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  2. Look, I won't beleaguer the point, but you do know this is LOTC, right?
  3. idk can you cast from a horse with voidal magic? moving probably not standing still sure,,, if a magic requires "focus" then usually it means "no multi-tasking"
  4. Hello. My name is Matt and I've been a member on the server for over 5 years now. I have come back after a long hiatus to find a lot of my old friends seem to have moved on from the server and that's completely fine with me. I almost did the same lol. I'm interesting in either starting or joining a community of player to RP with. I want to get back into the deep RP and progression of the server that I used to love but it's harder when you don't know who you want to be as a character yet let alone who to talk to. I'm open to any offers. I've got experience in loads of things from Militia
  5. Acolyte Basil Morul sits firmly in his seat within the tent filled with chaos and rushed proceedings as the clergymen suddenly begin to make an outcry over his validity and presence at the meeting. Surely somebody had ought to notice his white acolyte vestments when he entered the meeting and put forward his proposals, surely this mistake was simply down to the speedy and chaotic council hurtling forward in time for the Pontiff’s next papal bull. After receiving news that his ordainment was paused for supposedly voting in the council he rose from his seat to address those present. “Good
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  7. *A magisterial Golden Eagle lands on a branch beside you, offering you a sealed scroll.* Accepted. Report to Southbridge for further instructions. ((add me on discord birdman#9444
  8. After returning from Osanora, Alfred Episcopus Henrikev sat down in the middle of the road to Haense, leaning against a rock that was nearby. At the same time, his anger reached its maximum, being both disappointed and tired above all. "Ich will never have a normal day..ich swear to you, mein Lord.." the wearly man signs the Hussariyan cross three times, saying the prayer before heading to his bed. "At least, His Holiness has been saved, thanks Godan."
  9. The Words of a Halfbreed. as remembered by Baldin 'Ironside' Frostbeard After my exile from the Frostbeard clan at the hands of Verthaik II Frostbeard due to my role in ending the second Frostbeard rebellion I wandered the lands alone. Few were there who would welcome me from my past life, be there Frostbeard or not. Loneliness is the fertilizer that helps the crops of Khorvad grow. But in these dark times I found a hermit, a half dwarf. He was wise beyond his years, and he told me some things I would never forget. I am sure that if it were not for him the flame of Yemekar wou
  10. When in doubt with her own craft the young Lady Emerentia would reflect upon the beauty in the young Carrion's poetry. With inspiration ushered into her from the crafted pieces from the written art she would smile and silently appreciate every syllable and word before pushing on.
  11. The Silver Council of Blessed Haelun'or As of 5th of Snow's Maiden, 9 SA Preservers of purity and adherents of Larihei's philosophies, the Silver Council of Haelun'or are chosen by Elsohaer for the ordained duty of leading the Mali'thill in their eternal quest for maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. Elheial'thilln serves as the political guiding body for our blessed nation, lead by the executive Triumvirate of Elsohaer Elmedi'iran'ehya, who oversee the efficacy and diligence of Elokariran in their righteous duties. Elokariran, as "Guardians" of our people ensure the prosperity of our natio
  12. I think I remember you from Veris, in the old Skype days
  13. 1 - I enjoyed it quite a bit !! have been off exploring other hobbies - picked up the guitar and some video-editing skills while i was gone, which was fantastic !! definitely missed it, though , addicted as i am;; 2 - Now that I'm back, I am once again funneling my entire soul into the Haelun'orian High-Elf RP sphere, and working to eviscerate the mina also the impures B)) I know a couple people have asked me if I'm planning on reapplying for CT, and the answer to that is - idk man, not for a bit at least ,, wanna enjoy the freedom of being able to dedicate more
  14. Name of your plant/reagent: Foxglove Sign(s): Water, Air Symbol(s): Endurance x3 Chaos x6 Swiftness x4 Appearance: A tall, bright green stalk with spade shaped leaves and conical groups of downturned, bell-shaped flowers that can come in violet or white. The inside of the bell-flowers are speckled with dark purple splotches Location: Fields and sparse forests, found in the shade of deciduous trees or long grasses, sheltered from rain and direct sunlight in a temperate climate. It’s rare and exceedingly difficult to find.
  15. Your wrong just wrong fully wrong wrong wrong wrong. im not making you any skins discounted just because u like ORANGE juice. u need a beating.
  16. (OOC) MC Name: AudryTheOddity (OOC) Discord: AudTheOdd#1560 Name: Audry Sanguine Age: 90+ Race: High Elf Position applying for: Barkeep So you have any prior experience?: Ownership of an old settlement tavern and barkeep in other nation(s)
  17. Even a centuries-old son of Malin is forced to admit that the end of a century of loyal service to his Emperor represents a great passing upon the hearing of it. "These men have some constancy in them, if this soldier is to be the measure of them."
  18. I'm just waiting for them to shelve every race except human so we can have our school rp server. I want principal tythus and vice principal telanir to send people to detention.
  19. damn my slap didnt even get a reply. fuq dat
  20. Antonina Valera vas Ruthern and her stuffed animal akin to a beaver, Warrior Princess Barrynina, prepared a very fluffy dress to wear to the Gala. Then she ran across the castle, reminding her brother to sneak grapes for the two of them before the feast. @LouisGY
  21. Reading over the transcript, Ciprian smiled the Sun's Smile! "Sacre-bleu - he really did capture everything I said. How dilligent!"
  22. 𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅗𝅥𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅮 - Ordenmarschall Mirtok deNurem, remarking about a famed necromancer of the Undead Necromancy, a magical art that offended the dignity of the dead and the sentiments of the living, came to the fore of the public imagination with the rise of the Undead. The Undead, a general term used to refer to worshippers of the Daemon Iblees, became an increasing issue for the races scattered across Aegis. Marius & the Teutonic Order encountered the Undead a few times already with stray necromancers terrorizing towns in the northern hinterlands. One such necromancer, Brev
  23. albert de falstaff files a request to change the name 'falstaff manor' to Whitcombe, but otherwise smiles the sun's smile :)
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  25. Upon the reception of his father's timeworn visage did the Elverhilin bid some similar bobs of the head, his crown of disheveled locks dancing in accordance. The elder's smile was mimicked, now creasing Zekiel's very own cheeks. "A dream no longer" He simply told, that smile of his only growing.
  26. Ser Brandt Barclay arches a brow, stopping his moneycounting to read the pact as he then smirks profoundly, preparing to set up some business arrangements.
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