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Cataclysm [OOC]

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Discord Name: nope


Nation Name:


(Choranic Empire)


Government Type:

Imperial Monarchy


Magic Type:





Šāhān Šāh Ardašir

(Artaxes, King of Kings)



The peoples of the Choranic empire are a collection of various related ethnic groups with a largely common religion. Most are native to the coastline on the edge of the Olk-Wood, though a few name their home within the vast forest.

This religion consists predominantly of worship for an entity they refer to as Ahura Mihr (Oromires), a god of creation and light who protects the Choranic peoples and guides them towards good deeds. This is reflected in their exclusive acceptance of light magic, which they see as a blessing from Oromires. 



-skipped for now-


Groups or places of interest:


Key Figures (3 people with points):

Artaxes (Ruler)

6 Leadership

3 Martial Skill

4 Charisma

0 Arcane

0 Agility


will do rest later


Point Distribution:

10 Size

10 Magical Knowledge

6 Military

5 Loyalty


Starting Spells:

will choose later


Nat Idea:

will choose later


Unique Units (3):

will choose later


Starting Location:

u have it

What is my Favorite color?: huwhite

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Discord Name; You have it.


Nation Name:  Terran Empire


Government Type: Empire


Magic Type: Elemental – Earth/metal


Leader: Titus Orientius 


Culture: Roman/Latin, human.


History: The Mountains of the isle is where they made their home. When the Empire of Aten inevitably collapsed, the island broke out into many different warring barbaric tribes. Though the future did not look bright for the inhabitants of the island, there was a glimmer of light. Terra, the largest city on the island was quickly locked down by Titus’ ancestors seeing as they had great influence over the city to begin with. Terra is a large and vast city built in between the mountains, one of the few with walls and towers to protect it from those who’d dare to attack her. The people of the city were grateful to the Orientius bloodline for their affirmative action, and promptly named the head of the family at the time, Marcus, as their ruler. 

With this title came a heavy burden though. Problems began to pile up, such as the constant barbarian raids that grew stronger by the year or the population that continued to grow and congest the city. With no other options it appeared as if the borders would have to expand. For the first time ever, legions of men trained with sword and shield for months on end. Eventually the legions were ready to be released into the world they knew nothing about and conquer land for their people. This period in Terran history is known as the ‘Conquesting years’ because for years on end the legions fought tirelessly to wipe out the barbarian menace that sprawled out over the island. When a tribe was finally defeated they would either be exterminated like the savages they were, or assimilated into the newly formed Terran culture. Majority of the time it was the latter of the two. As time passed the organizational inferiority of the savages and the technological superiority of the Terrans led to their downfall. With most of the island now being free of hostile inhabitants Terran settlements were free to pop up in every direction. Peace and prosperity is the situation Titus Orientius now inherited from his father. Let us hope it can stay that way.


Places of interest: Terra the capital city. Vinovia, minor city. Arpinum, another minor city. Divio Fortress.


Groups of Interest: The Custodes, or the Emperor's guardians. These men are fiercely loyal to the Emperor and will do as he says to the letter. Raised from childbirth to be trained as his personal guard.


Key Figures (3 people with points):

Titus Orientius - 6 Leadership, 4 Martial, 3 Charisma - 

Current ruler of the Terran Empire. A young man yet to make a name for himself and trying to follow in his father's quite large footsteps by doing right by his people.


Vasennia Orientius - 13 Charisma - 

Titus’ wife. She is highly skilled in the art of the deal, making even the most hardened of businessmen crack when she negotiates. 


Gaius Camilia -3 Leadership, 5 Martial, 5 Agility-

Captain of the Custodes, highly respected by the legionnaires and other nobles of the empire. Waded his way through the ranks of the Custodes until eventually he became their superior officer.


Point Distribution: 

Loyalty: 5

Magical Knowledge: 0

Technological Expertise: 6

Size: 6

Economy: 4

Sea-Faring: 0

Military: 10

-3000 Medium Infantry (6)

-1000 Archers (2)

-1000 Medium Cavalry (2)


Nat Idea: Commercial districts provide 5,000 gold rather than 4,000.


Unique Units (3):

Legionnaires - Professional heavy infantry with years of expertise in the use of a sword and shield. Not only do these make up the bulk of the newer legions but they are renowned for their fierce fighting capabilities and discipline in the face of greater odds. (Heavy Infantry)


Equites - Nobles who make up the bulk of Terrans light cavalry forces in the legions. Not necessarily used for frontline combat, for they are flexible in their purpose. (Light Cavalry)


Sagittarii - Lesser men who wish to serve the Empire. These men are usually from the lower class of society who are trying to progress their way up the ladder. Not much skill is needed to fire a bow. (Archers)


Starting Location:


Triangle: Capital, Square: Cities, Circle: Fortress

What is my Favorite color?: Brown, like me. Please no lynch.


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The Horde of O’Karii


Government Type: Tribal Kingdom

Magic Type: Enhancement Magic

Leader: King Mura the Clanless


The O’Karii are born for war, their society revolves around raiding and pillaging their neighbors. They are split into clans with each one having their own area to live, the clans are known for infighting which has kept them on the plains. The abhor normal magic, seeing it as a weaklings tool. The only magic they accept is Enhancement Magic, meant to improve one’s physical abilities in all capacities for short bursts. 


The origins of the Horde are unknown, some believe that they wandered from a nearby continent. Others believe them be the spawns of demons, whichever you believe, know that the O’Karii are warriors by nature. Life, when they first arrived to the plains, was simple. The men hunted and the children practiced fighting, archery, and horseback riding. But when one clan wandered off the plain and sighted a nearby village, what happened next changed the face of the Horde. They saw all the treasures the nearby village had, and they wanted the spoils for themselves. Like lightning they descended upon the village, going on a rampage slaying everyone they could and looting everything they saw of value. What they did not take they burned, and those that survived the slaughter became slaves. When dawn broke and nearby traders saw, they were horrified. Who could have carried out such acts of violence? The traders, would soon know, for the O’Karii had discovered lands yet untamed, and they would ravage them.

The clans of the O’Karii, while having a general unifier, often acted separate of each other. They worshipped the same pantheon of gods, but each held a different one in high regard, they would even war with each other for dominance. Such life prevented them from becoming true threats, and as such, many bigger nations did not see them as an immediate threat. As long as they focused on raiding border towns and infighting, they could never pose a true threat to the kingdoms to the north and east.

One thing the O’Karii have a disdain for is technology, choosing to live life like their ancestors had once had. They saw technology almost the same as most magic, a weakling’s tool. For they believed in the truest sense that man had everything he needed, technology to them created inherently weaker men. All a man of the Horde needed was a bow and a blade, and he could make the mightiest of men cower like children. 

Mura was born to an influential clan, the Saro. This clan long held a tradition of war and raids, and for the most part dominated the southern half of the O’Karii lands. To be a man of the Saro was an honor, and the expectations were high. The future king was always different than his brothers and sisters. Where most would hate technology, he saw it as a tool to increase the strength of the O’Karii. As he led raids, his band of men would not destroy the technology, whatever he saw had use, they would take and adapt it to their needs. He would also spare those who had potential, taking them into his ranks to join his band. Such acts were viewed as heresy to the Code of the Horde. When the clan elders witnessed what was happening, they banded together and cast him out, forever disinheriting him and labeling him a traitor and branding him for death should he ever return. He was Mura the Clanless. 

Such actions, did not stop Mura’s ambitions. He had a vision where he stood over the plains, and saw the Horde united and truly strong. He kept on raiding, and kept on growing his band. As the raids and wars raged on, he drilled his men, taking lessons from the foreign soldiers he had allowed to join him. His men would be armed with deadlier tools, blades made of stronger metal and bows or rifles made out of sturdy wood which could kill in seconds. When he saw the state of his army, he decided to return to the plains. It was time someone united them indefinitely. He was not the first to attempt this, nor was he the first to succeed, but he would be the first to united them under one banner, one king. One by one the clans fell to him, and those that would join he spared, those which defied him were killed. Eventually he had united the entire plain under his rule, and declared himself King of the Horde. His first act as king was to execute all the clan elders, for it was them who kept the O’Karii from reaching true greatness. He would not allow them ever to be subject to such feeble minds. His wrath did not end their, he would also execute all those of the leaders’ lineage, for it was them who could one day challenge his rule. He would have none of that.

Once his power was consolidated, he set to work refining his army and making a more efficient system. The raids became deadlier and more calculated, and the list of targets grew. They learned how to survive off the land in foreign areas, which allowed them to pillage for days or weeks. They would move further east and north, pillaging and looting everything in their path. The other nations began to notice them, and soon began to worry. Their worst fears realized, the Horde was united, and they were coming.

Groups/Places of Interest

Keepers of the Tales

Until the rise of King Mura, O’Karii history had largely been an oral tradition. It was tasked to the Keepers to ensure that the tales of their ancestors were passed down to the children. This position was reserved for the children who too weak to become soldiers. These men became the teachers to the children before they would become soldiers. A Keeper was not looked down upon however, nay they grew to become the religious caste, with each tale meant to inform how a member of the Horde should conduct themselves. 

Field of a Thousand Voices

An important religious site to the Horde, the Field is where they believe one can connect to the lives of their past ancestors. According to O’Karii tradition, the first leader of the entire Horde, Magos the Uniter, is believed to have channeled the spirits of all his ancestors there and used that strength to unite the O’Karii and drive off their foes. It is believed that when a soldier dies, his spirit rests in the Field, waiting to be awoken to answer his relatives plea. When a new clan leader rises, he is to get the approval of his ancestors and former clan leaders in order to cement his right to rule the clan.

Key Figures

Iros the Younger

The younger brother of Mura, Iros was groomed to become the next clan leader after Mura’s banishment. At first. the younger brother was everything the Saro wanted. He was complacent, obedient, and respected the old ways. Such views changed when he witnessed Mura’s return. He saw his brother become even fiercer, and a better leader. Iros was the first to come to Mura’s band of renegades. He would be the one behind Mura, keeping and protecting his brother’s throne. 

6 Charisma

3 Leadership

3 Martial Skill

Mura The Clanless

6 Martial

6 Leadership

Naru Lorka

The first foreigner to join Mura, it was him who showed the future king the benefits to opening up his ranks to foreigners who showed they were worthy to join. His expertise in the art of war, technology, and the general layout of the land allowed Mura to gain strength and be as efficient as he is. Without him, Mura would have surely fallen already. 

6 Martial

2 Charisma

2 Arcane

2 Agility

Point Distribution

8 Military

8 Loyalty

8 Size

6 Technological Expertise

Nat Idea

All For the Horde

+2% to Population Growth

Farm Nodes run 50%/25% more efficient

Cavalry is 25% cheaper

Raids have a chance of increasing/restoring manpower by .05%

Unique Units

Riders of Magos (Heavy Cavalry)

Elite horse-riders who have been riding and fighting for years.

Come with Tier 1 Veterancy.

Mages of Muran (Mage)

Mages who focus on nothing but improving how their fellow soldiers fight.

Spell 1: Adra’s Cry

The Mage casts a spell, which makes it so all units affected by it gain 5% more health and 5% improvements to their natural defense.

Spell 2: Rage of the Horde

All units affected by it do 5% more damage and move 2% quicker.

Black Skirmishers (Light Cavalry)

Horse riders who focus more on light, quick attacks than actual confrontations. Attack in large numbers usually.

Recruited in groups of 750

5% quicker than normal Cavalry

Starting Position

Squares= cities, Star= capital




Fav color is blue





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Discord Name: bruh


Nation Name: The Amarantic Dominion

Government Type: Oligarchy
Magic Type: Dark

Race: Human

Leader: Solias Mar, The Ascendant



Amarant is a nation built on the foundation of survival of the fittest. That the strongest, most cunning, most ambitious, and more ruthless are the most fit to rule and lead for the benefit of all. Amarant is a magocracy. As the masters of powers far beyond the ken of mortal men, the adepts and magisters of the variance orders of darkness rank above the most powerful warriors of the gladiatorial pits, gang bosses, and the lay-bureaucracy. The magi rule through bafflement and mystery, the shock of their occult art and its horrifying reality if necessary. In most settlements of the Dominion, a strict hierarchy of slaves, laymen, middleclass, lay-nobility and magi is observed. Life is tolerable, if not comfortable in these communities. Not so in the “capital” of the Crucible. That city can best be described as an open slum and gang warzone around the soaring, oppressive edifices of the academies and temples of the Amarantic cults. Only the most ruthless, intelligent and desperate are plucked from the hell of Crucible’s slums for training as aspirants and acolytes, and fewer still endure the process to its fruition. Those that do find themselves only limited by their own ambition. As is only proper.



Centuries ago the Atemic Empire swept to victory across the expanse of the East. Many were the cults and conclaves of death, shadow and darkness. Many of whom were deemed vile, heretical, worthy of extinction. Freedom of thought and action was not tolerated by the western oppressor. And so the Long War was fought by the Shadowkin. As the tales tell, for decades shrouded assassins and defiant sorcerors raised their blades and raised the very dead against the foreign legions. Many of the hated foe fell, their souls fueling the fires of vengeance. But not enough. And so, the children of the dark fled to where the reach of the hated Empire was its weakest. These shadowy defenders smuggled many dissidents away, saved apostate cults and salvaged ancient “heretical” knowledge. For so long did these champions risk their very souls for the good of others, shepherding thousands to a safe haven in the far east, and shielding that location with their concentrated power from prying eyes. But such a burden has a cost.


The Shadow Knights, an order of nobility and restraint, were consumed by their power and their burden. Dark magic is among the most potent in this world, but consumes all that it touches. To liberate others, they shackled themselves indelibely to its corruption. So it was that the Dark Saviours became the cruel masters of the new Amarantic Dominion. Those who did not share the ambition of its founders were hunted to extinction, and a new order dominated the refugees. These wretches owed an eternal debt to their protectors, passed down between generations and not vacated in death. Safety was theirs, and all it took was their souls, and the sanctity of the body after death.


Many hundreds of years have passed. Today the Amarantic Dominion is a land of competition, hierarchy and naked power. Three prime orders dominate the magi of this cruel country – those enamoured with life and death, those who venerate the shadow and its mysteries, and that order that seeks the dark between things... the true source of their power, that from which their fell magik springs. And from it, the master of those orders seeks dominion over all things. The Ascendant. The Great Unknown, ruling from his great temple of obscurity on the sacred outskirts of crucible. His palace is forbidden, but tales abound that Solias Mar was not the original monarch of the orders, no matter how old he may be. Perhaps one could enter his lair and challenge him. Perhaps. But now a decree comes from that silent edifice, one of few in decades. It demands... revelation. That Amarant at last reveal itself to the outer world. Surely that would be heresy! It would yield destruction? But alas, thralls have already been dispatched on diplomatic missions. Amarant is revealing itself to the world... but who will lead it to glory?


Groups or places of interest:


Capital: Crucible – A city of extremes. Half a massive edifice of temples, schools, fortresses and academies and half a lawless and wartorn slum. Crucible is the philosophy of the Orders made manifest, from which they draw their most promising recruits. None who enter may leave, dead or alive. Generations are reared from the failed crop of acolytes, and grinding an existence preying off the squalor of new supplicants in the vain hope of a chance of ascension. Perhaps a few may ascend, should their souls burn brightly enough amid the tumult of despair.


Order of the Divide – Though all Amarantic Magi possess necromantic abilities, few take it to such an extent as those who inhabit the temple complex of Shalara Valkoren. The Mistress of Undeath is a fanatic, obsessed with removing the boundry between the living and the dead. The tithe of dead bodies paid to the Orders by supplicants and slaves is primarily consumed by her order, for the use of souls and for the undead thralls it can provide.


Order of Shadow – Perhaps the oldest of Amarantic traditions, the Order of Shadow cleaves closely to the extinct Shadow Knights. Though enough separates them to deflect accusations of heresy. Both groups value the hidden, the obscure, the unseen blade removing the head of a terrified foe. But the Order of Shadow deeply venerates the corruptive magiks behind such processes, while the Shadow Knights of myth shunned their own darkness and actively guarded members against its influence. Fools. Only in bathing through oneself in the forbidden can one understand that there is no true limitation.


Order of the Unfathomable – Perhaps the weakest and most esoteric of orders, devoted to the deepest concepts of darkness. The Black Beyond. The Outer Dark. The Unfathomable. That is what concerns the restless summoners and scryers of this order. Under the new leadership of the ruthless Antathek Ra, perhaps they will finally achieve prominence? Perhaps they will find something in their search in the shadow.


Key Figures:


Antathek Ra, Master of the Fathomless Void

Leadership: 3

Martial: 1

Charisma: 2

Arcane: 7

Agility: 0


Shalara Valkoren, Denier of the Divide

Leadership: 3

Martial: 1

Charisma: 4

Arcane: 5

Agility: 0


Sothal Za, Lord of Shadow

Leadership: 2

Martial: 3

Charisma: 1

Arcane: 3

Agility: 4


Point Distribution:

Race: Human (+1 point)
Loyalty: 0
Magical Knowledge 10
Technological Expertise: 6
Size: 10
Economy: 0
Sea-Faring: 0
Military: 5


National Idea:

Abyssal Inspiration – Large Bonus to Spell Research.


Unique Units:

Wraith Warrior – Soldiers of the Order of Shadow. Elite single combat warriors, capable of manifesting utter darkness in an area around their foe and seeing perfectly in said light conditions. Infiltration and assassination troops.


Lich Knights – The deathless emissaries of the Order of the Divide. Trapped between life and death, souls bound to heavily armoured, preserved bodies. Extremely potent heavy infantry incapable of feeling pain.


Fathomless Horror – An antithesis of life that should never have been wrought in physical form. An horrific, endlessly hungering reaper of souls that slaughters living soldiers without abandon, and without command once unbound from its magikal shackles. A fire and (pray to GOD) forget weapon.



Starting Location:

Feel free to define my borders according to size 10 within this radius, and not including stuff claimed by Tyras of course. Preference for stuff to the east.


What is my Favorite color?: Iowa defined.

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