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  1. The Rex nods as Nazark’s plan finally comes to fruition. “Hosh job, brudda.”
  2. When are we overthrowing staff team together? Any sneak peaks to your plans with the war system?
  3. Imagine the server without Korvic Bless this man
  4. MinaGobbler

    Fare Thee Well

    Grizurk'Raguk sits in Stargush’Stroh, having had remembered fighting the elf in the Ork-Elf atlas war. He delivers a salute of respect to a fellow soldier, even if they were of opposing sides.
  5. THE SCORPION BANNER IS RAISED As the Rex, Skalp’Raguk the Uniter, sat idle and pondered the Renelian situation, he weighed his options. The Suticans attacked spiritualists, and had even heretically denied the old gods’ existence in sight of his Mau’Madurian subjects upon their visit. To not go to war would be to leave his kin alone in their struggle, and most of all, it would mean Krugmar was left out of the fun. Nay, the spiritualists were kin in the eyes of Krug, and in the eyes of the Rex. Skalp rose from his feet, screaming at a goblin to move with haste. “Go now! To each on mi council, bring mi their vote.” and off set the messenger, for he held a letter of great importance. To raise the scorpion banner was to proclaim a holy war in the name of orkish kind itself, and no small ordeal. The replies were haste, and soon Krugmar’s halls were filled with ravens, pigeons and all sorts of avians delivering their answer. And such was unanimous, for Enrohk does not look kindly to those who mock him, for Leyd does not look kindly to those that turn the other cheek, and Krug’s peoples do not look kindly to those that harm it’s kin. Krugmar and it’s dominions had spoken, and war was to be declared on Sutica in order to aid the spiritualists of Renelia. The Scorpion Banner had been raised. Ang-Gijak-Ishi, Ang Gund Griizh, Nagijak Urukim! CLICK HERE FOR WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH TUNES
  6. i love how you talk about a disconnect with players and fixing that but the last time you spoke in staff discord was the third of december get on my ass for ‘leaking from staff chat’ idc but you’re making empty promises here bud
  7. The Rex of Krugmar nods, glad to have finally made a pact with those who stood with them when Krugmar needed it the most.
  8. The Rex nods approvingly as he reads the reply. “These honorable gits did nub abandon us in da Bootless wagh, lat's gruk dat, ehh? Oi! Mi's askin’ lat's a question lat fat ****!” he'd say before dropping the paper, moving to beat a goblin of some sorts for not looking at him whilst he spoke. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!”
  9. A MISSIVE TO THE GROTTO ⚙-⚙-⚙ “Lucky uz! The Rex, Skalp’Raguk da Uniter, who rules over Krugmar and its domains, orders an audience between Krugmar and the Talons Grotto. We shall arrive there the next Grand Harvest to talk diplomacy. We expect to work together nicely. Dominus Skorkon’Gorkil Rex Skalp’Raguk da Uniter” “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  10. RP Name:: Rex skalp'raguk MC Username: minagobbler Discord: Minagobbler#5184 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: kruygmar **** you ping me next time on ur forum posts ok? Why Do You Wish To Come?: waaagh What Skills Can You Bring?: waagh
  11. The Rex curses, wishing he had started construction on his own arena earlier. Nonetheless, he smiles. “ ‘Ere we go, boyz! “
  12. boutta steal ur formatting good ****
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