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  1. ok but why are you judging children on their attractiveness
  2. Estelle paces around, pondering for some time. She decides to put the paper down, walking away, ”Van’ayla it seems, Haelun.”
  3. Annabelle grins while pinning the invitation to her wall ”My my, how lovely!” She’d hum in delight.
  4. every chicken i eat is real chicken thank you very much
  5. Dashingstar


    Annabelle was the second youngest child born into the noble family of Lyndonn, who settled just north of the Yatl wastelands in the Sleetfells, and have always been wealthy and the family lived off of subsistence farming. Annabelle dreamed of finding her soulmate was destined to be in an arranged marriage with someone from another noble family. Because of their location, and the recent expansion of the Yatl Wastelands, the Lyndonn family’s food supply diminished quickly. Annabelle, being the smart woman she is, realized that the days with her family were numbered, and set off north, away from the Sleetfells, to try and make something of herself. However, she doesn’t have much knowledge of the outside world, as she has lived in the family’s estate her whole life, and isn’t accustomed to the customs of daily life.
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