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    Ah the iron fist of admin tyranny, nice.
  3. Joey comments upon reading to invitation, ”Court is BORING.”
  4. Omar Grimmer’Lak do you want to help me fill every nation capital with boats?
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  6. Edward would smile upon hearing the name Anabel and drown in a sea of cherished intimate memories.
  7. I’ve expanded some redlines to help clarify what people can do with the AOE effects such as the draining Draining AoE can be lethal, however it would take a significant amount of time for it to so. They can also only be placed on areas where the creator has PRO permission or direct permission to do so (e.g. their own base or in a small area of a city they have gotten permission to do so in), these areas cannot be massive however can be of some size (e.g. around a person’s house) however cannot be something such as entire portions of a city Basically it can be lethal if u decide to sleep there for a day or so, but other than that it’s just a significant deterrent, I’m also going to add how they can be destroyed
  8. You have been accepted as an Acolyte of the clergy, welcome Acolyte. You have been accepted as an Initiate of the clergy, welcome Initiate.
  9. Redon Empire Age of Expansion 128 REU, 2208 Turn 7 -Expenditures/Assets- Standard Income - 15,000c Pop 5 bil - 15,000c Rulership One: 5M, 5,000c 10 Civ Infrastructure - 10,000c Full Rights - 5,000c Research Facilities (-)7,000c Ship Upkeep (-)4,000c Previous Unspent 10,000c Total Currency - 49,000c Materials - 5 Supplies - 20 Research - 9 Total Population – 5,360,346,690 Government Rulership - One Attitude - Tradition Rights - Full Faith - Cultural Economy - Planned Foreign Politics - Balanced Mentality - War Current Features Redon Homeworld - 10 Civil Infrastructure Kaldorian B - 7 Research Facilities Tryarmon researched - 2r (4r total) Actions The colony ship is given the final amount of materials required for its completion (2M, 8 Total) Research continues into refining and creating a more efficient industry for materials (9R into BI, 18 Total) 49,000c Unspent
  10. The Swiss Confederacy Rebuilding The previous six months have been a flurry of activity for the Swiss. Many men have been moved and the armies merged. In the flurry, the governments have struggled to amalgamate their scriptures and ledgers, meaning many men are left by the way side. The resulting army that came from a force that, while disparate, may have numbered in the tens of thousands, can now barely scratch five. The burghers, in their alarm, begin the confederacies move into a more centralised state. Using part of the uncompleted census has given them a basis for the governance, and the cantons agree on a central government, based off the fourteen, along with their associates. While some of the Cantons have much greater clout, the divide between the people of the Swiss must be closed. They must have peace in the confederacy, even if the outside world burns. The Cantons The cantons are in a state of flux. Many merchants and business men run their errands through the streets, for they are rebuilding a nation. Underclerks and minor dignitaries speak to grizzled veterans, beginning the start of a recruitment drive. Assessments of the equipment the swiss is undertaken and the business the swiss do have is assessed. Actions [Mod] The Swiss Confederacy takes stock in their current forces, beginning a pogrom of training, having the men train in the traditional pike square, as well as the new musket techniques sweeping the continent. [Mod] Recruiters are sent throughout the Swiss lands: to recruit fresh faced young men to swell the ranks once more; bring back those who were lost in the merging; and to find those Swiss mercenary captains who have retired to their farmsteads, to bring experience back to the forces. The aim is to bring the army back to a force of approximately fifty thousand within the next three years. [Mod] Trusted burghers of the state are told to inform Swiss who either live, serve or work abroad of the sweeping changes being brought to the nation. They are instructed to hint to these individuals that the new confederated states wish to employ numbers of people to the land and the forces. The Swiss government undergoes it’s severe reform, forming it’s bureaucracy to oversee the land. The census of the confederacy continues, as the previous bureaucracy must be worked through. ((Apologies for the mass of actions and lack of RP, this week has been rather busy.))
  11. “Haense’s rally numbered a mere thirty head just the last Saint’s Day, great to know Haense’s nobles have their priorities straight” comments Joseph Barrow (whose last name happens to be unrelated)
  12. I honestly agree for this to be a thing if it’s a Creature app which is needed to play 🙂
  13. Kingdom of Icefeld 1521 ____________________________ King Havvard paced around the table slowly running his fingers deftly through his fine grey beard, his chain shirt jingled lightly as he paused movement and spoke “They are fierce, but they lack the numbers.” The Chief Soldier head of the Icefeld Army nodded slowly as the other guild Chiefs sat around the table. Around the room the sunlight glowed through the large windows, copper pipes with heat radiated off of them from the edges. “From what the Explorer Franz Josef and his expedition have uncovered they are proud but they lack the certain...quality of life we have.” Havvard nodded as he slowly seated himself in the chair staring out over the capital below. “We must bring them into the fold” Chief Builder Balain noted with a firm nod “It will benefit both kingdoms and solidify ourselves in the North.” Havvard let out a sigh “We will solidify ourselves, we share common ancestry. It shall be done.” ________________________________________ Franz Josef adjusted his courtier wear as he tapped his boots on the ground outside the tall wooden door. He had arrived back in Kaldvask the Royal Capital, only two days before, with a loud screech the oak door was opened by two guards as Franz walked into the throne room, various high ranking guild workers, nobles and the elite lined the sides clapping as he entered the room striding across the marble floor towards the throne. After thousands of miles he was finally back in his home an expedition over. King Havvard rose from his throne as Franz stopped. The court fell silent as the King spoke “Franz Josef…...you have served our kingdom well, and with honour befitting your position and stature. Your expedition has brought Icefeld new glory! Fame! It has brought us into the eyes of the world...Kneel Franz” Franz Josef lowered himself to his knees before the King. Drawing his sword a finely smithed Ice glass blade with inlaid gold and silver. “Do you swear to defend to uphold the law and defend the rightful ruler to Icefeld, King Havvard I and my heirs and successors?” Frans spoke “Yes I do.” Havvard continued “Do you swear to defend those who cannot defend themselves? To protect the weak and innocent? To carry out the tasks asked of you by GODs and men?” Franz nodded “I do…” Havvard stepped towards Franz smacking him firmly upside the head with his free hand. “Let this be the last blow you take unanswered!” King Havvard raised his blade hovering it over the shoulders of franz, the cold freezing him to the bone but never making contact. “Then arise Ser Franz of the House Josef, a knight of Icefeld!” The applause resounded through the throne room as Franz stood King Havvard sheathed his blade as he turned to speak to the newly anointed Knight “We have big plans for you Ser Franz, you are a hero after all…” ____________________________________________________________________ Actions The annexation of the Auldic tribes begins in earnest as the spring warms the Icefields of the north. The Icefeld army marches east and crosses the strait during the warmer months using the well experienced returned explorers from Franz Josef’s Expedition to guide the army safely across the ice to the Island of the nearest Auldic Tribe. Regrouping themselves 500 Icefeld Raiders depart with Ser Franz to the tribe carrying an offer. They make contact with the tribe and using prior relations and his vast knowledge of the tribes, Franz Josef brings the kings offer which consists of 10,000 gold to willingly join the fold under the Kingdom of Icefeld. The chiefs of the tribes are offered control of their local territory as Barons provided they swear fealty to King Havvard. If the local tribes refuse. The Icefeld Army is to march on to take the southern tip of the island by force. The total force consisting of 2,000 Icefeld Raiders T1 2,000 Medium Infantry T1 1,000 Icefeld Sappers T1 1,500 Medium Archers T1 2 Mangonel Units 1000 Heavy infantry T3 1000 Crossbowmen T3 3000 Medium Infantry T3 500 Heavy Cavalry T3 The Explorers of the Expeditions having returned with Franz Josef, prepare report after report on all aspects of the Auldic tribal societies to give the Icefeld Army every edge in all manners using their years of time living among the Auldic. A vast sum of wealth is thrust towards the Army to complete this task, ensuring all needs for provisions, equipment and support staff as well as increased Campaign pay for the soldiers. 40,000 gold 16,000 gold is spent recruiting 2000 T3 Medium Infantry 500 T3 Crossbowmen are recruited 5000 gold 5000 gold is spent building two galleys 4000g is sent to the treasury Population 2,500,000 Base 3,996,763 Growth Total Population: 6,496,764 Cities- 2 Towns- 8 Settlements- 0 Treasury 25,100 gold Trade Partners Blackmarrow Ulaydar Auldic Tribes Men of Olm Financial Base Income: 3000g Trade: 4000g Economic Points: 6000g Merchant Guilds: 6000g Towns: 21,000g Foundry: 11,000g Iceglass: 4500g Population: 21,000g Upkeep: -3000g Military 2,500 Icefeld Raiders T1 2,500 Medium Infantry T1 1,000 Icefeld Sappers T1 1,500 Medium Archers T1 2 Mangonel Units 1000 Heavy infantry T3 1000 Crossbowmen T3 3000 Medium Infantry T3 500 Heavy Cavalry T3 1 Caravel Industry 30 Mushroom Farms 2 Merchant Guilds 11 Foundry 1 Tier 1 Iceglass Mine
  14. Law Addition;- Criminal Law, Class C Resisting Arrest Any attempt to resist the order of a member of the Traceless Order, Empyrshield, or Lordly Consul, when being apprehended for another breach of Law. Any attempt to assault the individual apprehending you will count as a breach of law for Resisting Arrest, and also Assault. Resisting Arrest is an ‘additional’ crime that is stacked on top of another law breach, and may continue to stack depending on the manner of the resistance.
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  16. MC Name: con8888 RP Name: Thereon Lightningbeard Race: Mountain Dwarf Discord (For communication and rallying): Garen#4364 Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST
  17. May I please have the Toy Soldier and the Friendship Bracelet? The Toy Soldier would go to two people Kerav regards rather warmly, the (eventual) Grand Prince of Fenn, and his (only) friend, a mercenary with a heart of gold. In Game Name: Sovereign_15 Thank you very much for your consideration, and doing all of this.
  18. [Ooc] Username: Numirya Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Too many Discord: numirya#5929 Timezone: Eastern +1 [RP] Name: Amaryia Tathvir Gender: Female Place of residence: Thathvir Manor Race/Sub-race/Culture: Fenn Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes
  19. Pun

    An Admission,

    An Admission, Good evening all, Leading up to the start of the warclaim, after warsend had opened, I had instructed my team that players who had an outstanding Villainy Blacklist on their accounts would be barred from taking part in the warclaim. This was facilitated through the issuing of temporary bans on these accounts that had outstanding Blacklists. In total, three players from the Haense side and Two from the Renatus side were removed from the warclaim under my instruction. I take full responsibility for this decision and the bans that were carried out as a result of my decision. After taking a couple of hours to step back away from the server and reflect upon the outcomes as a result of this, I have come to the conclusion that further discussion with my fellow administrators and a review of the current blacklist system along with a possible rework of this system is required. To those five players who were removed, you shall be receiving a refund of one set of armor, one sword, a stack of bread, a bow & thirty-two arrows as compensation for your items being wiped. Upon the posting of this thread, these items have been put into your enderchest or your actively selected person. Thank you, Pun
  20. watch them make this a requirement to appeal VB’s
  21. Yesterday
  22. (( An OOC album of screenshots for everyone that was there! I know it’s out of order but there’s 95 pictures so I was at the mercy of Imgur. If you attended, have a look and see if you can spot yourself in the screenies! )) https://imgur.com/a/1mMpISv
  23. Players/Group Requesting: Orcs and Clan Laklul What kind of Event are you looking for?: Laklul, the lesser spirit of swamps ascension into being an independent spirit free to rule the swamps and bogs how he wants, breaking apart from Freygoth and becoming his own entity without being under the boot of another spirit. Nothing will change powerwise, no real great end game goal, just a swamp spirit becoming his own master 🙂 Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Free to discuss times, but would like it to be within the next few months Organizer's Discord: errent#2236
  24. “The excommunications on some of the Pertinaxi Horens were very well justified, such as Yury, Antonious and Alexandria. I do hope our new Pontiff would put our Auditor of the Tribunal to better work, such as the incest that runs rampant in the Pertinaxi lines, most of them have married their cousins and close family members. Might he also direct the Auditor to investigate the Emperor claiming themselves to be leader of the Canonist Church in their treaty with Suffolk, this was taken our as soon as people knew it was included. How about the Emperor appointing a non-clergyman, without a synod, John Alexander to act as Anti-Pontiff? Godfrey and his child bride, whom is his cousin, had their wedding ceremony officiated by a non-clergyman and the Anti-pontiff he appointed. The desecration of the Helena Cathedral by turning it into a slaughterhouse with an execution device and skulls decorating the hall. I do not have high hopes that these will be investigated and if they are, they will be poorly done with little outcome.” said Zachery.
  25. IGN: Giolino Discord: Giolino#7153 Skin Type(Steve/Alex): Steve Request Type(See ‘Skins’): Can we continue on disc Skin Details(For the love of god, be descriptive.): continue on disc References(Don’t be complicated or I just won’t make it on disc
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