more. He knew and trusted them, and so forth he commanded them. “Dat is da big question, is it nub? For tu long have we stood idle and allowed our race agh power to be separated, for too long have wi bickered about nonsenz when da true threat lies over the river! Mau’madur has abandoned our people, in a weak attempt to gain power for themselves and install pinki policies. Bruddas, mi fear if we do nub akt, our end is nigh. Mi wish nub to spill ork blood, mi hates it, but a separated Uzg is ash bound to flat from stagnation. Wub if we let them fester? Wub if we let their illness spread? Mi will nub have it! We are going to construct mighty ships at da docks of San’Strok, agh wi am going to ride them down towards Ugrad’Lur’s bog. Then we will speak. Wi will nub declare WAAAGH, but we will speak with them. Mi promise dis to lat’s, mi brothers: We will be unified. Mau’madur will rejoin Krugmar. Mi blah da klans to bring wood, bring masts, sails agh anchors; Fizzard, mi blah’s lat’s to make hosh grub for da journey, Nazark, mi blah lat’s to speak with da spirits. Da rest of lat’s, prepare for da trip Ang Gund Griizh! Nagijak urukim! For our peoples, for our way of life!” The Uzg then erupted into cries of Waaagh! and various other salutes. The orks of Krugmar were to create ships to venture down towards Mau’madur and speak to them about the future of their peoples. Unification was at last upon the orcish race, in their grasps, they had merely to reach out and catch it.
  10. THE FIRST DIRECTIVE OF THE REX Early that morning, when the brothers and sisters were preparing themselves for toil and training, the shrill voice of a goblin Crier making his rounds rang out: “Hark! Our strong and most honourable Rex, he who has proven himself mighty against all adversaries, has decreed: Timber must be gathered and brought to the dry dock of Old Krugmar, San’Strok; Those of CLAN LAK still loyal to Krugmar - master shipwrights as they are - are to mill such timber reserves into ships; Those of CLAN RAGUK are to gather iron and forge anchors; And those of CLAN LUR still loyal to Krugmar are to conduct and bring the spoils of the hunt. In addition to this, it is decreed: Eyeboila’Raguk is to put his slaves to work towards the fulfillment of the Rex’s decree; Fizzard’Raguk is to prepare rations for the brothers and sisters. Each ration pack should consist of dried meat, bread and an onion. Nazark and Korgahk’Gorkil are to report to the Rex. That is all, brothers and sisters. Ang gund griish. Nagijak Urukim.”
  11. MinaGobbler

    Vice City

    THE ORCISH PROHIBITION After the wiseman goblin finished his words, the Rex considered such. Would he truly risk the lives of his brothers, his kin and his nation for drink? Was it worth the danger? Perhaps the goblin was a fool, but in Skalp’s mind there was no other choice; if the Old Yeller screamed true, and the orcish people carried on with their ways of vice, such would bring an end to his glorious Krugmar. With great hardship the Rex announced forth: “Mi will nub allow mi glorious nation to bow to da whims of addiction, bruddas. From dis day forth, all grogg am to be removed from mi goi, agh anyash found drinkin’ such will be punished! Mi kan nub allow such illness to gnaw at the gums of mi nation. Da following days will be hard, but we am hardy peoples, agh mi gruk lat will lose lat’s addiction in hosh tik.” Though the young Ork’s announcement met all who stood nearby, and though he fought and defeated an olog for his grogg, the Rex knew this would not be the end of it; for he was cautious of the underground community and their moonshining ways. Nevertheless, a state of prohibition had fallen over the Orks of Krugmar, and only time will tell if it will be fruitful.
  12. The Rex nods with a smile. “Hosh, bruddah, hosh. “
  13. | VOTAR | SEARCH FOR THE HUNTSGOTH [x] The Axios Huntsgoth in their prime. “Gather ‘round, gather round mi bruddas!” The morning in the Uzg broke early that day. All sorts of flora and fauna sprouted from the city. Plants grew off the side of the Goi and rabbits dared venture into the streets; it was as if the spirit of nature had taken hold of the city’s walls. The Rex sneered at such; it had been a while since orks hung up trophies outside their blargs and hunters ventured into the mesa. “Da goi peeps rather busy, does it nub? Da absence of a Huntsgoth in our ranks have made them brave, and mi, Rex Skalp’Raguk, have merely heard of such great hunts agh boons from da wilderness, with nubth’n to show for it. For dis reazon mi announce a year of votar! Decorate lat’s blargs with da trophies lat’s have gathered, agh da ork with da most fruitful boons will be announced as da HUNTSGOTH. Nagijak Urukim, may da best ork win!” OOC: Orcs, the great hunt is upon us again. It’s an eventline where you go out, rp hunting something with a group, then decorate your house with rp items and/or signs. How about rewards, I hear you ask. Well, this time around the reward will the the title of Huntsgoth itself, a seatplace on the Wargoth council, a bloodsteel spear rp item, and the Boomerang above. Next week Sunday I will make my rounds around the Goi, and see who has the most amount of trophies around their house. The most amount of trophies will be chosen as the victor. Those of you who do not have a house yet are encouraged to get one. If you do kill something, whether it be a great elk or a simple elf; reply with this: IGN of those involved: RP name: What you hunted: Screenshot of kill: May the best hunter win.
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