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Matrimony Between Celestial Star and The Moon’s Darling Pearl 



You are hereby invited to the Union of Adiler and Viola 


Greetings dear Friends and Family Lady Viola and Lord Adiler are excited to announce their beloved daughter and son the Vikelian couple will finally take their vows, and be united as one, we cordially extend our invites to you dear family, friends and acquaintances to witness this celestial matrimony of Her Highness the moon princess Raeliana @ValleyOfLavender, and his lordship lord Mael Adiler @Kais


The celebration will happen 172 of the Second Age outside of the walls of the grand kingdom of Vikela, surrounded by dazzling lights and greenery, within the elegance of  Crystal Pavilion come and enjoy Vikelian cuisine while basking in the brilliance of this celebration, please join us with the best interest at heart, feel free to share your best stories to fluster both bride and groom




Her Highness Raeliana and his lordship Mael Adiler.



Lists of Invitations


Grooms father: Lord Xavier Adiler and his pedigree @MockingbirdArt

Bride mother: Medea Viola and her pedigree @JTMedea

Kaeronin household

Madoc’Lur and his Pedigree @Sewer_Rat



Invited Friends

 Lord Gregorius Roa and his pedigree @Me_llamo...

Wilford and Atticus Reinhold, VIscounts of Stormont, and their pedigree. @Hom@mothsthetic

Grimm Halfaway-Sturmstrike and his Pedigree @simpleglitchbro

Farian Malto of Clan Gylldene and his pedigree @PestyWarlock

Iosefka Anarórë and his Pedigree @ichigomaster98

Ryvel Vulnrith and his Pedigree @Kanapes

The Undying Pipsqueak! Ser Spuds and his Pedigree @Turbo_Dog

Peter StroHeim @HugoAntero


Invited Kingdoms

Her Ladyship Primach Jenny and her Pedigree @milksoda

Nor-Velyth: the Moonlit Land and her residence 


The Silver Lubba Lumia Uialben and her pedigree @Snow1770

The Serene State of Lurin and her Residence

Mimosa Applefoot, Thain of Dúnfarthing and her pedigree @NotEvilAtAll

The Shiredom of Dúnwen and her residence


Monarch Lenora Jusmia and her pedigree @Bethinwonderland

The Unified Domain of Vortice and her residence


Her royal Majesty, Sybille I and her pedigree @HIGH_FIRE

The kingdom of Balian and her residence


His Royal Majesty, The Prince of Fi'andria Itthrak Ibarellan and his pedigree @Moping

The Principality of Celia’nor and her redidence


His Duchyness Xavier Adiler and his pedigree @MockingbirdArt

The People of Maehr’nor and her residence


Sohaer Theveus Sythaerin and his pedigree @MailC3p

The Silver Empire of Haelun’or and her residence


Special Invites

Ak’vei Guild




March Saturday 16th at 4pm est


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As the invitations had reached the Adiler manor, Ama'Ria would smile warmly to the elegant photo of the couple, fondly remembering how short a time ago it felt that they were once children. "They grow up so fast...." She muttered to herself as the lady of the house made sure to place the invitation on display for the family to all see in their time before returning to her previous tasks within the abode.

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The Leg Grabber observes their name being below Farian and Grimm.

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Spuds reads the invite as he sat at Mushburger. The musin taking his meal to go as he with burger in one hand and invitation held high in another shouted throughout the town of Babblebrook “HEY HEY WE ARE INVITED SOMEWHERE! THEY HAVE CAKE IF THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH REASON!”

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