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  1. Political Compass thread

    dude. weed the political compass "economy" questions are kind of dumb. being opposed to monopolies and liking public broadcasting doesn't make you a socialist
  2. King of Renatus to the Holy Father.

    "You murdered my brothers in the faith you pallid, spineless, weak-willed worm. GOD shall sooner see you on a cross." remarks a Lucienist!
  3. Gunpower lore the third

    Would like to have legitimate cannons instead of "runic" ion cannons or vaguely "alchemical" secret formulas for gunpowder that isn't actually gunpowder. Gunpowder is an equitable solution that doesn't turn firearms into the vague specialty of a few special characters, like magic almost certainly does. Small arms on the other hand are a big ehhh. Any way you slice it, people aren't going to use firearms in a realistic or particularly fun way. And realistically, if we just discovered gunpowder we might have hand cannons. Why would advances like the matchlock just come to us despite having no real use for it up until now? See these horribly inaccurate, dangerous things for what the descendants might achieve with gunpowder and some innovation. I still think the Lore Team should seriously consider this. It ties up a loose end in the lore (why do we have laser guns but early black powder weaponry is a no?) and gives a lot of opportunities for neat RP.
  4. Here comes the King: Missives to the Nobility.

    "Renatus failed once, and it is bound to fail again." Conláed shrugged.
  5. How to increase player retention as a player

    >powergame extensively in combat >demand ppl d40 after brow beating them into dying in rp
  6. [Denied] [ET Actor] PapiPollo

    I'd have no idea what you were doing if you didn't accept this.
  7. October Player Activity Analysis

    I was going to say something harsh about how it's really pointless to spend time collecting data on player counts and activity when you could be online roleplaying and creating activity but this is just insane
  8. i quit

    oh o-okay bye
  9. [Staff Report] Vaynth and Paleo

    maxu you don't have to do this
  10. Leap1Ghosts' Second GM Application

    unironically roleplays wrist crossbows +1
  11. Two Jolly Sparks

  12. have seen nothing but good rp from this guy +1
  13. Reform the LT

    No players are is what I meant :'c