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  1. its not like i care, baka

    There can never be an antagonist because there can never be a storyline. Hundreds of people have hundreds of different interpretations of the LoTC setting, and hundreds of different visions for what should happen in it. The most successful antagonists have always been the ones that embraced this fact rather than working against it. The Westerlands event line was fairly well-regarded because it was kept local and the antagonists and protagonists worked together in OOC to create fun. The Undead are remembered as a menacing antagonist, but I have to wonder if players in Aegis really liked the Undead much. An antagonist needs to have a goal that the characters, but not the players, are at odds with. Killing everyone and destroying the map simply isn't something most of our community can get behind. There are a lot of alternatives to "screechy evil overlord trying to kill all the descendants" that simply haven't been explored. Plagues, famines, an ice age, a gold rush, all of these offer new avenues for roleplay. I'm surprised the 'evil macguffin of great power that is coveted and must be destroyed' trope hasn't been played on a server called the Lord of The Craft. Simply creating an RP faction then giving them special enchanted items, magic spells, and PvP buffs does not a compelling antagonist make. Forcing the entire playerbase to accept one person's vision for an LoTC storyline does not work. If we're going to have antagonist, either make it a local occurrence, or something that doesn't necessarily entail everyone fighting a bunch of zombies.
  2. Perma Kill During Warclaims

    generally can't agree with forced pks but this might be the only case it makes sense. would deter nations from warring constantly with no consequence and force more cautious diplomacy. +1
  3. Extended Cards update.

    I wouldn't call these "buffs"
  4. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    I used to be a big fan of these kinds of posts like a year ago before I realized that they were completely useless and have never actually accomplished anything. I found out that I got better results by talking to staff directly and being honest with them than I did writing forum posts calling the staff incompetent and corrupt. I found out that if I just decided "I'm going to have fun on lotc" I actually had a lot of fun on lotc. Most of the evil staff hegemony stuff was just kinda in my head and it went away when I realized that the GMs were human beings. Really the staff can't do that much about metagaming and powergaming, partly because there are no community standards about meta/powergaming and partly because conflict resolution is difficult. It turns out that just banning people isn't an effective strategy and it causes a lot more damage than the staff would usually like to cause. The GM team can't really enforce the rules on anyone because the friends of a banned player are almost guaranteed to chimp out about it. If you really want to get rid of metagaming/powergaming, you should start with yourself and your own group of friends. Hold discussions in-character rather than in skype chats. Uphold a standard of quality in your group and help mediate disputes between your group members and other players. The GMs would drop dead trying to fight every instance of metagaming that happens on this server as it happens, but that doesn't mean you can't call metagaming out as it happens. If you expect the GMs to "fix problems" you have to at least meet them halfway.
  5. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    this ! ! ! would be highly useful
  6. Lore Amendment: Voidal Magic

    1v1 me irl
  7. Lore Amendment: Voidal Magic

    no u
  8. Lore Amendment: Voidal Magic

    ok void magic is gay ! ! !
  9. card stuff looks dope tbh That being said, DPM is right that these buffs are overpowered. If creatures get immunity to hunger they need to have a fixed, low saturation value and a slowness debuff.
  10. [Addition] Ritual Of The Three Moons

    hey why not +1
  11. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    no what's the point
  12. Your skins may have been stolen!

    He seems to be active on his enjin account, witch hunt? If PMC isn't going to do anything you might as well contact him and tell him to take them down.
  13. In Need of Children (kinda)

    hello welcome to fantasy world where fantasy things happen we both understand punnett squares and simple mendelian genetics even though eye color is polygenic thank u we just thought it would be a cute character design I guess they have waardenburg syndrome actually if we need an explanation
  14. [Lore Sub] Ghoul Ammendment (Small thing)

    cool and good +1
  15. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    See, this is a solid argument that addresses the thread topic. I don't have answers to the questions you're posing. I do have answers to Swgr's smug, off-topic editorializing, which happen to be that I find his RP preferences obnoxious and his attitude completely repugnant. I don't know how it's a hard concept that when you insult people in an argument, it's okay and not off-topic to defend those people. Maybe if you weren't using the thin facade of "argument" to pass off your special preferences as legitimate criticism, I would respect anything you were saying. I'm not. If you could go a single sentence without throwing a spastic fit, I think I could read what you were saying, and possibly even agree with it. But you're just too conceited. You started the "pick on x person because they derive inspiration from a video game or nip animation series" by flailing your arms and shrieking "this is anime high school bullshit!!!" and you gave me the opportunity to pick on your RP preferences when you started this argument by snarking at someone else's RP preferences. The fact that I think your roleplay is obnoxious is tertiary to the fact that you seem to think your roleplay preferences should be enforced on everyone else. I don't think your distinction between undead and descendants is meaningful, especially if you consider the sort of characters that become undead. People created ghoul characters in Axios so they could have the necrolyte buff in PvP, people create ghoul characters now so they can emote not feeling pain or bleeding in roleplay combat. These characters are so empty and one-dimensional that there isn't really a difference between how they act living or dead. The simple fact is, if we were sliding down the slippery slope of "and then they'll be playing pink haired anime high school girls," we reached the bottom of that slope already. It is almost universally agreed that there are too many CA's, too many for it to mean anything to be a special creature, too many for the lore team to manage efficiently. The problem I have is that while I would like creatures to be "special," I do not want a group of people trying to copy whatever video game/TV/anime setting they like into the LoTC setting and punishing other players for roleplaying outside of that vision. It was Game of Thrones in 3.0, Dragon Age in 4.0, the Witcher in Vailor and Soulsborne in Axios. I agree that it's silly that a plant should be able to pop out a human baby, except that it's a fantasy setting and if you take fantasy too seriously it collapses into a sludge of grimdark edge bullshit. The best fantasy settings embrace the inherent silliness of a world populated by magical elves and plant people, and invite the viewer to do the same thing. That's what make them entertaining. Being the killjoy that takes everyone out of their immersion to tell everyone that circumstances predicated on literal magic could not happen does not help anyone.