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Community Newsletter - July 2019

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The Month of July


Hello Everyone!

     I am back from my beach vacation and hiatus! I hope everyone has been relaxing, going swimming, and having a fun summer. The end of last month was quite busy for myself and unfortunately I was unable to post and finish up June’s newsletter. Therefore, this month’s newsletter will include some details from last month to ensure everyone is all caught up on what has been going on. I hope you enjoy!

Notable News

     The latest and greatest on Lord of the Craft.


New Administrator

     For those of you that have been living under a rock, we’ve had a couple of shifts in the Administration. Fireheart has stepped away for moderation and filled the hole in the Development Administrative position. Pun, one of the former moderation managers has now taken Fire’s position as Moderation Administrator and has been working hard to take steps forward in improving the teams structure and get the team running smoothly once more. Pun is undeniably passionate about the server and its community as has been working extremely hard to improve communications between moderation and the community. We wish her the best of luck as she continues to grow and improve in the position!


The Lore Games

    The long awaited Lore Games has officially begun! As stated in the post, everyone will receive 3 months time to complete a draft of their lore in which will be reviewed by Story thereafter. Your lore then will then be given another month to be edited and corrected respectively. Read over the post thoroughly to know the full details and what you need to do to partake in the Lore Games!


Lore Games Update - Apps and Lore Embargoes

     In this post Flamboyant goes over questions and feedback that was frequently asked after the  regarding the Lore Games. It details questions concerning the dropping of CAs/MAs and going into detail about Lore Embargoes. Read over the post so you have a clear understanding of what is going on!


Battle of the Arts

     The Community Staff put together a monthly art competition that gives the community a chance to get creative and win some prizes. These competitions are all based around a theme each month, this month’s theme being marketplace. I am pleased to announce the winners of our second Battle of the Arts Contest are:
Art - @Nummy

Creative Writing - @Wizzy

Music - @Jenny_Bobbs

Skinning - @Luv

Building – @KiiwiFruiit

Congratulations to all of these talented members of the community! For the month of July the winners will be receiving 5000 minas, 1 Shop of Wonders Kep’s lucky pebble, 2 Soulbound token, and the Creative Wizard tag on the forums!
Keep a look out for a post coming this weekend on the theme for the month of August!
Check out this month’s contest linked in the title!


Team Updates

     The freshest scoop from the Team Directors themselves—learn all you can about your favorite teams.


Development      Back in June Development has received a new Administrator, Fireheart. With the help of Elennore, Fire has been giving the team structure and foundation in order to grow and improve. They have begun the dev trails and new members have been accepted onto the team. The team has over the month of July have been working on event build so that the Story Actors can work on some more events to come in the future. For an update on the Technicians for the month of July check out their post:  Tech Update #1 - Bountiful Botany



     As mentioned above, Pun took up the reigns as Moderation Administrator. For the month of June the teams larger focus was on working out the conflict rules and we move into the month of July they will be focused on getting accustomed to the changes. This past month, Moderation have gone through numerous roster changes, policy rewrites and has begun dealing with the overflow of charters. We saw several of the moderation team leave and others join. Currently we have a number of our policies being reworked or officiated, Zach has taken the lead with the Forums and Pun is leading the overhaul for the in-game and discord updates. Charters have been a burning topic all month long, with a plugin  being developed by 501, new systems being made, and the culling of the inactive charters underway with func_Soap at the helm. For more information on what the Moderation has been up to for the month of July check out: Moderation Update Log- July 2019



     The Community Team have been working on a number of projects during the months of June and July. Towards the end of June and into July the team has taken on the wiki and wiki sect was dissolved. With the transfer being complete, the team has been working hard at restructuring some main pages and working on a new front page in order to make the wiki organized and user friendly. The team’s goal is to move forward with the overhaul of the wiki to properly keep the crucial informational pages of the wiki update so information is correct and easy to find for new and old members alike. In addition, Ivory has returned as a Community Manager after a short break from the team. At the current moment, the team is almost at max capacity and after this months new picks we do not plan to bring anymore on for awhile. For a more detailed description of how the team has been fairing these past two months and the projects they are working out, check out the Community Monthly Update Log - July 2019.


Story      Back in  June Story were working and have been continuing to work on a number of projects. ScreamingDingo has been doing an excellent job at getting things moving on in the Story Actor department of story. For more information on the event area, check out his post in June: Event Sect Update- June.  For the past couple months Story has been preparing for the Lore Games which have now begun, mentioned in the Notable News section of this post.  The Lore section of Story has recently put out an update regarding the Bradduk Clan of the orcs:  Lore Update: Regarding the Braduk Bloodline

Trendy Feedback

     Our crack team of gobos compiles, analyses, and critiques our feedback forums for the top-echelon of community suggestions. We’ve picked out some of the most unique, noteworthy, and civil articles from this month.


Season Name Changes Based on Region

     An interesting idea that seems to have been floating around a few communities recently, discussed here as posted feedback. While we cannot promise to have this suggestion implemented anytime soon, if at all, we certainly think it’s something worth consideration. As such, we’ll pass it along to the Technicians to see if its plausible for implementation.


Discussion Post: Activity Strikes

     Recently there has been a number of feedback posts going up regarding the activity check system. We decided to highlight this one which was written by bbblazerz to provoke some discussion and conversation within the community. From these feedback posts, we have taken the different ideas into consideration and recently have lowered the activity percentage to better coincide with the servers current activity. We are still evaluating the system and are actively looking for ways to balance and improve it!


The Player Province

Community Spotlight

     Bright, committed, and talented people fill our community. With the community spotlight, we highlight one individual that stands out this month. This player engages the laid-back attitude, charitable spirit, and proactive nature hailed in our community guidelines. For this reason, we congratulate them for their hard-earned achievements!



     After hearing many great things, we have chosen Zadie to be our Community Spotlight for the month of July! Check out the interview below and see what she had to say about her experience on LotC! 



     Hello Zadie, the Administration overhears much about your attitude and accomplishments. We would like to highlight you in this month’s community spotlight!


Tell us about how you found out about Lord of the Craft and how you got into roleplay!

     [Zadie] I first heard about Lord of the Craft from a couple of friends in June 2012. They'd just recently applied, so I figured 'hey, why not?' and applied too. And here I am today, still here! As for getting into roleplay, I first got into roleplay when I was about fourteen, and I was browsing the Neopets website. The forums section caught my attention and I went looking through it only to find the Roleplay subforum. That was all she wrote!


Tell us about an experience on the server that your find rememberable and thoroughly enjoyed!

     [Zadie] I enjoyed the atmosphere and the builds, honestly. I couldn't really the server at first, because it was so laggy, so I didn't regularly RP on it until Athera, but the buildings when I could log on, were lovely. This is probably going to sound cheesy, but I thoroughly enjoy the friends I've made on the server in the time I've been on it. I wouldn't change them for the world.


Outstanding Volunteer Award

    We present this accolade to an exceptional staff member. We are honored and humbled that they choose our team and our server. And this month the award goes to...



     This month our Outstanding Volunteer Award goes to @Tha_Mystery_Man. During the month of June Mystery has been putting his time and work into delivering quality roleplay events to the community. Namely, his voidal tear event which many members of the community openly expressed their enjoyment and satisfaction. We thank Mystery for all of the hard work he has put in this month and we can’t wait to see more events from him in the future!



What do you enjoy most about being apart of Staff, specifically Story? 


The main thing I enjoy about being a Story Team member is just being able to craft stories for the server. Often times this server actually loses the focus of what it's actually suppose to be... which is roleplay. I like taking our lovely community and giving them an enjoyable experience that also enrichens the world lore that the server his built up over for the last few years. Events are just a way for people to walk away from the war claims, drama, and dividing IRP barriers, and just focus on their own character development. That alone is honestly an important factor in making sure to RETAIN players, and make sure the people who are staying on this server aren't bored, and actually have stuff to DO rather then going somewhere else.

We heard that your voidal tear event went very well and was well received by the community. Can you tell us a little about the event and your thought process behind it?


With my Voidal Tear Event my thought process around it was to bring into play a lot of the lore that isn't commonly seen on LOTC and bring forth a kind of dynamic and intriguing element that focused more on RP and character development rather than random murder-hobo attacking. As well I believe the majority of the reason it was so well received by the community was due to the advertisement I had done for it, and keeping it a dynamic experience for everyone. People could go to the tear and expect shit that they'd never seen before due to the unique nature of the void and what creatures lay within that twisted realm. Not only that, it was opened up for the general populous (albeit being a hard event) where anyone could walk in and have their own personal feeling experience. Im gunna be real, I wasnt really expecting the event to blow up to the proportions of where it is right now, but when I had a 35+ RALLY for a singular excursion, I realized that I had something very special. It's because of the community and everyone getting equally invested that i've been able to maintain the heavy workload all by myself and continue to merge a story around the experiences, and I cant wait to dive back into the next upcoming part of the eventline!


     The truth is that without the funds to cover our monthly costs we cannot support this wonderful experience. I think I speak for all of us when I say, thank you to our wonderful contributors. To the greatest VIP contributor this month we bid our humble gratitude and a spotlight in our newsletter.



Our top contributor this month is kinblod. Your donations is what helps us keep the server up and running for everyone to enjoy. We are grateful for your contribution to the server, thank you so much!

The Creative Quarter


Guide Spotlight

     One way to lend a service to your community is the guide! Bold players write them for a targeted audience and share expertise, commentary, tips. We present to you a compelling, practical, and ambitious guide written this month!


Settlement Guides

The Community Staff asked all of the nations and charters to create settlements guides to help assist new players learn about the different active roleplay locations on the current map. There are too many to list them all out but give the section a look through, there are quite a lot of interesting and informative guides written up this month!


Roleplay Spotlight

     When we think roleplay often we look to our fantastic Minecraft experience. Nonetheless! We are proud of you, our authors, who produce innumerable works—none the lesser, many are amusing, stimulating, and impactful. We’ve chosen one among the many creative posts this month.


The Arcas Weather Forecast

     For the month of June we chose The Arcas Weather Forecast for our roleplay spotlight. This is an ingenious and well-thought out post for the past week’s weather forecast throughout all of Arcas. This post was made to introduce some more compelling and slice of life into the roleplay setting, and from the looks of it this will be a recurring segment. 

Written by: @Aethling

The Setting of the Moon

This posts tells a story of the death of Hsieh-Xin who fought bravely against the voidal tear. He left two scrolls behind, one which contained a beautifully written poem. Check out the post to give it a read!

Written by: @Salty

Of Mothers and Daughters

A riveting story of Empress Adeline and Princess Vivenne as they sail away to escape the land that once brought them glory and fortune. However, little did they know that the trip to Aedlin would be their last. This PK post was beautifully written and well worth the read!

Written by: @Trinn & @Axelu



Thank you for reading and we hope you all enjoyed. We can’t wait to see the content that will come from you over the course of this next month. Remember to have fun and enjoy your time as summer begins to come to an end and school starts up again!


Have fun, take care, and thank you all,


LotC Administration

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we not gonna even mention the dev team member going chimp mode and pugsying 30 people with pex? Lol i guess the staff team prob wanna brush their **** ups under the rug as always ?

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1 minute ago, Haseroth said:

we not gonna even mention the dev team member going chimp mode and pugsying 30 people with pex? Lol i guess the staff team prob wanna brush their **** ups under the rug as always ?

 this post is about last month not this month my friend. That person has been handled and dealt with accordingly when the situation occurred.

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Just now, TarreBear said:

 this post is about last month not this month my friend.

? ok now u have to make a 8/11 victims post for next month’s newsletter

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35 minutes ago, Haseroth said:

? ok now u have to make a 8/11 victims post for next month’s newsletter

stop crying, he’s perma’d. 

Went out the OG way

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ty for the spotlight whoa.

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2 hours ago, Jaded said:

Why wasn’t this mentioned anywhere? 


4 hours ago, TarreBear said:

picked out some of the most unique, noteworthy, and civil articles from this month.


I guess it wasn’t civil enough? Idk

Or because @Knox fucked up the formatting


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On 8/12/2019 at 10:48 PM, Kaelan said:



I guess it wasn’t civil enough? Idk

Or because @Knox fucked up the formatting


I was alone and drunk what else do you expect of me Kaelan?

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When will she resign?

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