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  1. Giving out some b*tches to anyone interested. Shoot me a DM, un-w#9099.

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  2. I joined ST a week ago, but my LOTC life hasn't been the same since. Ever since getting the green tag, I've had various ST approach me in DMs begging me to be their magic student. I've been offered siliti, varg, paladinism, blood magic, alchemy, naztherak, templar, frost witch, necromancy, and pretty much every other playable magic and CA there is. It's honestly difficult to choose between which I want to play just because I have so many opportunities. This never happened before I was ST. Before I was ST, I was a lowlife greasy-fingered neckbeard like the rest of you non-ST. My character was meaningless without magic. Life was fruitless. Bleak. Now, whenever I emote my character smirking and baring his fangs in the process (the emote would be something like, *smirks, baring his fangs in the process), every female character within a 50 block radius swoons. Every day I run down the streets of Providence while my horde of fans flock at my heel, hoping to breathe the same air as me. Even squakhawk regrets letting me onto the ST because he didn't realize power I had over people as an ST. It's both a curse and a blessing.
  3. group of players not devoted to being heroic chivalrous knights no. 203, but instead being iblees-worshipping cultists? hell yeah
  4. A Sutican princess of yore snaps her eyes open from under her grave
  5. Boy I sure hope this thread will be filled with positivity and support! I sure hope people aren't mean to administrator Itdontmatta!
  6. so glad i dont play a human rn

  7. A copy of the missive reaches the high elf, where he squints some to read its contents. There came an impressed, "Huh." from him as his brows perked, soon tucking the paper away. He'd spare a brief glance around the Providence square, making haste down its cobble streets thereafter.
  8. Yeah they would disarm you but I'm pointing out that it's not something that people can actually monitor effectively, because there is literally zero way to keep track of it without some over-the-top process, so people instead tend to make up their own rules to bypass having to actually put any effort into enforcing their city's safety without having to worry about losing out on activity I also don't get why you'd say "just do it in RP" but then justify people making up a rule for their own convenience, shouldn't the responsibility fall on the gatekeepers to figure out a process in RP that they can effectively enforce?
  9. If u somehow have never seen certain nations do this then it sounds like a u problem at that point
  10. I’m sure a lot of players have heard this phrase once or twice while entering a city. You’re trying to get inside, a guard enters the gatehouse, and you go through the usual process. They then ask, RPly, that you relinquish your weapons, followed by a blurb somewhere that says, ((Just give the weapon RPly and not OOCly)) This, in short, entails that you emote giving your RP weapon to the guard while the item remains in your inventory OOCly. It’s quick, simple, easy, and allows communities to turn themselves into a padded room. This is dumb, But a lot of unnamed places do it, Even though the person who RPly surrenders their weapon would still be within their full right to emote being in possession of the item. This function of ((just give the weapon RPly and not OOCly)) allows settlements/nations to fully bypass a process that could never be efficiently monitored or tracked if you take even a second to think about it. How do the guards know whose weapon belongs to who? What stops people from simply lying and instead stealing someone else’s weapon? What if there’s no guards present to return someone’s weapon to them upon leaving? Pretty much none of those questions could be answered without some complicated and ridiculous process to justify it, so that’s why many places simply rely on taking the weapon RPly, while allowing the player to MCly keep their weapon. However, If you, as a community, cannot effectively monitor a process you are willingly choosing to enforce, then you should be subject to the consequences that come with it, such as players choosing to go elsewhere under the impression that they very well may not get their weapon back, or that they will be wholly unable to defend themselves if they’re attacked. A player's made-up, self-convenient rule doesn't override a rule that's been in practice for years at this point, so you don't have ground to complain when someone chooses to take advantage of it. “But does that mean we also interpret MCly punching someone or sprint jumping as admissible in RP too?” No because we all know none of those have any bearing on RP and are harmless in comparison to one’s inventory. We all know that if you get MCly punched it doesn’t mean you’re getting RPly punched, because that would be ridiculous, unless you’re trying to be a rule-lawyer. Please stop, it's silly.
  11. I've always been a fan of this type of magic as a concept, so I'm looking forward to reading the piece :^) best of luck
  12. To you, I give scorn for tears and hate for pleads I, prey to a fervent thirst for knowledge, washed down by something wicked and sickly And you, a degraded mass of animated dust, the exposed skull of a once-man, a perch for the circling crow It portrays something morbid, It portrays something vile Fissures of putrid insides, an amalgamation of stepping stones carved from bones Ugly souls, rotting minds Yet, there lies the glint of a lamb amid the wreckage The world's raindrop warring, to the thunderclap vestige of innocence soon into the decay of history And yet, through all the carnage, you evermore revere the source, because how could you stop? Yet you are a stranger, no matter how beloved So it would be strange to befriend you once more To you, I give all
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