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  1. “I seek not happiness. It is childish to presume such of the world. The world will beat you down, it will tear you apart. You. Will. Suffer. I seek success, for the only way to be happy is to go through these hardships, to go through all that is suffering so you can fail, over and over again until you win. You will not find toughness in the comfortable places of a mother's grasp. You say I have grown from my parents, and that I was happy with them. You are wrong. I was born in the molten core of the firelands, with a number branded on my back by my Wargoth. I was miserable, slobbish, debauched. I taught myself to read, I taught myself to improve. My name was given to me by myself. And even if my parents had taught me to read, I would not wish one more day in their house for a day in such comfortable abodes would make my mind soft, and unwilling to seek challenges for the sake of improving.”
  2. | ON OUR FAILINGS | Below is scribed various gruntglyphs and runes; that of Raguk ink painting across the page’s canvas. Every day, I see Uruks laze about. They sit, under the sun. They drink their alcohol. They smoke their green. They do nothing to better themselves. Then, they come ask me ‘Why I dont get anything done?’ Their heads are filled with excuses. It pisses me off to no regard. You, uruk, son of Krug. Daughter of Krug. you must look within yourself, and be real. Many dont like to do that, because what’s inside is ugly. It’s real ugly. It’s filled with lies about who you are. But you have to be real about yourself. Look into the mirror, be truthful about what you did today that you want to improve. Many Uruks when in trouble say ‘Oh it’s tough’; ‘I cant do it, I tried everything’. You tried everything except being in charge of your brain! An uruk’s brain, when things gets tough it says it’s had enough, it doesn’t want this uncomfortable skah. You’ve got to stop it from taking you to comfortable places. Once you stay in the uncomfortable places, once you show your brain; ‘Im not backing down. You listen to me: I am not backing down.’ it starts to listen. It says ‘well skah, we’ve got to keep going.’ and that’s what it does. It keeps going. You keep going. This is the way of Leyd. Do the skah you dont like. Your wargoth wants you to train the grunts? Go do it. Show life, show the spirits you are not afraid of doing so. You need to fight the inferis demonskah that plague us? Go do it. You need to smith a weapon but you’re not feeling like it? Go. Do. It. Take on challenges, take on adversity. Be an uruk! Nobody in life is going to help you. Nobody in life is feeling sorry for you. If you want something, why dont you go and take it? Why dont you show the spirits the real momoskahin badass that lats am? You can read my scriptures all you like. You can feel motivated all you like. Motivation is skahin skah. Motivation is just an ember that is so easily blown flat by the struggles of life; but embers start wildfires that burn acres. If you want to be successful, you have to look to yourself. Be real with yourself: You can either work hard, work yourself skahin’ hard or you can die nameless or spend the rest of your life doing nothing you are proud of. If you look within yourself, and be honest with yourself; this means taking in your accomplishments and your failures; then work on those failures and successes the next day and the day after that until the ‘Stroh takes you up to drink with Krug, then you will succeed.
  3. | The Kratoist Reply | “To establish a group dedicated to the ways of science and philosophy is a noble act. One done to further the knowledge of all descendant kind. There is no doubt within my mind that there will come great revelations from your establishment. However, to give out a monetary reward; something so fickle and worthless as Minae for the furtherment of philosophy is pitiful. It is weak to fall into greed, and have your mind’s strength nulled by that which is shiny. Think to yourself: Would those who try to gain your reward not script their pages to be dramatists? Would they not bend their truth to the agenda of the banker? Ask yourself: Are your applicants really strong in the mind? Do they deserve your prestigious and insignificant title if the real reason they give their pages up so easily is simply monetary? Mental Strength, Physical Strength, this is all that matters. Do not fool yourself.” -Matumakh’Raguk
  4. let’s be real here girl in red is the best LGBT artist
  5. Hi! I’m really glad you’re comfortable and happy about who you are. You’re accepted here, Caroline
  6. sandk1ng we havent talked in ******* months damn how have u been
  7. Matumakh’Raguk looks at the Lak’s signature “huh”
  8. Matumakh’Raguk nods, smiling as he hears the Rex giving whitewashes a chance to redeem their sins.
  9. MinaGobbler

    Eternal Uzg 8.0

    O boy, this is epic.
  10. “The Bravery of this Uruk, to charge without armor, outnumbered against the Ireheart scum? Wub a chad.” The Wargoth said, being impressed with Dungar
  11. PAPER III: | THE PHYSICAL STRENGTH | What: To be physically strong. To have your muscles be at their peak physicality, and to have the ability to protect your nation and your family; is the ultimate honor. To have confidence in your ability to run, your ability to lift, your ability to endure all challenges the spirits and mortals throw at you physically. Think of Rax, think of Leyd. This is what we must achieve. Why: Your brothers and sisters depend on you, their honor is hinged on yours. Your ability to save them, to aid them if need be, is essential. Remember Matumakh: Murdok’s agility saved you and your brothers when the worm attacked. Murdok’s physicality, saved yours. How: Over the years I have experimented with exercising. Training my physical body in the best I can. I have compiled a list of activities which will help me. Remember: Think of the muscle I am moving; and move only that muscle. Do not swing, exercise. Do not jump around disorganized like a gorkil, you are a Raguk. Your exercises are on the list. Then was scribed a workout: https://www.onnit.com/academy/climbing-the-hill-the-ultimate-calisthenics-transformation/ Tl;dr This post serves as a collection of papers published by Matumakh’Raguk in his spare time. More replies will be made in the future.
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