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  1. The Rex of Krugmar nods, glad to have finally made a pact with those who stood with them when Krugmar needed it the most.
  2. The Rex nods approvingly as he reads the reply. “These honorable gits did nub abandon us in da Bootless wagh, lat's gruk dat, ehh? Oi! Mi's askin’ lat's a question lat fat ****!” he'd say before dropping the paper, moving to beat a goblin of some sorts for not looking at him whilst he spoke. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!”
  3. A MISSIVE TO THE GROTTO ⚙-⚙-⚙ “Lucky uz! The Rex, Skalp’Raguk da Uniter, who rules over Krugmar and its domains, orders an audience between Krugmar and the Talons Grotto. We shall arrive there the next Grand Harvest to talk diplomacy. We expect to work together nicely. Dominus Skorkon’Gorkil Rex Skalp’Raguk da Uniter” “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  4. RP Name:: Rex skalp'raguk MC Username: minagobbler Discord: Minagobbler#5184 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: kruygmar **** you ping me next time on ur forum posts ok? Why Do You Wish To Come?: waaagh What Skills Can You Bring?: waagh
  5. The Rex curses, wishing he had started construction on his own arena earlier. Nonetheless, he smiles. “ ‘Ere we go, boyz! “
  6. boutta steal ur formatting good ****
  7. SECOND DIRECTIVE OF THE REX ⚙-⚙-⚙ [!] Throughout San’Azgak sounded the goblin’s cries, for news spread about the city! He tosses out fliers and staple them to the wall, such holding the blueprint of what seemed to be an arena. . . “Lucky uz! The Rex, Skalp’Raguk da Uniter, calls for his second directive! We are to build a bub’hosh arena, but for such we need materials. An ancient blueprint has been uncovered; ‘ere, take ash, boyz. To da east of the Goi are multiple chests and crates for you to deliver your goods to. Ang Gund Griizh!” Coords for chests: xyz[1703/58/180] “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  8. The Rex sends a poorly written response, it detailing how the dwarven friend was always welcome in his city.
  9. "Zhut up idiot.” The Rex replies
  10. MinaGobbler

    ORCS: Ziimarum

    ZIIMARUM Lur orks heading to the feast. “ Two years has left the orcish people enough time to adapt and recover to the recent changes that came from unification. Though the schism has been troublezome, our people endure hardships easily, for we am of Krug’s blood. For dis reason, Rex Skalp’Raguk da Uniter orders all orks to come to Krugmar for a feazt to celebrate our unification. Lucky uz. Rex Skalp’Raguk da Uniter “ Tl;Dr feast tomorrow(friday) at 4 pm est in Krugmar
  11. Rex Skalp’Raguk the Uniter chases some elf beta around with his axe, before being convinced by his council to seat himself down. From there, the youthful Rex invites all over to attempt to win him in an arm-wrestling tourney. None could do so, of course, he was the Rex. When pressed about his opinions about the pressing matters, he would simply loft the inquisitive folk up and use them as darts against the dart board, “Get skahed, git.”
  12. The Rex nods. “Hosh.”
  13. TO MAU’MADUR “Since the Orcish unification, our guidelines have been vague. It is uncertain to what regard Mau’Madur is to be held; so I send out this document to clear such. The Kezuhk is a subordinate to the Rex. Mau’Madur is to be a vassal under Krugmar, and Krugmar hold domain over it’s lands. Krugmar agrees to make no changes within the lands of Mau’Madur, unless it is to aid a defensive effort (e.g building a fort) / the lands are being used to aid the enemy. The Wargoths of clan Lur and Lak from Mau’Madur are allowed into the Wargoth council, and with such come the privileges and power of being Wargoths. Krugmar agrees not to call Mau’Madur into any war he wishes, only when he raises the scorpion banner and the war is considered a threat to orcish race as a whole by the vote of the Wargoth council, or the war is defensive in nature. To do otherwise would be an insult to the agreement. The lands of Mau’Madur are allowed to use their own government system, and elect their own Kezuhk to rule over the lands. The orks of Mau’Madur are considered equal to those of Krugmar, and will be treated as such. Mau'Madur will also be allowed to make its own affairs with other states and nations so long as they do not hinder the orcish race, and pit do not orks to fight against each other. Upon a new Rex taking the throne, the terms will be reconsidered between the Kezuhk and Rex, and if no agreement is met, a klomp will be used as a last resort to decide the terms. Rex Skalp’Raguk da Uniter Kezuhk Ugrad’Lur”
  14. UNITING THE CLANS ⚙-⚙-⚙ [!] Korgahk’Gorkil leading the Krugmar division to Mau’madur’s walls. The day was young; and the sun rose steadily across the Mau’madurian swampy horizon; its rays shining through the bog trees. Rex Skalp the Young, Korgahk’Gorkil and Targoth Eyeboila’Raguk were the first to clamber off their longships. They had come a long way from the sandy mesas and San’Azgak, and had bore unto them many a storm on their way. Nonetheless, they had come to talk to Ugrad’Lur and the other Mau’Madurians; to offer peace to the competing orcish nation. The warband trudged through the bog’s murky waters and cut through the verdant vegetation to arrive at Mau’Madur’s gates. From there, they waited. The sun was not yet at noon, and Skalp was early to the meeting. As the wargoths theorized and planned amongst themselves, Nazark told many a great tale of clan wars and orcish strength to the grunts, reliving his lengthened life. At last, though, the sun shone vertical upon the party, and Ugrad’Lur emerged alone. “Ug, Raguks and Gorkils.” He greeted, and then explained that due to Mau’Madur’s laws, only one orcish diplomat may enter at a time. Krugmar’s band sprung up in retort, defending their Rex and warning him if he entered alone, his death was a surety. However, the young Rex doubted not Mau’Madur’s honor, and entered unattended; albeit somewhat foolishly. From there, Fiil’Yar accompanied the Rex and Kezuhk to Mau’Madur’s round table, where Falum’Lur awaited them. Thus began a long and arduous argument; the party’s tongues flicking over insults and semantics. Suggestions after suggestions were offered by one party, only to have it spat on by the other. Frustrated, the Rex challenged Ugrad to an honor duel. If Skalp won, Mau’Madur would be vassalized and assimilated into Krugmar, and the Rex would rule over them. If Ugrad won, a defensive alliance was to be formed between the two. “Mi am blahin lat’s ash last tik, Ugrad, da Orks am to be unified under ash leader, by peace or by wagh. Mi am nub da boy cryin’ wolf, mi am da wolf walkin’ to da gahk piggies’ wooden blarg. Mi implores lat’s: Accept da klomp or mi will huff puff agh blow lat’s Goi down.” Reluctantly, and threatened with war if he does not, Ugrad agreed. *** “Gaakh Krug hon’tala maukum; Gaakh Krug golmu durbum azh amirz’darg’ub maamar Uruk-hai. Lûp’Krug. May it be Krug looks upon this klomp, may it be Krug gives strength to one who will guide the orcish people best. Praise Krug. Lûp’Lur; Hon’tala lûk’lab Ugrad rad. Kezukh baltu-ob. Praise Lur; Look upon your son Ugrad now. Kezukh of marshes. Lûp’Leydluk; Hon’tala lûk’lab Skalp rad. Rex thagûrzu-ob. Praise Leydluk; Look upon your son Skalp now. Rex of dry fields. Maukum hûrûrz. Gaakh.” Klomp with honor. Let it be. And with the conclusion of Fiil’Yar’s prayers, the bout begun. Fists were thrown, kicks were met with teeth, and grapples tossed about. The honor-duel lasted many an hour, nearly that of a day as the two behemoths tore each other down to the last shred of their willpower. The fight was even, and no clear victor was shown until the end. Ugrad was strong, taller and bearing more muscle than the young Rex, and beat him to a pulp. Skalp’s eyes were bruised, and his teeth were spat aside. However, Skalp was quick, filled with vigor and bearing an undeniable will to continue fighting. Around the Rex’s neck hung the runestone of Leyd, and with a final punch to the flank of Ugrad’s jaw, the smith beat the hunter. Mau’Madur was now assimilated into Krugmar. Ugrad and Skalp then had a similar duel to decide the new orcish Rex, bearing the same results. The crimson Raguk aided Ugrad to his feet, and delivered onto him a respectful headbutt; a warrior’s bond having formed in the youthful Rex’s mind. *** From there, Skalp returned home alone, bruised and bloody, limping and clambering into San’Azgak. Various Krugmarian orks moved to aid him, notably that of Pretkag’Gorkil and Karakah, and they quizzed Skalp about the outcome of his meet with Mau’Madur. With a smile, and a straightened spine, the Rex spoke: “When mi became Rex, there were many doubts. ‘He am too young’, ‘He am just a kub’, ‘He am a Raguk’. They were warranted at the tik, yub, but nub now. Since takin’ lead, has mi nub delivered on mi promises? As a kub, Mi led raids agh won them outnumbered, many of lat’s have gained titles from such; ‘Steelskin’. As a kub, mi has led us through famine agh wagh with Oren, so dat nub’ash would flat under mi kommand. As a kub, mi has revived da Krughai, agh brought aktiviti agh prosperity to Krugmar. Now mi blah to lat’s as an uruk, nub longah a kub. As such, mi has brought lat’s unity. Mau’Madur is assimilated into Krugmar! We am ash people! But there am still promises mi has to deliver, brothers agh sisters; wi have written our first page in da histori books, grab da pen: Let us write some more.” And such were met with jovial cries of relief and celebration. The orcs had been unified, and their combined strength shone through their ranks. They were a strong people once more, unified and driven as a singular machine. Greatness was theirs by birthright, the time was now to take it. “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  15. Rex Skalp’Raguk da Young nods approvingly, glad to see the Gorkils were strong once more.
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