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  1. one day, haskir will unite the three pieces of the triforce tlatlanni and become the new daemon of time
  2. "To the Mr. Cassiel, We'll be delighted to have you. The upcoming lesson in your curriculum, Language with Aiera Sullas, will be held 9th of the First Seed, 1804 S.A or Year 8((3pm EST, today)). Because this is a little out of your preferred schedule, Mrs. Sullas is free to meet with you a few days((hours)) afterward. One will be seeing you soon!"
  3. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Stumpye)) Name: Aiera Sullas Vote for Okarir'san: () Caledor Laraethryn (XX) Abstain
  4. “I pine for a peace of history and in learning who I am, my pride and joy is so suddenly becoming of me. ahern ito k’leh, maelue heya maelue. Step trepidatious through the dark, underneath the foggy shade, from the cloud of unknowing, read onward. I hope to overhear, the need for me now that I know myself, I am an Okarir’maehr. Aiera Sullas, 1798 S.A.” [A poem, “okarir naelunan.”] Stepping into the Grand Lobby of San’evarir, before the stairwells
  5. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Stumpye)) Name: Aiera Sullas Vote for Okarir'hiylun: (XX) Seth Calith ( ) Valyris Wynasul
  6. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Stumpye)) Name: Aiera Sullas Vote for Okarir'tir: ( ) Kiljarys an Iarwaïn ( ) Finnadh Uradir (XX) Kolvar Trafina
  7. “Finally someone says something about it.” The Sullas matriarch comments on the new posting of interpersonal anguish, chortling to herself. “You know, before I took up my own mantle over Sullas, I spread handfuls of letters addressed to Lucion across the entire mainland of Arcas, even though he hadn’t been spotted in elcihi in decades, if not a century or longer. When he answered, I rightfully acquired my authority and so I brandish it with only the most sincere and determined desire for prosperity within my Talonnii. That is how it is done.” Her prattles concluded there to a likely bored audi
  8. "Who?" T'was Aiera Sullas' first question when Maenor arrived with his resounding statement, the elfess leering o'er her coworker's shoulder after he approached. "They're running for Okarir? That is.. Supremely odd. The Eternal Library is a mess, I wouldn't want to hold any thing on that floor for worry of folks tripping on the stacks of tomes being sorted." From then on she swallows any other comments, her disgruntled brows drawing in to ruminate on this sudden scheduling.
  9. At first as Aiera Sullas read o’er the sharp edge of her specs, her eyes narrowed in contempt- Too many had been lost. Why did they do this thing? Leave their children and sometimes spouses? Somewhere in the matriarch’s black heart a pang hit her frame, but she shook it off before it surfaced, uttering upwards to Maenor Aildhuin whom was no doubt in the vicinity; as he often was for any regular gossip, and particularly when she reached a minor error like this one. “So this is why her son is illiterate. I am always surprised when I see this one. Almost as bad as Mr. Dagre’sae getti
  10. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Stumpye)) Name: Aiera Sullas Vote for Sohaer: ( ) Arelyn Iyathir ( ) Nuala Telperion (xx) Abstain
  11. "Goodness, he's been busy." Okarir'maehr- that's Councilor of Academics for those unawares,- Aiera Sullas muses o'er a a cup of something toasty in the cool evening she faced. Albeit the snow had stopped sticking, but that didn't keep the chill off. Not to mention the cold ice of politics. Adventure seemed more fun, in this immediate moment. Then she remembered the Fall of Arcas, and figured that it was no good at all. Leave it to the youth, perhaps.
  12. Aiera Sullas rubs her temples somewhere in the depths of San’evarir, reading the latest gossip over a tall cup of coffee and her plans for her family residence, scratching out placements for a floor plan until the drama became evident. “Hypocrites,” she utters under her breath, erasing a sofa and placing it on the other side of an imagined room.
  13. As an artist Kiki's Delivery Service always makes me super comfy as it deals with motivation and fairly obviously alludes to artistic motivation specifically. Also growing up which is topical too. Definitely the thing about lack of internal dialogue is notable about RP- You need to be able to have interactivity with your emote so it must be very physical, but I kind of like providing that mystery in my non-dialogue writing. Why'd my character sigh? Why'd she look away? The audience is reeling! Not so dramatic as that, but still. The fact of it inherently creating intrigue with the lacking
  14. Yeah, welcome!! Good luck to you. I main high elves now, but I was also a wood elf starter. Elves in general good. I'm sure you'll learn and grow quickly, it's really just about building a solid base for your character's interactions with the world. When I create personas I think a lot about how they'd react to mundane or even emotional things, as often my character's reaction to events will inform what they want to do about it. Less so than figuring out specific goals (but those are good too) I figure out who my person is and then they find opportunities through their traits and also gain
  15. "Ew. Just propose to him already, you're making me nauseous. I won't call you mother, how ever, let me get that straight right now." When Nuala brought up a certain Calith, Aiera recoiled, the Sullas' face flushing a shade darker as she used the pamphlet to fan herself of both the hot flash and the embarrassment. "I don't know why you hate Rhenaer, I actually think you two would get along more than you do with me, considering his bold political moves.. I am a moderate, not a 'loyalist' if that's what we're calling them now. I am flattered that you think I am the epitome of purity, though, an
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