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Community Team Update - July 2020

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JUNE 2020






Hello again!


The Community Team has been hard at work once again this month! With Pots and Pandits training beginning, our Halloween event beginning its planning (even though it’s a ways away, it’s a big event, so we’re starting now), and the Community Events Team making it’s way back, we’ve been keeping on track.





- Overview -


This month, we saw a total of 281 apps handled, with 136 new players welcomed onto LotC. 


Last month, we had 370 applications and 200 new players. As usual, we’ve still maintained about a 1:1 acceptance versus denial rate, with the exact amount being 48.4% of applications being accepted, 4.3% more than last month. Now that the coronavirus spike has settled down, we’re heading back towards our usual numbers, which are typically in the low 200’s. Although we’ve still got a bit of that spike, it is slowly simmering down. See more about applications per month below!



- Monthly Applications -








- Accepted/Denied Ratios -






- Race Specific Data -






- New Player Guidance -









- Application Team Data -










This month’s Application Queen goes to... @Amelica!





Followed behind by @Hopesky123 and @RedRider101!


With 66 applications, Amelica is kickin’ it, taking the crown with a bang. 





Community Administrator



Community Managers





Community Team Members














Content Creators







Wiki Team Members









Application Team – @armajesty

The Application Team, as usual, has been hard at work! Although it’s not a requirement for CT members to do apps unless they’re on the AT, we’ve been getting loads of help from them, so we’ve been able to keep our wait time to about a day. If you have any feedback for any improvements we should make to the current application system, feel free to drop a comment below. Otherwise, we’ve been continuing to review loads of apps this month and will continue to the next!



Content Creation – @N00tN00t_

Hi guys, Fie here!! Another month has gone by in the blink of an eye. Did I just rhyme? Yes, yes I did. Anyway. Let me quickly inform you of what the Content Creation Team has been up to! First of all, a H U G E shoutout to @Amelica for the lovely pieces of art she has made for the skin archive, and another H U G E shoutout to @Amayonnaise for the dedication and hard work she has put into the art and skins she has made for the Content Creation Team this past month. Cheers to you two! Moving on, I'd like to thank the teams video editors, @xDK, @Tykeandy, @FIXER957, and @LotsOfMuffins for their hard work on the Tutorial Video Series! Also, thank you @Tykeandy, for the amazing map trailer you worked on! Lastly, I'd like to welcome @TheIchorDruidto the Content Creation Team. It's good to have you on board!! One more thing before I shut up! The Content Creation Team is looking for skinners that are willing to to join the team in order to regulary donate a skin to the Skin Archive in exchange for Mina and PEX for personal use. Take care, gamers.



Community Events – @AccioNily

Howdy all! A lot has happened this month regarding the new Community Events Focus Group- its creation, for starters. Since the Projects FG (briefly lead by my fellow Pink boi snoopie12 for the first 2 weeks of this month) has completed all of their work and ran out of tasks for team members, the Projects FG morphed into the Community Events FG. Even though it's just starting out, we're making some great progress already with fun holiday events being planned as well as new ideas for some tournaments in the works. In addition to this, the Events FG will also be taking in our past scheduled events, such as Creative Café and Battle of the Arts. To finish up this small update, I'd like to thank everyone in the Focus Group and all our volunteers from other groups who are hard at work to create a fun and unique experience for the players ❤️


If you have any feedback you’d like to give us regarding an event you’ve participated in in the past, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/m6Bx6FaXRDX1N28B6.



Pots and Pandits – @AccioNily

The Pots and Pandits FG has been hard at work with requests for combat training from new players in our new request channel in the LotC discord. We’re still working on how exactly we want sessions to run, though we’ve been teaching new players CRP one-on-one, and it’s going really well!


Read more about the Pots and Pandits team here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192542-pots-and-pandits/.



Wiki Team – @TimberBuff

Hey everyone! A quick update from wiki land! Right now each of the members are working on individual projects such as revamping the herb pages to fit new lore, working on creature pages, and general page maintenance. This is all in preparation for the massive wiki update coming soon, courtesy of our awesome dev Lyonharted. We are still taking new members, as this next project of ours will be massive! Feel free to reach out to either myself or any member of the team if there are specific problems you would like resolved on the wiki, and have a wonderful day!






Last month was about Tutorial Island and finishing up Community Team projects. This month, with Tutorial Island done, we’ll be looking at continuing some of our various projects all across the team!



Last Month’s Goals

  1. Tutorial Island

Tutorial Island is 100% done. With the bugs concerning it fixed and feedback (mostly) implemented, we’re done! Tutorial Island will be around next map exactly the same as it is now (except for it’ll, well, bring you to Almaris instead of Arcas), so we don’t have to change a thing for the next map. As such, we’ve accomplished this goal, and I’m happy to be able to say that after months and months of work. 


  1. Monk Lore and the Traveler’s Guild

The Traveler's Guild still has yet to be integrated as Community Management is still in the process of reviewing as we make final decisions about it's progression. As for the Monk Lore side of things, much like last month the written portion has been completed. This project was one of our main focuses this month. Community management reviewed in in full before passing it on to Story Team. After that, with guidance from Rift, we were able to apply the finishing touches


  1. Projects Focus Group

As most of you know, the Projects focus group was reaching the end of it's journey last month, and we were working hard to find a solid replacement for it. With feedback from both the community, and our own members we settled on bringing back the Events Focus Group. The members of said group are already hard at work to bring some fun to LotC and we hope to see you at events in the future.



This Month’s Goals

  1. Community Events

Now that the Projects Focus Group has been shifted into Community Events following the completion of all its projects, we are now focusing on getting that focus group solid and consistently putting out events for you guys to enjoy. The merge of the community events volunteer group into Projects was a bit odd, since now all Projects FG members are working on the volunteer-based community events from before, though we’re working on smoothing out that transition. 


  1. Team Members

We’ve not had a full roster on the Community Team for about three months now, and I’m looking to try to change that. Current CT members have let their friends know about the CT, and I have been speaking to those unaware of what we do. We’ve gotten a handful of applications in, but the Community Team is fairly harsh in terms of applications. The entire team gets to decide, and we typically base it off of whether or not they could tell us the core duties of the team, their level of interest shown in their interview and application, how active they are in the LotC discord and in-game, and if they’ve been around helping players pre-applying. One of our goals this month is to encourage others to apply and slowly refill our roster. If you’d be interested in applying, check out the Staff Team Guide linked in the staff applications section of the forums for more info. 


  1. Content Creation

The Content Creation Team has been hard at work with loads of videos for you guys, such as the tutorial series and the map trailer, and we’ve got loads more videos planned, such as future tutorials, settlement spotlights, and videos going over the history of various nations. I’m excited to see these come out, but we’ve gotta keep workin’ hard to see them! In addition, the skinners of the team have been continuing to create needed skins for the Skin Archive, so we’ll see more of that this month. 





If you have any questions or comments about the direction that we are going in, feel free to leave a comment down below or reach out to a team member.



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Good job everyone!

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Edit: Good job everyone ! ❤️


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guys look I did it I made the heart bigger 😄  

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Absolutely ENORMOUS  uwu moment right there. Congrats team on being so GANGSTA

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Yeeet, let's go team! ❤️

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Haense go brrr


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5 hours ago, Fiiieee said:



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Can we appreciate that Norland is marked down as Morsgrad but misspelled in your sheet as Mordsgrad. 😬

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